Contemporary Management Issues

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Contemporary Management Issues
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Enhance Oman LLC is a company that provides retail management and brand distribution
solutions in the Sultanate of Oman. The company is expanding its reach to provide management
responsibilities to other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries (Enhance Group, 2017). The
company was established in the year 2005. It provides sales and distribution for regional,
international, and global companies in Oman. Business partners include Weetabix, British
American Tobacco, Ooredoo, Reckitt Benckiser, and Colgate Palmolive among several others
(Enhance Oman, 2017). The company also serves ships and hotel through its food service division.
To support its operations, Enhance LLC has employed over 900 people in Oman (Enhance Oman,
2017). Around 60 percent of its staff is Omani citizens and the other 40 percent are from other
nations. With a large number of employees and international operations, the issue of ethics and
diversity is of huge concern to Enhance LLC. This paper discusses how Enhance LLC deals with
the issue of business management ethics and diversity management programmes.
Business Ethics Management
Business ethics (also known as corporate ethics) is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics
that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment.
It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is pertinent to the conduct of individuals &entire
How Companies organize management of Business Ethics
The term ethics refers to moral principles that govern how people should behave. Business
ethics is a branch of applied ethics that is concerned with ethical issues in the business setting
(Crane and Matten, 2016). Ethical challenges usually arise in the conduct of business.
Understanding how to deal with these issues help businesses act in an acceptable manner. Business
ethics covers different disciplines in business such as management strategy, finance, human
resources management (HRM), sales and marketing, and manufacturing (Crane and Matten, 2016).
For example, there are ethical codes that govern the field of accounting. These codes are unique
to the discipline in HRM, there are codes of conduct that dictate the best way that an organization’s
staff should behave in the workplace. There are also codes guiding how human resources (HR)
professionals should conduct their duties.
Companies have adopted ways of organizing the management of business ethics.
Companies develop policy documents that govern the conduct of its employees at work (Trevino
and Nelson, 2016). Some of these conducts apply to all employees in the company. These include
dressing code, accountability, honesty, and integrity. Many companies include some of these
values in their value statements (Trevino and Nelson, 2016). Others companies incorporate the
policy on ethics in their performance appraisal tools to ensure that employees follow these codes.
For ethical codes specific to a particular department, such as auditing, the department comes up
with a policy that employees in that department follow (Trevino and Nelson, 2016). Enhance
Oman LLC has incorporated some of its best codes of behavior on its core values (Enhance Oman,
2017). The values are accountability, service, excellence, and teamwork (Enhance Oman, 2017).
The values are geared to guide the management and employees in providing better products and
services to its customers.
Another way that companies organize the management of business ethics is by setting up
an office that is tasked with overseeing the developing and implementation of workplace ethics
(Weber and Wasieleski, 2013). These office drafts ethical codes relevant to the company; inform
employees on the codes and handle employees concerns that pertain to ethics. The office may
come up with ways in which employees can communicate unethical behavior in the workplace.
For example, companies create portals where employees can anonymously report inappropriate
behavior in the workplace. Centralized offices that deal with business ethics issues ease the
organization of the management of business ethics in companies. In Enhance Oman LLC, the
human resource division is tasked with organizing the management of workplace ethics (Enhance
Oman, 2017). Since the company provides HR consultancy services to other organizations,
managing business ethics is easy for them.
Companies organize trainings on workplace ethics to sensitize employees on the existing
or new ethical codes of conduct that the company has instituted (Weber and Wasieleski, 2013).
Other ways in which companies raise awareness on their codes of conduct include posting these
codes on a company’s website, creating brochures that list all the codes of behavior to be adhered
to, and incorporating these codes of behavior in employment contracts (Weber and Wasieleski,
2013). Applying the set codes of behavior in the workplace consistently helps ensure that
employees follow them. One way that Enhance Oman LLC sensitizes its employees, customers,
and other stakeholders about its workplace ethics is by posting them in its corporate website
(Enhance Oman, 2017).
How Enhance LLC Manages Business Ethics
Enhance Oman LLC has incorporated some of its key codes of ethics in its overall
strategy. In its vision and values statement, the company states that its new vision and a set of
values will guide its employees and management in improving the service that they offer to their
customers, shareholders, employees, and partners (Enhance Oman, 2017). The core values are
central to the attainment of its vision. When it comes to its organizational culture, Enhance LLC
promotes a culture of accountability, service, teamwork, and excellence (Enhance Oman, 2017).
The culture is tied to the organization’s codes of conduct. The company also uses these values to
recognize members of staff who perform exemplary (Enhance Oman, 2017). The organization’s
leadership is in support of the company’s ethics and is guided by these ethics in their effort to
attain the company’s vision. As an organization offering HR consultancy services to other
organizations’, Enhance LLC tries be a good example to these organizations.
Enhance LLC’s HR division is tasked with setting or facilitating the setting of the
company’s standards of ethical behavior. The HRM sets ethical codes that guide the conduct of all
employees in the organization. In setting these standards, the division is guided by the Sultanate
of Oman’s law and the generally accepted code of conduct in business (WJ Towell, 2017). The
division also updates the code of behavior where necessary. In setting the acceptable code of
conduct, involving employees is an important thing as they get to feel included and listened to.
The company seeks the input of its employees on issues concerning ethics (Enhance Oman, 2017).
Enhance LLC’s HRM also works with other divisions in creating ethical policies that are in line
with their activities (WJ Towell, 2017). The company also creates the suctions associated with
going against the agreed code of conduct.
Stakeholders are very important for the survival and thriving of any business (Florea and
Florea, 2013). A company’s management and leadership should be very concerned about the
interest of all key stakeholders. Enhance Oman LLC’s leadership and management is keen on
managing business ethics in the light of stakeholders relations. The key reason that they uphold
the four values that were listed earlier is to improve its products and services so as to satisfy their
key stakeholders (Enhance Oman, 2017). The core values that are key for attaining the
achievement of the company’s vision are greatly supported by the company’s leadership and they
are promoted to all its employees.
When it comes to assessing ethical performance Enhance Oman LLC’s human resource
division has come up with criteria to measure whether employees in the company are abiding to
the set ethical standards. One way is by assessing employees’ workplace conduct in its
performance appraisal (Enhance Oman, 2017). Those that are seen to live up to the company’s
values are recognized and rewarded. This helps in encouraging its employees in supporting the
organization’s values. Another way that Enhance Oman LLC’s HR division assesses ethical
performance is by conducting customer surveys and analyzing and tracking complaints by its
customers (Enhance Oman, 2017). The analysis of these surveys helps to determine whether the
company has been performing according to its ethical codes. The company also has put in place
mechanisms through which its customers can lodge their complaints. One such mechanism is
having a contact form on their website (Enhance Oman, 2017).
Enhance LLC also uses employee surveys to assess its ethical performance (Enhance
Oman, 2017). The surveys ask a number of questions which help shed light on the employees’
views about ethical conduct within the company. Another way that the company assesses its ethical
performance is by evaluating its contribution to the society. Enhance Oman LLC recognizes that
it has an ethical responsibility to the society within which I operates in (Enhance Oman, 2017).
For this reason, the company has engaged in a number of corporate social responsibility activities.
One such activity is supporting the recycling of plastic bottles. The company has set up a number
of collection points in the city of Muscat where bottles to be recycled are assembled (Enhance
Oman, 2017). The company also seeks to educate people in the city on the importance of recycling
used plastic bottles (Enhance Oman, 2017).
Finally, Enhance Oman LLC also assesses its ethical performance by assessing the
company’s achievement of its strategic goals achievement. Incorporating some of its important
values with its strategy and vision enables it to measure what has arisen due to the core values.
Feedback from all the measures of ethical performance enlightens the HR divisions on the codes
of conduct that are being adhered to. They also acquire insight on areas that are lagging behind.
This helps them come up with approaches to enforce ethical codes that are being neglected. The
company is interested in the long-term benefits that accrue from acting ethically (Enhance Oman,
Enhance LLC Diversity Management Programmes
Diversity Management Programmes of Companies
Diversity in the workplace has been a key issue nowadays. Many companies are now going
global. This means that they now have to operate in different cultures. They set up offices and or
manufacturing facilities in different countries. Some of these companies are finding out that to
operate well in these new cultures, they would benefit from hiring individuals from these countries
(Chuah, 2013). Companies are also giving minorities who are not well represented in the
workforce a chance to work for them. Some advantages from having a diverse workforce is that a
company gets to benefit from talents that these individuals may be possessing (Chuah, 2013). By
mimicking the communities that they serve, businesses are able to get an understanding of what
their customers want (Chuah, 2013). Embracing diversity can also help a company improve on
creativity due to its different and diverse minds (Chuah, 2013).
Enhance Oman LLC has a quite diverse workforce. Of the company’s more than 900
employees, around 60 percent are Omani citizens (Enhance Oman, 2017). The other 40 percent
come from different countries. Being a global business, this is advantageous to the company. To
deal with the challenges that can arise due to having a diverse workforce, Enhance Oman LLC has
a number of programmes. The company has a strategic workforce goals in which diversity is a key
component (Enhance Group, 2017). Enhance Oman LLC plans to build a strategic workforce that
will help the company expand on different markets (Enhance Group, 2017). Hiring employees
from diverse cultures is a key activity in the plan.
Enhance Oman LLC has a training programme aimed at training existing employees and
those that are hired from different cultures (Enhance Group, 2017). Existing employee are trained
on the importance of embracing diversity as a company and why they need to support and work
with individuals from diverse cultures. New employees who come from different cultures are
trained on the culture of the new country, the organization’s culture, language where necessary,
and the skills necessary to do their job (Enhance Group, 2017). This training helps both existing
and new employees cope with the diversity in the workplace. The organization has also come up
with a metric to measure its progress in the diversification of its workforce and whether the
diversifying its workforce provides it with additional benefits (Enhance Group, 2017).
Issues and Problems Arising from Diversity in the Workplace
Enhance Oman LLC has been facing a number of challenges that are as a result of having
a diverse workforce. One major problem is language differences (Enhance Group, 2017). Some of
the people who are hired by the company come from countries that do not speak Arabic. The new
employees have to learn Arabic. Due to these challenges, the company prefers foreigners who
understand the language (Enhance Group, 2017). Lack of effective communication usually leads
to confusion and difficulty in working as a team. Another major problem is resistance to change
by existing staff (Enhance Group, 2017). Some employees in the organization are not supportive
of the move to diversify the workforce. Managers, for example, find it difficult to deal with people
from a foreign culture (Enhance Group, 2017). The company’s HR tries to deal with the problem
of resistance by reminding its employees how diversity is key for the company’s success.
Another problem arising due to having a diverse workforce is difficulties in
accommodating other people’s beliefs (Enhance Group, 2017). Some new staff have different
religious beliefs from those that are dominant in Oman. Religious differences can be a major source
of disagreement and the company’s HR is aware of that. It encourages its employees to be
respectful, tolerant, and accommodating of different views and to work together towards the
growth of their careers and the company (Enhance Group, 2017). Despite its focus on embracing
diversity in the workforce, the company has also been focusing on what it is calling ‘Omanization’
(Enhance Group, 2017). It is offering more opportunities to Omani citizens.
To sum up, Enhance LLC Company provides retail management and brand distribution
solutions to its customers in the GCC. Its customers and partners are large and successful
businesses. The company works very hard to conducts its business ethically and it encourages its
employees to follow agree upon code of conduct. Enhance Oman LLC has incorporated some of
its best codes of behavior on its core values. The company’s HRM is tasked with the development
and enforcement of the company’s code of conduct. Enhance Oman LLC uses a variety of means
to assess ethical performance. The means are evaluating employees’ behavior in performance
appraisal, customers and employees’ feedback, and its level of engagement in corporate social
responsibility. The company has programmes dedicated to creating a diverse workforce. These are
including diversity-related activities in its workforce strategic goals, a training programme, and a
metric to measure success. Problems with diversity include communication difficulties,
differences in beliefs and resistance to change.
Although Enhance Oman LLC has been doing a good job in managing business ethics, the
company can do better by making some improvement. One recommendation is having an ethics
and compliance officer within the HR division whose role will be to organize the management of
business ethics (Crane and Matten, 2016). This will help in the keen enforcement of the company’s
codes of conduct. Another recommendation is that there be regular review and updating of the
company’s policy relating to ethics (Floyd, Atkins, and Caldwell, 2013). This will help ensure that
the policy is responsive to emerging trends. Improvement of employees’ workplace conduct
evaluation to ensure that they fully embrace the organization’s values is recommended.
Enhance Oman LLC’s challenges in creating a diverse workforce can be dealt with by
strengthening its training programme. The programme should be effective in convincing its
employees why it is important to embrace change. The programme should also come up with a
better way to deal with the communication challenge such as having people who speak different
language from the host country enroll in a language course. The new programme should be
effective in fostering tolerance accommodation, and respect for people who have different beliefs
(Joshua and Taylor-Abdulai, 2014).
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(2017). Enhance

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