2 forum responses and answer 1 question. Topic international relations theory.

200 words each response with works cited. Post 1 response:To begin, China is in the top margin of having a significant economy that out ranks many other powerful nations. A factor that has been on setting their economy to rise in substantial rates are because of their implementation of free-market principles and restructuring its economics and policies. Also they have become the largest player in the industrial department which with its large increase of productivity and business, their economy flourished. This occurred when the nation of China made a decision of straying away from Soviet influence and becoming a more open nation and made good ties with the West. China became Capitalistic essentially. From a neo-realist stand point, it is one of the main dominating approaches in scholars when pertaining to international relations. This systemic theory views that human nature itself has a lust for power and a drive for dominating others and also avoid being dominated. It is usually a pessimistic view towards institutions and structures that involve international systems. This way of thinking seems to almost lead to a paranoia type of mentally that is simply too concerned with its own security or the intentions of other states.This can be justified because threw the readings from our lessons. However, an example that I may use is the military might and dominance of the United States, the idea of neo-realism goes back to human natures ways from my interpretations. Furthermore, neo-realists seem to not want much competition to go around in order to security their system in all levels. The types of reasoning that neo-realists have are striving for the concern that humans will and do try to seek or lust after dominance in many shapes and forms, anarchy, power, and self gain. Trading internationally can be competitive and in this case China is pretty much unbeatable in the sense of this subject. Neo-realists view that there are potential tensions that may be raised by other nations during interstate commerce. Six assumptions are formed by realists which are the centrality of states, the world is anarchic, states seek to maximize their security or power, the international system is to blame for what the state conducts on an international scene, states adopt instrumentally rational policies in their pursuit for power or security, and lastly the utility of force (Franklin, 1996). It is also concerning for neo-realists due to the number of increased political relations it has with many other nations. Personally I do not completely agree with the neo-realism theory completely but do comprehend or may relate to their concerns in the balance of power for international relations and systems. The first counter argument that I many give is through the systemic theory of neo-liberalism, which has a more optimistic approach towards the nature of humans. It also holds multiple variants in its theoretical approaches. In a liberalist view, all forms of groups have impactful influence on the state and that includes from individuals to organizations. Actions towards the use of the military have been seen as a consequence for economic and national prosperity, so cooperation with others benefits more for both all parties involved. The interdependence of China’s economy is one of the main drives in its peaceful growth. Now with a constructivism theory, it is more towards in the aspects of the nations’ social and historical for their constructive progress. In regards to China, their people learned how to reassess and transform themselves in terms of politics and economics from their previous and past versions. It is essentially a social practice that assisted in the creation of its structured system instead of neo-realism that is more material based. It is a view that sees that the social interactions between other nations are what bring forward greater security in both economics and safety. Constructivism is a much more pleasant and positive way to go about international relations but with some precaution taken from the other systemic theories. Post 2 response:As China has increased productivity and financial gains, many neorealists are concerned. China’s heightened status has brought along heightened authority within the Asian region, and in many ways is following America’s pattern into becoming a major world power (Layne, 2008, p.18). Particularly for many Americans, more of anyone else’s power suggests less American power, and thus less control over many aspects of the international affairs.China’s increasingly influential economy is just one faction of the perceived threat to America, and the balance of international relations. China’s increasingly influential economy is just one faction of the perceived threat to America, and the balance of international relations; in particular, confronting America’s influences and power. Since China is growing economically, and thus militarily, it should not be surprising that China would also then pursue a stronger political influence.While I do believe that China will directly confront the United States’s presence in the East is likely, I am somewhat skeptical that this is necessarily a concern. Although perhaps cynical, I do not believe that America must be the major superpower in order for the different international actors to coexist peacefully, at least not any less than they are currently. I think Robert Jervis approaches this subject precisely at the beginning of his article, “Realism, Neoliberalism, and Cooperation: Understanding the Debate” when he says “…I argue that the realist-neoliberal disagreement is not about its extent but whether it is unnecessary, given state’s goals (Jervis 1999, 42).” So, this concern is justified, but the ramifications perhaps are not as dire as some neorealist students may think. Even if the state’s goals are different, this does not inherently mean that they cannot work together, , rather, self-interest is not inherently anti-interest of other state actors.Constructivists also touch on an interesting point; any future social interactions depend on the quality of any and all previous social interactions in the past. If Americans are concerned about the reactions and actions of the Chinese in the future, perhaps using more constructive dialogue and policy will be of greater benefit to us in the long run, rather than aggression and confrontation.Answer this question (expand on the answer):By the way, what is China’s current GDP and US’s national debt?

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2 forum responses and answer 1 question. Topic international relations theory.
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