Concepts English Vocabulary Of Mice and Men

54 multiple choice questions, two essay questions for 10th grade lit & comp. Document included has all instruction. Will give review + tip based off of grade I recieve. Thank you in advance.

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Concepts English Vocabulary Of Mice and Men
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1. Read the following passage found in From Emperor to Citizen.
Just as food was cooked in huge quantities but not eaten, so was a vast amount of
clothing made which was never worn. I cannot now remember much about this, but I
do know that while the Dowager and the High Consorts had fixed yearly allocations,
there were no limits for the emperor, for whom clothes were constantly made
throughout the year. I do not know what exactly was made, but everything I wore
was always new. I have before me an account from an unspecified year headed “List
of materials actually used in making clothes for His Majesty’s use from the sixth day
of the eleventh month.” According to this list the following garments were made for
me that month: eleven fur jackets, six fur inner and outer gowns, two fur waistcoats,
and thirty padded waistcoats and pairs of trousers. Leaving aside the cost of the main
materials and of the labor, the bill for such minor items as the edgings, pockets,
buttons and thread came to 2,137.6335 silver dollars.
My changes of clothing were all laid down in regulations and were the responsibility
of the eunuchs of the clothing storerooms. Even my everyday gowns came in
twenty-eight different styles, from the one in black and white inlaid fur that I started
wearing on the nineteenth of the first lunar month to the sable one I changed into on
the first day of the eleventh month. Needless to say, my clothes were far more
complicated on festivals and ceremonial occasions.
After reading these paragraphs, the reader can most likely conclude that the speaker
(1 point)
enjoys the vast array of clothing he has to choose from.
is proud of the expense of the clothing that he wears.
regards his wardrobe as a waste of time and resources.
appreciates all of the work that goes into overseeing his royal attire.
2. Read the following passage from “The Women’s Baths.”
In our house I was the observer of a relentless, even though hidden, struggle between
mother-in-law and daughter-in-law: between my grandmother, who clung to her
position in the household and was resolved under no circumstances to relinquish it,
and my mother, who strove to take her place.
Although girls usually side with their mother, I had a strong feeling of sympathy for
my grandmother: old age had caught up with her since her husband had died some
time before and left her a widow, and little by little her authority in the home shrank
as my mother’s authority gradually extended. It is the law of life: one takes, then one
hands over to another in one’s turn. But that does not mean we obey the law readily
and willingly.
After reading these paragraphs, the reader can most likely conclude that the speaker
(1 point)
encourages her grandmother’s attempts to retain her dignity.
understands the true nature of the shift in power in her household.
is uncomfortable with the transfer of authority within the household.
feels torn between his grandmother and mother.
3. Which of the following sentences from “Five Hours to Simla” best supports the story’s theme
about the clash between modernization and traditional life?
(1 point)
A. “After the first cacophony of screeching brakes and grinding gears, there followed the
static hum of engines, and drivers waited in exasperation for the next lurch forward.”
B. “A yellow pye-dog came crawling out of the shallow ditch that ran alongside the road and,
spying an open door, came slinking up to it, thin, hairless tail between its legs, eyes showing
their whites, hoping for bread but quite prepared for a blow instead.”
C. “The vendors milled around the buses, cars and rickshaws, and were soon standing at their car
window,both vocally and manually proffering their goods for sale.”
D. “Caught in that illumination, the truck driver rose calmly to his feet, dusted the seat of his
pyjamas, wound up the bandanna round his head, all in one fluid movement, and without a
word leaped lightly back into the driver’s seat of his truck.”
4. Read the following sentences from “The Swimming Contest.”
“Who the hell fired that shot?”
“My gun went off,” one of the boys said.
When he saw me coming up the officer said, “We’ve lost that information, damn it!
They’ve killed that Arab of yours.”
“We’ve lost it,” I said.
I went over to Abdul-Karim’s body and turned it over. He looked as though he had
seen me swimming in the pool a few moments ago. His was not the expression of a
man who had lost.
There, in the courtyard, it was I, all of us, who were the losers.
Which of these ideas is most closely related to the theme in these sentences?
(1 point)
the price of assuming a leadership role
the self-loathing that follows acts of violence
the effects of prolonged international conflict
the consequences that come with insubordination
5. Read the following passage from “My Father Writes to My Mother.”
So, my father had “written” to my mother. When she visited her family she
mentioned this postcard, in the simplest possible words and tone of voice, to be sure.
She was about to describe her husband’s four or five days’ absence from the village,
explaining the practical problems this had posed: my father having to order the
provisions just before he left, so that the shopkeepers could deliver them every English 10 B Semester
morning; she was going to explain how hard it was for a city woman to be isolated in
a village with very young children and cut off in this way… But the other women had
interrupted, exclaiming, in the face of this new reality, this almost incredible detail:
“He wrote to you, to you?”
“He wrote his wife’s name and the postman read it? Shame!…”
“He could at least have addressed the card to his son, for the principle of the thing,
even if his son is only seven or eight!”
My mother did not reply. She was probably pleased, flattered even, but she said
Which pair of words best describes the speaker’s mother?
sad and lonely
pleased yet resentful
shamed and regretful
embarrassed yet proud
6. Read the following passage from “Tokyo,” in which Ryo first meets Tsuruishi.
The cod was ready now. He cut it in two and gave Ryo half, adding potatoes and rice
from a platter. Ryo smiled and bowed slightly in thanks, then took out a bag of tea
from her rucksack and poured some into a paper handkerchief.
“Do put this into the kettle,” she said, holding it out to him.
He shook his head and smiled, showing his white teeth.
“Good Lord, no! It’s far too expensive.”
Quickly Ryo removed the lid and poured the tea in before he could stop her.
Laughing, the man went to fetch a teacup and a mug from the shelf.
All of the following could be used to describe the relationship between Ryo and Tsuruishi
(1 point)
7. Read the following passage from “The Happy Man.”
“Tell me, Uncle Bashir,” he asked the servant, “am I a happy man?”
The poor man was startled. He realized why his servant was confused; for the first
time ever he was talking to him as a colleague or friend. He encouraged his servant
to forget about his worries and asked him with unusual insistence to answer his
(1 point)
“Through God’s grace and favor, you are happy,” the servant replied.
“You mean, I should be happy. Anyone with my job, living in my house, and
enjoying my health should be happy. That’s what you want to say. But do you think
I’m really happy?”
The servant replied, “You work too hard, Sir”; after yet more insistence, “It’s more
than any man can stand…”
All of the following could be used to describe Uncle Bashir’s tone except
A. awkward.
B. insistent.
C. hesitant.
D. worried.
8. Read the following lines from “Thoughts of Hanoi.”
The night is deep and chill
as in early autumn. Pitchblack,
it thickens after each lightning flash.
I dream of Hanoi:
Co-ngu Road
ten years of separation
the way back sliced by a frontier of hatred.
I want to bury the past
to burn the future
still I yearn
still I fear
those endless nights
waiting for dawn.
Which of the following best describes the mood created by the speaker and the setting?
(1 point)
9. Read the following passage from “The Swimming Contest.”
There was a deep stillness all around, pervaded by the familiar smells of frying oil,
mint leaves, black coffee, rosewater and cardamom seeds. I felt my face break into a
smile as my ears strained to catch a sound that was missing in order to complete a
dim, distant memory.
Suddenly I heard a tap turned on in the kitchen and the sound of gushing water made
me hold my breath: water gushing from a pipe into a pool!
I got up and went out to the yard. There was no pool, not even orange trees; but there
was something about the apple and plum trees, some quality of strangeness peculiar
to an Arab homestead.
Which of the following stylistic elements is used by the writer in these lines?
A. flashback
B. foreshadowing
10. Read the following passage from “Cranes.”
Last June Song-sam had had to take refuge. At night he had broken the news
privately to his father. But his father had said the same thing! Where can a farmer go,
leaving all the chores behind? So Song-sam left alone. Roaming about the strange
streets and villages in the South, Song-sam had been haunted by thoughts of his old
parents and the young children, left with all the chores. Fortunately, his family was
safe then, as now.
They crossed the ridge of a hill. This time Song-sam walked with his face averted.
The autumn sun was hot on his forehead. This was an ideal day for the harvest, he
In “Cranes,” which of the following does Song-sam’s memory of his parting conversation with
his father most likely reveal to the reader?
(1 point)
Song-sam feels guilty that he did not have the courage to stay in the village.
Song-sam resents his father for questioning his decision to leave the village.
Song-sam is no longer accustomed to the hot climates that are good for harvests.
Song-sam believed his family had perished in the war after he had left the village.
11. Read the following passage from “The Cabuliwallah.”
I took them and was going to pay him, but he caught my hand and said: “You are
very kind, sir! Keep me in your recollection; do not offer me money! You have a
little girl; I too have one like her in my own home. I thought of my own and brought
fruits to your child, not to make a profit for myself.”
Saying this, he put his hand inside his big loose robe and brought out a small dirty
piece of paper. With great care he unfolded this and smoothed it out with both hands
on my table. It bore the impression of a little hand, not a photograph, not a drawing.
The impression of an ink-smeared hand laid flat on the paper. This touch of his own
little daughter had been always on his heart, as he had come year after year to
Calcutta to sell his wares in the streets.
Tears came to my eyes. I forgot that he was a poor Cabuli fruitseller, while I was—
but no, was I more than he? He was also a father.
Which of the following statements best expresses the writer’s perspective regarding class
structure in his society?
(1 point)
The writer realizes that fatherhood transcends class structure and societal differences.
The writer is upset by the inequities in society that cause some people to live in poverty.
The writer recognizes that time has not reduced the gap between the rich and the poor.
The writer understands that there is not much he can do to help a poor Cabuli fruitseller.
12. Which of the following quotes from “Another Evening at the Club” best foreshadows the fact
that Abboud Bey is not as charming as he would have others believe?
(1 point)
“Mingled with her sense of excitement at this man who gave out such an air of worldly self-confidence
was guilty shame at her father’s inadequacy.”
“On her wedding night, as he put a diamond bracelet round her wrist, he had reminded her that she was
marrying someone with a brilliant career in front of him and that one of the most important things in life
was the opinion of others, particularly one’s equals and seniors.”
“Samia took herself to a far corner of the room while Gazia stood in front of Abboud Bey, her hands
folded across her chest, her eyes lowered.”
“It was a gesture she had long become used to, a gesture that promised her continued security, that told
her that this man who was her husband and the father of her child had also taken the place of her father
who, as though assured that he had found her a suitable substitute, had followed up her marriage with
his own funeral.”
13. Read the following passage from “The Happy Man.”
He ate his breakfast with relish, and this time nothing distracted his attention while
he was eating. He gave “Uncle” Bashir, who was waiting on him, such a beaming
smile that the poor man felt rather alarmed and taken aback. Usually he would only
look in his direction to give orders or ask questions, although on most occasions he
treated him fairly well.
In this passage, the word uncle appears in quotation marks most likely to indicate that
(1 point)
the man regards him with respect.
all servants are referred to as “uncle.”
Bashir is not really related to the man.
Bashir is significantly older than the man.
14. Read the following quote from “The Ramayana.”
“Sita, decked in ornaments and flowers, in the midst of her attendants, flashed on his eyes like
a streak of lightning. She paused to watch Rama slowly pass out of view, along with his sagemaster
and brother. The moment he vanished, her mind became uncontrollably agitated. The
eye had admitted a slender shaft of love which later expanded and spread into her whole being.
She felt ill.”
What is the most likely reason Sita feels ill after seeing Rama?
(1 point)
She was sickened by how Rama looked at her.
She has experienced a feeling of love at first sight.
She recognized Rama as someone who seemed dangerous.
She was stunned because Rama disappeared before her eyes.
15. Identify the sentence in which the underlined pronoun is used incorrectly. (1 point)
There are only six days left in the school year.
It will be fun to visit their house in the summer.
Their just going to have to wait to see the movie.
Greg refused to go there because of the bad service.
16. Which of the following is used when a politician uses numerical statistics to show that slow
economic growth is a good sign of progress for a nation?
(1 point)
A. ethos
B. pathos
C. logos
17. Identify the choice that correctly completes the sentence:
Neither Kurt nor Sue has turned in _______ permission form.
(1 point)
his or her
18. Identify the sentence that relies most strongly on emotional language. (1 point)
If this project isn’t successful, you will receive a low grade.
If this project does not succeed, it will be on your head.
You will be held responsible if this project does not succeed.
Be prepared to take responsibility if this project isn’t a success.
19. Identify the statement that is a verifiable fact. (1 point)
Birds make good pets for people who live in apartments.
Outdoor cats are usually more aggressive than indoor cats.
Teddy bear hamsters are cuter than Russian dwarf hamsters.
Dogs should avoid eating chocolate because it is toxic for them.
20. Which of the following statements would be considered a hasty generalization? (1 point)
Each year the cost of Super Bowl advertising increases.
People should eat balanced meals and exercise regularly to stay healthy.
Children tend to imitate the poor behavior of their favorite television characters.
Fast food restaurants cause unhealthy eating habits.
21. Identify the sentence that correctly completes the sentence.
Raiders of the Lost Ark is Steven Spielberg’s _______ action movie of all time.
(1 point)
more famous
most famous
22. Identify the choice that correctly completes the sentence:
_____ of these paintings was damaged by the flood.
(1 point)
A. Each
B. Both
C. Some
d. Either
23. Identify the pronoun that agrees with the verb in the sentence:
Find out if _____ likes cheese and tomato sandwiches.
(1 point)
24. Identify the problem in the sentence:
James is more smarter than Steven.
(1 point)
double comparison
illogical comparison
double negative
incorrect degree of modifier
25. Identify the choice that best describes the sentence:
You must be kidding!
(1 point)
26. Identify the correctly punctuated sentence. (1 point)
“The reporter noted that her [Sonia Sotomayor’s] nomination to the Supreme Court was a first for Latina
“The reporter noted that her…Sonia Sotomayor’s…nomination to the Supreme Court was a first for
Latina women.”
“The reporter noted that her—(Sonia Sotomayor’s)—nomination to the Supreme Court was a first for
Latina women.”
“The reporter noted that, her, Sonia Sotomayor’s, nomination to the Supreme Court was a first for
27. Identify the incorrect word in the sentence:
My point was that Sophia’s presentation was better than your’s or mine.
(1 point)
no error
28. Identify the sentence in which the underlined verb does not agree with its subject. (1 point)
There is many positions still available.
Do Allie and Edwin want to submit their poems?
Here are some good ideas for a cover illustration.
Were you and Kyle planning to work on the school magazine?
29. Identify the verb form that correctly completes the following sentence:
The electric cord to the video gaming system has almost been _____ in two.
(1 point)
30. Identify the correctly punctuated sentence in the group. (1 point)
What happened on July 4 1776?
On June 6 1944, the Allies landed in Normandy.
George Washington was born on February 22, 1732.
On June 3 1965, Ed White became the first American to walk in space.
31. Use context clues within the sentence to identify the definition of the bold-faced word. (1 point)
Because he wanted to play baseball so badly, his face was crestfallen when I told him the
game was rained out.
32. Use context clues within the sentence to identify the definition of the bold-faced word.
I fought the crowds at the department store; my quarry—a birthday present for my brother.
(1 point)
33. Use context clues within the sentence to identify the definition of the bold-faced word.
I will always treasure the heirloom quilt I received from my grandmother.
(1 point)
34. Use context clues within the sentence to identify the definition of the bold-faced word.
The crumbs around her mouth provided irrefutable evidence that she had eaten my cake.
(1 point)
35. Use context clues within the sentence to identify the definition of the bold-faced word.
The exhausted soldier who fell asleep at his post was found guilty of dereliction of duty.
(1 point)
36. Use context clues within the sentence to identify the definition of the bold-faced word.
I felt a strong compunction about trespassing in the creepy, old, abandoned house.
(1 point)
37. Use context clues within the sentence to identify the definition of the bold-faced word.
The cute puppy eventually ingratiated itself with my mother.
(1 point)
38. Use context clues within the sentence to identify the definition of the bold-faced word.
My repeated attempts to ask my dream date to prom were rebuffed to my great dismay.
(1 point)
39. Use context clues within the sentence to identify the definition of the bold-faced word.
The enmity betwee …
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