350 words Propose detailed feedback and critical analysis on attached papers

Discuss drafts of your Business Model and Strategic Plan, Part II Individual assignments from Week 3 with all team members.Choose two or three team member’s drafts (attached) and review as a team this week. You will review a different team member’s drafts each week. Propose detailed feedback and critical analysis that team members can incorporate into their drafts.Develop a maximum 350-word synopsis summarizing what the team has learned from the review and discussion. Please make sure to include specific recommendations for each of the submitted papers. No intro or conclusion needed only body. Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines


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350 words Propose detailed feedback and critical analysis on attached papers
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Strategic Plan Part 2: SWOTT Analysis
Strategic Plan Part 2: SWOTT Analysis
Brittany Allison
Mark Romejko
Strategic Plan Part 2: SWOTT Analysis
Strategic Plan Part 2: SWOTT Analysis
As leaders in the Healthcare industry Norton Healthcare has an obligation to the
community it serves to provide the best care possible, this includes making services as affordable
as possible to all patients. The opening of the blood bank as a part of Norton Healthcare will do
just that. There are many factors to consider when opening a new division of a company to
ensure the success of the division. Norton will need to overcome economic, legal, internal factors
as well as external factors in order to add on a successful blood bank division.
SWOTT Analysis Table: Norton Blood Bank
1. Convenient Locations (blood drives)
1. Open multiple main locations
2. Competitive Company
2. Market product division locally and
3. Well marketed brand
3. Expand blood storage locations (will
need more capacity to store blood)
1. New to the blood bank industry
2. Lack of relationship with suppliers
3. Lack of staffing (start up)
1. Competitors are well
2. Product shortage (lack of blood
3. Price increases (cost of blood testing
and storage)
Economic and Legal Trends – Norton Blood Bank Division
After looking at the SWOTT table and navigating through the external and internal
environments, Norton Healthcare needs to identify certain forces and trends that will affect the
blood bank. First look at the current economic force/trend. There is currently a drop in demand
Strategic Plan Part 2: SWOTT Analysis
due to the lack of blood donations as well as advancements in the medical industry that will
challenge the demand for blood banks to stay open or the need for them to function. The drop in
demand this has caused in many blood banks to merge or consolidate (Brown, 2017). Next, look
at the legal side of the forces/trends. The FDA oversees the laws and regulations controlling
blood banks and how blood is collected. Recent trends have made the FDA strengthen such laws
due to recent cases of HIV blood being donated and used. In some situations, law suits are being
brought forth against the blood banks of the Red Cross at regional locations. Lastly, the CBER or
Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research is the department in FDA that regulates all blood
related products. Norton Healthcare must work with them to ensure the safety of the blood as
well as the donors.
How Norton Adapts to Change
Norton is and has been one of the leaders in the medical and healthcare industry. It has
always shown the desire and necessity to change and adapt with the ever-changing industry of
the medical field. Norton Healthcare, without doubt, can handle, overcome and achieve success
even in spite of the changes to law, regulations, and economical circumstances described above,
just has the company has always done.
Analyze and Explain the Supply Chain of the New Division
As previously announced, Norton will be expanding and creating a new division. Norton
Healthcare will be entering into the blood bank business. Norton will have a central blood bank
for storage and processing. It will also create/build many, local donation locations through popup blood drives at our current facilities for people to donate blood to our banks similar to the way
that the Red Cross. The only difference? Norton Healthcare will have a much more logistically
Strategic Plan Part 2: SWOTT Analysis
outlet and the resources to build and maintain the blood bank. Norton will ensure the use of
marketing to urge people to donate through Norton banks and drives versus the competition.
Norton will act using the same values and mission as always use in their medical and hospital
industries. The use of the Norton name and reputation to leverage that to impacting the blood
bank industry as a win-win addition to the company profile.
The Primary Internal Organizational Considerations
Norton’s strategic plan will be similar to the one that is currently being used throughout
their company. The blood bank will aim to be the strongest and the first place a person thinks to
come and donate blood for the single most important function, to save lives, which is what blood
bank are used for in a working relationship with hospitals.
Major Issues or Opportunities for Norton
Unfortunately, with the addition of our blood bank division comes great promise, but at
the same time will arise some issues and opportunities that Norton must face. The first and major
issues will be Norton being new to the industry and not having that relationship with the
suppliers and with the competitors already being well maintained and connected within the
industry and the market. Norton’s opportunity will be to use the company’s name and leverage to
create solid relationships and use that to create a brand that is solid. Using the name Norton and
the company’s already solid brand will help the new division grow and become successful.
Marketing the blood bank using the Norton brand will ensure it is a competitive industry. Upon
the success of this company Norton will be able to reduce the price of blood transfusions needed
by the patients because they will no long need to purchase the blood from an outside company
creating a markup in the price of the blood Norton receives for patient need.
Strategic Plan Part 2: SWOTT Analysis
In conclusion the blood bank will be a great challenge for Norton Healthcare, but upon
the completion and the success of this division Norton will be able to step in a new direction to
patient care. This blood bank will not only help ensure there is blood on hand for patients in need
at Norton Healthcare, but it will also help create affordable services to the patients. In the
Healthcare industry the most common complaint is the price of services, by cutting out the
middle man Norton will be cutting the price in the service of giving patients blood. So not only is
this blood bank great for the company it is also a need for the community Norton Healthcare
Strategic Plan Part 2: SWOTT Analysis
Brown, K. (2017). America’s Blood Economy: Vulnerable to Economic Trends, Medical
Advances. Retrieved from http://wshu.org/post/america-s-blood-economy-vulnerableeconomic-trends-medical-advances#stream/0
Strategic Plan Part I: Proposal of a New Division
Tonitia Cain
November 27, 2017
Mark Romejko
Strategic Plan Part I: Proposal of a New Division
Strategic Plan
Currently, the economy is experiencing a spike in large businesses relying on employee
cut backs to provide funds to facilitate improvements in attracting new business; resulting in
organizations searching for incentives to motivate and engage their employees under the
heightened intensity of such conditions. Thus, many organizations are seeking alternative means
to aid associations in their desire to acquire increased profits all while satisfying the needs of the
employees and business. Mart-Wal is a company also embarking on this same mission. To
facilitate this, they have developed a division designed to implement and execute an imaginative
method of giving to the employees as well as its consumers. This division would also focus on
conveying the needs of the customer through the supply of products to fill those needs.
Additionally, I will advise how the vision and mission of the new division changed by the focal
objective of the association. As well as explain the heartbeat of the vision and values that
comprise the ethics and culture of the business.
New Services
Medical insurance, wage requirements, and increased production needs have proven to be
factors in maintating the vison of the business. Mart-Wal has begun researching alternative
methods of efficiently enhancing the business albeit maintaining the original vision and goals.
An expansion of chain fast food options, healthier food chains, as well as an oasis to serve as a
cypershop similar to those seen in coffeshops as Starbucks. Mart-Wal has also began the first
phase of a onsite gym to include a daycare for the associates at supercenters in metropolitian
cities. Mart-Wal is aware that they are not the first to incorporate service facilities for their
employees or diverse food options; the company differs in their pursuit as they plan to
incorporate a digital system resembling their grocery and goods self-checkout system to facilitate
the fast food service needs of their consumers. By utilizing the self-pay system there will be a
reduction in costs by incorporating a mechanical supervisor which will spare cash for the
organization by freeing funds that would have been needed for cashiers. This vision aligns with
the purpose statement of Kal- Mart Ceo which states, “Saving individuals cash so they can live
better” (Robin Karol, 2011).”
New Division
The new service implements quality nutritional options as well as speedy service for its clients
by promoting the progression of an industrial service provider to oversee the nourishment
conception in the eateries. Kal-Mart will address the needs of the customer all while becoming
an innovator in the service industry by surpassing the competition with the innovative processes
to facilitate their business needs. The vision and mission of this new division are consistent with
Kal-Mart mission and vision delivery. The vision of this new department is to be a leader in
providing alternative fast food options which are healthier options for not only the employees but
also the consumer. Employee surveys have shown that employees often complain about the fast
food options lacking in nutritional values. Thus, leading them to feel sluggish after their lunch
breaks. Furthermore, they often complain about the limited time available for lunch and the long
lines they face along with the costumers. Hence the incorporation of the digital ordering process
which will provide a smart phone application for employees to allow them to place their orders
and schedule a pick up time prior to their lunch. The mission is to use this new emerging system
to minimize manpower costs all while providing healthier food options at a lower cost. By
bringing down the working costs, it would mean shabby sandwiches with crisp fixings.
(Mckeown, 2014) Consequently, employees will not only save time, but the goal is to improve
their work life experience resulting in greater customer service for consumers. Customers will
also benefit from this service as they too will be able to utilize the application to aide in their
nutritional quests. The downside of this of course would be food quality, rivalry from
competitors, as well as misappropriation of break times. However, the pros of incorporating an
automated administrator far outweigh the cons as productivity is increased all while adding value
to the customer experience by offering an experience that is not only technology advanced but
time efficient as well. Likewise, using mechanical director can lower the cost of new hire
training as well as provide precise determination in the misuse of sustenance. (Stephen P.
Robbins, 2005) Another pro of using the robotic manager to the organization’s restaurant would
be a hefty cut in operating expenses. The installation of this program is only $5200 with a yearly
servicing fee of $2500 per system. Additionally, the advantage of having an eatery that provides
natural quality products will attract increased traffic in the store.
Business Model
Kal-Marts new vision is to be innovative and aggressive in utilizing advanced means of
technology to not only empower the organization but the community as well. Kal-Mart is keen
on providing the best quality products at a lower cost; all while making the experience less time
consuming for the employee and consumer. The consist of turkey and vegan burgers, green
smoothies, fruit and traditional salads, wraps, veggie pizzas, and so much more. Additionally,
there will also be a cybercafé in which consumers can order their favourite drinks with
alternative milk options such as almond and soy milk. Inventory, nutritional content, even
expiration dates will all be managed digitally through the initial scanning of items. Each order
will be tracked upon entry into the system as well as reductions being managed by order
placement. Thus, prompting Kal-Mart to coin the term “robot director’ when speaking of the new
This director will also manage the nutritional preparation process by managing how much
food to cook based on assessing digits to take out the misappropriation of sustenance. (Stephen
P. Robbins, 2005) Similarly, it will guarantee stock and termination dates by digitally tracking
the stock. Accordingly, it will lessen the weight on the representatives (Mckeown, 2014).
Alignment with Company’s Missions
The mission and vision of the new division are subsquentially aligned with the Kal-Mart
mission/vision statement description which specifys “we spare individuals cash so they can live
better” by developing a system to guarantee that the developing innovation are useful to the
community it serves. The arrangement of this self-serving mechanism will overtime decrease
cost motivating Kal-Mart to offer merchandise and ventures at discounted costs than those of
their competitors. Regarding esteem, one would state the level in which individuals are not lining
after extended periods of shopping will pull in more individuals to the store and urge them to
purchase other stock (Stephen P. Robbins, 2005).
Guiding Strategic Direction
Our values, vision, and mission, are the ethics in which we are guided and maintain at the
core of our organization. Moving forward, our employees and customers who are the foundation
of our organization have been dependent upon our dedication to serving them better. Thus, we do
feel that this integration of the new system will add ease to their shopping needs. Our employees
and consumers are the core of our organizations and without them we would be unable to
identify ourselves as the leader in home shopping business (Mckeown, 2014)
By utilizing innovation and technology to accomplish our mission statement speaks
volumes to our vision of providing quality at a lesser expense.
Guiding Principals
Society is changing daily, which motivates Kal-Mart to follow these innovative trends.
To accomplish this, we must utilize the means necessary to not only survive but thrive in this
advanced society. This trend will also be seen across all aspects of the company.
Operationally, it is viable to understand that there is no room for the “I’ mentality.
Teamwork is essential as well as each employee understanding that the consumer reigns
Although this new division is designed to ease the work life conditions of the employer the
consumer must always be the main objective when service is concerned. In doing so, Kal-marts
goal is to kill two birds with one stone by improving the life of the employee and the consumer
all while increasing revenue for the company. Additionally, with the implementation of healthier
nutritional options we are aiming the positively impact society as a whole as well.
Mckeown, M. (2014). The Innovation Book: How to Manage Ideas and Execution for
Outstanding Results. Pearson UK.
Robin Karol, B. N. (2011). New Product Development For Dummies. John Wiley & Sons.
Stephen P. Robbins, M. K. (2005). Management. Pearson Prentice Hall.
Walmart . (n.d.). Global Statement of Ethics. Retrieved from

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