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Q2- What types of defense depends on sending the client incorrect acknowledgement (an incorrect
(one arswer)
– RST cookies
– SYN Cookies
-Hash tweaking
– stack tweaking
Q3- reason social engineering attacks are successful is because (multiple answers)
– People are more likely to believe confident people
– Social engineers are good liars
– Research says that people who have symmetrical faces appear more trustworthy
– people inherently want to trust others
Q4- Match the reason one would use each of the following for your strategy to keep your network
Proxy server 3
Hub 5
Router 2
Honey pot 1
Q5 You are offered $1 million dollars to get the secret ingredients for making Coke (the soft drink – not
the illegal drug). What are you doing? (one answer)
– Violating patent rights laws
– Violating trademark laws
– Violating the Industrial Espionage Act of 1996
– SPOOFING the answer
Q6- What are some best practices when developing a password strategy, (multiple answers)
-Encourage the use of a passphrase
– Create a password age of less than 180 days.
– Require passwords to be less than 10 characters
– Do not allow the reuse of passwords
Q7- How big is a TCP packet header? (one answer)
– The size depends upon the network speed
– It depends on the size of the data
– The size is always 20 bytes
– The size depends on the protocol being used
Q8- Which of the following is one of the following does not require a host (email or program) to infect a
network or computer? multiple answers
O logic bomb
O spyware
O trojan horse
O rootkits
O worm
Q9- Malware matching. Match the term with the definition.
Worms- FTP
trojans – an executable
virus – AN EMAIL
bots – DDOS
social engineering – using human
Q10- A firewall is a barrier between two computers or two computer systems. A firewall can perform all
of the following tasks EXCEPT which one?
O Fitter for the protocol such as smtp. https, ftp. etc.
O Filter incoming packets based upon the incoming IP address
O Check the destination port
o The firewall car do all of the choices in this question.
O Inspect the incoming packets upon packet size
O Perform database updates
Q11- Some key take aways from the presentation on Cookies and Super Cookies are (multiple answers)
-Cookies can be on your phone
– All cookies are deleted in the browser
– You have to change setting with your ISP provider to delete some cookies
– Browser settings can be set to keep some data such as passwords but still allow you to delete cookies
Q12- You have set up encryption using CryptUp. Which of the following is true?
Both parties must be on CryptUp to view the message without having to send a special passkey
CryptUp would allow you to set your account up with “any* password
The transmission speed to send an email was slower than unencrypted email
Cryptup was a symmetric encryption
Q14- Which of the following is true about the a smurf attack (1 answer)
O It is a DOS attack
O All of the answers are true
O it uses spoofing
o it can cause computers to within the network to attack itself
Q15- You are hired as a consultant to harden the network for an organization with 1000 employees.
Hardening the network is making it strong against attacks. What item below would be something
that the users should decide and not the consultant? (1 answer)
O make sure all software is up-to-date
O close all unused ports on the router
O Make sure packet filtering is turned on
O Encrypt all data
Q16- In the presentation about the Dark Web indicate which of the following are true (Multiple
– in The Onion Router is the same as TOR
-TOR works because it changes the packet information in each hop
-It is easy to find things on the Dark Web
– There are 3 levels to the web
Q17- Which of the following is NOT true about a digital certificate. (1 answer)
-A digital signature meets the condition of non-repudiation – meaning that it proves the sender is who
he/she says he is.
– A digital certificate contains a users digital signature and public key.
– The signature is read by the receiver of the message with the receivers private key.
O A digital certificate is issue by a certificate authority like GoDaddy.
Q19- As the network administrator if you have a DOS w DDOS Attack you should take the following step.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Contact the organization associated with the IP address
Identify the IP address of the attacker
Block the attacking IP address
Look up who the IP address belongs to
Q20- Bob sends a message with a distal signature. Alice verifies the message with
Bob’s private key
Alice’s private key
Alice’s public key
Bob’s public key
Q21- I have no time to do my shopping so I am order everything online which of the following is NOT
something I should consider?
– Look out for DSN poison
– Use a low balance credit card
– All are things I should consider
– Make sure that the site is legitimate by making sure I have the correct url
– Make sure the payment is over a https website
Q22- You have been hired to do penetration testing of a network of an accounting firm. This might
include all but what items below, (multiple answers)
– Setting up a new hash routine for passwords
– creating a buffer overflow
-Publishing the flaws in the system
– Phishing the CEO
-DOS attack
– password cracking
Q23- What do call a DoS launched from several machines simultaneously? (one answer)
-wide-area attack
– DDos attack
– smurf attack
– SYN flood
Q24- Which of the following procedures performed by your firewall will not defend against DOS attacks?
-Make sure the firewall software is up to date with patches
-Block traffic from untrustworthy sources
-Block an incoming ICMP packets
– Educate the network administrator about cyber attacks
Q25- The most desirable approach to security is (1 answer)
O perimeter and static
O layered and stale
0 Layered and dynamic
O perimeter and dynamic
Q26- Here is wireless network:
What does the modem do?
What does the router do?
Where does the Id address get created?
Where might you find a MAC address?
What command could you use to find your IP address?
Will your IP address be the same for all devices on the network?

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