Bel Air- Los Angeles

Only needs to be 600-800 words, please follow the format and turn it in on time. I HAVE UPLOADED THE ESSAY of the neighborhood, THIS entry needs to be based off of that! The Assignment (600-800 words)First, write a brief introduction/overview of your neighborhood. Then, choose three to five locations to discuss which have a social/historical significance to your chosen neighborhood. Include a map that places these locations in relationship with one another. List 4-6 “Nearby Sites of Interest” and “Favorite Neighborhood Restaurants.” Lastly, list your research in a “To Learn More” section.Introduction:Write a brief introduction of your neighborhood. Your job here is to give an overview of the neighborhood that creates an alternative narrative that will be supported by the places you choose to highlight. This includes providing a historical overview and explaining how this neighborhood fits in to a bigger picture of Los Angeles.Focused Locations:What are the places in your neighborhood that are especially significant? DO NOT simply look at other guide-books to see which restaurants or clubs are the most reputable. Instead, focus on locations that may often be overlooked but which have a historical/social significance that helps define your neighborhood. Explain the significance of these locations and provide pictures/relevant images of your chosen location or important people. What makes these locations so important and why might they often be overlooked?Nearby Sites of Interest:List 4-6 Nearby sites of interest in your entry. Provide name, address, contact information, website and a brief overview of this site and it’s significant. These are meant to be very brief.Favorite Neighborhood Restaurants:List 4-6 neighborhood restaurants/eateries that are significant in your neighborhood. These need not be five star restaurants. Rather, these are likely the places that locals know of and frequent. These are likely not chains or brand new businesses. These are the places that have stood the test of time. Pulido tends to comment not only on the food, but also on the roles these places may play in fostering diversity etc. You can do the same.To Learn More:List the sources you consulted in this section of your guide. Use MLA format.

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Bel Air- Los Angeles
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Vazquez 1!
Alberto Vazquez
Gabriel Gomez
English 101
15, November 2017
Beachwood Canyon – Los Angeles
The Psychogeography Project
Beachwood Canyon in Los Angeles is a neighborhood with a vibrant mix of American
and European background that creates a serene environment. The natural flora and fauna add to
the beauty of the region with acres of natural wild hillsides that are appropriate for hunting.
Additionally, the town is strategically situated under the famous Hollywood sign which attracts
Vazquez 2!
many tourists. The fact that the city is filled with numerous celebrities calling the place home
increases a feeling of importance among the residents. Since many celeibitries live and visit this
area, that “celebrity” attitude is felt throughout the town as the stores and restaurants are operated
by people who understand their clientele and wind up treating everyone like a star. Residents that
live in the Beachwood neighborhood are treated like queens ands kings due to the fact that it is
such a touristic site.
According to Breuer (38), the Beachwood Canyon landscape has a deep association with
the great American West. With an estimated 22000 residents the town is now home to all
Americans who have an interest in a hilly, forest-covered region with a background of the great
American West. However, the fact that the town is built below the Hollywood sign gives the
residents a feeling of living in the Hollywood life. The entertainment world that makes up
Hollywood has rubbed off some of its riches to Beachwood Canyon. In the end, there is a feeling
around the town of superstardom to which visitors are exposed.
The town is situated below a hilly environment that is covered with a natural forest of
trees such as oaks and bushes. The design of the city was meant for people who want an urban
atmosphere in the midst of the rural feeling caused by thick forests. In the end, the position of the
town has a unique way of creating a feeling vacation for the residents. Breuer (54) is of the idea
that Beachwood Canyon has for years attracted people who are both modern and traditional at
heart. Such unique feelings are further asserted by the fact that people have access to the
Hollywood sign from the town.
Vazquez 3!
Additionally, the residents of Beachwood Canyon have the unique opportunity of hunting
small game in the bushy hillsides. Compared to the concrete forests of other neighboring towns,
Beachwood Canyon provides a real-life forest in which people can shoot. In the process, the
Hollywood life is completed for residents as well as visitors. Breuer (56) argues that Beachwood
Canyon forms a kind of a bush in the middle of the city as its proximity to modern towns create
an urban atmosphere. Notably, the landscape of the town is not suitable for farming as there are
no significant farms appropriate for farming activities.
With regards to architecture, the designs of the buildings in the town are primarily based
on the European flare. The designers intended to attract Europeans in Los Angeles by creating a
small Europe in the midst of America. However, with time modern architects shifted the focus
from European designs and introduced American culture (Zollo 77). The mixture of traditional
European designs and modern American touch has provided a unique town that has the ability to
attract the attention of all individuals. Interestingly, the city has drawn residents from all other
parts of America to create a new population of people that are culturally diverse.
There are specific architectural designs in Beachwood Canyon that are unique to the
town. The Hollywood Castle, for instance, is a building that is set away from the public and to
access it people have to pass through a natural environment. The actual design of the castle in
European and is primarily used by individuals who are interested in taking time away from the
pressures of the town below (Zollo 89). The existence of the castle is of greatest importance to
the beauty of the city as people have a get-away place to enjoy personal time or to just rewind.
Vazquez 4!
Research and studies have shown that recreational activities are of the essence to the healthy
living; the Hollywood Castle provides an atmosphere suitable for recreational activities.
The fact that Beachwood Canyon is near the movie world increases the possibility of
celebrities settling in the place. For instance Brook Smith an actress and John Taylor a musician
decided to live in the Beachwood Canyon. There are numerous other stars that are attracted to the
town as its beauty, and the Hollywood sign makes the city more like the fictional towns
described in movies and novels (Zollo 81). Drawn by the design of the city the celebrities have
increased the beauty of the city which has further attracted tourists and visitors. Also, the models
of the buildings in the town embrace the environment with the designers making changes that
conserve the environment as compared to destroying it. In the end, Beachwood Canyon has
wound up with architectural designs that have the environment as a priority. The resulting beauty
of the town plays a significant role in making the town look homely.
A majority of the stores and restaurants are lined along the 101 freeway (Fleming 90).
The 101 coffee shop, for instance, is one of the stores along the highway. The design of the
coffee is meant to make people feel at home; the setting does not look like an actual coffee shop,
but a home away from home. The walls are grained wood with bright colors that can make
someone feel at home. Additionally, the menu consists of foods designed to improve a person’s
mood. There are a variety of salads, shakes, and malts that the entrepreneur states increase
cheerfulness to the consumers.
Vazquez 5!
To the surprise of many, Beachwood Canyon is home to the monastery (Fleming 97). The
Monastery of the Angels has been in existence in the town since 1924. The nuns from the
monastery are posted throughout the United States and have an excellent reputation for
producing sisters that are interested in humanity. The existence of a monastery in the town
increases the serenity of the region as it is associated with humbleness and peace. In essence, for
a person living in the town, the monastery is a source of peaceful feeling as well as a cause of
spiritual life to the many Catholics residing and visiting Beachwood Canyon.
Notably, Franklin Village in Beachwood Canyon is a collection of retail stores and
restaurants. The village is different from a mall in the sense that the shops and restaurants are not
under one roof but built close together. The exciting activity in the village plays a vital role in
attracting more people to the village making it quite busy. The design and events in the village
are contrary to name as everything is modern. Fleming (116) is of the idea that such plans are
meant to bring people with different economic activities and interests together. In the end, there
is a feeling of a busy city in the village. The roads and streets next to the village are lined with
trees that are a complete opposite to the energetic atmosphere in the village. The trees along the
roads create a homely environment that is essential to individuals who like peace after a tedious
Contrary to popular belief the Hollywood sign that is an iconic sign in Beachwood
Canyon is never lit at night. The numerous movies that show it lit at night is a result of photoshop as the material used to illuminates any slight light. According to Zeruk (71), the
Vazquez 6!
stakeholders decided to switch off the lights at night as it was designed to automatically light at
night. There are several reasons for this, and one of them is conserved energy; lighting the sign at
night is thought to have used a lot of energy. With this in mind, the town adopted a new
conservation policy that is implemented throughout the world. The switching off of the sign’s
lights is significant to the town’s system of energy conservation.
In addition to conserving the energy, switching off the lights of the sign was a request of
the residents as it attracted numerous tourists at night. Beachwood Canyon is majorly a
residential area with the residents being interested in peace of mind. Therefore, having too many
tourists at night disrupted their peace and thus they chose for the lights to be off. Through this
way, Beachwood Canyon creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.
More so, the town is marked with signs whose language is simple, clear and directive.
Since the city has numerous footpaths that lead to the hunting grounds and bushes, the signs play
a vital role in notifying the residents and the visitors. Creating awareness of the existence of the
footpaths and hunting grounds enhances the relationship between the people and the environment
(Crais 76). Such a relationship is of the essence to the conservation attitude that is among the
people living in Beachwood Canyon. Therefore, the language on the signs in the town becomes
an essential part of the relationship the people have with the environment.
Focusing on the freeways, Beachwood Canyon has a long road known as 101 freeway
that stretches north off Franklin Avenue (Crais 99)! Along the highway, there are numerous
stores and building meant to services the users of the freeway. The stores and restaurants are
Vazquez 7!
designed according to France, Italy and Spain background. In the end, the freeway hosts a
collection of European culture that is the attraction of the town. Admittedly, the beauty of the
town is further asserted by the alignment of trees among the buildings which captures the
underlying intention of its designs. Through such designs, the 101 freeway can cause a
pleasurable drive which enhances sincere appreciation of the town in general.
Irrespective of the politics surrounding access to the Hollywood sign, Beachwood
Canyon provides an opportunity for people to reach the sign, According to Zeruk (97) having
access to the iconic sign is of the essence to the residents and its visitors. Irrespective of the sign
being in the dark at night, it still attracts tourists to the town who increase the financial flurry of
the town. The feeling acquired from the access to the sign is that of a superstar; however, there
are petitions to the county government to prevent people from accessing the sign by blocking the
way. However, the residents of the town are optimistic as the strategy is meant to conserve the
Focusing on the size of the town and the number of residents there is yet to have a train
for public transportation as its demand is still low. However, there are several public bus
services. Dash Bus Company is one of the bus companies that offer public transportation (Crais
107). The bus company provides the services to residents as well as visitors at affordable prices.
The bus services ensure clients are dropped as close to their residents as possible; through this
way the public bus services is quite convenient and plays provides there is a homely feeling
among its riders. Taxi Los Angeles near me is a taxi company in Beachwood Canyon; there is an
Vazquez 8!
online directory that gives numbers to the most available taxi vehicle. The convenience of using
taxis is appropriate for visitors who do not have cars. In the process, the visitors and the residents
enjoy the experience of living in a town that has an iconic effect with regards to the feeling of the
movie world.
The security of the town is the responsibility of the state police service. Public
transportation, for instance, requires a secure environment as there are numerous visitors and
people of good will (Zeruk 89). To ensure the security of the town, police posts are strategically
in every few miles; additionally, there are several law enforcement officers on patrol who
ascertain the safety of the place. Such activities are of the essence in increasing the serenity of
Beachwood Canyon and provide the people living in the area with the confidence of handling
any social challenges they might face. With the high numbers of celebrities, there is a high need
to ensure security is tight to encourage people to continue with their lives. Additionally, the stars
also have their private security systems which have provided the residents with sources of
employment. In the end, Beachwood Canyon is a highly secure place with low levels of crime as
the residents of the region demand the security. In the process, there is a feeling of security as
people walk around with confidence and love for one another.
Ultimately, Beachwood Canyon is a town that can lead to pleasurable feelings based on
the fact it is placed right under the iconic Hollywood sign. Its proximity to the movie world leads
to a high-end lifestyle that demands tight security. The architecture of the region is a combined
culture of both American and European designs that increase the feeling of leisure. Also, the
Vazquez 9!
stores, restaurants, and the hillsides lead a mix of recreational activities that handled by people
living in urban and rural areas. In the end, Beachwood Canyon is an appropriate place to live for
individuals who want a feel of the modern and the rural regions all in the same place. The
homely feeling of Beachwood Canyon is a combination of the activities of the people as well as
the physical geography of the area. Therefore for the region to maintain its geographical and
social benefits all stakeholders ought to work together.
Vazquez 10
Vazquez 11
1. Breuer, Karin., Waldie, D. J. and Ruscha, Ed. Ed Ruscha and the Great American West
University of California, 2016.
2. Charles, Fleming. Secret Stairs: A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of Los Angeles.
Santa Monics Press, 2010.
3. Williams, Gregory. “The Story of Hollywoodland.” HOLLYWOODLAND HISTORY,
4. Kallick, Rob. “Hollywood Hills Neighborhoods – Franklin Village, Beachwood Canyon,
Hollywood Dell.” Take Sunset,
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6. Fleming, Charles. “L.A. Walks: Beachwood Canyon and the Hollywood Sign.” Los Angeles
Times, Los Angeles Times, 7 Nov. 2011,
7. “22 Must-See Hollywood Attractions.” Time Out Los Angeles,
8. Zeruk James. Peg Entwsitle and the Hollywood Sign Suicide: A biography. McFraland,
9. Crais, Robert. The Two Minute Rule. Orion, 2012.

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