discussion answer and 2 replies to peers

first answer the discussion then reply to the two peers listed below:attached is my work from the previous class. for the first portion of this discussionIn this discussion, begin by introducing yourself to the class and explaining your background. Next, using your learning from MBA 515 and MBA 550, outline your views on the importance of new ideas and concepts by explaining how you will incorporate entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship into your business implementation plan. Then explain and justify how your own concept or idea fits within the context of entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship to create change. In response to your peers, critique their justifications of how their concept or idea fits within the context of entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship to create change. Ask probing questions to challenge your peers to deepen their analysis and justification of their own ideas. peer 1Hello – My name is Melissa and I am working on my MBA in Quantitative Analysis. My undergraduate degree is in Mathematics so pursuing my MBA while also working in Corporate America has helped further my knowledge about business and the environment that we live in. I am an analyst who works in sales based organizations helping with pricing, churn, margin, compensation, and forecasting to name a few. I enjoy what I do and getting my degree while simultaneously working has helped me find real world situations to apply my knowledge.Businesses need to constantly innovate, improve current products, and look at potential areas of business expansion with their product lines if they want to keep and grow their market share. Consumers are always on the hunt for the next big idea and product. If a company never evaluates its current product offerings to see where there is opportunity, they are doing themselves a disservice and missing out on opportunity and possibly reducing the businesses longevity. The product I am introducing is the Trash Can Bumper. A product that will prevent trash cans from slipping once placed where they are intended to be is needed in the industry. One idea that can solve this problem is the creation of a bumper to be placed behind the trash cans, called the Trash Can Bumper. This will be an intrapreneurial idea at simplehuman, as they currently have the means, technology, and customer base to market the Trash Can Bumper and make it successful. A great reputation in the market, patents for product inventions, and durable and reliable products give simplehuman a competitive advantage. Should the idea take off on its own, or potentially open other markets, the product and subsequent ideas may spin off into their own company and move more towards the entrepreneurial side of business. But for now, the idea will fit well with simplehuman’s business model as it is innovative and fits a niche, previously untapped market.peer 2Hello Class,My name is Ernie Montano and this is the final class for my MBA program. I am in the Business of Music program that is jointly offered by SNHU and Berklee College of Music. I attained my undergraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Arizona in 2016. When I’m done with this program, my goal is to have some type of career involved in the music industry. My past experience includes an internship with the nonprofit Fender Music Foundation, as well as working with my dad’s company that imports plywood from overseas to the U.S.My business implementation plan will build on my work in my previous MBA classes, which was focused on the development of a new product from action camera manufacturer GoPro. The product idea is a smartphone case with a built-in virtual reality camera lens, as well as a companion smartphone app in order to manage, edit and share the users’ original content. Intrapreneurship fits within the context of this product idea through GoPro’s past acquisition of Kolor, a virtual reality technology firm. GoPro will use the capabilities and knowledge acquired from Kolor in order to develop their new product line of the virtual reality lens smartphone case.https://petapixel.com/2015/04/30/gopro-acquires-kolor-a-virtual-reality-and-spherical-imaging-company/

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discussion answer and 2 replies to peers
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Running head: FORD MOTORS
Ford Motors
Natalia Cardona
Southern New Hampshire University
Table of contents
Abstract …………………………………………………………………………………3
Introduction …………………………………………………………………………….4
Operations management ……………………………………………………………….4
Operationalization ………………………………………………………………………8
Breakdown structure ……………………………………………………………………9
Key milestones …………………………………………………………………………11
Potential obstacles ………………………………………………………………………12
Risk mitigation …………………………………………………………………………13
Life cycle ……………………………………………………………………………….13
Profit generation ………………………………………………………………………..15
Phase out plan …………………………………………………………………………..15
Conclusion ……………………………………………………………………………..16
References ………………………………………………………………………………17
Through the provision of quality products to its customers, this has made the Ford Motors
to be successful in its operations. However, this company also has faced much competition from
its competitors in the industry of activities and it has up with strategies for them to apply in the
gaining of the competitive advantage and the general performance of the institutions. Previously
the company operated with efficiency and this made them succeed in most of its operations. The
poor management and the failure to adopt the emerging trends in the industry, however, led to
the company getting into debts and finally the collapse of the corporation. This is because the
company reduced the stock prices which led to loses. The operation management is a crucial
factor in an organization since it combines the many key issues that seem to be in place if only
people realize its importance and the input that is generated by the operations management. The
company has an opportunity for it to rise for the provision of satisfactory services to its
customers and satisfying their needs. The paper will focus on three main important sections of
the Ford Motors which include the Operations Management, operationalization, and the cycle.
Ford Motors has been recognized in the world of business as one of the best and
successful automobiles business. The company’s history is a thrilling induction of the golden age
of the America’s automobile. The founder of the company was known as Henry Ford and was
established in 1903. The company has also remained in competition in its area which made it be
amongst the three biggest car manufacturers in the United States and is ranked the second largest
in the world. The company also embodies a $165 billion international business. This is also
recognized specifically as an automobile manufacturer and it is also known for the ford credit
that also creates not less than 3million US dollars. The company also possesses the Hertz
Corporation which is also the world’s largest automobile rental company. The vehicles that are
manufactured by Ford Company includes like Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, Aston Martin,
Lincoln, and Mercury.
Operations Management
The company also is regulating the Mazda motors corporation’s interests. The research,
however, shows that in the first years of this millennium the company’s monetary stability was
shaken because of the issues of not limited to quality, fiasco relating to Firestone tires and
slowing the sales. There are different significant forces that have extensively molded the
company’s operation management in the latest history. Through the economy of United States as
well as fuel prices escalation and subsequent impacts on the company’s supply chain that can
change rather unpredictably and intensified political gravities concerning global warming
subjected countless challenges to the company and the entire auto industry within America. One
of the major recorded impacts that the forces that are recorded are the recall of around 11,500
brand new ford escape 2013 model SUV motors by the company. The vehicles are also fitted
with an engine of 1.6 capacities. However, it was a big blow to the company, through the
significant reasons that include the issues of severity which affected the company to take the
uncommon degree of the instructing the vehicle owners to stop using the cars altogether.
Additionally, the Europe’s deteriorating economic crisis together with slowdowns other
economies. This has made a record in pricing pressures and heavy discounts within the market
(Lamba & Singh, 2017).
The information flow and the systems issues confronted the operation management
evolution into the current era. Within the supply chain of any business organization, information
should effectively flow amongst all partners involved although the company and its subsidiaries
are aware of the visibility advantage of the information. During the evolution period, suppliers
found information not personalized and they needed to have information that was more detailed
to their interest. On the other hand, there are key issues that confronted management in the
course of the operation management evolution into the current era. The production plan is also
among the significant fundamentals on which the processes of supply chain depend. During the
period of several affiliates concerning the Ford Company, it experienced different problems like
reliability, lack of complexity and quality of the information, the irregularities in the supplying
plans, the alterations among the quantities and the packages capacity that were needed and the
decrease of the definite phases by the producer plans.
The company also is known for building and designing vehicles internationally, which
makes its supply most crucial that assists the company in the refining the organization
competitiveness. This is the most important operation in all the manufacturing companies; this is
to meet the consumer’s demands. The company was also established on robust a fundamental
value that is despite the moral problems previously. The company has proved to be the moral
leader in the industry of manufacturing. In that case, these contemporary issues that have
provided the exhilarating prospects for the Ford Company. This indicates that in any success of
an organization, the supply chain is the important piece. The company has also acknowledged
the issues like non-fluent communications that is between there supplier to the manufacturers to
appraise promptly regarding lack of certain parts, quality incidents, maintenance and the failure
to maintain the arrangement and materials excessiveness that is extra stock than planned and
authorized. The company has also identified equally some other problems like crucial and
recurrent changes in sequencing and scheduling of production. There is a team in the
organization that supervises the all the methods that can be used for faster transversely and the
entire spectrum of resources (Bayou, & De Korvin, 2008).
The company has also employed efforts in trying to understand markets being the
greatest side effects of the global business participation because it allows the manufacturers to
interact with various customers from different locations. However this has given the
management of the company the perception into the contemporary markets, demands of the
consumer and the trends which may assist the company to come up with a design action for the
future. This has also helped the company to come up with different product lines diversification,
which has smoothened the business cycle and has led to flexibility in the organization
Ford has changed currently the management strategy by looking at the modern strategy of
the production system of the company. The company is right to the synchronous flow of
materials then directly to the sequencing of an in-Line vehicle like, the order to delivery (OTD)
which was enhanced quickly, which also noted the greatest change in the supply chain network
of Ford. The major reason for these changes is the stiff competition that is in the auto industry.
Through the keen observation of the company’s operations, one can use the organizational
process as the base to explore prospects to expand the current process. The company has also had
opportunity areas in the organization filed like any other company.
Having been in the industry for more than hundred years, the company faces some
challenges that permeate in the contemporary organization culture. In the current organization,
the engineers dealing with the product development play the major role in developing vehicles
that people will use in the future. The company’s operations also back up the vision, mission and
the strategic plan in many ways, like having the intrinsic large-scale issues of growth, and the
increasing the cost pressure. However, this has been made easier through their affiliation with
Cisco, due to this efforts, the company is enjoying the rise of their customers currently.
On the other hand, the number of the production units is one of the great factors affecting
the company productivity and profits. Many companies also including Ford use the internet for
their communication and connection with their suppliers and their customers directly. It’s
through the internet that the operations have altered the way that supply chains function through
the direct association with the customers and suppliers since this can do away with ‘brokers’ by
carrying out sales from the manufactures to the ultimate customer. The company also has come
up with the Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR) systems which are substantially large
information systems letting organizations competence raise. Due to this refined software
programs synchronize, transversely the whole enterprise and all the events that are involved in
the distribution and sending the products to consumers (Goldbach, M. & Seuring, 2002).
Internet business is one of the trends that have incredibly affected the relations organizations
have with their providers and clients. This enhances their capacity to anticipate and give what the
clients need.
The operations of the company will help in the determination of the demand for the
product in the market. There should be the need of focusing on the employees’ role in the
improvement of the services of the company. This should involve looking at the cost of training
in the product production in the market and the analysis of the data in the market demand and
that of the environmental uses are important in guiding the scope of operations and
responsibilities allocated to various departments. This means that there should be the need to
focus on the use of information technology in the understanding of the changes taking place in
the market and the integration into the improvement of the organizational performance.
There are various challenges faced in the market, and this means that the company needs
to focus on the management of the rising interest rates and the flooding of the markets since it’s
one of the risks that the company faces. The cost rate also affects the profitability of the business
leading to the creation of operational strategies that focused on the management of the
expectations of the market and the creation of the demand in the market. The investment in the
production of the cars creates optimism towards the target of different markets and this involves
the focus on the time that is required to meet the market demand. There should also the need to
focus on the demographics in the market since they help to enable the strategies in the market
and the creation of an expense list that the company is likely to incur. This determines the
ownership of the cars by the population and their thoughts towards the change of expectations of
the company, helping to improve the processes the operations. Also, the changes in the market
may need to observe the changes in the operation of the company and the targeting of new
markets that improve the profitability of the company.
Breakdown Structure
project management
Feasibility study
Preliminary product
Modeling of the product
Overall design
Control and
Product testing
The work breakdown structure is essential in the organization of the work that the team
delivers into different sections. The focusing on various sections helps in the management of
different roles and the deliverable that is expected at every stage. The provisioning of the
structure that essential in guiding the production of the motor vehicles and the outlining of the
challenges that are met in different stages. The deliverables of each stage guide the
functionalities of the project and the subdivision of the production stages creates the efficiency
required in the management of the various and the creation of the schedules that guide the
management of the project the assigning of the guidelines to the different department which
creates the recognition of the various stages and the grouping of the budgets and the progress in
every stage. The project performance is essential in the creation of efficiency of the management
of the project and the improvement in products sales profitability (Kerzner, & Learning, 2013).
The work breakdown structure is the important in helping to manage the project and
ensure that there is the management of the role that the employees play in the company. The task
of assembling of the products mostly focuses on the three different tasks that include the design
of the vehicle its manufacturing and the management of the project to help in increasing the
efficiency of the project. The design of the product is the crucial stage in the project as the focus
is on the attractiveness of the product and the improvement of the reception in the market. The
visibility of the products and the management of the system is essential in helping to analyze the
codes to be used and the testing of the processes which helps to increase the efficiency of the
operations and the recognition of the need to improve the demand in the market.
The need for data management in all the levels is important in helping to focus on the
need for the technologies and the risk that the management is likely to experience in the end. The
overall design of the products ensures that there is the management of the expectations of the
market and the creation of a need to constantly engage the departments in the production of
superior products. The need for the manufacturing process is to implement the designs that the
company chooses and the need to encourage the collection of the materials that help in the
production of the vehicles and the management of the risks that are faced in the market. This
means the in case there is the management of the performance of the company’s the superiority
of the products encourages the need to handle the goals of the process and the scheduling which
improves the various phases in the production of the goods.
The management of the project is the other task in the work breakdown structure, and this
involves the focus on the planning process in the production of the goods and the execution of
the laid out plans. Also in the case that there is the improvement of the efficiency of the
operations where is the management of the roles that the employees play and the different tasks
that enable the successful management of the project. The criterion for the selection of the
project means that there is the need to analyze the different phases and this involves looking at
the performance of the project and the control of the variable in the organization. The focus on
the management of the production process is important in looking at strengthens of the
production process. The solution of the technology used in the management of the production
process encourages the reduction of the risk and the integration of the relevant environmental
objectives to increase the planning process.
Key Milestones
These processes in the manufacturing process are essential in helping to analyze the
capabilities of the company and the need to improve the technology in the management of the
changes taking place in the organization. There is focus on the change taking place in the market
and the requirements in the production process which encourages the evolvement of the
efficiency of the use of energy in the different departments in the company. The model that Ford
Motors Company uses has continued to evolve and this helps in the improvement of the quality
products and the development of the brand that continues to focus on the changes in the demand
of the consumers.
The improvement in the volumes of the production creates the need to assess the
capabilities of the organization regarding the production capacity and the development of the
quality of the vehicles. The hybrid vehicle is a milestone that encourages the need for the success
of the commercial production and this looks at the need to come up with technology that assists
in the improvement of the yields. The intelligence of the car is a significant milestone that helps
in focusing on the needs of the market and the improvement of the expectations of the
organization. The analysis of the objectives of the organization and the roles that the
management plays is also important in helping to increase the analysis efficiency of the process
of production and the encouragement to meet the demands of the market. In case there is focus
on the technological capabilities and the need to increase the management of the resources in the
Potential Obstacles
One of the potential obstacles that the company is likely to face the constant change in
technology as it implies for the need of constant research and development in the management of
the expectations of the people in the market. There is need to consider the completion in the
market and the highlighting of the challenges in the market which helps in ensuring that there is
targeting of the specific segments of the market and the production of the vehicles that encourage
the growth of a business. The conditions of the company determine the need to improve the
technological environment and this helps in referring to the resources and the capabilities of the
organization in meeting the needs of the market.
The capabilities of the employees are an obstacle as to meet the standards off the
organization constant training needs to be advanced. In cases where there is low retention of the
employees, there is the need to continue with the training programs to achieve the needs of the
organization. The ability of the management to increase its responsibilities is essential as it helps
in focusing on the strategies to embrace and the need to create the employee’s confidence in the
Risk Mitigation
The identification of risks leads to the creation of the need to have the plans that increase
the efficiency of the management. The risk attributed to the changes in the technology are
managed through focusing on the development of quality products that meet the demand of the
quality of the brand, and this enab …
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