Expand a report about perfect paving for Metropolitan course

Our group, Perfection Paving, decided to do construction for the roads of Baltimore City because there is a lot of issues, where the roads are uneven, potholes, etc. that’s damaging to cars. We are responsible for making Baltimore City run a little smoother when it comes to the roads of street, alleys, and highways. Yes, there are some competitive advantages, metropolitan areas being treated differently, and surveys that one plays apart in to what is best to make Baltimore City metropolitan areas better or needs to be enhanced for drivers. As mentioned in the beginning, some targeted areas in Baltimore City our group focusing on Cherry Hill, Dundalk, and Bloomingdale. We plan to use sensors with colors that will help establish the problem in the roads and for us to get on top of the situation right away. Our company will help make the roads more effective to bring better in all types of conditions. That’s why we will have sensors with three colors (green, yellow, red) in the sensor to give feedbacks and report the area when the road is in need to be done. Also, our company will have apps on phone to give us an update on that particular metropolitan area wherever we go. A significant problem in the metropolitan area because it has to mostly deal with how long the roads have been reconstructed and the proper protocols made to keep the roads from being destroyed/damaged. It’s always been a factor where there is not proper documentation of when the roads needs to be redone every so many years, especially in inclement weather, which also causes problems as well. According to “America U.S. Department of Transportation”, the only way to prepare our transportation system for the next generation is to stop this cycle of short-term measures and pass a long-term transportation bill.” Down below shows that there is a percentage of the conditions in the road of Maryland, which cause repairs for cars.Both good roads and highways and public transport have benefits. Good roads and highways make travelling smooth and easy. Public transport makes life easier for people who do not have a personal vehicle, but of course it needs improvements as well. As Perfection Paving, we cannot ignore one or more roads that need to be better in the Metropolitan area of Baltimore. There are advantages that affect the way how one commute throughout the city of Baltimore and metropolitan areas because there is safety hazards like safety for taking part of traffic, especially at night because of the vision one can have or has at night which reduces the eyes of one-, also easy to reduce time to travel- where vehicles has less congested areas and accidents on the roads. These advantages play a tremendous part in our everyday lives. That is why our collaborative enterprise, Perfection Paving has taken the steps to create sensors with colors around the metropolitan areas of Baltimore to help with these advantages and fix the issues on the roads, highways, and other transportation areas.Our project on Perfection Paving has to do with the conditions of roads in the greater Baltimore area. We monitor the condition of them with sensors in the ground and fix them when the sensors detect potholes and other hazards that may impede efficient safe driving. Our target area for this initiative will be in Baltimore city, county, and the surrounding metropolitan area. Specifically in areas where numerous potholes have been reported and road conditions are bad. Areas include inner city streets, which have been marred by erosion and deterioration and have not been fixed in a long time. Perfection Paving would lay our road monitoring sensors in areas of the city like Cherry hill, Dundalk, and Bloomingdale after fixing the roads to record and report any new problems that arise such as potholes. Perfection Paving will also lay its road sensing infrastructure along all of the major highways such as I-95 and all the connecting roads such as 6-95 and 8-95 because these are essential to the traffic patterns of the area the commuter way of life revolves around these roads being operational and healthy. If these roads are down, the whole efficiency of the traffic pattern is null. When it comes down to what to work on first, roads will be rated on a scale of importance to the city, and the more important roads will be fixed first. Roads are always given a bad press. It must be remembered however that they can bring advantages for the economy, our life-styles, and even the environment. New roads from the use of our project will also boost the community’s economy such that improving transportation networks will provide economic benefits to the Baltimore city properties. By reducing the time it takes to travel, people in the Baltimore community can reduce fuel costs and vehicle depreciation. Using basic urban economic theory, these cost savings will benefit local property values. In other words, property values increase when building up the surrounding infrastructure. Also, with the use of our project we will be preventing the cause of any damage that one’s vehicle might face due to the cause of potholes in the area. When your vehicle experiences the sudden jolt from a pothole run-in, timely inspection is required. Otherwise, you could be up the creek with costlier damage and stress to other, budget-breaking vehicle parts and systems. In order to run a successful project such as Perfection Paving, it is important to address the needs of the projects stakeholders, effectively to predicting how the project will affect them and how they can affect our project. For this to happen, we will be having stakeholders such as Motor Vehicle Companies, Investors, Emergency services, Community, and Construction Manager.The technology that will be required for our project will be the road sensors and the paving equipment. The road sensors will be placed in the asphalt and will alert our system when there is an issue with the road. The paving equipment is simply for fixing the road. The road sensors are required to monitor the road for issues such as potholes, and other fallacies in the road that need to be fixed and the paving equipment requirement is to just fix the road. Due to the natural monopoly, we are the only company to face this initiative making their no competition. Due to how expensive our project is prepared to be, no one can get people to invest in a project of that price. We will be getting all types of investors, giving us many different amounts of money to help us create this project that will help out the City of Baltimore as well as help many other communities in the future. Our project deals with both existing infrastructures, or implementations of new infrastructures because it has to do with the roads. In this case, we have to repair the existing infrastructure to a new infrastructure. We are making the old existing infrastructure become more effective by replacing it and safer for those that are on the road. Perfection Pavings infrastructure is going to be very expensive. The road sensors/ tech and paving equipment are going to be the bulk of the supplies along with workers, office equipment, and other expenses. We plan on getting funding for this every other way big initiatives start out and that is through investment. Investors will invest in our idea and provide us with enough funds to get our idea off the ground and once the funds come in then paying back the investors will be no problem. We aren’t concerned with finding investors because of how quickly our society is moving toward technological automation of task such as monitoring roads, plenty of willing investors will be happy to donate toward our new and good idea that will make them money. We can also provide a great return on investment to them because we are going to be a natural monopoly so we can charge whatever we want, that means we are going to make a large profit in the long run because of the set prices and lack of competition. This will incentivize investors to support our idea.We believe that our project will cost about 1.5-2 million dollars to develop because of the expensive hardware and other things that will help the project run smoothly. Some specific hardware that we will need are sensors that go within the pavement of the road that are able to send signals to the headquarters, telling us when an accidents occurs and when damage is done to the road, in order for us to come and fix them. Other resources we will need is paving equipment such as pavement, trucks, workers, and tools of all sorts. Some more hardware we would use is computers that we use at HQ to send workers and 911 to accidents and damages in the road. Some software that we will use is whatever is within our computer sending signals back to the sensors within the road, allowing us to pinpoint exactly where these accidents and damages are.For our project goal, we need a variety of help and support from our community because making the community satisfy with the roads. As community, there are not a lot of help that they may offer to us. As a company, it will be helpful if we have volunteering if we had an emergency, the community will be part of it. Also, our company may cooperate with the community by managing the time that we will be working on the road, so the community will not get any kind of noise. In order for our plan to take effect, certain rules and regulation should take place due to the Department of Transportation. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration plays a role to issue safety regulations for construction companies such as Perfection Paving and employees working near roads. Rules such as requiring traffic signs with legible writing at all potentially dangerous construction points. Also, it should be vital that during construction process that areas have at least one person flagging traffic control and in a protective garment. Also, each employer must assign a competent person to each work zone to identify and correct hazards. Any employee exposed to traffic must wear reflective or highly visible apparel, such as a vest.People who would be impacted most by our project are the everyday people of the community that our project is in. Since our project has to do with the roads that people drive on, and how to make them stronger and more efficient when it comes to traffic and damages throughout the roads. Throughout the roads of the City of Baltimore, there are pot holes and cracks all throughout the roads. Along with pot holes, the traffic and amount of accidents are enormous. Our company, Perfect Paving, will layer a form of smart concrete which will have implemented signals into, which will tell us where there is traffic, accidents, and road damages within the road. This will also fill the pot holes that are already in the road, killing two birds with one stone. This will help with accidents not happening, and also help for when there is an accident, because the sensors in the pavement can sense the accident and then allow for traffic to go around it via a different route. Some side effects to our project could be things that affect the traffic. An example is when the roads are just so busy in the streets of Baltimore that every street is clogged up, not because of an accident, but because of the amount of people on that tight road all at one time. There is just simply too much traffic for the cars to move through. Another side effect that could occur with the project is that when there is an accident, if there’s not another road for cars to go on then the traffic can’t move, creating no traffic. Traffic is always difficult to deal with because it predominantly relays on how people drive. If people are very aggressive when they drive, it will wear out the roads more often as well as create more accidents, which also can damage the roads and pavement itself. If people drove slow and calm, then the roads wouldn’t wear out as quickly and this would also lead to less accidents which leads to less congestion within the streets of Baltimore.

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Expand a report about perfect paving for Metropolitan course
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