Complete Hstory Timeline with 40 specific items, evnts, people, or movements See Instructions

AT LEAST 40 ITEMS FOR TIMELINE ASSIGNMENTStep 1: Select 40 items, items being significant people, movements and/or events, from any of the readings for this lesson, past lessons, or from outside sources. Step 2: Enter your 40 items on your DOCUMENT addressing the following for each item: CategoryDate/sName of ItemThorough DescriptionSignificance of the Item – Why does it matter? Image – Optional – This would add to the aesthetics score in the rubric. Cite any outside information used. A simple link to your source will suffice. This can go either in the Justifications document (see Step 3 below) or in the Timeline Entry itself.YOUR FINISHED PAPER SHOULD LOOK LIKE THE SAMPLE ASSIGNMENT PAPER I ATTACHED WHEN COMPLETE.… CHAPTER 5 FORWARD

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Complete Hstory Timeline with 40 specific items, evnts, people, or movements See Instructions
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Carmen Brenizer
History325 American West
Timeline Lesson 1
Category: People
Date/s: 1500s
Name of Item: Tainos
Thorough Description
They were the first Indians to meet the Columbus. They inhabited the Bahamas Island. Their
main agricultural activity was farming where they cultivated corns and yams. They were
involved in other activities such as pottery and making of cotton thread. Their main enemies
were the Caribs the immediate neighbors in the Caribbean Island. They fashioned darts from
wood and fish teeth to acts protective weapon against their neighbors.
Significance of the Item – Why does it matter?
The item is vital in depicting the culture and the activities of the Tainos as well as their
warfare preparation.
Item 2
Category: movement
Date/s: 1670s
Name of Item: Pueblo Revolt
Thorough Description
Due to increased humiliation from the missionaries and the colonist the indigenous could no
longer tolerant the mistreatment and they began to revolt. The missionaries were attacking
the indigenous religion by invading their ceremonies and destroying sacred artifacts. People
were being wiped and other executed for practicing their religion. Pope of San Juan led the
revolt in 1680 August where they killed four hundred colonist of which priest were one of
them. The bodies of the priest were mutilated and left on the altars.
Significance of the Item – Why does it matter?
The item illustrated the pain and struggles encountered by the locals due to cruel rule of the
colonist and the missionaries. The movement is indication of some of the efforts of the local
in fighting the colonial rule.
Item 3
Category: Event
Date/s: 1689s
Name of Item: Colonist rivalry
In North America there were feuds between the Spanish, French and English colonist. The
battles were involved by the Indians as the English colonist caused strife among Indians by
supporting some groups and ignoring others. In 1689 there was conflict caused by King
William. The conflict ended in 1713 after treaties among the European colonies.
Significance of the Item – Why does it matter?
The item shows that there was no peaceful coexistence among the colonies. More so, it depict
how they solved their quarrel and the role of the locals in the conflict.
Item 4
Category: Event
Date/s: 1580s
Name of Item: Catholic missionaries
After the Spanish colonist had invested most the place the Spanish missionaries started going
the places where the colonist had no visited. The catholic missionaries were able to convince
the people of Pueblo Indians who gave their souls to Christ. The second missionaries to visit
the Rio Grande were the Franciscan missionaries in 1580s.There was a tough resistance for
the Christianity faith by the Indians of the Zunis, the Acomas and the Hopis. They maintained
most of their customs such as matrilineal kinship. The missionaries aid the colonist in their
ventures for instant they managed to convince the monarchy of Onate to subdue to the
colonist and became a special missionary colony.
Significance of the Item – Why does it matter?
The item is importance as it is the depiction of the introduction of the Christianity in Spanish
and the resistance faced.
Item 5
Category: Event
Date/s: 1560
Name of Item: Slavery
Thorough Description
The Spaniard began experiencing labor shortage which caused them to import African slaves.
African population then increased and they were ruled by small British colonist. There was
brutality from the colonies as well as from the missionaries. The missionaries who
maintained celibacy were shocked by the public display of affection by the local. Thus, the
priest were brutal and they grab and twisted men testicles until they fell in pain.
Significance of the Item – Why does it matter?
The item illustrated the reason for slavery and the impact it had on the local population.
Item 6
Category: Movement
Date/s: 1767
Name of Item: Backwoods revolt
Thorough Description
The revolt occurred in 1767 in South Carolina caused by anarchist who threatened order. The
movement was composed by locals who were angry due to lack of justice. The miscreants
were captured and upon their trial in Charleston they were almost pardon. Due to their risk of
peace the settler took law into their actions. The group supporter by the locals called
themselves regulator and were determined to bring law and order to the frontier (35).
Significance of the Item – Why does it matter?
The item shows poor leadership by the colonist and how the supporter were determined to
ensure justice in their locality.
Item 7
Category: Event
Date/s: 1516
Name of Item: Diseases
Thorough Description
There was introduction of diseases during the fight of the Mexican with colonialist. The
diseases introduced were known as Old World Diseases and destroyed Mexican population as
they lacked immunization hence they could not have protected themselves from the disease.
The smallpox disease was introduced by the Spanish colonist in 1516. The introduction of
diseases was a major cause of success of the European invaders into their colonies. The
diseases reduced the population of the natives and thus their conquest was easy.
Significance of the Item – Why does it matter?
The item depict the use of diseases as a tool for the destroying the locals and leading to the
success of the colonist.
Item 8
Category: Event
Date/s: 1680s
Name of Item: Effects of colonialism to the society
Thorough Description
After the conquest of the Pueblo by the Pope he took leadership and was determined in
eradicating the colonial culture and everything associated with them. First, he forced the
locals to the rivers to scrub their baptism taints. However, there was difficult in discarding the
changes brought by the colonist. The European has introduced different foods and animas.
There had been introduction of sheep, horses, wheat and tree fruits which the local found
Significance of the Item – Why does it matter?
The item shows the influence of the colonialism to the culture of the locals and how they had
difficulties in letting go in the new tools food and animals.
Item 9
Category: People
Date/s: 15
Name of Item: The Pueblo
Thorough Description
The Pueblo society had a different culture as compared to other areas where the missionaries
had visited. The society was divided into two Spanish and Pueblo society. There was division
into different domains of men and females. The society had a different culture as stated by
the Franciscan missionary where contrary to the contemporary patriarch community here the
women were in the full control of the household. The command was from women and not
Significance of the Item – Why does it matter?
The Pueblo culture depicts how the rich history of Spain was and the different leadership of
For each item, why did you choose this item over others? What makes this item worthy of
placement on your history Timeline?
Item 1
The item represent the indigenous of the island and the rivalry that existed among them
before the colonial powers.
Item 2
The item indicates the first movement to resist the colonial role and which led to the
culmination of other revolts in the fight for independence.
Item 3
The item was a good indication that despite the brutality experienced by the locals and slaves
there was rivalry among colonies for the territories.
Item 4
The item was useful in showing the role of the missionary and how they contributed to the
expansion of the colonies.
Item 5
The item shows the reason for slavery and its effect on the local society.
Item 6
The item was useful in indicating how the local to power into their hands in ensuring justice
was practice.
Item 7
The role of diseases in the success of the colonist power is depicted by the item.
Item 8
The impact of the colonial rule to the culture and activities of the locals is well depicted in the
Item 9
The culture of the local and how it was different from the normal culture experienced in other

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