Cloud Storage-as-a Service Resource Lab® video “Learning OneDrive” with Garrick ChowPluralsight video “Office 365: Introduction to OneDrive for Business” with Alan WrightOneDrive® is a cloud-based file storage service from Microsoft® that allows you to share files between your computers and mobile devices so you can access them from anywhere you have an internet connection. Sharing with other people is also available in OneDrive®. OneDrive®lets you send and receive documents, photos, or any other type of file, even very large files. It is similar to Dropbox and Google Drive™.This lab will help you set up your personal OneDrive® and perform procedures to share files securely with other users implementing secure archival of data on a free Cloud Storage-as-a-Service resource (OneDrive®).Complete the following:Go to your Outlook Web App inbox in eCampus.Click on the Office 365 icon on the top banner.Select OneDrive®.Using your OneDrive®, create folders named “My Private Files” and “Shared with Everyone.”Upload non-sensitive documents of your choosing into both folders.Using the techniques described in the videos, control access to your “My Private Files” so only you have access to the files.Using the techniques described in the videos, share your “Shared with Everyone” folder with someone you know.Take a screenshot of your OneDrive® documents showing the folders and paste it into a Word document.Write a 1/2-page informal paper using Microsoft® Word that answers the following questions:Accurately define Cloud Storage-as-a-ServiceAccurately describe how to get to OneDrive® from a web browserDescribe in a set-by-step manner how to sync filesWhat is a guest link?List three ways you can control access in OneDrive®Describe two vulnerabilities you think OneDrive® has


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Microsoft Word Essentials
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Microsoft Word Essentials
Cyberspace alludes to the virtual PC world, particularly, it is an electronic medium used
to shape a worldwide PC system to encourage online correspondence. It is a huge PC made up of
numerous overall PC organizes that utilize TCP/IP convention to help in correspondence and
information trade exercises (Gasser, 1988). Maritime domain mindfulness (MDA) is
characterized by the International Maritime Organization as the successful comprehension of
anything related to the maritime domain that could affect the security, wellbeing, economy, or
condition. Space domain suggests a circumstance in which the abundance of a flag differs with
position (for the most part in two measurements, as in a photo) instead of with time. A physical
domain gives a situation, characterized basically by it is a cross and through factors, for
interfacing the segments in a Physical Network.
The most difficult territories for U.S. organizations working together abroad is adjusting
U.S. staff contracting laws with those of different nations. Nations, for example, Saudi Arabia,
for instance, declined to give visas to workforce in these classifications: single ladies, Jews, gay
people and those with specific sorts of handicap.
Cybersecurity is a political issue since administrations and lawmakers everywhere
perceive national intrigue is intensely affected by the impact of cyber. In a period of distributed
computing and associated gadgets, systems have turned out to be more mind-boggling than any
time in recent memory. Security groups now confront the test of securing cloud situations. This
growing assault surface has presented a large group of new open doors for on-screen risk
characters, from trading off brilliant TVs and associated angles of taking information through
Dropbox or AWS (Cashell et al, 2004). Complexity diminishes security in a few ways. In the
first place, unpredictability makes vulnerabilities harder for designers and analyzers to reveal.
Each element, capacity is a potential danger vector.
The two benefits of cloud computing are: Cost savings. The cloud can also improve cost
control by coordinating your cost model more closely with your revenue/requirements project,
moving your business from a low-cost capital model to an Opex display. Adaptation upon
request advantage. As your business grows, a cloud situation must develop with you. Also, when
the request is fanciful, or you should try another application, you have the activation limit up or
down, paying only for what you use.
Gasser, Morrie (1988). Building a Secure Computer System (PDF). Van Nostrand Reinhold. p. 3.
Cashell, B., Jackson, W. D., Jickling, M., & Webel, B. (2004). The Economic Impact of CyberAttacks. Congressional Research Service, Government, and Finance Division.
Washington DC: The Library of Congress
This presentation aims towards understanding the cyber threats
nations pose to a company that intends to expand across the
Gabrielle Briscoe
University of Phoenix
This refers to the study in which the position or the size of a
certain country influences its relations and power with another
Geopolitics of Key Nations
United States
The United States seeks to maintain and consolidate strong partnerships with
other nations. It intends to ensure it maintains hegemonic role in many
continents due to its global aspirations. However, a new US based strategy is
emerging to disengage with some regions.
China has a strategic plan to maintain exclusive relations with many countries
especially the Middle East Countries. Additionally, it is implementing good
relations as an investment with many continents in the globe.
Russia’s major goal is to assist in security issues among many countries
especially Mediterranean and Asian countries. More so, there major concern is
not only about security but also economic and energy related Issues. Finally,
Russia aspires to improve its energy resources in Europe as well as strike a
balance with US in their dominant nations (Ronald Tiersky, 2015)
The major geopolitical influence of Israel is to bur nuclear
programs and have security stability especially in middle East.
Their focus is to enhance good international relations and become
part of other partners stewarding world economy.
This is an Islamic nation with remnant movements like Al Qaeda.
These movements and other small networks have a great
influence. This makes this nation a geopolitical influence hub in
the region. Its major goal is prevent any western policy from
taking effect in their country (Mercy A. Kuo, The Diplomat).
Key Nation’s Political Stance on Cyber War
United States
The United States has established ready forces as well as capabilities that
ensure cyberspace operations are conduced smoothly. More so, the nation has
robust DOD network framework secure from attacks. The nation also has well
established international partnerships and alliances that enhance international
stability and security.
The Chinese government has highly promoted both research and development
in science, technology, Mathematics and Engineering to ensure innovativeness
of the nation is stewarded. Promotion of research megaprojects in
manufacturing, moon exploration as well as aerospace and nanotechnology
gives the people the technological skills and knowledge to fight cyber wars.
Russia’s major political stance on Cyber war is military offensive. Russia does
not only employ this as their integral part of information but also do so against
attacks by Western States (The Christian Science Monitor, 2017).
The good Education system in Israel is one of the key tools against
cyber attack. The Israel army is technological in nature. In it, it has real
enemies equipped with one of the best arsenal. Israel recruits all the
best young people and among them the best are once more recruited to
more challenging and competitive environments to enhance their
innovativeness against cyber war.
Cyber war is one of its soft wars. Iran has come up with organization to
fight cyber crimes. The Cyber Defense Command operates in Iran
under Passive Civil defense Organization. This Organization has
succeeded to play an active role international Cyber Arena through
establishing one of the biggest Cyber armies in the world (The
Christian Science Monitor, 2017).
Past International Cyber Conflicts
United States and China have in the past been in great cyber
conflicts. However, mechanisms are being put in place to resolve
these conflicts. Russia and Israel has also experienced the same
cyber conflicts in the past.
These conflicts have resulted into a change on how the society
relates and interact especially using the internet. More so, cyber
conflicts have had a great impact foreign policy. All this has
delayed development in the nations that witnessed the conflicts
(National Research Council (U.S.), National Research Council
(U.S.), & National Research Council (U.S.), 2013).
Cyber Attack
This is defined as an illegal attempt employed by someone
targeting a computer information system, a computer network, or
one’s own personal computer device by any malicious means to
either alter, steal or destroy the system.
It can also be defined as an unlawful attempt to destroy, steal or
alter someone’s computer system or information using any
malicious means.
Impact of Cyber-Attacks on U.S.
Financial loss
This is caused by such issues like corporate information theft, money
theft, online trading disruption, and contract or businesses loss.
Damage of Reputation
For good customer relations it is essential for a company to gain trust
from its customers. Cyber attacks damage companies reputation due to
lack of trust brought about by it.
Legal consequences
Cyber attacks leads to regulatory sanctions and fines to companies
incase they fail to secure peoples information (National Research
Council (U.S.), National Research Council (U.S.), & National Research
Council (U.S.), 2013).
A company that intends to expand its services should be aware of
the cyber threats and put appropriate measure in order to survive
in the industry.
The Christian Science Monitor. (2017, March 20). How China is
preparing for cyberwar. Retrieved from
Mercy A. Kuo, The Diplomat. (n.d.). Geopolitics of US-China-Russia
Relations: North Korea and the Middle East. Retrieved from
National Research Council (U.S.), National Research Council (U.S.), &
National Research Council (U.S.). (2013). Professionalizing
the nation’s cybersecurity workforce?: Criteria for decisionmaking.
Ronald Tiersky. (2015, September 30). The Geopolitics of Respect:
U.S., China, Iran and Russia. Retrieved from
Important Concepts in Security
The differences between Espionage,
Intelligence gathering, and Cyber warfare.
• Cyber espionage work can be termed as unapproved spying via PC. The term
alludes to the channeling of infections that secretly watch or decimate
information in the PC frameworks of government offices and expansive
• An intelligence gathering system or essentially intelligence gathering is a
framework through which data about a specific substance is gathered for the
advantage of another using more than one, between related source.[according
to whom?] Such data might be assembled by a military intelligence,
government intelligence, or business intelligence arrange.
• Cyberwarfare additionally named as cyber war is any unreal clash started as a
politically spurred assault on an adversary’s PC and data frameworks. Pursued
by means of the Internet, these assaults handicap budgetary and authoritative
frameworks by taking or modifying characterized information to undermine
systems, sites and administrations.
Military Influence on Intelligence Gathering,
Cyber Warfare, and Physical Assets.
• Military has been influenced by intelligence gathering
through extraction of information related to the
battlefield, and tactical information extraction in
relation to specific battle campaign strengths and
units. A good example that this applied is during the
Napoleonic wars.
• Cyber warfare has always been a great topic when it
comes to Cyber Security. Many countries have
invested on military cyber warfare. Cyber’s impact on
methodology can be inspected from a long haul point
of view. The military’s key level manages long haul
Military Influence on Intelligence Gathering,
Cyber Warfare, and Physical Assets.
• Vital designs tend to address questions leading to a whole war crusades. From
this viewpoint, new cyber capacities will require little re-examination of the
essential systems the military utilizes. The Department of Defense’s central
goal is general national resistance fundamentally from outside enemies.
• Physical Assets. The U.S. Armed force needs to monitor a considerable
measure of assets. There are expensive things like planes and rockets, guns,
essential IT gear and PCs. Burning through cash on new supplies is
dependably an issue to any militiary. In any case, this isn’t an issue for IT
resources at Fort Hood, one of the biggest U.S. Armed force posts. They’ve set
up resource administration best practices that guarantee they generally know
the condition of their advantages. In any case, this wasn’t generally the case.
Before executing Wasp MobileAsset, the base was utilizing a manual
framework that was tedious, blunder inclined, and not refreshed progressively.
Timeline of a Recent Incident Involving
Personal Privacy
• In February 2017, the Cloudflare Web Framework said that an error at this
stage caused an arbitrary disclosure of sensitive and sensitive customer
information. CloudFlare provides runtime and security authorities on six million
client sites (counting hitters such as Fitbit and OkCupid devastators), so that
occasional outages included only small amounts of information extracted from
a giant data set.
• On March 7, WikiLeaks distributed an information file containing 8,761 reports
allegedly stolen by the CIA, containing several documents on espionage and
piracy. The revelations included iOS and Android vulnerabilities, Windows
bugs, and the ability to turn some enthusiastic TVs into listening devices.
• On May 12, a variety of ransomware, called WannaCry, spread throughout the
world, influencing a wide range of goals, including open public services and
substantial partnerships. Ransomware has hit the clinics and offices of the UK’s
National Health Service, wrapped in crisis cells, postponing key restorative
systems and causing problems in some British patients.
Five Physical Assets of the Cyber
The five physical assets of Cyber Domain are:
Physical resource are innately profitable but powerless against a wide
assortment of dangers, both malevolent and coincidental/characteristic. On the
off chance that dangers emerge and abuse those vulnerabilities influencing
occurrences, there are probably going to be antagonistic effects on the
associations or people who honestly claim and use the advantages, changing
from insignificant to obliterating as a result. Security controls are planned to
diminish the likelihood or recurrence of event as well as the seriousness of the
effects emerging from occurrences, in this manner ensuring the estimation of
the advantages.
• Cyber, similar to any other type of innovation, has
influenced all parts of our lives, and the military isn’t
resistant from its impact. PC innovation has been
incorporated into the lives of everybody from
presidential perspective down to the enrolled Soldier
on a watch. How far this mix goes on is truly up to the
creative energy of innovation designers and
trailblazers. For the time being, cyber looks to make
the lives of Soldiers less demanding, more proficient
and more secure.
Baiardi F, Sgandurra S (2013) Assessing ICT risk through a Monte Carlo method.
Cam H, Mouallem P (2013) Mission assurance policy and risk management in cybersecurity.
Kelic A, Collier ZA, Brown C, Beyeler WE, Outkin AV, Vargas VN, Ehlen MA, Judson C, Zaidi A,
Leung B, Linkov I (2013) Decision framework for evaluating the macroeconomic risks and policy
impacts of cyber attacks.
Lambert JH, Keisler JM, Wheeler WE, Collier ZA, Linkov I (2013) Multiscale approach to the
security of hardware.
Linkov I, Eisenberg DA, Plourde K, Seager TP, Allen J, Kott A (2013) Resilience metrics for cyber
Pawlak P, Wendling C (2013) Trends in cyberspace: can governments keep up?
Rosoff H, Cui J, John RS (2013) Heuristics and biases in cyber security dilemmas.
Sheppard B, Crannell M, Moulton J (2013) Cyber first aid: proactive risk management and
Vaishnav C, Choucri N, Clark D (2013) Cyber international relations as an integrated system.

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