feedback Islam vs. Hinduism

For this assignment you are to give feedback regarding the following presentation. Please respond with 220 words .You may agree or disagree with the presentation. Give your reasons for your agreement or disagreement. Ask clarifying or critical questions. Give comments on any misunderstanding or misapplication of ideas.Islam vs. HinduismWhen considering Islam and Hinduism, there are many differences to consider among the two religions. Some of these differences include leaders, beliefs, and many other aspects that make them different. Hinduism is thought to be one of the oldest religions practiced. Islam is considered to be one of the most fasted growing religions.The first major difference between the two religions are who their followers believe in. Islam is considered to be a monotheistic religion. This means that they believe in only one God. The God the followers place their faith in is called Allah. Allah means the one and only God. According to the text on page 300 states, “The soul of Islam is to be found in its law rather than in its theology.” The belief in Islam is to surrender yourself to Allah who will then lead you through life. You must show a strong devotion to Allah in order for him to guide you through life. On contrast, Hinduism does not focus much on a specific God. They believe there is a specific way to live your life through the Hindu faith. Hinduism is a belief is specific duties and tasks that will lead you to a better way of life. In this religion, you will be “liberated” from birth and death.Another major difference between these religions is the religion based books each religion follows. Islam follows a scripture called the Quran. Followers of Islam believe that the Quran is from the words of Allah. The Quran is divided into different chapters that all contain different scriptures. This text is written in the Arabic language. Surah’s are called chapters in the Quran. There are 114 Surah’s in this piece of scripture. The Quran is still used today. A sample verse from the Quran reads, “Qur’an 4:163-16 Lo! We inspire thee (Muhammad) as We inspired Noah and the prophets after him, as We inspired Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the tribes, and Jesus and Job and Jonah and Aaron and Solomon, and as we imparted unto David the Psalms;” The scriptures used in Hinduism are more complex in numbers compared to Islam. In Hinduism, they use multiple books such as The Vedas, The Puranas, Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads, and many other forms of scriptures. As you can see, Hinduism uses more texts than in the Islam faith. Dharma is also another useful term used in Hinduism. Dharma is a law that defines the entire earth. The Code of Manu is also another important scripture. This text lists the behaviors and actions that those of the Hindu faith should follow. In Islam, they have a principle called the Five Pillars of Faith which can be compared to the Code of Manu. Both of these literature pieces are used as laws to be followed in order to gain complete faith and guidance. Islam has literature that is provided to its followers as a way to live their life. Hinduism literature is provided as a series of law books that tells its followers how to conduct their lives and do their civic duties as followers of the Hindu faith.The third major difference between Islam and Hinduism is the status and roles of the women in these religions. In the Hindu faith, women are not allowed to be independent. From birth, a female must be dependent on their father. At the age of marriage, the female must then be dependent on their husband. Then once she gives birth to sons, she is then held up to be dependent on her sons and husband. Therefore, women are never allowed to be independent on themselves. Men are allowed to select the women or girl they want to marry. In Hinduism, girls as young as eleven are allowed to get married. When it comes to menstruation and childbirth, women are belittled to be exiled away from others for a deration of time. For childbirth, women may be exiled to a separate room of the house or to a new location for up to forty days after the child is born. When menstruation occurs, women will be exiled for the deration of the menstruation and given a holy bath and then she can return to the family. The term used for these situations is called Purdah. Another instance for the belittling of women is when they become a widow. If they are a widow in the Hindu faith, they are forced to shave their heads. They are also forced to dress different than the other women. Widow suicide is also very prevalent in this religion. The treatment you got as a woman sometimes depended on whether you were higher or lower class. In some instances, women who were of higher class had more attention on them caused them to have harsher treatment. Studies have shown that the women in Hindu faith are starting to earn higher rankings in the religion. Some are serving on the offices for state in India. In Islam, women were known to have higher positions comparted to those in other religions. Women were allowed to propose to men. For example, Muhammed and Khadija were together after Khadija proposed to Muhammed. Another note to mention is the Khadija was forty and Muhammed was 25 when she proposed. In the Quran, it preached equality among the sexes. As Islam began to spread, the practices of degrading women began to become more prevalent. During the 750 B.C. and onward, the respect of women was diminishing quickly. Soon, literature and other aspects of the religion were directed towards men. When leadership began to change in Islam, leaders thought that women should obtain an education. Leaders wanted the women to play a more important role in society. Women started to come together to figure out a solution for the lack of rights occurring and they sure did accomplish what they wanted. Soon after this, women’s rights started to become established. Feminists started to divide when the discussion of veils came into play. Some were in favor of them, and some were not. As you can see, these religions had major differences when it came to the role of women. Islam degraded their women by forcing them to stay by themselves in exile during or after childbirth or menstruation. There are many characteristics that separate Hinduism and Islam. For example, Hinduism believes in a specific way of life. Islam believes in one God that will provide and guide them to live a happy life. The literature that both religions used were different. Islam used the Quran as a basis of practice and guidance. Allah was the one who was believed to have written the Quran for his people to follow. Hinduism used a wider collection of books that includes the Vedas, Puranas, and many other books. Lastly, one dramatic difference was the way that women were treated and given roles in religion. In Islam, women were treated very poorly. There were sent away when they were menstruating and were also sent away when their children were born. Women also were not allowed to be independent in Islam. They had to be under the leadership of their father as a child, under the leadership of their husband during marriage, and under the leadership of their sons and husband for the rest of time. Widowed women were also treated very different than other women. In Hinduism, women were allowed to have more rights and were treated much better. There are dramatic differences that cause them to be much different from one another. (Word count 1,264.)Sources:

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