“History” Cevilization quiz

Hi, I have a quiz which is 2 questions: How should we interpret Caillebotte’s presentation of late 19th century Paris (on a rainy day)? What social forces are at work? How is this modern?2. How should we interpret Yoshitora’s renderings of American life in the mid-to-late 19th century? What is he doing? How is this modern?


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“History” Cevilization quiz
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Century India
British India 1857
“Burning of a Hindoo Princess,” 1832
Hindu Thugs and Poisoners, from the Illustrated
London News, 1857
“Thugee” from Indiana Jones and the
Temple of Doom
“Monkey Man”
Century Transformations of
1) Culturally: Thugee / Sati
2) Politically: Development of the Raj
3) Economically: Industrialization
a) Destruction of Handicraft Industries
b) Subsistence Agriculture to Cash Crops
c) Creation of a Plantation Economy
Creating Europe in Asia
British East India Company Army
Creating Europe in Asia
British East India Company Officers
Great Mutiny
Sepoy Rebellion
First War For Independence
What’s the Difference?
Resistance to the Creation of Europe in Asia
The First War for Indian Independence (the Great Mutiny)
Resistance to the Creation of Europe in Asia
The First War for Indian Independence (the Great Mutiny)
Resistance to the Creation of Europe in Asia
The First War for Indian Independence (the Great Mutiny)
Resistance to the Creation of Europe in Asia
The First War for Indian Independence (the Great Mutiny)
British East India Company Officers
Resistance to the Creation of Europe in Asia
Former British Officers during the Great Mutiny
Remains of Luckow
Memorial at Cawnpore (Kanpur)
Siege of Kawnpore (Kanpur)
Rape of Cawnpore (Kanpur)
Siege at Cawnpore (Kanpur)
Rape at Cawnpore (Kanpur)
Creating Europe in Asia
Execution of Mutineers (British Postcard, 1860)
British Calcutta (Kolkata)
1) Economic Museum
2) Dalhousie Institute
3) Government Dispensary
4) Foreign Department
5) Military
6) Office of the Justices
7) Betrick’s Statue
8) Auckland’s Statue
9) Canning’s Statue
10) Harding’s Statue
11) Lawrence’s Statue
12) Mayo’s Statue
13) Peel’s Statue
14) Corinthian Theatre
15) Theatre Royal
16) Opera House
17) Theatre
18) Asiatic Society
Queen Victoria Memorial, Kokata
Anglo-Indian or “Company” school paintings
from Tanjore, South India, circa 1830
The British and their World
British Postcard, Gardener, c. 1920s
British Postcard, Table Boy, c.
British Postcard, Dog Boys, c. 1900
The British and their World
We must at present do our best to form a
class who may be interpreters between
us and the millions who we govern; a
class of people Indian in blood and color,
but English in taste, in opinions, in morals
and in intellect.
Thomas Babington Macauley
Ram Mohan Roy
Swami Vivekananda
Vivekananda the Wanderer
Europeans are: wild animals who see no
difference between good and evil.
Slaves to women, insane in their lust,
drenched in alcohol from head to foot,
unclean, materialistic… dependent on
material things, grabbing other people’s
land by hook and crook. The body itself
and its appetites [are] their only
Two Paths of Anti-Colonial Resistance
1) Modernization and Westernization
a) Class Differentiations?
b) “British Rule without the British”
c) Who’s India (Algeria, etc.)?
2) Tradition
a) Political Resistance?
b) Religious Differentiation?
c) Class / Caste Differentiations?
d) Who’s India (Algeria, etc.)
The Chinese
Opium Storage Facility in British India
“Opium Den” in Guangzhou
Chinese Officials destroying British Imported
Hong Xiuquan
Taiping Version of the “Good Society”
1) Common Ownership of Land
2) Abolition of SlaverY
3) Abolition of Concubinage, Footbinding and
Arranged Marriages
4) Abolition of Opium
5) Abolition of Judicial Torture
6) Abolition of the Worship of Idols
Western-Trained “Ever Victorious Army”
Charles “Chinese” Gordon
Resistance to the Creation of Europe in Asia
The Boxer Rebellion
Boxer forces in Nanjing
The Boxer Rebellion in Le Petit Journal
The Boxer Rebellion in Le Petit Journal
The Boxer Rebellion in Le Petit Journal
The Boxer Rebellion in Le Petit Journal
Creating Europe in Asia
Spheres of Influence
Pu Yi
Pu Yi
Sun Yat Sen
Sun’s “Three in One Revolution”
1) National Revolution: Expel the Manchu
and Establish a “Chinese National” State
2) Democratic Revolution: Autocracy
replaced with Democracy
3) Social Revolution: Land Redistribution
Sun Yat Sen and the “Hundred Days”
• Modernizing the exam system
• Elimination of sinecures
• Creation of a modern education system (math and
science rather than Confucian texts)
• Democratization
• Industrialization and the development of the economy
through manufacturing commerce and capitalism
• Militarization
Period of Warlordism
The Chinese 19th Century
Question: What factors contributed to the fall of the Qing Dynasty? What challenges
did European imperialism present? How did differing internal Chinese movements seek
to (re)organize Chinese society?
Opium Wars and the “Opening of China”
A. British Trade Imbalance
B. Opium as the Answer
C. Opium Wars
1. Chinese Ports Opened
2. China and the Global Marketplace
3. Social and Cultural Upheaval
4. Remaking China
Taipings and the Heavenly Kingdom
A. The Good Society
B. Ever Victorious Army
C. Self Strenghtening Movement
D. Boxer Rebellion
1. “Support the Qing Destroy the Foreign”
2. Spheres of Influence and the Open Door Policy
1911 Revolution and the Nationalists
A. New Culture Thinking
B. Marxism and Nationalism
C. Sun Yat-sen
Three in One Revolution
2. 100 Days
3. Three Stages of Revolutio
D. Period of Warlordism
19th Century India
Question: How does the Indian experience of nation-building in the 19th century compare
to other similar (and dissimilar) processes underway simultaneously in Asia?
I India
1) Formation of the British East India Company
a) Acquisition of an informal empire
b) Conjunction of Capitalism and Colonialism
2) First War for Indian Independence / (the Great Mutiny)
a) Transformation of Indian subjects (little brown Englishmen?)
i. Sati
ii. Thugee
b) Politics (The Raj and Princely States)
c) Industrialization, Deindustrialization, and Commodity Agriculture
d) The Indian Army
3) The First War for Independence
a) Visions of Britain in India Cawnpore / Lucknow
b) Violence and the Colonial Project
c) Remaking India and Indians
i. Cataloging India and Creating Cosmologies
4) Administering Empire—Creating the Indian Middle Class
a) 200,000 “Britishers” / 400,000,000 “Indians”
b) Ram Mahan Roy
c) Swami Vivekananda

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