3-4 page essay on 4 writing skills

3-4 page essay on 4 writing skills ( Having correct formatting, Using proper in-text citations. Finding sound sources. Having strong essay openers.)Must use a minimum of 4 sources that I have included with works cited. see attached prompt for more info.The paper must be a minimum of 3 full pages! As in all the way to the bottom, using MLA formatting.


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3-4 page essay on 4 writing skills
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Unformatted Attachment Preview

Final Exam Course Reflection Essay
(60 points)
The final exam will be a 3-4 page, MLA-formatted course reflection with in-text citations. In this
essay, you will reflect on what you’ve learned in this course and what you’ll take with you into more
advanced study and your professional lives. Your Roll Call Post in Week Sixteen (last week) was
designed to help you get started.
Begin with a “Big Idea”: Your Main Claim
By now, you know that whenever we write academically, we have to begin with a main claim or a
strong organizing main idea. These “big ideas” focus our essays.
For the Final Exam Essay, you’ll begin by doing some brainstorming and analysis to arrive at a “big
idea” that the course has introduced you to or helped you think more about with respect to strong
academic writing.
Main Claim Examples
o Words shape our worlds.
o There is danger in a single story.
o Academic argumentation is like a dinner party.
o Accurate citation and formatting establish an author’s credibility.
There are many others. To arrive at one, ask yourself:
o What is a large over-arching theme raised in any of our texts or materials (for example, in
They Say/I Say, A Rulebook for Arguments, “Developing Claims” or “The Academic
o Or, what is a big idea I’ve developed on my own as a participant in the course?
As always, to help your reader better understand your main claim and what it means to you, you’ll
need to break it down by providing specific examples of skills, concepts, and/or attitudes you’ve
learned, developed, or appreciated in this course that relate to your main claim. Each of these skills,
concepts, or attitudes will be the basis for your subclaims and body paragraphs.
Subclaims Examples
If you want to argue that citation and formatting establish an author’s credibility, for example,
you might defend the following subclaims:
SC1: Credibility is essential to an academic writer.
SC2: Accurate citation which we’ve worked on in class helps to establish credibility.
SC3: The accurate and careful paper formatting we’ve practiced likewise helps to establish
SC4: Accurate citation and formatting should not be considered less important than other
aspects of academic writing.
CONCLUSION: I will use these skills in later classes/in professional life by…
Essay Structure & Requirements
This essay will comprise the following elements, which are very familiar to you.
An Introductory Paragraph
The introductory paragraph will provide necessary context for your main claim. It should draw
the reader in with an engaging opening. This essay is not argumentative, so you don’t need to
introduce authors at this stage or present opposing sides, but you may choose to introduce one
or more authors if they help you provide necessary context for your main claim. Mostly, you’ll
want your readers to understand why this big idea is important in strong academic writing. The
introductory paragraph will logically lead to and include your main claim.
In the body of the essay, you’ll support a minimum of THREE subclaims. Each body paragraph
should begin with a subclaim.
EACH subclaim must be supported by a minimum of ONE CITATION (direct quotation or
paraphrase with an accurate in-text citation) from our class materials (no outside sources).
Overall, the essay MUST include FOUR different authors or sources.
In your conclusion, you’ll examine how the big idea of the essay and the related skills, concepts,
or attitudes will help you in your later classes and/or professional lives,
o You are required to use a minimum of FOUR DIFFERENT sources in the essay and a minimum of
ONE citation in EACH body paragraph.
o Your sources may include any of the materials found in the “Course Materials” purple tab, your
textbooks, or any other materials we’ve used during the semester to develop our academic
o Outside sources are not to be used for this essay. The only exception would be a single
inspirational or philosophical quotation that relates to the big idea you are focusing on.
In-Text Citations are Required (A Works Cited list is not required.)
Accurate in-text citations are REQUIRED. If a source does not have an author, you may just use
the title or an abbreviated version of it in quotation marks, for example: (“In-Text Cheat Sheet”).
Accurate MLA Formatting
The essay must be accurately MLA formatted to demonstrate that you’ve acquired this skill in the
You must go through the checklist item by item to ensure that you’ve accomplished each.
Remember that each item represents an essential academic skill.
“Consider the Source”
A Resource Guide to Liberal, Conservative and Nonpartisan
30 East Lake Street · Chicago, IL 60601
HWC Library – Room 501
ver heard the saying “consider the source” in response to something that was questioned? Well, the
same advice applies to what you read – consider the source. When conducting research, bear in mind
that periodicals (journals, magazines, newspapers) may have varying points-of-view, biases, and/or
political leanings. Here are some questions to ask when considering using a periodical source:
Is there a bias in the publication or is it non-partisan?
Who is the sponsor (publisher or benefactor) of the publication?
What is the agenda of the sponsor – to simply share information or to influence social or
political change?
Some publications have specific political perspectives and outright state what they are, as in Dissent
Magazine (self-described as “a magazine of the left”) or National Review’s boost of, “we give you the
right view and back it up.” Still, there are other publications that do not clearly state their political
leanings; but over time have been deemed as left- or right-leaning based on such factors as the pointsof-view of their opinion columnists, the make-up of their editorial staff, and/or their endorsements of
politicians. Many newspapers fall into this rather opaque category.
A good rule of thumb to use in determining whether a publication is liberal or conservative has been
provided by Media Research Center’s L. Brent Bozell III: “if the paper never met a conservative cause it
didn’t like, it’s conservative, and if it never met a liberal cause it didn’t like, it’s liberal.”
Outlined in the following pages is an annotated listing of publications that have been categorized as
conservative, liberal, non-partisan and religious. Some of the terms used to describe these publications
will contain the following:
Magazine – a periodical for general reading containing articles, photographs and stories on a
variety of subjects.
Peer Reviewed – this descriptor indicates that manuscripts submitted to a magazine or articles
submitted to a journal publication are examined by the editor and one or more specialists
(peers) in the specific field before approval is given to publish the information. The term
“refereed” is used interchangeably with “peer reviewed.”
Scholarly Journal – a periodical (usually academic) containing articles or research information
written by scholars and/or experts in a particular subject field.
As always, if you have questions or need assistance with your research projects, please ask a librarian.
Prepared by HWC Reference Librarians
Last Updated: January 2011
Economy and Society
Cato Journal
Foreign Affairs
A scholarly, peer-reviewed journal
focused on progressive political,
economic, and social issues in
Europe, North America, Australia
and the Pacific.
This libertarian-leaning journal
covers public policy issues on Social
Security, monetary, natural
resources, and military spending.
A refereed scholarly journal
published by the Council on
Foreign Relations (a nonprofit,
nonpartisan organization)
provides serious discussion of
American foreign policy and
international affairs.
A quarterly journal of Islamic
thought and culture published by
The Foundation of Islamic
The National Interest (TNI)
Public Opinion Quarterly
New Politics
A 200-page semi-annual that is an
independent socialist forum for
dialogue and debate on the left,
which “insists on the centrality of
democracy to socialism and on the
need to rely on mass movements
from below for progressive social
Politics and Society
Through a Marxist/ post-Marxist
perspective, this journal focuses on
issues of state, class analysis,
politics of gender, and the future of
capitalism and socialism.
Science and Society
The longest continuously published
Marxist scholarly journal in the
world, Science and Society focuses
on social and political theory,
economics, philosophy, and the
serious analysis of con-temporary
Telos: A Quarterly Journal of
Critical Thoughts
A journal of international
discussions on political, social,
academic, religious and cultural
change in Europe and the U. S., and
the state of US-European relations.
This journal contains strong
conservative and libertarian
writings on American foreign policy
and politics.
Policy Review
This journal presents articles of
serious thinking on the American
condition, the workings of
government, and political and
economic systems.
The Public Interest (PI)
A self-described neoconservative
journal that spotlights articles on
domestic policy regarding
education, welfare, housing,
poverty, politics and culture.
Publication ceased in April, 2005,
however, it’s complete archives are
available online via this website:
hive /public_interest/default.asp
A peer-reviewed academic
journal that is among the most
frequently cited journals of its
kind. Most beneficial to
academicians and all social
science researchers, it provides
articles analyzing trends and
problems in public opinion
The Washington Quarterly
Worldwide contributors to this
journal reflect diverse political,
regional, and professional
perspectives on topics of the U.S.
role in the world, reducing
terrorism, emerging great powers
and the implications of global
political change.
Wilson Quarterly (WQ)
Though self-described as a
magazine, this publication has
the tone and characteristics of a
journal that provides a nonpartisan, non-ideological focus on
issues in politics and policy,
culture, religion, science, and
other fields that impact public
Prepared by HWC Reference Librarians
Last Updated: January 2011
Self-described as, “the oldest
independent lay Catholic journal
of opinion in the United States,”
Commonweal covers issues on
religion, politics, public affairs,
literature, the arts, and social and
cultural issues.
Modern Judaism
Published by Oxford University
Press, topics pertinent to the
understanding of Jewish life
today are discussed through
distinctive, interdisciplinary
News & Opinion
The American Prospect
The American Conservative (TAC)
Business Week
A magazine for the general reader,
that presents a moderate left-wing
view on liberal philosophy, politics
and public life.
This monthly right-wing opinion
magazine, founded in part by
Patrick J. Buchanan, represents a
paleoconservative (traditionalist,
anti-federalism, religious) and at
times libertarian voice on domestic
and international political issues.
Considered a market leader, this
news magazine focuses on
industries, companies, political
issues, legal issues, information
technology and international
A weekly magazine intended “for
thinking Catholics and those who
want to know what Catholics are
thinking,” covers religious,
political, ethical and social issues
from the Jesuit Catholic
The Economist (British)
Christianity Today
An easy-to-read, British
perspective weekly news-paper
(that looks like a magazine), The
Economist contains wellrespected and authoritative
information on 16 news
categories, including world
politics, global business, finance
and economics, science and
technology, and the arts.
A monthly magazine that
provides insight and analysis from
a Christian perspective, on
relevant news, trends, and events
of the day.
A quarterly magazine of the left that
covers politics and culture, Dissent
contains well-written articles of leftliberal and social-democratic
opinions. It is a magazine of
independent minds and strong
Monthly Review
This scholarly, independent socialist
magazine covers issues against U.S.
imperialism, including workers and
labor organizers against class
exploitation and racial and sexual
The American Spectator
This libertarian-conservative
magazine provides articles on
current issues regarding politics, the
government, the economy and
military activities.
Chronicles: A Magazine of
American Culture
This monthly, ultra-conservative
opinion magazine makes defending
Western Christian civilization, local
sovereignty and political, cultural,
and economic autonomy its central
Maclean’s (Canadian)
Proclaiming itself, “Canada’s only
national weekly current affairs
magazine,” Maclean’s provides
investigative reporting on
international and social issues,
national politics, business, and
The Humanist
A bimonthly magazine published
by the American Humanist
Association, The Humanist takes
a non-theistic, secular and
naturalistic approach to topics on
the environment, civil liberties,
human rights, international
relations and other contemporary
social concerns.
Mother Jones
National Review
New Republic (TNR)
An independent nonprofit
progressive publication focused on
coverage of social justice, anticorporate and environmental
In addition to pointedly right-wing
editorials, this bi-monthly
conservative magazine features
short articles on current interest
issues, a longer feature article, and
reviews of the arts.
A nonpartisan, inside-the-Beltway
publication that provides evenhanded coverage of current
issues regarding U. S. politics,
foreign policy and culture.
Prepared by HWC Reference Librarians
Last Updated: January 2011
A bimonthly magazine focused on
social theory, religion/spirituality,
social change, contemporary
American and global politics and
economics, ecology, culture,
psychology, and Israel/ Palestine.
Magazines Continued:
(Left / Liberal)
(Right / Conservative)
The Nation
The New American
An openly left-wing publication that
covers a wide range of current
issues via concise articles and
multiple short editorials.
Self-described as, “an essential
news source for freedom-loving
Americans,” this bi-monthly John
Birch Society publication presents
news and commentary from a
decidedly right-wing,
fundamentalist Christian
perspective. Its primary goal is to
expose the behind-the-scenes
activities shaping American politics
and culture.
One of three major newsweeklies
in the United States (Newsweek,
Time, and U.S. News & World
Report), this magazine covers
current events and issues in the
U. S. and world.
New Statesman (British)
A weekly magazine focused
primarily on news and politics of
greatest interest in the United
Kingdom, where the content is
roughly divided 60% news and 40%
The Progressive
This monthly magazine is
considered a journalistic voice for
peace, social and economic justice,
civil rights and liberties, human
rights and the environment.
The Weekly Standard
This weekly magazine provides
right-wing articles on Washington,
D.C. politics and government topics
in America and around the world.
One of the standard newsweeklies in the United States, this
magazine covers current events
and issues in the U.S. and world.
U. S. News & World Report
One of the three major
newsweeklies in the United
States (and considered a bit more
conservative than Time and
Newsweek), this magazine
provides serious reporting on
current events and issues in the
U.S. and the world.
Prepared by HWC Reference Librarians
Last Updated: January 2011
NEWSPAPERS (Editorial Stance)
The Boston Globe
Human Events
Christian Science Monitor
Islam Online
Provides global coverage focused on
news and events of the Greater
Boston area. This award winning
daily offers in-depth coverage of
news, business, sports, arts &
entertainment, and provocative
“The bible of the right,” is how the
Wall Street Journal describes this
Washington, D.C.-based weekly that
has a strong partisan focus on
national and international political
and legislative news.
For over a century, this multiple
award-winning weekly, with eight
U.S. offices and eight foreign
bureaus, has provided nonpartisan, in-depth coverage of
news and feature stories from
every corner of the globe.
Los Angeles Times
New York Post
Chronicle of Higher Education
The largest metropolitan daily
newspaper in the U.S., the LA Times
covers news and events of Southern
California, global news and
extensive coverage of the arts and
entertainment and how they affect
News Corporation owns the Wall
Street Journal, the New York Post
and Fox Broadcasting. Best known
for its comprehensive sports section
and gossip columns, this daily also
provides global coverage of world
news and events.
New York Times
Wall Street Journal
The New York Times Company owns
The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, The Boston
Globe, 15 other daily newspapers
and more than 50 websites. This
Pulitzer-Prize winning daily reports
on national and world events, major
political speeches, current events,
arts reviews and lifestyle matters.
Regular opinion columnists include
Maureen Dowd, Bob Herbert, Paul
Krugman and David Brooks.
Owned by media magnate Rupert
Murdoch, the Wall Street Journal is
written primarily for people who
follow the money and investment
markets. With a pro-business news
bent, it covers global events from
finance to general news.
This Washington, D.C.-based
weekly is the number one source
of news, information, and jobs
for college and university faculty
members and administrators. The
Chronicle has more than 70 fulltime writers and editors, as well
as 17 foreign correspondents
around the world. Although
intended for academe, its
content is relevant for
researchers, students, legislators
and government policy makers.
Based in Dubai, IslamOnline is the
original Internet portal and
leading source for Islamic content
in the Islamic world. With a
stated objective, “of portraying a
positive and accurate picture of
Islam to the world and to provide
support for Muslims,” its
coverage includes news reports …
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