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Attached below is my senior project. Can you edit and revise the necessary information that you may find while reading it. Please correct the references inside of the paper. For example, I cited the websites in the paper instead of the actual author and etc.

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Can you edit and revise the necessary information
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Jaleel King
CLL 483 – 74 Jackson State University
“Why is student behavior different in the traditional classroom setting vs the support class setting
(Physical, Education, Computer Lab, Library)?”
In today’s school systems, many teachers struggle to understand why students seem to act
different when transitioning from activity period to the traditional classroom. Some students tend
to be more hyperactive and excited. Others seem to be sluggish and frustrated. Although this is
may be difficult for teachers, this is also a problem for students. Students often enjoy the
freedom of being away from the traditional classroom for a moment of the day. When students
are engaged in other activities after working on a math assignment or reading, it is good for them
to have a moment to be engaged in a non-educational break.
There are many different support activities that will be discussed in this paper. I will
touch on how students behave in the library and the type of activities that have an effect on their
behavior. I will also explain how some traditional classroom activities could be used in the
library to help kids remain in the learning mode once they transition back to the traditional
classroom. The library is a very important part of the educational system and can be effective in
educating our students. Studies held in 21 states show that “school libraries and school librarians
support students in academic achievement, lifelong learning, and reading.”
df) Libraries with updated publications and technology are a major plus in creating a strong
learning environment.
Another topic that will be focused on is why students tend to be hyperactive when they
return to the traditional classroom from physical activity and what activities in P.E. cause such
hyperactivity and excitement. The physical education activity period involves a great amount of
movement and exercise. Some P.E. classes tend to be very large and it can be difficult for the
teacher to keep all students involved. In the state of Mississippi, students are required to receive
“150 minutes per week of instruction through a combination of physical education, physical
activity, and activity based instruction.” Students spend more time in physical activity period
than they do in any other activity period. ( Also to be discussed is how to incorporate learning moments from the
traditional classroom into the physical activity period. Teacher – Teacher collaborations and
planning can cause this to be a major success. When traditional teachers communicate to activity
teachers what is being taught in the classroom, this will allow the activity teacher to integrate
these activities into their own teachings. This will help students to review learned information
and also creates a re-teach moment for ones who didn’t grasp the information in the classroom.
Math skills are the most commonly used teachings in physical education, such as skip counting.
Finally, I will explain the different effects that computer activity has on student behavior.
During the computer activity period, students are engaged in skills that are technology related
and are also based around educational programs. The computer lab is one of the main places
where students are tested on skills learned in the traditional classroom. “54 percent of 21st
century kids start using mobile devices and computers when they are 5 to 8 years old.”
( Technology is a great way to grab student’s attention and keeps them engaged in the
learning process. This also provides them with a learning environment that is enjoyable and
educational. Even though this is the case, technology can also be used in the traditional
classroom in order to keep students engaged once they return from the computer activity period.
As a part of this specific topic, I will also discuss the major positive effects that technology has
on the traditional classroom setting. With most of the standardized test now being computerized,
it is very important that students understand the way a computer works and how to use certain
computer programs as preparation for the future. The computer activity period is definitely an
essential part of the educational process. Now, we will dig deeper into each topic and discuss the
behavior of students when making the transition from support activity to the traditional
classroom. Let us first discuss the library activity period and student’s behavior during this time.
With so many references on television and in movies, libraries have an understood pair of
rules upon entry: you will read because of the books and you must be silent so that others can
focus. When working with elementary kids, reading is not at the top of the list of fun things to
do. Children tend to lose focus and involve themselves in playful acts when they are asked to do
something they are not interested in. Librarians work to build a library that is welcoming to
students and grabs their attention. So having books that interest elementary kids will motivate
them to read. “Student’s preferences must be addressed in order to capture their attention and
engagement and, thus, foster conditions for learning.”
( If a student is reading something he/she is interested in, they are more like
to be focused and on task. This minimizes negative behavior. If a student becomes off task and
negative behavior begins to escalate, it is best to have rules and procedures that should be
immediately followed. This negative behavior could also stem from a student who doesn’t like to
read. According to an article on, students who don’t like to read may “need
general reading strategies they can turn to from time to time.”
( If a student struggles with something, they don’t like to do the activity to
avoid the frustration. Libraries encourage reading, and if a student who struggles with reading
doesn’t want to participate, they will act out to avoid the reading activity. Here is where you can
incorporate traditional classroom techniques. Students enjoy whole group reading rather than
individual silent reading. It is good to collaborate with the classroom teacher to discuss what
reading skills are being taught for the week and incorporate it into the activity period. Also, find
out what type of positive reinforcement is being used in the traditional classroom during reading
time that can be used to motivate students to achieve positive behavior during the library period.
All students don’t have access to high-speed internet at home. Computer or technology time in a
library with updated technology could be used a reward to influence desired behavior.
Students enjoy the gym activity more than any other activity period. During gym activity,
this is a time for students to expend any energy they have through physical movement. In P.E.,
kids get to run, jump, talk, and simply interact with classmates. They use this time away from the
traditional classroom to do things they aren’t allowed to do while in there. The change in
behavior happens when going from a rather quiet, small classroom setting to a noisy gymnasium.
P.E. teachers have the responsibility of finding activities that keep students engaged and
promotes desired behavior. Because students have or will be in the traditional classroom setting
for most of the day, activities that appeal to students will motivate them behave well so that they
have to opportunity to participate. When students do participate and enjoy it, they will leave the
gym activity period happy and excited. This behavior sometimes makes it difficult to refocus the
attention of students back to the traditional learning environment. Students have to go from a
level of hyperactivity to a more calm state in just a matter of minutes. For students who don’t get
to participate in the physical activity period, they become upset and saddened. When
transitioning back to the traditional classroom, this upset behavior makes it difficult to redirect a
student’s attention and get them back on task. They will act out and become very disruptive
because either they didn’t get to expend that energy or because they didn’t get the opportunity to
participate in the physical activity with other classmates. P.E. teachers have found that it is good
to collaborate with the traditional classroom teacher to use the gym activity period as a positive
reward for expected behavior in the classroom, as well as in the gym setting. Because students
spend a great amount of time in P.E. activity, P.E. teachers have time to understand student’s
behavior and work with students on ways to increase positive behavior both in the gym and in
the traditional classroom. This can be shared with the traditional classroom teacher, in vice versa.
When it comes to the computer lab activity period, students tend to be on their best
behavior. Because some student’s don’t have access to technology or internet at home, they take
this to be a privilege. When students are in the lab, they are excited to play games and interact
with classmates. They enjoy the separation from the traditional classroom because it’s a time for
technology-oriented instruction. The interactions that students have during computer activity
don’t seem to be as exciting as P.E. because of the lack of physical movement. Minimal physical
movement makes it easier to influence some expected behavior, but this does not always mean
that students will behave properly in the computer lab. There are some students who have
accommodations and intervention plans in place for their lab time. There are online educational
programs that are purchased by the school district that serve as a technology intervention tool.
Not all students have access to these programs. When students go into the computer lab, some
enjoy the freedom of being able to choose their own websites to go to, or they have certain things
they want to work on. This option for them influences positive behavior. Other students who
have to work on educational-based programs tend to have an attitude because they can’t do the
same thing as other kids. They begin to become disruptive and irritated. The best way to control
negative behavior or influence a different type of behavior from these students is by
implementing an incentive that will grant them that freedom time like other students.
As we’ve discussed, students behave differently throughout the day depending on where
they are and what they are allowed to do. The library is a great place to increase student
knowledge, but in order to influence expected behavior, you have to do things or have things that
catch their attention or interest them. According to the American Association of School
Libraries, students enjoy reading and communicating about things that interest them. If they
become bored or aren’t interested in a book or topic, then they find ways to occupy their time,
regardless of the behavior.
df) This behavior then leads over into the traditional classroom and creates problems for other
students because of disruptions and causing a distraction from what is being taught. Physical
Education activity gets students’ hearts pumping and excites them more than any other activity
period. During this time students to get to participate in activities they enjoy, such as basketball,
kickball, and learning the fundamentals of different sports and games. Students get to be loud,
run, and move around a lot. When making the transition back to the traditional classroom,
students may still behave excitedly or may seem energetic, still, versus the calm and focused
behavior in the regular classroom. Being that students must receive 150 minutes a week of
physical activity, traditional teachers and P.E. teachers should work together to encourage a
specific type of behavior when making the transition. One thing that would help is by having
students to take a seat early. Studies show that if a person has time to relax after physical
exertion before involving themselves in other activities, they will perform better and will be
more focused. They computer lab is a place for students to fulfill that technology portion of their
day. Since they only have an hour to do so, students come in expecting to play and are overly
excited to do so. It is best to let students know their expected behavior before entering the lab
and provide rewards for when this behavior is achieved.
Student behavior is based on their surroundings, their attitudes, and their influences.
Creating a welcoming and calming environment in the traditional classroom will help students to
understand their behavior expectations. Teachers also have to be able to explain to students what
is expected of them and should be clearly outlined inside the classroom. The same is of support
activity teachers. They have to be able to establish rules and expectations so that students
understand what type of behavior you are promoting and collaborate with the traditional
classroom teacher to discuss ways they can help one another accomplish the goal of influencing
expected behavior. Some students misbehave when things don’t go their way or if they don’t get
what they want. Others may suffer emotional problems or have some struggles at home that an
activity or traditional teacher may not understand or know about. It is best to work as a collective
group to help each other understand their expected behavior from students and to establish and
strong foundation for influencing this behavior when making the transition from support activity
to the traditional classroom.
Bhaska, S. K. (2013, September 29). Impact of Technology in Elementary Schools.
Retrieved November 26, 2016, from
Heick, T. (2016, April 5). Common Reasons Students Don’t Read.
Retrieved April 12, 2017, from
Shore, K. (n.d.). Hyperactive Students. Retrieved November 28, 2016, from
State Board Policy. (2010, October 25). Retrieved November 19, 2016, from
Strong School Libraries Build Strong Students. (2008, December). Retrieved November
19, 2016, from

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