How soon can this get completed?

Start by completing the following for your report. It is time to finalize your Key Assignment (Software Development Quality Plan).


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Key Assignment Draft
Start by completing the following for your report:
Update all previous sections based on instructor and peer feedback.
Change the cover sheet to indicate the current phase, date, etc.
Add the sections below to your document.
Section 7: Project Quality
Based on the model you chose, determine the various project milestones that are within
the project. Describe the review process that will take place at each of these milestones,
such as the following:
o At the end of project planning, the charter, project plan, and schedule will be
reviewed and approved.
o At the end of the requirements phase, all requirements and early design
documents will be reviewed and approved by a specific person and with a specific
o There should be at least 8?10 minor and major milestones (could be a document
sign-off, to a phase-end).
Feel free to create a table of these things, and if necessary, map it to the governance
needed and the project management activities.
You can do this with a table or a diagram, and put some comments after it describing the
key points.
This entire section should be very usable. Long paragraphs are not needed. A table or a
diagram is more appropriate.
Section 8: Product Quality
Describe the type of product testing that will take place for this project at a summary
level in the opening paragraph of this section.
Phases of testing:
In the next section, indicate the phases of testing that will take place. Identify the
deliverables and approvals that will need to be delivered.
Include (at a minimum) the following:
o Unit
o Integration
o System
o Acceptance
o Performance or usability
Describe each type of testing within 2?3 sentences each. Include the goal of each phase
of testing, as well as the roles involved.
This is an actionable document that a lot of people will use. Present this information in an
easy-to-read format, such as a table.
Please submit your assignment.
For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course
Section 7: Project Quality
Below is the project milestone and quality table
Project planning complete
Requirement Analysis phase complete
System design phase complete
Implementation phase complete
Integration and testing phase complete
Deployment phase complete
Maintenance phase complete
Transition to client control complete
Review Process
When this phase is complete the risk analysis,
project charter, project plan and scheduled
will be reviewed and approved before moving
forward to the nest phase.
All possible requirements for the project will
be documented, reviewed and approved.
Requirements will then be gone over again to
make sure that nothing was left out. This will
also mark the creation of the requirements
documentation where all requirements are
The requirements from the previous phase
will be reviewed and studied. The system
architecture will be reviewed and
documented. This marks the completion of
the system design document.
The units that are created from the system
design document will be tested for
functionality. These units will be reviewed in
preparation of the next phase.
Units will be integrated with one another and
tested for any errors or failures. The system
will be tested after each unit is integrated.
Once this phase is complete the entire system
will be tested for failures or faults.
Once the system is deployed into the native
environment it will be tested for errors.
Patches and fixes will be installed into the
system for any errors or faults that arise after
the deployment phase. These fixes will be
tested against the native environment.
This is the final phase of the project and
marks the end of the project. The system will
be reviewed a final time to make sure all
requirements are met and to make sure there
are no errors or faults with the system. The
system is handed over to client control.
Section 8: Product Quality
Below is the phases of testing table.
Performance / Usability
Unit testing involves only the characteristics
that are important to the performance of the
unit while being tested. This can be done
manually or can be automated. Units will be
tested to make sure that they are error free. It
must be known that it may not be possible to
test with every input method that will occur
when run in the environment.
Integration testing is combining the units into
multiple groups and testing them. The groups
will be tested in multiple ways for errors or
faults. This can be done using the bottom up
method or the top down method.
The entire system will be tested to make sure
that there are no faults or errors. The system
will also be tested to make sure that all
requirements have been met.
This phase of testing to check that the system
meets the requirements required in the real
world. The system will be tested by
independent tester or potential customers.
This testing will test to check the overall
functionality of the system.
In this phase of testing the system will be
tested under use for daily activity. Tests will
be done with an observer who will watch
listen and take notes on any usability issues.
Performance of the system will also be tested
to make sure the performance requirements
are met.
Key Assignment
It is time to finalize your Key Assignment (Software Development Quality Plan).
Update all of the sections where you have received feedback from your peers and instructor.
These sections should already be complete, and may only need to be updated:
Project goals and scope
Project management process
Requirements management
Process and product quality assurance
Software development methodology
Project quality
Product quality
The following new sections are to be added to your project for this week (2?3 pages):
Section 9: Quality Checklist
Create a table that includes the following:
List 10?12 deliverables that would be required throughout the entire software
development life cycle.
Include a key statement that describes the quality review definition.
This would be used as a running list of deliverables and will review the criteria for the
entire project. It should contain 4 columns:
o Phase, or area of methodology where this deliverable is created
o Deliverable name
o Deliverable description
o Description of quality
Include an introductory paragraph describing what the reader is looking at, and how to
use the table.
This is different from Section 6. Section 6 dealt with what standards and activities you should
follow. These are deliverables, not activities. That said, there may be some tangential overlap to
Section 6. This is allowable, but try to avoid it as much as possible, or add additional new
information. In Section 6, the activity may have been to create a particular deliverable, and in
this area you simply have the deliverable.
The example below shows that there are 2 deliverables per phase using a waterfall-type model.
Use the model you selected earlier and the terms that your particular methodology
uses. Although your quality checklists may vary, here is an example:
Deliverable Name Deliverable
2?3 sentences to
describe this
Description of
What will you look
for to make sure
this is a quality
deliverable? 1?2
Section 10: Maintenance and Support
Describe the maintenance and support plan for this software application. Indicate the following:
Show how the changes will be dealt with, whether they are defects or enhancement
requests. Create a diagram showing the flow.
Create an overall maintenance release schedule that shows the next 4 releases
and indicates the cut-off dates for changes, etc.
Write 1?2 paragraphs detailing the user support plan. This should indicate what the users
can count on regarding support. Include any documentation that the users may have
available to them, as well as detailing first- and second-level support procedures.
Be sure to update the table of contents, and ensure that all formatting (such as the APA reference
sheet) is done correctly.
Please submit your assignment.
For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course
Section 9: Quality Checklist
Below is the quality check list table
Deliverable name
Deliverable Description
Requirements Analysis
System Requirements
The requirements
document contains all of
the requirements for the
system. This needs to
encompass every
requirement needed for
the system.
Requirements Analysis
System Design
System design doc
Unit combination
Complete unit test
Requirements Testing
Description of Quality
All possible
requirements for the
project will be
documented, reviewed
and approved.
Requirements will then
be gone over again to
make sure that nothing
was left out.
The milestones mark the Milestone will need to
advancement in the
be checked to make sure
project. Each milestone
they allow a realistic
in each phase will need
time line. Milestone will
to be met before moving need to be fully
onto the next phase.
completed before
moving onto the next
The system design doc
The system architecture
includes the system
will be need to be
architecture. The
reviewed before going
document also includes
onto the next stage. The
requirements such as
system design doc
hardware specs.
should cover hardware
The units are the
Units will need to be
smallest part of the
tested individually for
overall system. They are any errors. Any errors
created individually.
found are corrected.
The units created in the
Ensure that the units are
previous phase will be
being integrated one at a
combined with one
time. Check for errors or
another. This is normally faults during the
done one at a time.
This is where all of the
Once all of the units
units have been
have been integrated test
integrated with one
the entire system for
another. The entire
errors or faults. Resolve
system is then tested.
errors and faults that
The entire system will
Make sure that all of the
be tested in this phase.
requirements have been
The system is tested to
met accordance with the
make sure that
requirements doc.
requirements are met.
Acceptance Testing
Environment testing
System patching
Requirements not met
will are documented.
This testing is normally
Review tests from
done by independent
requirements testing to
testers or customers.
make sure requirements
This tests the
are met. Document any
requirements in a real
discrepancies that come
world scenario.
from acceptance testing.
The system will be
Check for errors in the
deployed into the native system while in the
environment. The
native environment.
system is then tested
Document the errors and
again for errors while in any resolutions to the
the new environment.
This is where the system Install patches and fixes.
is patched and fixes are
Document what patches
installed. The is the main were installed and when.
phase of error resolution.
Section 10: Maintenance and Support
Below is the error and system change flow diagram.
Below is the maintenance release schedule.
Type of release
Performance upgrade
Error checking
Error checking
Error fix
Initial release
1 month after release
1.5 months after release
3 months after release
Upon error discovery
2 months after release
6 months after release
6 months after release
6 months after release
User support plan
The maintenance for this project will consist of 6 months of error checking occurring every
1.5 months. Any errors that are found will be sent out in patches. The maintenance plan also
covers 2 months of performance updates. The system will be updated with patches for improved
performance. Any errors that are discovered by the user within the first 6 months after release
can be reported and resolved. Error resolution will come in form of patches pushed to the system.
The customer will also have support via a helpdesk. The desk will be broken down into tier I
and tier II. Tier one will handle basic error resolution while tier II will cover the more in depth
issues. After the 6 months the customer will have to transition into a local or onsite support of
their own. Troubleshooting and support documents will be available to the customer throughout
the life time of the system.
Revision History
Revision number
Change number
Updated tables with
proper headers
Added summary to
section 6
Purged the document
of the word ?I?
How to conduct requirements management as per CMMI (2013) Retrieved from:
Process and Product Quality Assurance (PPQA)(CMMI-DEV) (2015) Retrieved from:
SDLC ? Waterfall Model (2016) Retrieved from:

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