Create 2 Powerpoint Presentations to Correlate with Two Papers I’ve Written

Create 2 SEPARATE powerpoint presentations to correlate the main points of the two papers I have attached. Each powerpoint should have at least 7-10 slides with references. Must be eye catching and use some visuals.


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Create 2 Powerpoint Presentations to Correlate with Two Papers I’ve Written
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Effects of Tobacco Use on the Body
Student Name
Effects of Tobacco Use on the Body
The use of tobacco is a serious problem facing the modern world. People of all ages are
currently smoking tobacco and gradually becoming addicts. While the teenagers smoke with the
idea that it brings about independence and is a sign of adulthood, the older individuals smoke
partly because of addiction. Notably, there are several effects that cigarette or tobacco has on the
body of an individual. The article titled ‘an invitation to health: The power of now, brief edition’
written by Hales in 2017 provides useful insights into the issue of tobacco and its effects on the
human body.
Some of the effects highlighted by the article include poor hygiene, increased
vulnerability to cancer, and infertility. Furthermore, in the article, it is clear that the effects using
tobacco extends beyond the body of the user to the unborn in case of expectant women. From the
article, users of tobacco are not only the people who directly use the product but also include
those who are around the user. The people around users termed as secondary users, also suffer
similar consequences that the smokers face a factor that makes tobacco use a serious problem.
Effects of Tobacco Use on the Body
Increased Vulnerability to Cancer
Fundamentally, use of tobacco renders one vulnerable to contracting various types of
cancer. Throat, lung, mouth, and pancreatic cancer are among the type of cancer that one can
contract due to tobacco use. According to the research undertaken by Middlekauff, Park, and
Moheimani (2014), several people in the world are suffering from throat cancer contracted from
cigarette smoking. The assertion coins the dire nature of tobacco smoking, which is also
evidenced by the article under discussion. The author of the article is clear on the fact that the
chemicals contained in tobacco are harmful to the throat, the lungs, and the pancreas. Hales
(2017) elucidates that when people smoke, they introduce more than 5,000 harmful chemicals
into their bodies. Another issue, which cigarette or tobacco users need to understand, is that even
if one decides to smoke without inhaling the smoke, they still become vulnerable to mouth
cancer. Therefore, from the article, it is evident that cigarette smoking is not suitable for
Poor Hygiene
While tobacco use affects the health of individuals, it also affects their overall hygiene.
According to the article, when people use tobacco, they develop a bad smell that comes from
their mouth as well as their skin. Due to continued use of tobacco, which contains nicotine, the
nails and the skin of the users turn their color and the person becomes pale (Yerushalmy, 2014).
In addition, tobacco users are likely to experience hair loss and become subjects of baldness, an
issue that affects their overall health. The article notes that besides the discolored nails and bad
smell, which comes from the mouth, the teeth of the users also turn into yellowish because of
The change in color also comes along with a bad appearance especially in a scenario
where someone attempts to smile. According to Hales (2017), the effect on the nails, throat and
the skin take place because these parts of the body are vulnerable to the chemicals introduced by
tobacco use. In extreme cases of addiction, the users often forego undertaking normal activities
such as laundry and body cleanliness. Therefore, the users gradually become shabby and dirty. It
is important to note that poor hygiene is an effect that affects the body of the user.
Infertility Problems
Infertility is another serious problem that tobacco use causes on the body. According to
the article, cigarette smoking makes one inactive and disinterested in sexual engagements.
Moreover, the article highlights that use of tobacco can make men suffer from erectile
dysfunction or have a low count of sperms. Besides low sperm count and erectile dysfunction,
Hale (2017) also states that the sperms of tobacco users may have motility problem simplifying
that they cannot fertilize the ovum. Apparently, inability to fertilize the ovum occasions because
the sperms cannot travel and reach the location of the ovum. In the context of women, the use of
tobacco has a range of problems in their bodies. Use of tobacco can lead to premature
menopause, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, and damage to reproductive organs (Yerushalmy,
2014). The article is categorical in outlining the effects that tobacco has on babies born by
women who use the product. According to the article, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is
one of the effects that experienced by children born by tobacco users.
Hales, D. (2017). An invitation to health: The power of now, brief edition. Cengage Learning.
Middlekauff, H., Park, J., & Moheimani, R. (2014). Adverse effects of cigarette and noncigarette
smoke exposure on the autonomic nervous system: mechanisms and implications for
cardiovascular risk. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 64(16), 1740-1750.
Yerushalmy, J. (2014). The relationship of parents’ cigarette smoking to outcome of pregnancy
implications as to the problem of inferring causation from observed associations.
International journal of epidemiology, 43(5), 1355-1366.
Comparing the Benefits of Vaccinations with the Risks
Student Name
Benefits and Risks of Vaccination
For decades, many citizens of the United States and around the world have questioned the
importance of vaccinations and tried to examine the side effects that come in aftermath of
vaccination. However, in as much as these individuals question the credibility of vaccination, it
is important to note that vaccination is crucial in promoting the health of a person. The article
‘Understanding public perceptions of benefits and risks of childhood vaccinations in the United
States’ advanced by Song in 2014 compares the benefits of vaccinations alongside the risks in
the united states. The article provides various benefits associated with vaccination and weighs
them with the risks that have made several individuals question the relevance of vaccines in the
Imperatively the role of the article is paramount especially in demystifying the underlying
misconceptions that characterize a number of societies in and outside the United States. In the
article, it is clear that vaccination has a number of benefits, which include prevention of
hospitalizations, death, reduction of medical costs, and reduced infection. On the other hand, the
article outlines rashes, slight fever, and redness on the injected part as some of the side effects
linked to vaccinations. It is within this backdrop that the paper uses the article to examine the
benefits and risks of vaccination.
Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Vaccination
The Benefits
Reduced Hospitalization and Death
Apparently, vaccination is a procedure that helps any individuals in the United States and
around the globe from the risk of frequent hospitalization and death. When people receive
vaccines on diseases such as polio or measles, they become immune and no longer become
subjects of the diseases. The immunity derived from the vaccine is important because it
completely deals with any kind of infection and makes the person free from the diseases. It is
fundamental to explain that while some diseases, which require immunization, are treatable
others lead to disabilities or death in the absence of vaccination. Therefore, if individuals neglect
vaccination and fail to present their loved ones to medical facilities for vaccination, they render
them susceptible to disabilities or deaths occasioned by the diseases. Hale and Marshall (2016)
argue that a number of people around the world suffer from disabilities because of negligence
from their parents to take them for vaccination against diseases such as polio.
Reduction of Medical Costs
Another important benefit outlined by the article in relation to vaccination is the
reduction of medical expenses. Apparently, when people fail to receive immunization, they
become susceptible to a number of diseases. Song (2014) alludes that increased vulnerability
implies that the individuals are likely to contract the diseases forcing them to incur medical
expenses not incurred by those who received the vaccine. The costs of treating children against
ailments that can be vaccinated could be useful in other areas of life. Therefore, instead of
incurring costs by treating diseases that are manageable through vaccination, one can only ensure
that they receive immunization.
Reduced Infection
In the article, it is evident that besides helping the individuals to be free from worries
associated with infection, vaccination also helps the society from the risk of spread. According to
Hale and Marshall (2016) when 90% of the society is immunized, the rest of society becomes
free from any kind of spread and infection associated with the disease. It is fundamental to
elucidate that the category of individuals in the society who may not be eligible for
immunization comprise the elderly, young children who have not attained vaccination age, and
those people who are allergic to vaccines. As such, to save these individuals from the risk of
infection and contracting the disease, there is need to ensure that individuals in the society
receive immunization. The article clarifies that by doing so the individuals care for one another
in the society.
Side Effects
The article states that redness of the injected area, slight fever, and rashes are some of the
side effects associated with vaccination. The limited nature of these side effects transpires
because of the high levels of attention that the medical practitioners take before using the vaccine
on a particular set of individuals. According to the article, while redness and slight fever are
minor side effects, which disappear after a short time, rashes may indicate some kind of allergy
and call for timely medical attention (Song, 2014). However, it is principal to state that the major
side effects that comprise allergies are very rare and affect few individuals out of a large
population who benefit from the vaccine. As such, it is conclusive to declare that the benefits of
vaccination far outweigh the risks.
Hale, D., & Marshall, K. (2016). The Benefits of Immunizations for Older Adults. Home
healthcare now, 34(8), 458-459.
Song, G. (2014). Understanding public perceptions of benefits and risks of childhood
vaccinations in the United States. Risk Analysis, 34(3), 541-555.

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