Electronical Media Influence

Assignment: Electronic Media Influence – Part 2In Part 1, you selected an electronic medium and developed a visual timeline of its historical development as you examined the medium’s impact on human behavior and development. In Part 2 of this Assignment, you apply theories or hypotheses (displacement, cultivation effects, modeling, and desensitization) about which you read this week to your selected electronic medium. You will further explore which theories or hypotheses best explain the aspects of human development you discussed in Part 1 of this Assignment.To Prepare for this Assignment:Review the theory articles found in this week’s Learning Resources and consider the impact of digital technologies on human development Search the Internet and the Walden Library to find at least two articles related to your selected electronic media’s development in Week 1Reflect on the Visual Timeline and the paper you developed in Week 1For this Part 2 of your Assignment:Write an additional 1 to 2 pages to the paper you began in Week 1. Based on the information you assembled for your paper in Week 1: Explain which media theories or hypotheses (displacement, cultivation effects, modeling, desensitization) you believe most directly impact the behaviors and human development you identified in Week 1 and why.


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Electronical Media Influence
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RUNNING HEADER: Media Discussion
I agree with the statement that media is only a tool but what matters most is the content in
it. This is because having a variety of media tools it’s not an assurance that the message is
conveyed is as expected. Most of the time, media is only used to convey the information right to
the audiences but the content is what is looked at. Newspapers, radio, television are examples of
commonly used forms of mass media and recently blogs but their mode of conveying the
messages is very different. Newspaper an example of print Media most of the time doesn’t
convey the information as fully expected. This is because it tends to reduce words due to space
unavailability thus changing the meaning that was meant to be delivered. This makes the content
delivered to the general public irrelevant.
Information also tends changes with a blink of an eye, and before changes are made
especially to the daily newspapers, the public which greatly depends on them gets confused as
the information they previously had at had then become obsolete and at times wrong and
irrelevant. It is also evident that some news writers depend on information from sources that are
not trusted and at times they end up giving an unconfirmed message to the public. Some adverts
in newspapers tend to be vague and does not give information as it is. For instance, during the
adverts of land, hotels, and houses, the information may not be clear to the intended public as
compared to when the same information is advertised on the television.
However, the availability of some forms of media such as radios and televisions makes
them be preferred by many. Some of the people who depend on these media does not have an
option but to believe in the content provided by these media. This is because it is the only type of
media that are accessible to them which should not be the case as some of the information given
is somehow misleading. However, with the discovery of smartphones and the internet, most of
the people prefer to read blogs which contains information that is accurate and well researched.
Media Discussion
These blogs are accessible from everywhere, and at any time the reader may need them.
Nevertheless, not all blogs give the accurate information. This is because some bloggers do it for
money and therefore, they can write anything even if the content is misleading and inaccurate.
This, therefore, means that regardless of their availability, their content cannot be depended on.
At times, the media houses give information that taints names of other people or
organization which should not be the case. People who are loyal and know the positive side of
such institutions or people feel betrayed as they are being sold negative information that they are
not ready to buy (Levendusky & Malhotra, 2016). They feel that the content should have been
removed or not displayed in the first place. In conclusion, I would say that the content that the
media provides is the only important thing and media is only a tool to convey such information.
This means that one cannot exist without the other in the present world.
Levendusky, M., & Malhotra, N. (2016). Does media coverage of partisan polarization affect
political attitudes? Political Communication, 33(2), 283-301.
Media Discussion
Levendusky, M., & Malhotra, N. (2016). Does media coverage of partisan polarization affect
political attitudes? Political Communication, 33(2), 283-301.
The Development of Social Media
Institution Affiliation
There was a point in time whereby social media did not exist and even when it emerged,
it was not as developed as it is today (Boulianne, 2015). Therefore, before the emergence of
social media human beings’ behavior was mainly affected by their culture and beliefs. They did
things according to what they had been taught by those before them as this was the only way
they thought things could be done. The net effect of this was that human beings were limited
in terms of development and behavior. They lacked exposure and were as a result ignorant of
so many things. The emergence of social media has utmost the historical relevance to human
development and behavior.
Through social media, people were able to communicate with others who were far
away. As a result, they were able to maintain relationships that would otherwise have weakened
and diminished as well as form new relationships. According to Shah (2014), the formation of
the new relationships and the ability of human beings to access information from platforms like
CompuServe exposed them to the outside world. They were able to exchange ideas with others
and as a result, they learned new ways of doing things and grew intellectually. Consequently,
they became more knowledgeable and this way the behavior of human beings changed and
their development was enhanced.
Personally, social media development and evolution has impacted on me in several
aspects of my life. First of all, since people are now able to video call through social media, I
have been able to maintain my relationships with some of my friends who moved to different
countries and therefore meeting face to face was made impossible. My friends and I have been
able to share experiences and learn new things from each other. This has helped me to learn
more about different cultures and countries. Due to the evolution of social media, there are
various social groups that one can join online (Shah, 2014). As a result, I have developed new
behavioral trends. Currently, I dress better, eat healthier, and exercise more often.
This is mainly because fashion and a healthy lifestyle are emphasized on in most social
media groups for young people. The way I view, the world and issues, has also changed due to
the development of social media. In the social media groups that are formed based on people’s
age, gender, nationality, and profession, one comes across different people who think
differently. This widens a person’s reasoning scope and helps one to approach issues from
various angles. There is also so much information that one can access on social media platforms
especially from professional forums (Shah, 2014). I have as a result been able to learn a lot of
things and to gain exposure. I am consequently very knowledgeable currently thanks to social
The evolution and development of social media might impact on a developmental
psychology professional in various ways. The first is by learning more from peers. Since social
media currently allows people to form groups, vital and beneficial information can be acquired
from other professionals within the group (Boulianne, 2015). For instance, a developmental
psychology professional may inquire from her colleagues who come from various places about
their opinion on certain issues. This way, a developmental psychology professional may learn
different ways of dealing with an issue, consequently being more successful in addressing
patients’ issues, and enjoying the profession.
A developmental psychologist can also acquire new information from such forums
making them more informed (Boulianne, 2015). Through video conferencing, a developmental
psychology professional can be able to have sessions with their patients regardless of where
one is. This makes a developmental psychologist accessible round the clock and thus very
effective. Social media has generally impacted significantly on human behavior and
Shah, S. (2014, August 5). The History of Social Networking. Digital Trends. Retrieved from
Boulianne, S. (2015). Social media use and participation: A meta-analysis of current
research. Information, Communication & Society, 18(5), 524-538.

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