Aromatherapy Dissertation | Literature Review and Introduction | 5000 Words Write Up (For Experts to Bid Only Please)

? Please bid for this assignment only if you can adhere to the following: 1. Stick to the given deadline, no extension will be given (we are very strict on this). 2. Send us the assignment when 50% is done and 100% done, this is for us to track your progress. 3. Be responsive (if you are sleeping, we can understand).4. No copy and pasting work, do not plagiarise. We use the Turnitin system to check for plagiarism, we do not recognise the StudyPool plagiarism checking tool.5. No using of fake references. (references used must tally with content written)Main Assignment (2 tasks):1. Write a 3,500 words literature review (use the top 10 recommended papers, refer to attachment)A selective and critical review of the relevant research literature concluding with an appropriate research question to guide the proposed study2. Write a 1,000 words introduction Identification and selection of a nursing research topic of significance to Singapore Client’s suggestion for the introduction~ Define aromatherapy and sleep~ Ageing population Singapore is facing ? statistic~ Elderly sustaining a fall in Singapore ? statistic~ Common surgery hip fracture and femur fracture after sustaining fall in Singapore ? statistic data (MOH, Singapore)~ Lack of manpower Singapore health care is facing ? statistic dataIf 4,500 words is insufficient, an extension to a maximum of 5,000 words is allowed.Mandatory Reading in Order to Successfully Complete Main Assignment: Please read attached file Guidelines 1, Guidelines 2, Guidelines 3 and Guidelines 4 for information on what is required to write the literature review and introduction. Please read attached client’s Thesis PRISMA Please read attached client’s Thesis (RQ_Keywords_PICO_SS_PRISMA)Please read attached client’s CASP ChecklistPlease read attached client’s Evidence List Dissertation Presentation Requirements: Only the main text is included in the word count: the following are NOT included; Title Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Lists of Tables/Figures, Glossary, List of Abbreviations, Acknowledgements, Reference list and Appendices. Please note the following:- Use 1.5-line spacing with a double space between paragraphs.- Start each Chapter on a new page.- Margins for the text should be justified with left and right margins of around 1.8 cm.- Be consistent with font type and sizing. – The required font is Arial font size 11 or Calibri, font size 12 for the main body. Bigger fonts are acceptable for headings/sub-headings. Please note: if you use Microsoft Word and the headings/automatic Table of Contents function, or a thesis template, Word will automatically type and size the fonts of the different headings/sub-headings ? this is acceptable. – When writing in the text, do not use numerals if less than ten: otherwise for ten and more, use numerals e.g. ?The results showed that four patients reported??.? Or ?The results showed that 26 people reported???. This differs when presenting statistics/percentages etc. (see point below)Do not begin sentences with a numeral.Do not begin sentences with an abbreviationUse conventions like > (greater than) and < (less than) where appropriate e.g ????A p value of <0.05 was considered significant? ? note it is acceptable to use numerals here.Check that all references in the text appear in the reference list and are fully and accurately recorded. For the Introduction Portion: This section introduces the thesis and the work to come. You may use a more informal style of writing for this section and write in the first person, e.g., use the term ?I? instead of ?the author?. You should also;- Outline the reasons for the choice of topic which may be personal (you have a particular interest in the subject) or professional (the topic is increasingly important in health care) or a combination of both. - Describe the scope of the thesis, i.e. the format of the research proposal.- Describe your search strategy, key words employed, databases searched and the results of the searches. There is no set numbers of studies you should include in your review, but the allotted word count normally allows for critique of between 5 and 10 studies in the required detail- Finish with an overall recommendation from the review that leads to a question to guide either the research proposal.The Introduction should not involve a lot of discussion about the topic itself: it is an Introduction to the dissertation itself not the subject matter. So, using the example of ?dementia? again, you should not include a lot of information about what dementia is, different types, signs and symptoms, how it affects the brain, prognosis and so on. You might, of course, discuss these in the main body depending on your thesis type, but the Introduction should only provide enough information to set the scene for the thesis. ? Please bid only if you are very confident in producing good quality work? guidelines_1.png guidelines_2.png guidelines_3.png guidelines_4.png casp_checklist___4_feb_2018___1653__hours.doc thesis_prisma.doc thesis___rq_keywords_pico_ss_prisma_.docx casp_checklist___4_feb_2018___1653__hours.doc evidence_list_1719__hours.doc top_10_recommended_papers__latest.docx Unformatted Attachment Preview Running Head: CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST Critical Appraisal Using CASP Tool Checklist Name Institutional Affiliation 1 CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST 2 Age- and gender-specific associations between insomnia and falls in Boston Puerto Rican adults Zhang et al Systematic Review Checklist Screening Yes questions Did the review Can?t No Remarks tell Yes The question was whether there is a relationship address a clearly between insomnia among 46-79 year old Puerto focused Rican adults, and falls, taking into account various question? socio-demographic factors. Did the authors ? Yes The authors used papers that well justified the look for the right relevance of the study by providing evidence type of papers? supporting the focused question. ? They were also comprehensive, peer reviewed, and with the right study designs. Do you think all Can?t the important tell. ? While the studies used were appropriate and facilitated sufficient analysis to justify relevant studies conclusions, it is unclear whether more could were included? have been done to improve the analysis and findings. ? Also notable is that no studies in any other language were used, apart from those in CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST 3 English suggesting a possibility that some important data or information could have been missed. Did the review?s Can?t The authors have merely used the studies to support authors do tell their research analysis and findings. There is no enough to assess comprehensive of the studies themselves. the quality of the included studies? If the results of Yes The authors have selectively used the results from the review have various studies to support the inferences form their been combines, own study. Whenever this is done, it is clear that the was it reasonable study was related to and validated the inferences to do so? being supported. What are the The percentage of adults who seemed to have overall results of suffered falls over the past year were older and the review? female, slept less than 6 hours and were under treatment for anxiety or depression. How precise ? were the results? The results cannot be said to have been precise, as a number of participants in the studies failed to complete them, and only one cause of falls was studied, i.e. fracture, ignoring all other causes. ? Moreover, even with the provided adjusted CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST results, no confidence intervals are offered. Can the results Can?t The results have a degree of factual truth, and be applies to the tell therefore may be applicable to a certain extent. local population? However, the population used in the study has many differences with other populations, which would make the study not useful for other populations. Were all No Given the limited scope and the limitations of the important study as indicated in the limitations section, there outcomes may be outcomes that the study could have failed to considered? consider. Are the benefits Yes The study, despite its weaknesses reveals a link worth the harms between insomnia and falls. As such, I think it was and costs? worth the cost. Association between sleep disturbances and falls among the elderly: results from the German Cooperative Health Research in the Region of Augsburg-Age study Helbig et al Systematic Review Checklist Screening Yes Can?t No Remarks questions tell Did the review Can?t The study question is too wide in scope and seeks to address a clearly tell correlate too many factors in order to determine how focused they affect falls. 4 CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST 5 question? Did the authors Yes The study used the right kind of papers in order to look for the right support and compare the analysis and results of data type of papers? derived from the Cooperative Health Research in the Region of Augsburg (KORA) age study. Do you think all Yes The references used suggest that the data used may the important have been sufficient to carry out the study, due to the relevant studies diversity in the issues being investigated and their were included? relation to the focus question. Did the review?s Can?t While the data may have been obtained from reliable authors do tell sources, it is not possible to determine whether all the enough to assess studies used as references were rigorously vetted. the quality of the included studies? If the results of No The results of the past research used to support the the review have study have not been combined. Only certain been combined, supportive conclusions have been drawn to support was it reasonable some of the inferences that the researchers come up to do so? with. What are the The inability to sleep or to stay asleep and the use of overall results of psychotropic medicine have a positive correlation the review? with the frequency of falls. How precise Yes The results were precise, and were sometimes CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST were the results? Can the results 6 presented with 95% confidence intervals. Yes The level of accuracy allows for the results to be be applies to the applied in the general population. Also, data on which local population? the analysis is based is comprehensive and obtained from members of the general population. Were all Can?t The study was wide and attempted to correlate important tell various factors as evidenced by the data in table 1. It outcomes is therefore not safe to say that all possible outcomes considered? were considered. Are the benefits Can?t The study did not come up with concrete conclusions, worth the harms tell and was marred by a number of weaknesses which and costs? made the results not sufficiently convincing. It is therefore difficult to tell whether its benefits are worth the effort. Effect of Inhalation of Aromatherapy Oil on Patients with Perennial Allergic Rhinitis: A Randomized Controlled Trial Seo Yeon Choi & Kyungsook Park A randomized Control Trial Screening Yes questions Did the trial address a clearly Can?t No Remarks tell Yes Patients with perennial allergic rhinitis (PAR) were compared against a placebo in terms of the effect of CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST focused issue? 7 aromatherapy inhalation on PAR, life quality. fatigue and sleep quality. Was the Yes The random allocation of the 62 patients who took assignment of part in either the experimental or the control group patients to was by a random number table. treatments randomized? Were all of the No The analysis included three participants who missed patients who two or more treatments. Four participants who had entered the trial originally started the trial had been excluded when the properly researchers were unable to conduct follow ups on accounted for at them. its conclusion? Were patients, Yes Given that the subject assignment was known only to health workers the compounder, its is safe to say that the study can be and study said to have had the required level of blindness. personnel blind to treatment? Were the groups No The groups were dissimilar at the start of the trial, and similar at the maintained the level of dissimilarity, especially in start of the trial? terms of age due to the randomized allocation technique used. Aside from the Yes There is no indication in the entire trial of a difference CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST experimental 8 in the treatment of either group compared to the other. intervention, were the groups treated equally? How large was The treatment effect was large, considering there was the treatment improvement in both groups. However, a significantly effect? higher degree of improvement was observed in the experimental group than the placebo group in all the four factors being tested except the sleep quality where the difference in increase was insignificant. How precise was The measurement of the treatment was sufficiently the estimate of precise, and the margins of error are given for each of the treatment the figures obtained. effect? Can the results Yes The results can be applied to the local population. The be applied to the results showed that Aromatherapy benefits PAR local population? patients in all of the four factors assessed. Were all Yes The research objective was specific, which allowed clinically the study to sufficiently cover a large number of important clinically important outcomes. outcomes considered? Are the benefits Yes The study confirms the benefits of aromatherapy on CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST worth the harms 9 PAR patients. The benefits surpass the costs. and costs? Effect of Inhaled Lavender and Sleep Hygiene on Self-Reported Sleep Issues: A Randomized Controlled Trial Lillehei et al A randomized control Trial Screening Yes questions Did the trial Can?t No Remarks tell Yes The study was aimed at determining whether lavender address a clearly had any effect on the sleep quality and quantity, and focused issue? whether the effect, if any, could be sustained. Was the Yes Randomization was carried out by a non investigator assignment of and the participants were divided into two groups; An patients to experimental and a control group. treatments randomized? Were all of the Yes Out of the 79 who enrolled for the trial, three patients who discontinued the research, 1 from the group that entered the trial received the lavender patch, and two from the group properly that didn?t. However, this left with the investigators accounted for at with an equal number of participants from each group its conclusion? allowing for a more accurate conclusion. CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST Were patients, Yes 10 A non-investigator was used to ensure sufficient steps health workers were taken to ensure that both the investigator and and study participants were blind to treatment. personnel blind to treatment? Were the groups Yes The criteria used to select qualified participants were similar at the quite narrow, allowing for a significant level of start of the trial? similarity in the groups. Aside from the Yes There is no indication from the study that the groups experimental were treated differently. intervention, were the groups treated equally? How large was There was a slight improvement in the group receiving the treatment lavender in terms of sleep quality, but not sleep effect? quantity. How precise was The estimate of the treatment effect was sufficiently the estimate of precise, and the standard errors for each recorded the treatment measurements are tabulated in table 4. effect? Can the results Can?t It is difficult to determine the applicability of the be applied to the tell results in the local population, mainly because the local population? characteristics of the test group differ from the local CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST 11 population. Were all No Not all clinically important outcomes were considered clinically and the study has many limitations. It can also not be important sufficiently determined if the data provided by the outcomes participants was accurate since there was limited considered? surveillance. Are the benefits No Despite the strengths of the research, the benefits were worth the harms not worth the costs. and costs? Effect of Lavender Aromatherapy on Vital Signs and Perceived Quality of Sleep In The Intermediate Care Unit: A Pilot Study Lytle et al A randomized control Trial Screening Yes questions Did the trial Can?t No Remarks tell Yes The study aimed at investigating the therapeutic effect address a clearly of Lavender oil inhalation on intermediate care unit focused issue? patients. Was the Yes A computer was used to randomly assign the names of assignment of the qualified patients into two groups, those who patients to would receive the lavender aromatherapy, and those treatments who would not. CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST 12 randomized? Were all of the Yes All the patients who entered the trial were accounted patients who for at its conclusion. entered the trial properly accounted for at its conclusion? Were patients, No The health workers, the health workers and the health workers investigators were not blind and were well aware of and study the treatment. personnel blind to treatment? Were the groups Can?t Given an average age of 52 years, the ages of the similar at the tell participants could have been quite variable. However, start of the trial? there is a significant level of similarity in the sex, as both groups were predominantly composed of female participants. Aside from the experimental Yes Apart from the intervention, all other treatment was given as usual. intervention, were the groups treated equally? How large was The differences between the two groups were CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST the treatment insignificant in both the perceived sleep quality and effect? the changes in vital signs. How precise was The measurement especially those of sleep quality the estimate of were not precise and were subjective, because they the treatment were based on self-generated patient responses. 13 effect? Can the results No The results of this study do not meet the threshold for be applied to the mass application, as the methods used may have local population? produced biased conclusions. Were all No As revealed in the study limitations, the measurements clinically could have been imprecise, and there are many other important factors which could have contributed to the patients outcomes responses, which were in any case, subjective. considered? Are the benefits No The benefits of this research were not significant worth the harms enough to warrant the costs and efforts used. and costs? Effects of Aromatherapy on the Anxiety, Vital Signs, and Sleep Quality of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Patients in Intensive Care Units Mi-Yeon Cho et al A Randomized Control trial Screening Yes Can?t No Remarks CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST questions Did the trial 14 tell Yes The investigators in this trial were testing whether address a clearly blood pressure, anxiety and sleep of ICU PCI patients focused issue? would be affected by aromatherapy. Was the No G*power analysis was used to determine the sample assignment of size based on previous studies, whereby the effect size patients to was 0.74, statistical power was taken to be 0.80 at a treatments 0.05 significance level, resulting to a total of 60 randomized? patients needed, 30 for the control, and thirty in aromatherapy. Were all of the No The study accounts for only 56 patients, out of the 66 patients who selected subjects. While 8 were excluded due to room entered the trial transfer, the study fails to account for two participants. properly accounted for at its conclusion? Were patients, No The patients, study personnel and health workers were health workers not blind to the study. Relevant permits were obtained and study prior to its commencement and the patients willingly personnel blind consented to participate. to treatment? Were the groups similar at the Yes The groups were similar at the start of the trial, as the main selection criteria required that they should be in CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST start of the trial? 15 the ICU and be undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention. Socio-demographic characteristics differences were also insignificant. Aside from the Yes There is no reported difference in treatment between experimental the control group and the one undergoing intervention, aromatherapy apart from the experimental were the groups intervention. treated equally? How large was ? The treatment effect was significantly large. the treatment The group undergoing experimental effect? intervention recorded a significant decrease in anxiety levels. ? Similarly, at a sleep score of 52.7 against 36.2, the aromatherapy group had longer and better quality sleep. ? There was also a significant difference in the stability of both systolic and diastolic blood pressure between the two groups, with the aromatherapy group recording greater stability. How precise was The methods used to measure the effect were efficient the estimate of and a standard deviation was provided for all the the treatment measurements to allow for the inclusion of a margin effect? of error. CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST 16 Can the results Can?t The results may not conclusive and solid enough to be be applied to the tell introduced into the local population, especially since local population? there are many similar studies which produce conflicting conclusions. Were all Can?t While the research results were considerably accurate clinically tell and conclusive, some of the conclusions are made important subjectively, and even the researchers agree that this outcomes particular research alone is not enough to justify them, considered? such as aromatherapy?s BP stabilization effect whereby it cancels out the effects of blood pressure fluctuations due to stress. Are the benefits Yes This research accurately revealed that aromatherapy worth the harms may actually be beneficial to critical care PCI patients, and costs? which may potentially help in their management, making this a milestone in medicine. Essential oils used in aromatherapy: a systemic review Ali, Babar et al Systematic Review Checklist Screening Yes questions Did the review address a clearly Can?t No Remarks tell Yes This review refers to numerous secondary resources in a bid to give a comprehensive report on the CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST 17 focused definition and uses of aromatherapy, as well as some question? of the botanical species that are used in the treatment. Did the authors ? Yes look for the right The authors used the right type of papers to support their claims. ? type of papers? The papers are also obtained from trusted sources such as medical journals and online scientific research websites and therefore contain information that can be relied upon. Do you think all Can?t Aromatherapy is a relatively new alternative and the important tell complementary treatment, attempting to gain some relevant studies ground in a field that is dominated by modern were included? medicine. There has not been sufficient and concrete reliable scientific research in the field, but the authors did a good job in their review. Did the review?s Can?t The authors have not included any literature review authors do tell of their sources, but have only used them as citation enough to assess for various concepts presented in the paper. It can the quality of the therefore not be determined in truth whether they included studies? assessed the studies? quality. If the results of Yes The results of the review are based on studies that the review have major on the same subject. It is therefore logical for been combined, the researchers to combine various parts of the studies was it reasonable that they find relevant in the study of a component CRITICAL APPRAISAL USING CASP TOOL CHECKLIST 18 to do so? that falls under the scope of the focus question. What are the The review defines aromatherapy, classifies it into its overall results of various uses or branches, comprehensively describes the review? some of the botanical species used in the field and their uses, shows how variou ... Purchase answer to see full attachment

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