effective feedback provides both instruction and motivation

1- Our text makes the claim that “effective feedback provides both instruction and motivation”. Describe a situation where you gave or received feedback. Conclude with why the feedback was effective/ineffective. Use Figure 17-8 as guide for your analysis.2- and you must review and comment on at least four other student introductory commented..!!you can see the files


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effective feedback provides both instruction and motivation
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Vanessa Hermesch
I recently received feedback from my manager about an email I sent to an executive.
The email outlined how an email alert process was going to work for a specific project team.
I sent the email to the executive and copied my manager. The email was very detailed and
explained the process but my manager provided timely feedback after I sent the email. My
explanation of the process was in paragraph format and included too many filler words. She
mentioned when working with executives it is better to have quick, high level bullet points.
She referenced the Minto Pyramid Principle which the entire company has training on. The
three main points within this communication style is to
1. Start with the answer first
2. Group and summarize your supporting arguments/information
3. Logically order your supporting ideas
I feel my manager’s feedback was effective. It was about a specific scenario and addressed an
area I can improve on in the future. The feedback was constructive and descriptive. She also
provided the feedback within hours of the email. I will be able to use this feedback the next
time I am emailing or communicating with an executive.
Angela V
We often hear feedback at any level is a gift, and I agree with the first part of the statement, feedback
is a gift, but it has to be delivered with mutual understanding. In corporations and even personal
relationships, communication style is important in getting information across, making sure people do
not mistake a message or request. Feedback is a form of communication and requires both parties to
have a common understanding of the language. While working at Apple, one of the key elements of
their culture is feedback. For something to be apart of your culture, you have to integrate through
the entire organization and practice, engaging all personal, from the top, down. During onboarding,
training around feedback encompassed 2 days of our training. We focused on what are the key
elements of feedback, such as positive specific and specific negative, and included key rules
concerning when and how to provide feedback, focusing on behaviors and removing personal
attachments, In addition, shadowing and reverse shadowing were included the first week of job
shadowing after onboarding.
In addition, feedback followup sessions are provided through out the year, requiring additional
training sessions each year to ensure practice and enforcement of this language and its
understanding. Yet its still something that is hard to do, especially when you are delivering feedback
to your supervisor or someone in leadership. While at another job, one that did not have the culture
of feedback, I found myself giving negative specific feedback concerning a recent interaction with
feel team members to my supervisor. I knew that this may not result in the intended outcome, yet
that is also the number one reason why individuals do not give feedback. In giving this feedback, I
relied on some key elements to set the stage for a non personal attack, focused on enhancing
communication and providing excellent customer service.
I approached the situation by asking permission to chat about the given situation and I made sure that
our discussion was private but also comfortable place for both parties. I knew this individual had no
previous training around feedback so I provided a brief over view of feedback, focused on sharing of
key information for the betterment of team work and customer service. I indicated there was no
need for providing the ‘why’ or to try and provide context to the situation concerning their actions. I
indicated I wanted to provide some feedback concerning the recent team meeting and what elements
concerned me and how I felt we could handle future instances of similar topics. I focused on
behaviors, the only thing that feedback should ever be directed at.
Over all the situation went better than expected, and in a future meeting that dealt with a similar
context, the leader did take my feedback into account in their presentation. Although the leader
never said anything directly to me after our discussion, the integration of my feedback told me that
they did listen to my suggestions and was willing to make changes because I took the time to provide
them. You may not ever see your feedback put into action yet know that in most situations,
individuals that want to improve, to be better at what they do, will take your input and put it into
Angie Heer
I often participate in donor solicitation meetings with my supervisor. Immediately following
each meeting, we have made it a practice of debriefing with each other and giving each other
feedback on our performance during the meeting as a way to improve our performance with
the next donor. The feedback is effective because it is interactive, timely, purposeful about
the donor visit and clearly work related. My supervisor is good at providing constructive and
specific feedback. He typically shares what I did well in the meeting first and then suggests
some ways I could have responded better to the donor or phrased a specific point. We do this
so often it has become common practice among me and my team members as well. My
supervisor almost always asks for what he could have done better as well, which makes it a
genuine exchange between us with the common goal for continuous improvement in our
presentation/solicitation skills. We actively listen to each other, and can see each other
putting our feedback into action in future visits.
Kendall Hart
As a coach, I am constantly giving feedback to my players whether it be during or after
practice, during a game, in film the day after a game, during an individual workout,
etc. With that, the feedback is timely and frequent. While giving feedback, I tend to see the
following characteristics consistently:
Specific: Instead of saying “you played a great game” or “you didn’t have the best game,” I
will be specific and tell them the why behind why they played great or not so great. Being
specific sometimes even flows into some positive reinforcement. For instance, if I notice one
of my player working really hard to get offensive rebounds, I am going to go up to them and
let them know that I see them working hard, fighting for those rebounds and I will tell them
to keep it up. That praise sometimes leads them to continue performing that action.
Documentable: Going in for a halftime talk during a game, the first thing we do as coaches is
look at the stats from the first half. We base our feedback to the team as a whole and
individually through those stats because the numbers don’t lie.
The most important characteristic that I am sure to stick to every single time I give feedback
is being constructive and balanced. As a player, I got tired of constantly hearing what I was
doing wrong or what I could do better to the point where it started going through one ear
and out the other. The constant negative feedback just deteriorates confidence so you have
to mix in some positive feedback as well. For example, every one of our half-time talks
during a game starts with comments on what we did well the first half. From there, we go
on to talk about the things we could improve on. Especially for our team, I have noticed that
our girls respond so much better to that positive reinforcement (praise) than they do the
negative (i.e. punishments for turnovers).
Topic: Module 8 Discussion: Was That Feedback Effective?
This is a graded discussion: 50 points possible
due Dec 10
Module 8 Discussion: Was That Feedback E?ec ve?
Our text makes the claim that “effective feedback provides both instruction and motivation”. Describe
a situation where you gave or received feedback. Conclude with why the feedback was
effective/ineffective. Use Figure 17­8 as guide for your analysis.
Your initial post is due by 11:59 pm on Thursday and your responses to two classmates’ posts are due
by 11:59 pm on Sunday.
Rubric: Discussion Forum Rubric
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