Can you help me revise my Discipline Investigation paper?

I am working on my DI paper for my English class, and I have no idea how I can revise it. For this assignment, I interview a professional in my field (accounting). This essay cover three parts: introduction, interview report and conclusion. The interview cover three section: 1) my subject’s background and career path; 2) my subject’s current role and responsibilities; and 3) my subject’s insight on the types of communication skills required for advancing in my field. Can you help me organize the second paragraph of why I chose my field in introduction part? I am not sure how to write the background information, can you help me with it and add more development in the first paragraph of background and career path? Do you know about the job responsibility in senior accountant (specific) and where my subject’s job (senior accountant) fits in terms of the overall structure of the profession, can you combine this two answer into one paragraph and put it into the roles and responsibilities (replace the first and second paragraph)? Also, can you further explain more about passing the CPA exam and working in a busy season (more development) in the roles and responsibilities part? Do you know the types of reading and writing typically required in senior accountant’s daily responsibilities and the typical audience for written communication (co-workers; clients, general public, etc.), can you answer these two questions and combine it into one paragraph in the communication skills part (a new paragraph)?Finally, can you help me with the grammar errors, the transaction words, and the connection between each ideas?Thank you so much.

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Can you help me revise my Discipline Investigation paper?
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Michael Huang
English 100A
Professor Khuu
Discipline Investigation
Accounting is a business field that engages with economic management, through a series
of procedures to provide a reflection of the financial situation and operating results of
commercial information. Its primary purpose is to prepare financial statements and put forward
relevant improvements so that companies can continue to improve their economic efficiency and
make a right decision. Apart from being auditing and preparing the tax return, students have
many different choices for their career path as an accountant. There are various areas of
accounting that accountants can tend to focus on such as corporate, tax, and government.
Besides, regardless of the size of the enterprise, its existence also need accounting, so there is an
absolute employment need.
When I attended to go to San Jose State University, many people around me asked me
why I chose accounting as my major instead of computer science. As a current third-year
accountant student, I am pretty clear about why I decided to study commerce in the first place. I
can say with certainty that the main reason people are interested in accounting is for money. I,
too, picked this major because I’ve had a flair in math and wanted to get a well-paid job by using
this skill. Also, accounting is a high demand job, so I think it is a great choice for me. Another
reason that I want to study in accounting is because of my personality. I am a timid and quiet
person, since I am not good at English speaking, I do not know how to socialize with people. I
have heard that accounting is a staff job and the accountants do not often talk with other people.
Therefore, I think accounting is suitable for me. Also, I love helping people. I am good at sifting
through stuff and making sense of things that other people are bad at. Personally, it gives me a
chance to demonstrate something most people found boring, which also means I can help lots of
people who have troubles in their finance.
To understand more about accounting, I decided to interview with Helen Brucker, which
is a senior accountant. After I talked with Helen, I felt shocked because I realized that learning
accounting was different in many ways from what I expected with. She told me a lot of facts and
information about working as an auditor in this interview. Throughout this conversation with
Helen, I became more aware of what the accounting is. We mainly talked about the career paths
of being an accountant, the roles and responsibilities of an accountant, and the communication
skills in the accounting field.
Interview Summary
Background and Career Path
As an accountant, Helen has a wealth of work experience and has her team. She worked
in public accounting for five years, and she has worked in private for a little over a year. In work,
Helen can quickly complete the project independently and help her team members become the
better accountant. After graduating from college for three years, Helen got a CPA license, which
allows she have the opportunity to be in the step of being promoted to management, and she is
fighting for it right now.
Like most students, Helen did not know what she want to do at first. Helen was in
business school, but she did not know which area she wanted to specialize. Helen explained that
the reason she chose to go into accounting is that accounting is a very dynamic career which can
take her to any level. Helen knew that If she got a CPA, she could go to a lot of different places
after she got the CPA, so she chose accounting as her career because it kept her options open.
She said, ”You could become a business leader, adviser, high-level manager or even
entrepreneur.” The accountants can also move from an auditor into more finance type jobs or
consulting work. There is no set path, which as she said in the beginning why she chose
accounting. Almost everyone who wants to do something with accounting or relative job goes to
get a CPA. When they have that, there is a bunch of ways they can split off.
Being comfortable to basic math should be the first skill in learning accounting. Helen
believed that people should have a basic understanding of how business works before they get
into the accounting field. However, an accounting student can learn the basic idea of business
from introductory accounting courses at the college. Therefore another necessary skill to enter
accounting field would be in comfort with basic math because the accounting is bookkeeping,
and the accountants will always deal with a lot of numbers. Furthermore, Helen suggested that
accounting students should have patience and be careful . The accounting material was
somewhat tedious, and Helen told me that she had not known anyone who claims to enjoy doing
an accounting work. People who want to get into accounting field should be aware of what they
are going to do and prepare for that.
Besides, I also asked Helen about the surprise that she could find out after she got into
accounting. When Helen was working, she was surprised at how vital social skill was. She said,
“A lot of people go into accounting field because they are introverted. They want to stay in the
room and do numbers, and they do not realize that being an accountant is being social because
the accountants have to work with different people all the time.” The accountants have to go to
various clients and speak with new people every week, interact with them and ask about
accounting questions. It is not something that immediately apparent when you choose to study
Roles and Responsibilities
Helen did not move into a management position. The reason for that was because a
manager needs to know how to bring in new clients, but she is not really good at that kind of
things. That is one of the reasons she considers leaving the company. The accountants have to be
able to get to know people, and to be a better salesperson in order to collect new clients because
accounting firms are very restricted.
As a senior accountant, Helen runs audit in the field, so she has to plan out the audit all
the different taxes, and then supervise her team members and review their work when they are
done. She might perform some of the taxes as well usually the most difficult one. The senior
accountant answered to the manager and the partner on the audit, but they do the more high
review of the work. She thought she is kind of the top of the front line people, like a sergeant to
an army supposed to be in general.
Passing the CPA exam was the most prominent challenge that she overcomes in this
Roger wrote that “Taking the CPA Exam can be intimidating; after all, it’s an arduous process to
go through. According to the AICPA, the 2017 CPA Exam Pass rate statistics so far tells us that
on average, the pass rate is just under 50%.” Helen took the CPA exam in Canada, where is a
multi-step process, so she had to go to four sets of exams at the different time nor altogether.
And then she had to go through a process they call summer school which is like after she
graduated, she had to go to another month-long course and wrote the exam on that too. The most
prominent challenge was passing all those exams particularly the last one. Working through the
busy season was very difficult for her too.
Communication Skills
Having terrible social skills would be bad traits for working in accounting. In the article
“What Kind of Communication Skills Are Needed for an Accountant?”, Karen S. Johnson, the
author, points out that “morass of financial information needs to be explained to someone, either
verbally or in writing. Depending on the nature of your business or employment, you may have a
great deal of personal interaction, especially if you’re a solo practitioner. Your role in a large firm
may also require many forms of communication.” (Karen, page 1) As an accountant, start as an
auditor, Helen has to communicate with everyone. As a senior accountant, she will interact with
her team, the accountants who below her, who are doing most of the jobs. Helen will
communicate with the manager and the partner because an accountant is a liaison between the
front line and the office. And of course, she will also interact with clients at different levels,
whose information she is reviewing. An accountant might be talking to the CEO, the account
receivable clerk or anyone in between. Depend on who has information she needs. When
working as auditors, apparently, social skills are essential because they have to be able to interact
with all these different people and get long. And then as a higher level accountant, they need
planning skills because they got to be able to plan the audit and determine what it is. As
accountants, they need to write a variety of written correspondence, from simple instructions or
thank you letters. They also write official reports on their financial conclusions.
In the accounting field, communication is the most potent and essential skill. As long as
people master the necessary skills of accounting, the basic skills of taxation, they have the
potential to become a proper accounting. When an accountant encounters complicated things, as
long as he can communicate, he can obtain a lot of useful guidance from the students, friends, the
network. Some accountant is not good at communication, they only know how to do the account,
which is terrible, and they cannot even communicate effectively with their co-worker, this is a
very wrong way of working; its growth will be a lot of limitations.
The interview helps me has a clear understanding of the accounting industry, and I found
myself a lot of deficiencies and areas I needed to improve. From this interview, I realized that
how important communication skills were to accounting. However, I won’t give up; being shy or
introverted won’t hinder me as an accountant. It would be easier if I am naturally inclined to be
outgoing but interpersonal skills are just skills. I can learn and improve on them. I consider
myself introverted and reserved but I’ve learned to carry on the conversation with people I hardly
know. “Realize that your career is a marathon, not a race. It is a bit hard to see that with the
constant promotions you get at first in public, but you have to not lose hope after a small setback
in the first year or two of your career, and just keep focus,” said Helen. Even though I will
encounter a lot of challenges in the accounting field, but I will just keep going and overcome it.
My goal is to get the CPA as soon as possible. I will try as hard as I can to get a CPA so that I
can be closer to success and have various choices in the business field.

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