5 pages paper(MLA style) ( i have already writen 3 page, need more supplement)

New essay only need five paragraph, 1introduction, 3 body paragraphs [ each body paragraphneed 2 quote] and 1 conclusion, like:1paragraph: introduction (you can summary this essay, and answer the new paper question)–do not have quote2paragraph: body paragraph, use your viewpoint to support your thesis—-only need 2 quotes (one from reading 1, another from reading 2)3paragraph: body paragraph, use your viewpoint to support your thesis—– only need 2quotes (one from reading 1, another from reading 2)4paragraph: body paragraph, use your viewpoint to support your thesis——only need 2 quotes (one from reading 1, another from reading 2)5 conclusion,important : do not use other articles and authors appear in this paper ( only reading 1 and 2 could show in your writing)reading 1 is ‘ Citizens who care” by Anne-Marie Slaughterreading 2 is “The Girl Effect” by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn


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Jiaju wang
Basic composition
Paper 5 draft
Women Power
Technology has brought this generation into a new era that people are able to liberate
from manual working. As a result, women are able to walk out of their home and joining into the
working force and their social status Since the women’s social status improve in recent couple
decades, their voice become something that everyone need to hear. This is very beneficial to the
society because women force is important in influencing surrounding. In the article “The Girl
Effect , author Bernard Kouchner talks about those poor girl from third-world country’s
experience and suffer. In the article “Citizens Who Care” from the book Unfinished Business,
Anne-Marie Slaughter discusses the difficulties that the current caring systems are facing.
Women are a very important part of the society not only because that half of the people are
women but also because that women are gradually becoming the dominant as much as male used
to be. Women are no longer an accessary or belonging to male. Thus, this means society are
becoming into an equal society. In general, women force is a very important part for a balanced
Women are able to involving in the society, forcing the society to change and balance the
patriarchy society. In the past, male are able to use their hand to support family. It was patriarchy
society. However, since the society is no longer determined by how much strength people have.
Thus, women are able to involve in the working society and become an important component of
the society. She claims “Rath’s eventual triumph is a reminder that if girls get a chance, in the
form of an education or a microloan, they can be more than baubles or slaves; many of them can
run business”(205). From the sentence, it describes that female can also be as good as male. If
these girls involved in the working force, they will have more chance to speak out their thoughts
and gradually, the society will be more balanced than the patriarchy society in the past. Thus, the
women force are able to benefit the structure of the society to create the balance. Slaughter says
“the specific disagreement around care is not as much about whether we should be devoting
resources to caring as it is about who, in fact, should be doing the caring”(235). This is one of the
unequal situation that the society have, but this is not the only one. Women are always the
inferior part compare to men and if they are able to self-support, they can decrease the situation.
At the same time, involving into the social work and help more people in order to improve the
society and die out the unbalanced situation.
Also, since women are still in some degree suffering from different gender and life
situation, their suffer will be able to call for social empathy and help. Those powerful people will
not easily change the policies because it involves in their own benefits. However, when others
see there are still people suffering, whether it is man who have compass or women who
understand the pain, they will stand up and becoming a force to fight against unequity and help
the society become more caring. She argues “a modest amount of international scholding had led
a government to take action, resulting in an observable improvement in the lives of girls at the
bottom of the power pyramid”.(206) From the story of these girls, even though themselves might
not all have the ability to fight back and stand up, however, people who care and who are willing
to help them to spread out the story are strong enough to shake others’ heart. As a result, the
society will change, at least forced to because of pressure of gossip. Without changing the
policies and genuinely help the poor people in the society, there will be weak people who cannot
support themselves suffer. Slaughter quotes psychologist Carol Gilligan saying “you don’t care’
reflects the fear of abandonment that all vulnerable and dependent people fear—young, old, sick,
or disabled. ‘That’s not fair’ reflects the fear that those who have power will abuse it, will make
or break the rules in favor of themselves”(246). The world is not fair that there will also be
people suffering. Without the involving of women, these weak people’s forces are so small that
they are probably not be able to do anything. However, since there are so many female are
suffering both because of gender and money, this huge amount of population attracts people’s
attention and as a result, new policies and regulation are able to appear to benefit the society.
In general, the women, as half of the population in the society, have huge power to
influence the society since they are able to balance the unequal things and also propose the
possibility and hope to change the people who have power and as a result, change the current
rule and ideology to influence others.
Final Paper
Due date: May 15th, 2017 March 3, 2017
A final paper may be written instead of sitting the final exam during the assigned
class period. Although the paper will be longer and require outside research, you
will have the several weeks to complete it. The paper option may be preferable for
people whose language skills might prevent them from being able to complete a
final exam in the allotted time. If you do choose to do the paper, I ask that you
please tell me your research/thesis statement at the latest a few weeks before the
paper is due. This helps me find you resources, and to make sure you won’t get
stuck on any aspect of your paper.
The paper should have a word count of about 2,500 words, or roughly 10 pages
double-spaced. There are no exact specifications as to visual formatting, but
margins and text size should obviously be reasonable.
The structure should be that of a well-written research paper. The paper should
• introduces the background of your research topic/thesis, includes the research/thesis statement itself – this statement should comprise a central question or
area of study around which the paper is based, and states your expected findings
and initial thoughts on the topic. In other words, what was learned?
• the three or four sections of your paper that follow should show your research as
well as your interpretations of the research in light of what we have learned in
class. The whole paper (but especially any outside research) should include inline
citations, e.g. (Shaikh 2016), for anything that is not common knowledge or
original ideas on the topic. The same sources repeated multiple times in a row
should be cited with (Ibid).
• a conclusion that summarizes your work and discusses how, if at all, your initial
findings and thoughts were changed.
• a reference page at the end of the document with sources cited according to
Chicago Style (a pain, but websites like
http://www.citationmachine.net/chicago/cite- a-book lets you do it relatively
• All sources used should be broadly reliable. The bulk should be academic books
or articles, but others (news, literature, documentaries, films) will also be
acceptable so long as they are not unreliable or questionable. All news, if
used, should be from sources that you would otherwise recognize as
reliable news. If using Wikipedia, cite the source that Wikipedia itself cites,
and avoid citing anything that does not have a citation on Wikipedia.
• Papers will be checked for plagiarism (all the more reason to cite well) and all
papers provably plagiarized will receive a zero. Topics The following
represents a list of possible areas the paper might explore. They’re divided
into three areas that roughly correspond with the units of the course. I
would pick two related questions from within one area and focus the paper
on that. Of course, the idea is to bring some of your own thought and ideas
into the paper as well, so feel free to reword and reimagine the questions in
your own way, or to suggest new questions. Regardless, please run your
ideas by me so I can help point you in the right direction. Methodology:
What are some key differences between neoclassical thought and political
economy? How can political economy be used to critique main- stream
economics? What critiques of neoclassical economics are fair? What is the
relationship between economic ideas and reality? How do they interact?
History of capitalism: How did capitalism begin and how did it spread?
How is the expansion of capitalism related to colonialism? How has
capitalism affected the global North vs the global South? How is capitalism
related to government? Have the institutional forms of capitalism changed
its essence? How did social democracy and Keynesian thought affect
capitalism? How were social democracy and the Cold War related? What is
neoliberalism and how is it related to globalization? How did neoliberalism
affect society? How has neoliberalism affected the current political climate?
Analysis of political economy: What are the categories of study in
political economy? What is distinctive about capitalism as an economic
system? How does the capitalist system function, and what role does
exploitation play? What are some sources of unemployment in capitalism?
How is specialization and automation related to growth and unemployment?
What is crisis and how and why does it happen? Can you make an analysis
of a current event from the perspective of political economy? 2
Final Assignment:
“The Girl Effect” by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
“Citizens Who Care” by Anne-Marie Slaughter
Monday, 11/20: Introduction due; Bring 3 copies
Monday, 11/27: Short Rough Draft Due (2-4 pages long); Bring 3 copies
Monday, 12/4: Semi-Final Draft due (4-6 pages long); Bring 3 copies
Wednesday, 12/6: Final Draft Due (5-6 pages long); Bring 1 copy and submit an
electronic copy to Sakai
In “The Girl Effect,” Bernard Kouchner, the founder of Doctors Without Borders says that
“’progress is achieved through women’” (Kristof and WuDunn 211). Slaughter echoes this
argument when she says that when we “elect enough women…we will stand a far better
chance of representing who we really are as a nation” (239). One of the points that we can
take away from both essays is that improving the status of women does not just benefit
women. From issues ranging from health to economics, “the girl effect” is central in
improving conditions both locally and globally. What do we lose when female voices are
not heard? What changes when women are included in the discussion? What are the
political and economic implications of “the girl effect” for families and communities around
the world? Using textual evidence, discuss how and why women are so important in
improving the community around them.
For this final assignment:
• Develop a project that takes a position and directly responds to the assignment question.
Clearly state your project in 1-2 sentences in your first paragraph. Use each paragraph in
your essay to move your project forward by rethinking your ideas, offering
counterarguments, developing specific solutions, etc.
• Identify the main project of both essays and relate that to the assignment question. This
should also be in the introduction.
• Create strong paragraphs where you include topic sentences, introductions to quotes,
two quotes from each essay, explanation of those quotes, connecting the quotes to your
claim/project, and a transition to the next idea/paragraph. Avoid alternating paragraphs by
essay. We don’t want that because it means that you are making connections between
paragraphs rather than within paragraphs. So make sure you have at least 3 paragraphs
with a quote from each essay. Make sure you quote each essay at least three times.
Remember, your goal is to make connections between you, and the two readings.
• Avoid simply comparing and contrasting the essays. Use the ideas from one essay to
examine examples from the other essay.
• Choose excellent, important quotes to work with.
• Be as clear and concise as possible. Omit needless words!
• Utilize key terms from each essay.
• Make sure you have a clear plan for your essay. I am looking for strong organization.
• Make sure you thoroughly revise, edit, and proofread your final draft.
We are nearing the culmination of the semester. This is your opportunity to show that you
not only understand the issues you’ve read about and discussed, but that you can write
thoughtfully and thoroughly on these issues. This final essay should reflect your progress
throughout the semester.
As usual, any work that is late or does not meet the page requirements will lower your
grade. Needless to say, don’t sell yourself short with this fifth paper – turn your work in on
time, and at full length.

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