Expand my essay from 5 pages to 7 pages. Check the grammar and work cited pages.

HelloThis essay is about the benefits of rap music. I have written my first draft for 5 pages. I need you help me write two more pages for my final draft.I also want you to check my grammar and work cited page. I also need you to add one more journal sources in my paper.I will upload the requirement.Please follow the requirements.Thank you


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Expand my essay from 5 pages to 7 pages. Check the grammar and work cited pages.
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10 November 2017
Benefits of Rap Music
” Look, I was gonna go easy on you and not to hurt your feelings, but I’m only going to get this
one chance something’s wrong” ( Eminem) These lyrics are from the song, Rap God. It is my
first time to hear this new style of music performance in China. Moreover, I have never been so
engaged in this type of music that I listened to all of the Eminem’s rap songs at that time. When I
came to the United States, I started to recognize America is an absolute hip-hop nation. Rap
music has become one of the mainstream music and cultures in the American society over the
past 20 years. At the same time, the rap music is always listed top ten on the Billboard whenever
the time is. Uber driver always will play the rap music in the car when I take uber every time.
Therefore, there is the doubt that rap music is one of most popular music types in the United
States. However, rap music has ever been placed in the negative and controversial area because
the lyrics in the rap music contained some contents with sex, drugs, and violence. In my opinion,
the reason why people have the bias in reactions to rap music is that people only detected the
surface of the rap music and ignored the depth of the rap music. The rap music not only is a type
of music but also is also a mirror of the black community in America. Therefore, the rap music
could have some benefits on education, mental health, and social awareness to push the society
to keep moving forward.
Benefits on Education
There are some benefits of rap music in the Education field. More specifically, rhyme in the rap
music is a tool that constructed the knowledge together in the education, and it is also easier for
the student to memorize. According to the article, named Rap Music on Education: A
preliminary, the author made the experiment to test whether or not the rap music is a usefully
educational tool to be used in the class. The research is designed as a course activity. The math
teacher used rap music to improve students’ learning in Mathematics. The participants are
students. After class, the author interviewed participants for their thoughts and their own opinion
about the course activity. After ended, the comment of participants is “…Event was very nice, I
learned in an entertaining way.”, “…The event was very nice, I learned in an entertaining way …
The semiquavers were clapped like that right?” and “We did something different, and it’s cool.
Bringing forth new Rap lyrics makes me feel good.” (Salim 147) In my opinion, these
comments from students are classified as enjoyable and beneficial because rap music is a more
interesting scientifically educational method to promote the students’ study efficiency than the
traditional education method. At the same time, the other important part of rap music is that the
lyrics of rap music is so rhymed words that will enhance students’ memory for some hard
knowledge. On the other hand, the rap music is not only an educational tool in the school but
also is a socialized tool to build some new conversations with your friends. Through the
research of the experiment, ninety percentages of students were found to be rap listeners, and
more than half of the participants stated that they socialized through rap music at schools. (Salim
149) Therefore, rap music played a very important role in students’ life. Further, I thought music
is a tool that can reach people’s mind and intrinsic feeling to make friends with the same minds.
Rap music is also a platform for people to exchange their echo of pleasures and emotions each
other, which enriches students’ life and also will help students relieve some study stresses. In the
meanwhile, the rap music is a channel for people to speak freely and explain their attitude of the
Mental health
Everything will be better when the rosy ball springs out of the sea. Rap is a rosy ball to
delight poverty people’s life every day. According to the article, Impacts of Rap Music on
Youths, the author mentioned that ” many rappers rap about poverty and their struggles in innercity America while growing up. Once they achieve success, they talk about overcoming
obstacles and rising to the top”(“Impacts of Rap Music on Youth”). The lyrics of the rap music
that the rapper wrote can provide chicken soup for the soul because the youth will judge rapper’s
feelings by the lyrics, and the youth will compare themselves life to the rapper’s life. Moreover,
youths can understand and realize the success is not far from now. For example, I am an
international student to study at the American University, and there are many language obstacles
in every class. Especially studying in the Justice and Law, I was not familiar with American
politics and American justice system. However, I am also very interested in the Law because I
want to be a public lawyer to defend for poor people to maintain fair in the future. Therefore,
When I felt sick in the studying, I always listened to some rap music to encourage myself to keep
moving and keep telling myself my career goal in the future. One of the best songs that
encouraged is named I Know I Can. In the first verse of this song, the lyrics were written that
“Boys and girls, listen up. You can be anything in the world, in God we trust an architect, doctor,
maybe an actress. But Nothing comes easy, it takes much practice”.( Remi) The most important
that inspired me from these sentences is if I want to be something, I have to work hard and spend
much time on focusing on one thing that I am interested such as being a public defender in the
future. Life is a struggle with your unbelievable career goal. Nobody will be instead of working
anything for you. I always think how much time I spent and how much achievement that I
earned. Therefore, I thought rap music is a mental medicine in my mind to relieve my pain and to
give me hope every time.
Social Awareness
Rap music brought people social awareness to criticize the social problems. Under the
grandiose sound of rap music such as electronic music, many artists used their talents to create a
picture of the reality of American society. This kind of style will be easier for youths to accept
and understand what the society happened. At the same time, the core of rap music is aimed to
spread the love and peace to all the world people. The rapper hopes people will make some
positive changes after hearing the rap music. On the one hand, even though some of the lyrics in
the rap music includes some violent and unhealthy words, it is an attitude for rappers to explain
the anger of the negative aspects of life. ” While such lyrics were perhaps partially intended to
shock consumers, they also brought awareness to the country’s social problems, particularly
those in the inner city” ( “Impacts of Rap Music on Youth” ) Some of the social problems such
as drug addictions, poverty, homeless people, and violence are existing in the society. However,
the government can not avoid solving these issues. Furthermore, the rap music is a
communication bridge between poverty and the government. The government will better to
understand the intrinsic voice of poverty community. On the other hand, the rap music tended to
bring people together and peace. ” One of the great example of a rap song that sends this
message is entitled ” Self Destruction” and performed by the East Coast All Stars” (“Impacts of
Rap Music on Youth”). After hearing the ” self Destruction,” I am more understandable about the
unity meaning. Rap music is resulting in making people more unity. Moreover, after hearing this
song, the audiences will recognize the importance of the unity and diversity in this country. This
song also aroused American citizens who have different color skins in the American society
should be united together. Less discrimination will be safer.
Obviously, rap music has a lot of advantages on the education, mental health, and social
awareness. Rap music should not be discriminated as bias and should be respected. Rap music is
not only a music type but also a culture that should be protected. I hope in the future people will
pay more and more attention to the insight of the lyrics in the rap music. Violence does not stand
for activating the bad actions and does stand to fight against the crucial reality and unfairness.
Work Cited
Mathers III, Marshall Bruce. “Rap God.” 15 Oct. 2013.
“ positive Impacts.” Impacts of rap music on youths.
Remi, Salaam. “I Can.” God’s Song, 11 Feb. 2003.
Sever, S. (2016). Rap Music on Education: A Preliminary Study. Journal of Education and
Future, (9), 139-153. Retrieved from http://proxyau.wrlc.org/login?url=https://search-proquestcom.proxyau.wrlc.org/docview/1786778500?accountid=8285
WRIT 100
Professor Horne
Feature Essay Assignment
For this essay assignment, you will craft, compose, research, and write a feature essay about a
current pop culture trend in American culture/society. Think about what’s “trending” right now
and what are some major issues that keep popping up in the news or in social media. Now think
about what this trend/idea/thing says about the world we live in today.
Feature Essays typically show up in newspapers and magazines, often in sections of the paper on
culture (such as The Washington Post’s “Style” section or The Atlantic “Culture” section.) Other
examples of places where feature articles might show up are in popular, yet credible magazines
like Time, Newsweek, The New Yorker, Slate, or even Rolling Stone. A key aspect of a feature
article is that it illuminates a topic that is either not understood or misunderstood. What are most
people missing about the importance of an issue? Your job as the writer, therefore, is to use your
research and writing skills to educate a general audience about the topic and its significance.
For this assignment, write a feature essay about a pop culture trend or phenomenon connecting it
with course themes this semester on gender, class, culture, and media. It is your role as the
writer to help your reader understand what your issue or topic is and what it means. As you begin
researching and writing, consider critically some of the following questions: how did this trend
or idea become so popular? Why is it popular and why do people like/don’t like it? What can we
learn about ourselves or about those who participate in the trend? To get started it might be
useful to look into the history and background of the trend: when/where did it start? Who is
involved? How has this trend or idea changed over time? Does it seem to be having a “fifteen
minutes of fame moment” or do you think it might persist? Why/why not?
The goal of this essay is to make meaning out of this trend or phenomenon. By this I mean that I
do not want a report about a current topic and I don’t want just an explanation of the trend or
idea. Rather, I expect you to think critically and make keen connections and share sharp insights
about what this trend or phenomenon is revealing about the world we live in. In short, help your
reader understand what this trend really means in the grand scheme of things. Why should we
care? What is this showing and why is it important? Dig deep in your research and let it guide
your discoveries. One way to think about your argument is this: “Most of us think [insert your
trend/phenomenon here] is about X, but its really about Y.”
The topic you choose should be of the moment and it should be part of our current conversation.
It doesn’t have to be a huge or serious issue, it could be something small. As long as your issue is
something that interests you, and you are able to make compelling arguments about it, that is all
that matters. Meanwhile, like any good thesis, make sure that your topic is thought-provoking,
specific, arguable, and ambitious, yet manageable and focused.
A note about point of view and tone. As this is a feature essay, your tone may be more informal
and colloquial. You want to hook your reader in, draw them in, and convince them of your
arguments and claims. You want to sound interesting and engaging. However, that being said, as
you still need to offer and maintain a credible and authoritative voice in your essay, otherwise
you risk losing your reader.
When you find an issue you would like to focus on, try asking yourself the following questions
to help get started:
What are the core points and controversies of your issue/topic?
What information will you find as evidence and research about this topic?
What do you need to define or explain to readers so they can understand the topic?
Do your sources agree or disagree about something? Is there something in between?
Given your personal perspective and your analysis of the topic, what do you think?
Why is this topic relevant and important? Why should my readers care?
Requirements and Format
Your essay should be no less than seven pages and no more than nine pages.
It should include all of the required elements and be formatted according to MLA guidelines.
Your essay should be double-spaced, one inch margins, and in a size 12 standard font. Also,
your essay should be thoughtful and well-researched.
Integrate and cite at least TEN credible sources–at least FIVE of which should be scholarly or
academic in nature.
Grading Information
The grading rubric is posted to Blackboard. I suggest that as you work on your essay, you use
this rubric as reference.
Something to consider: Meeting the minimum requirements will earn you a C grade; challenging
yourself, taking risks, opting for the difficult choices, and pushing your thinking lead to higher

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