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Unformatted Attachment Preview

Shelly Cashman Word 2016 | Modules 4–7: SAM Capstone Project 1a
Lakewood College Career Center
Open the file SC_WD16_CS4-7a_FirstLastName_1.docx, available for
download from the SAM website.
Save the file as SC_WD16_CS4-7a_FirstLastName_2.docx by changing the
“1” to a “2”.
To complete this Project, you will also need to download and save the following
support file from the SAM website:
If you do not see the .docx file extension in the Save As dialog box, do
not type it. The program will add the file extension for you automatically.
With the file SC_WD16_CS4-7a_FirstLastName_2.docx still open, ensure
that your first and last name is displayed in the footer.
If the footer does not display your name, delete the file and download a
new copy from the SAM website.
You are an intern completing a newsletter for the Career Center at Lakewood
College. To start, set custom document margins by changing the top and
bottom margins to 0.5″ and the left and right margins to 0.75″ to allow space
for more content on each page.
Turn on automatic hyphenation for the document to fit as much text as possible
on each line.
To unify the appearance of the newsletter text, modify the Heading 2 style to
use the Garamond font, which is the font for headings in the document theme.
Create a nameplate for the newsletter as follows:
Move the insertion point to the blank paragraph at the beginning of the
document, and then insert WordArt using the Fill – Black, Text 1,
Shadow option in the WordArt gallery. (Hint: Depending on your version
of Office, the WordArt may be named Fill: Black, Text color 1; Shadow
instead.) [Mac Hint – Mac users will need to drag the nameplate to the
top of the page so it is located in the position shown in the Final Figure.]
Type Lakewood Leader Board as the WordArt text.
Shelly Cashman Word 2016 | Modules 4–7: SAM Capstone Project 1a
Format the WordArt shape as follows so it fills the space at the top of the
Change the text wrapping style to Top and Bottom.
Resize the WordArt to a height of 1.2″ and a width of 7.0″.
To make the nameplate more eye-catching, apply the following formatting to
the WordArt text:
Change the font size to 42 pt.
Change the text fill color by applying the Medium Gradient – Accent 1
preset gradient fill color (1st column, 3rd row of the Preset gradient
gallery). (Hint: Display the Text Options tab in the Format Shape task
pane.) [Mac Hint – text fill color will appear as Medium Gradient located in
the 1st column, 3rd row of the Preset gradient gallery.]
Change the Stop 2 gradient to Indigo, Text 2, Lighter 40% (4th
column, 4th row of the Theme Colors palette).
Change the text outline color to solid Blue, Accent 6 (10th column, 1st
row of the Theme Colors palette).
Apply the Wave 1 text effect from the Warp section of the Transform
gallery. (Hint: Depending on your version of Office, the text effect may be
named Wave: Down instead.)
Change the tab stop in the subtitle paragraph (“Newsletter on Career
Topics…Volume 4”) to 7.0″.
On page 1, format the photo to fit the design of the newsletter as follows:
Flip the photo horizontally.
Resize the photo to a width of 3.0″.
Move the insertion point to the beginning of the first body paragraph (“You
designed an appealing…the following qualities.”), and then insert a Continuous
section break to prepare for setting the article text in columns.
Apply a newsletter format to the new section as follows:
Display the text in two columns.
Change the column width to 3.4″.
Change the alignment of the article text as follows to use newspaper-style
Change the alignment of the first body paragraph (“You designed an
appealing…the following qualities.”) to Justify.
With the insertion point in the first body paragraph, update the Article
style to match the current selection.
To include a professional typeface element, add a drop cap as follows:
Format the first letter after the “Develop a Professional Work Ethic”
heading (the “Y” in “You”) as a drop cap using the Dropped style.
Shelly Cashman Word 2016 | Modules 4–7: SAM Capstone Project 1a
Change the color of the drop cap to Aqua, Accent 1, Darker 25% (5th
column, 5th row of the Theme Colors palette).
Insert text describing accountability as follows:
Move the insertion point to the blank paragraph after the “Accountability”
heading. Use the Object list to insert text from the file
Support_SC_WD16_CS4-7a_Accountability.docx, available for
download from the SAM website.
Delete the extra blank paragraph before the “Time Management” heading.
Format the “Time Management” heading paragraph and its body paragraph (“A
big part…direction when necessary.”) as follows:
Add a Box paragraph border to both paragraphs.
Apply the Aqua, Accent 1 border color (5th column, 1st row of the Color
palette in the Borders and Shading dialog box).
Use a 1½ pt. border width.
Apply the Aqua, Accent 1, Lighter 80% shading color (5th column, 2nd
row of the Theme Colors palette in the Shading Fill gallery).
For the “A big part…direction when necessary.” body paragraph only,
change the font color to Aqua, Accent 1, Darker 50% (5th column, 6th
row of the Theme Colors palette).
For the “Time Management” heading paragraph only, expand the
character spacing by 1.2 pt. to distinguish the paragraph from other
heading paragraphs in the document.
Create a style based on the formats in the “A big part…direction when
necessary.” body paragraph only. Name the new style Boxed Text so you can
apply the style elsewhere in the document. (Hint: With the “A big
part…direction when necessary” body paragraph still selected, please
click/select the new Boxed Text style in the Style section to ensure that it is
Apply the List Table 4 – Accent 1 table style to the table in the “Soft Skills”
section to complement the design of the newsletter.
Change the structure of the table as follows to maintain accuracy and make the
data easier to interpret:
Delete the “Flexibility” row from the table.
To organize the table data logically, sort the table so that the soft skills in
column 1, rows 2–7 appear in ascending order.
In the second column of the “Total” row, insert a formula that sums the
numeric values above the “Total” row.
On page 2, complete the SmartArt graphic as follows:
Change the layout to the Converging Radial layout from the Layouts
Insert the text Accurate into the first square.
Shelly Cashman Word 2016 | Modules 4–7: SAM Capstone Project 1a
Insert the text Brief into the second square.
Insert the text Clear into the third square.
Resize the entire SmartArt to a height of 2.5″ and a width of 3.4″.
Change the colors to Colorful Range – Accent Colors 2 to 3 from the
Colorful section of the Change Colors gallery.
To make the information in the “Nonverbal Communication” section easier to
read, convert the text to a table as follows:
Convert the eight paragraphs of text starting with “Type” and ending with
“Keep a comfortable distance between yourself and others.” to a table
with two columns.
In column 1 of the table, merge the cells in rows 2 and 3.
Use the AutoFit Contents feature to resize the entire table to fit its
At the beginning of the “Teamwork Skills” heading paragraph, insert a Column
break to make sure the heading appears at the top of column 2 even if you edit
the contents of column 1.
To insert a pull quote, make sure the insertion point appears on page 2, and
then insert a text box as follows:
Insert the Retrospect Quote text box. [Mac Hint – Retrospect Quote is
not a Mac option. Instead, choose “Draw Text Box”, click and drag on the
screen to create the text box, and fill the text box shape with Aqua,
Accent 1 (5th column, 1st row of the Theme Colors pallette).]
Enter the following text into the text box:
To work together as a successful team, a group must develop
Resize the text box to a width of 3.2″. [Mac Hint – Change the font size
of the text to 13 pt and the font color to White, Background 1(1st
column, 1st row of the Theme Colors pallette) and then drag the text box
to the location shown in the Final Figure.]
At the end of the document, apply the Boxed Text style to the last four
paragraphs, from “Lakewood College Career Center” to
In the newly boxed paragraphs, delete the Company content control and
replace it with the following text:
Lakewood College
Format the “” email address as a hyperlink using the
information shown in bold in Table 1 on the following page.
Shelly Cashman Word 2016 | Modules 4–7: SAM Capstone Project 1a
Table 1: Hyperlink Settings
Text to Insert
Text to display
Email address
Information Request
ScreenTip text
Contact Lakewood College Career
Remove the DRAFT watermark from the document.
Your document should look like the Final Figure on the following pages. Save your
changes, close the document, and then exit Word. Follow the directions on the SAM
website to submit your completed project.
Shelly Cashman Word 2016 | Modules 4–7: SAM Capstone Project 1a
Final Figure
© Monkey Business Images/
Shelly Cashman Word 2016 | Modules 4–7: SAM Capstone Project 1a
You accept responsibility for your assignments and outcomes and avoid making excuses if something
gets off track. You admit mistakes in the spirit of learning from them and continue working until the task
is completed successfully, even if it means putting in extra hours.
Newsletter on Career Topics and Tips
Volume 4
Develop a Professional Work Ethic
You designed an appealing resume, crafted a compelling cover letter, and landed a job that seems tailor-made
for you at a company you respect. You’re confident you have the skills the job demands. How can you make
sure you succeed in your new position and flourish at the company? Develop a professional work ethic.
Employees with a solid work ethic demonstrate the following qualities.
Other people form impressions about you based on characteristics they can observe, including your speech,
attitude, behavior, dress, posture, and interactions. Projecting professionalism involves presenting yourself as
a successful person according to company standards and leaving colleagues, superiors, and customers with a
positive impression.
No matter how tight the deadline or difficult the assignment, you figure out a way to complete the work, often
exceeding expectations when you do. Even under stress, you demonstrate integrity and respect for the people
you are dealing with.
Others can rely on you to keep your promises and follow through on your responsibilities. That means being on
time and prepared for meetings, completing your work on time, and communicating with others about your
progress. As you do, you develop a reputation for dependability—that others can count on you to do everything
you say you will.
This file created specifically for Igor Mbiso
Time Management
A big part of being dependable is managing your commitments so you can complete assignments on time. Find
a time management tool that works for you, such as a digital calendar on your computer or phone that can
remind you about deadlines. Start each day by planning your tasks and assigning a priority to each one. Block
distractions and minimize interruptions, but be flexible enough to change direction when necessary.
Soft Skills
Soft skills are qualities and traits associated with your personality and behavior, such as professionalism.
Employers say that soft skills are just as important as hard skills (measurable skills you apply to perform a
particular job function, such as tracking sales data) in career success.
The following table shows the results of a national survey that asked employers to identify the most important
soft skill they look for when hiring.
Soft Skill
Number of Employers
Strong work ethic
Problem solving
Written Communication
Most jobs involve some type of written communication, ranging from formal reports and proposals to messages
to colleagues and other professional contacts.
In all of your written communication, use proper grammar and spelling to project a professional image.
Proofread your writing, especially in electronic messages, to evaluate its tone. Before you send a message,
consider whether a face-to-face meeting or a phone call is a better way to address the topic. Except for formal
or academic writing, follow the A-B-C approach for effective writing:
This file created specifically for Igor Mbiso
Nonverbal Communication
As you interact with other people, you are communicating nonverbally through your facial expressions, your
tone of voice, and other qualities. Pay attention to your nonverbal communication to make sure it conveys as
much professionalism as your spoken words. The following table provides examples of professional nonverbal
Smile when greeting someone.
Be alert and attentive in conversations.
Eye contact
Maintain eye contact when talking to someone.
Posture Sit and stand to show confidence.
Nod to indicate agreement.
Touch Shake hands firmly when meeting someone.
Voice Use a tone that projects confidence, warmth, and interest.
Personal space Keep a comfortable distance between yourself and others.
Keep in mind that nonverbal communication changes from one culture to another. For example, the thumbs-up
gesture in English-speaking cultures is a sign of encouragement or approval, but it is offensive in other
cultures. Successful communication depends on the receiver interpreting the message as the sender intended.
Teamwork Skills
On the job, a team is a group of people who work together to achieve a goal. Most of the work you do in the
business world is as a member of a team.
If you are a member of a project team, you work with others to complete a project—a long-term task that often
results in a tangible result, such as a training manual. When the team completes the project, the team
disbands. If you are a member of a cross-functional team, you are one of many employees from different areas
of the organization. On a self-directed work team, you and the other team members determine how to
complete a job and then perform the tasks you defined.
To work together as a successful team, a group must develop cohesion—a quality that reflects how well the
group works as a whole. In a cohesive team, members are willing to get to know one another and are open to
new ideas and diverse points of view. The members trust one another enough to share ideas and explicitly
support each other. Team members also show respect toward one another, especially when sharing opinions
and reactions.
The skills and qualities you contribute to the team also affect its success. To be an effective team member, you
should take responsibility for your assignments and accept accountability for them. Accept and receive
constructive feedback, which focuses on ideas and behaviors rather than people and their personality.
Problem Solving
Many of the tasks you perform as a professional involve solving problems for clients or customers or for
someone within your organization. Effective problem solvers perform four basic steps when confronted with a
problem: 1) Define the problem, 2) Generate alternatives, 3) Evaluate and select alternatives, and 4)
Implement solutions.
Lakewood College Career Center
Lakewood, WA
This file created specifically for Igor Mbiso

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