Final Project: HRIS Proposal and Presentation regarding HRIS

Final Project: HRIS Proposal and PresentationAt this point of the project, you have identified the problem and an HRIS solution for the business. Now you want the executive team to accept your proposal.Using your readings, research from library databases (such as Business Source Complete via EBSCO, Business via ProQuest, ASP: Human Resource Management Online, and eBooks via EBSCO), and your previous course project assignments with your instructor’s feedback, write a business proposal for the executive team that details the risks, assumptions, impact, etc. of the proposed implementation of the HRIS.This course project assignment has two parts: (1) a professional proposal and (2) PowerPoint presentation that you would present to the Executive team to accept your business plan.Do not copy and paste the papers from the Milestones. You are now finalizing and summarizing. You are applying critical thinking skills to the data you’ve collected.THE POWER POINT PRESENTATION SHOULD BE 6-8 PAGES/SLIDES WITHOUT COUNTING THE COVER SLIDETHE PROPOSAL SHOULD BE 6-8 PAGES (not counting the APA-formatted cover page, ABSTRACT PAFE and references page) and will be distributed at an executive meeting, where the presentation will be presented. The proposal needs to contain research and in-text citations from at least 5 credible sources. The proposal should contain these sections:Â INTRODUCTION: A brief description of the business and current business operations, and the basics about the HRIS that is chosen.HRIS NEEDS: This section should summarize the information from Milestone Two. Explain why ABC Corporation needs an employee information, Payroll, and Benefits/Compensation HRIS. What are the advantages of implementing this type of HRIS?HRIS RECOMMENDATION: Share the vendor recommendation. You must validate and substantiate this recommendation. You need to show that this vendor is the best choice and why. This is where you include business risks, financial impact, deliverables, etc. Make recommendations that fit the needs of your analysis.Benefits/Cost Savings: Present the cost and return on investment for the proposed vendor. Don’t forget to use initial cost as well as monthly cost per employee. What is the cost savings per year for the first 2 years? What is the ROI for the HRIS? If you are unable to find out what the actual costs are, you can use assumptions based on industry averages.CONCLUSION: The conclusion is logical, flows from the body of the paper, and reviews the major points.***** PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS STEP BY STEP. TEACHER IS SUPER STRICT FOR THE ASSIGNMENTS. NO PLAGIARISM. I ATTACHED THE 2 FIRST MILESTONE FOR THE GUIDANCE, BUT AS TEACHER SAID, DO NOT COPY AND PASTE IT. HE LOVES ABSTRACT PAGE, IN-CITE CITATIONS, AND THE HEADINGS, SO IN PROPOSAL MUST BE THERE!!!! THE PROPOSAL DOCUMENT IN APA AND THE POWER POINT PRESENTATION MUST BE BOTH INSIDE A ZIP FILE TO SUBMIT IT. ***********Please take a look to all attachments for this assignment is very important!!! ****Thanks


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Final Project: HRIS Proposal and Presentation regarding HRIS
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Unformatted Attachment Preview

B390/MAN3322 Section 02 Human Resource Information Systems – Online Plus – 2017 Fall
Human resource information management systems play a significant role in the day-today running of business organizations. They improve efficiency by automating most of the
manual administration tasks thereby creating more time for employees to engage in activities that
are more constructive. In this report, types of HR applications have been discussed in detail
including their functions and benefits to the organization as a whole. HRIS offer sufficient and
comprehensive information about people & jobs. HRIS supply up to date information at a
reasonable cost and provide data security & personal privacy.
The human resource information system is primarily a merge of the human resources and
information technology through human resource software. HRIS, therefore, allows for
automation of HR activities and processes since they occur electronically. The use of such
systems leads to more efficiency about decision making in human resource. Efficiency results in
quality, which leads to improved productivity of the employees in general. There are different
HRIS applications as described below.
Bamboo HRIM Application
BambooHRIM application is tailored to cater for small- and medium-sized companies
that have outgrown the use of spreadsheets. It makes use of information centralization where
employee information is centralized in one location hence making it easier for human resource to
find relevant employee information.
Services provided by BambooHR
Bamboo HR management application software offers a range of services including
Attendance management, compensation management, employee lifecycle management,
onboarding, performance appraisal and training management.
Benefits of Implementing the Bamboo HR management Application
Research shows that the use of Bamboo HRIM application ends up saving more time for
the employees. The time saved can be used in helping others do their jobs even better. Another
benefit of implementing this software is that it minimizes the use or full dependence on manual
paperwork which in turn leads to improved efficiency (Smolcic, 2014).
How the Application Supports Day-to-Day HR Responsibilities
The application plays a considerable role in supporting the day-to-day HR
responsibilities. For instance, it allows for the HR to access employee information and functions
at any time including after work hours thus making supervision very easy. The BambooHR also
helps the HR to create and share reports with the staff over a short period using its built-in
reporting functionality feature; this saves a lot of time for the HR (Nel, 2012).
Qualtrics Employee Experience HRIM Application
The qualtricsHR system plays a prominent role in automation of HR services by
automatically identifying and prioritizing the most essential and prioritized action items and
appropriately linking them to the required action plan.
Services Provided by QualtricsHR
Among the services offered by the application are: applicant training, compensation
management, employee lifecycle management, onboarding, performance appraisal, and training
management. Qualtrics allows one to analyze open text to identify key themes and emerging
issues (Tenforde, 2010).
Benefits of Implementing the Qualtrics Employee Experience Application
QualtricsHR is highly beneficial since its capabilities to Measure employee
experiences at every significant milestone of the employee lifecycle helps the organization to
establish possible baselines to measure the employee’s future performance. The software also has
capabilities to Prioritize and predict critical drivers of engagement and experience which plays a
significant role in improving efficiency. It plays a big part in driving action throughout the
organization with role-based dashboards and action plans.
How the Application Supports Day-to-Day HR Responsibilities
Qualtrics comes in handy for the HR on the day-to-day responsibilities of an
organization. The application helps in automatically increasing employees’ engagement and
productivity, identification of top performers for purposes of developing employee skills,
increasing employee lifetime value and reducing unwanted costs in the running of the
organization. Such tasks typically are very exhausting when done manually; the software is
therefore very crucial in the day to day running of a company.
Workable HRIM Application
Workable human resource management application software provides an interface to
track and manage candidates. It makes use of visual hiring pipelines to give live status updates
for every job with wealthy candidate profiles.
Benefits of Implementing the Workable HRIM Application
Some of the benefits accrued to the implementation of workable are: It allows the use of
the database and talent CRM to nurture and progress prospects over time. Structured interview
processes together with interview kits can also be created using the application. Actionable
feedback with customized scorecards is also automatically generated. The trackable
communication service offered by the app ensures smooth collaboration of the HR and the
employees under his supervision. Lastly workable is not only available for desktop but also
How the Application Supports Day-to-Day HR responsibilities
WorkableHR is supportive of the HR in many ways. For instance, it has provided for
automation in employee evaluation and appraisal. The software allows employees to log into the
organizations portal and evaluate themselves, a process which was previously done manually by
the HR. The software also comes in handy when the HR is to recruit new employees since the
whole process is automated. The overall result is that the HR is able quickly to review candidates
that are more qualified when they apply for an open requisition.
Zoho Recruit HRIM application
Zoho Recruit is Software used for business recruitments. The functionality of this system
is wholly dependent on the online platform. The software can be used to: publish jobs to a
website, job boards, and importation and parsing of resumes, create custom reports,
communicate with email, send text messages and conducting advanced searches (Grobler, 2005).
Benefits of Implementing the Zoho HRIM Application
Zoho recruiter is advantageous in that it can be easily customized to fit the client’s
needs. It is flexible and can be changed to suit the organization’s needs with time. The
application is also useful regarding maintaining reports, and additionally, it is user-friendly.
Another benefit is that the technical support team is very responsive; the user will not have to
wait for so long to be attended to in case the program develops complications.
How the Application Supports the Day-to-Day HR responsibilities
The application saves the user of the tedious work involved in data entry since such tasks
are automated. The integration of Zoho recruit with the G suite tools has made research work
more manageable for the HR since the available tools are easy to use and one requires no
training. The software makes management easier since alerts are sent when the sales process is
not followed by appropriate action to be taken. Most importantly, the application ensures that
data is up to date by using Pie Sync’s two-way capabilities, which automatically update in
Prosper Works whenever any changes are made to the company s Google account.
Calamari HRIM Application
CalamariHR software eases all aspects of management. It allows the user to plan and
track all kinds of vacations including time off and sick leave. It makes work even more relaxed
since one can use mobile applications to do the expected management tasks. The software is the
best suit for companies with offices in multiple countries and locations. Furthermore, it supports
role-based security. The software is also integrated with G-suite tools and several others. It offers
Attendance Management and Compensation Management services.
Benefits of Implementing Calamari HRIM Application
One of the main advantages of using Calamari software is its ease of use and userfriendliness. No training is required for one to use the application. The application also allows
for decentralization of operations. It will enable the managers to see the location status of the
employees in real time. Most importantly is that the software is flexible and can be tailored to
adapt to multi-companies, multi-countries, and multi-rules.
How the Application Supports the Day-to-Day HR responsibilities
The application’s integration with the Google calendar is of great help to the HR and
every other user since it enables one to set reminders. The app also allows the manager to
remotely keep track of all the hours an employee is to work, holidays including sick leaves. The
software’s compatibility with g-mail makes it easier for the user to back up data, receive and
send information.
The human resource information management systems play a huge role in ensuring
efficiency and professionalism in the organizations where they are used. HRIS has a strategic,
tactical, & operational use of the human resource of a team. HRIS collect, store and process
employee information, and allow an organization to assess the effectiveness of HR policies,
programmers and decisions depending on the company’s needs, various HRIM systems can be
chosen and modified to suit the user’s needs. Usually, it is a recommendation that organizations
pick on the user and economically friendly software for the best results.
Grobler, P. A. (2005). Human resource management in South Africa. Cengage Learning EMEA.
Nel, P. d. (2012). Human resource management in Australia and New Zealand.
Smolcic, N. T.-S. (2014, July). The Advantages And Affordability Of Human Resource
Information System’s (Hris) Implementation In The Small Business Sector. In
Competition Forum, p. 8.
Tenforde, A. S. (2010). Electronic web-based surveys. An effective and emerging tool in
research, 307-309.
B390/MAN3322 Section 02 Human Resource Information Systems – Online Plus – 2017 Fall
HRIS is a human resource information system or an intersection of human resources and
information technology through a human resources software solution. The use of HRIS allows
the activities and processes of the HR department to occur electronically. In these times of
advanced technology and advancement of science is an excellent solution for the entry, tracking,
and data information needs of human resources functions, such as payroll, administration, and
accounting. The objective of this software, in general, should provide the ability to plan, control
and manage more efficiently the costs of human resources, achieve better efficiency and quality
in decision-making, and improve the productivity and effectiveness of employees and
In this world of constant change, new technologies are continuously being developed.
These changes require that organizational leaders know the different types of technology that
could improve the effectiveness of the organization. Human Resources Information Systems
have evolved dramatically over the years. Human resources software is now full of functions, not
just data storage systems. It has been developed to help the organization to store employee data
more safely and accurately it Efficiently. It is used as a tool that human resources professionals
can use daily for different purposes. With the use of the HRIS, companies can keep records more
accurate and updated, allowing them to better prepare for the future growth of their businesses.
The decisions made should also increase in quality, and as a result, the productivity of both
employees and administrations should improve and become more efficient.
Human Resource Information System involves the use of computer software in small and
big businesses to conduct activities such as management, monitoring payroll, accounting and
also performing duties which are related to human resource information. ABC is a mid-size
company; we will look at how Human Resource Information System enables its operational
system like employee payroll, benefits, and compensations. Human Resource Information
System allows means of acquiring, storing, analyzing, and distributing information to various
stakeholders of ABC Corporation (Knowles, 2014). On the other hand, we shall look at the
importance of Human Resource Information System to the ABC Corporation over storing
employee data, managing payroll, and benefits in management and compensation retrieval.
ABC Corporation is a mid-size company with a high number of workers; they find it very
difficult in Microsoft word and excel managing employee payrolls, retrieval of benefits and
accurate calculation of interest. Therefore, the need for the use of Human Resource Information
System to ease all these activities for the efficient running of the company. Having a business
with three branches across different cities is good development truck for a medium company like
ABC Corporation; hence, it is costly to monitor activities related to Human Resource. The
company is not realizing its potential benefits since it is spending much time payroll for
departments that are tracking its funds in a manual or analog form.
Extra payments that are made to Human Resource Department and clerks are too much
and can help in developing other sectors of the company. The company is not large enough but is
using much of its income in salaries than saving. It is advisable for the company to adopt the use
of Human Resource Information System, which is very efficient and cheap. In managing the
payroll of employees; the software automates the data by acquiring employees’ time and
attendance, scheming various assumptions and taxes received, creating a periodic pay a check
and worker tax report (Chi, 2014). Information is fed from Human Resources and timekeeping
modules to calculate automatic deposits and manual check writing capabilities.
In monitoring the benefits of ABC Corporative, the management should use Benefits
Administration Module, which delivers a system for the organization to govern and track
employee contribution in Module, which forms. This mainly encompasses insurance,
reimbursement, profit sharing, and retirement plans. This will help ABC Corporative to improve
on its outputs which will further lead to expansion into other cities within and outside the United
States of America. Unnecessary spending will be well monitored by use of this module, because
it is software, which automatically provides required information when the data is keyed in, ABC
Corporate should prefer it to use of word document and excel to manage. The problem that the
company is incurring is too much when it comes salaries, and this can be dealt with the use
Human Resource Information System that is more convenient than the method used by the
The Human Resource Information System will by large margin help the ABC
Corporative to produce paychecks and payroll reports in a more affordable way to the company
than unnecessary spending that results from Human Resource. It will also help the company to
maintain personal records of all its employees (Stone, 2013). Furthermore, Human Resource
Information System will help the business recruit process, benefit administration and keeping of
attendance records of employees. This will profoundly increase the company output, which is
vital in the expansion and development of this company.
For maximum efficiency and productivity of ABC Corporative, elements of Human
Resource Information System, which should be adopted, are; Payroll module, which
computerizes the pay process by collecting data on employee time attendance. The second
element is the time and appearance module, which gathers uniform time and work, related
efforts. The third aspect is the benefits administration module, which delivers a structure for an
organization to govern and track employee involvement in benefits platforms. The last element is
Human Resource module, which is a component of covering many other Human Resource
aspects from the time of application to retirement time. These factors will champion the
development and visible progress of this company.
In conclusion, it is evident that ABC Corporative has been using an outdated and
traditional method of management, which has led to incurring unnecessary spending. These
spending have curtailed the development of this company hindering its vision of growing by
100% in three years’ time. Therefore, the company is advised to adopt the use Human Resource
Information System to save it from matching parallel to its dream. The goal of this organization
will only be realized when this cheap and accurate method of management is put into
consideration. In regards to the observed benefits and importance of Human Resource
Information System discussed above, the company should abandon the currently used
management system and resort to this beneficial policy to realize its dream of achieving 100%
growth in coming years.
Knowles, M. S., Holton III, E. F., & Swanson, R. A. (2014). The adult learner: The definitive
classic in adult education and human resource development. Routledge. Emerging issues
in theory and research on electronic human resource management (eHRM).
Chi, B. H., Thirumurthy, H., & Stringer, J. S. (2014). Maximizing benefits of new strategies to
prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission without harming existing services. Jama,
312(4), 341-342.
B390/MAN3322 Section 02 Human Resource Information Systems – Online Plus – 2017 Fall
HRIS is commonly termed as the human resource management system, the HRMS. The
term is an intersection of human resources as well as the information technology in
considerations to the HR software. HRIS system with software enables the firms to manage
different activities with inclusion in the accounting, management, and payroll. The system
supports the company in strategizing for its HR expenditure, managing them, and controlling
them to avoid excess allocation of the resources.
The paper considers the two vendors namely Cereal and Keka HR platforms. Cereal HR
platform involves the breathing of pure air within the cloud, the human capital management
space, concerning all of the marketing needs. Keka, on the other hand, leads the cloud-based full
HR software. The consideration made was on the Keka HR Platform as it provides a successful
end-to-end benefit with inclusion to statutory compliance. Different factors are involved in the
selection of the Keka vendor such as functionality, support, reliability, and usability. It is found
that Keka software to be more convincing and more fitting concerning t …
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