?I want my essay to be organized to the teacher’s format exactlyyy please?

If you can’t do it please let me know I waited 15 hrs for someone else to do it and no results. please focus on the details of the format I really need the help. below is the format and the persuasive I have written and in the format what the professor wrote back.


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?I want my essay to be organized to the teacher’s format exactlyyy please?
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Ezmirly 1
Saif Sami Ezmirly
Dr. Stephens
COMM 2200
November 16, 2017
Buying a 1st or Business Class Ticket
It is an interesting concept when you see people traveling with children. Passengers are
continuously hearing the cries and babbling of the child throughout the trip in which they are
partaking in. Sometimes, children will try to run around and even kick the back seats while on a
flight. Having such experiences once an individual purchase an overpriced business trip ticket
isn’t something a first-class payer desires to endure throughout their flight. With no doubt, many
people have had this experience. Kids misbehave, it is part of their nature, and It is
understandable but, to a certain point.
I once purchased a first-class ticket to a 13 hours’ flight and of course, with every
premium ticker there’s a VIP lounge for First and Business class and to enjoy that advantage I
came in 3 hours before my flight. A VIP lounge should be quiet, fancy, and an excellent place to
relax before a flight. Not only was the lounge full of children, but they were also misbehaving,
acting in inappropriate manners, and messing up the room. Without mentioning the airlines, the
waitstaff did not seem to care at all nor the parents. Moving on, as I got seated everything was
fine until take off. It is understandable some kids have a fear of flying or ear problems, especially
with infants during a take-off. But how the children acted was disruptive and to have the parents
not trying in any way to control them, made the situation worse.
Ezmirly 2
Later on, during the trip, an infant began crying and then proceeded to scream once the
mother couldn’t calm her down. This repeatedly happened at irregular intervals of different
durations and pitches. I had taken a sleeping pill and slept for almost 4 hours, I woke up from a
kid on the other two seats over from me opening and shutting the window shades continually, as
I looked at the parent to show them I am bothered, no action was made. Afterwards, it was quiet
for a little while, until two boys began running up and down the aisles, spilling candy, and hitting
our seats while making loud noises.
For the rest of my flight, I had my headphones in and ignored anything surrounding me.
As you see, out of all of my experiences, this experience was by far the worst situation in which I
had to endure. Kids are kids; it is not always the parent’s fault, despite the noise cancellation
earplugs. I suggest that airlines be strict about their policies when it comes to kids seated in first
or business class. I recommend for First class kids not to be allowed at all for ages lower than ten
because at this point they will be easier to maintain. For business class, I suggest letting all ages
but, parents should be well prepared to how their children will behave or accept to be reset by the
staff of the airplane.
Another recommendation would be if the airplane had a specific region in the plane only
for individuals with babies or a private division for guardians to go in and quiet their newborn
children down and in conclusion the carrier could sort out a strategy to ensure guardians are
arranged or get more engaged with controlling circumstances or individuals ought to recover
their cash. What annoyed me most from my experience was the numbness of the guardians, as I
said before kids will be kids, yet for guardians who endeavor to control a circumstance get a free
pass. This is an unforgiving strategy and guardians merit their solace as well, yet other people
who paid a considerable number of dollars should have what they paid. Imagine being a person
Ezmirly 3
who is saving up for a first-class ticket and you end having my experience, you will be
understanding, but you will not be satisfied and become frustrated with the entirety of the
After conducting adequate research, I have found many people with the same opinion. On
a website blog, a blogger had blogged her experience in first class who had a similar experience
with the window shades and what bothered more too was the parent. One of the replies on the
blog caught my eye and concluded the way I feel what all parents should feel and do. One parent
replied “Kids do not belong in premium seats where the can disrupt others who paid thousands
for their tickets. I’ve traveled with kids and stopped for a few years when they were at their most
likely to inconvenience and disturb others on a flight. Kids who are old enough to understand are
welcome”. Many replies felt the same.
In conclusion, I feel that when children are allowed to be included in a first-class business
travel through air, that there should be strict policies and procedures put into place. I am aware
that children are going to be children, but when someone purchases an already priced ticket for
their trip, they do so for the seclusion, privacy, and silence that they are paying for. There should
be age limits set for first class parents, and consequences if their children act out in a manner that
is inappropriate or that is disruptive to others. Parents should be prepared for what could happen,
especially on a long flight there are many sources that help parents to develop and the airline
should provide instructions too.
Ezmirly 4
Works Cited
A typed, full-content, Draft Preparation Outline must be uploaded to the Dropbox by the due date. Your instructor
will review the draft and suggest changes, as needed. If the draft does not require changes, your instructor will enter
your grade and a Final Preparation Outline is not required. If changes are suggested by your instructor, you are
required to make the changes and submit your Final Preparation Outline to the Dropbox by the due date.
9. A typed Works Cited page in MLA format must be turned in with the outline. You must have at least six sources.
SOURCES MUST BE CITED WITHIN THE CONTENT OF THE SPEECH. Sources will be randomly checked for
validity. Many websites have unknown credibility. You may not use web sites for sources unless you can verify the
Authorship, Sponsorship, and Recency (see Chapter 7 for more info). Wikipedia can be used as one source only, as
long as the content is not flagged as still in development. Source types include: a) General references encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, etc., b) newspapers, c) magazines, d) media news sources [MSNBC, CNN, NPR etc.];
e) professional journals, f) books, g) credible web sites, h) government authored documents, I) interviews of
academics in the field. (Interviews from non-academic experts are encouraged but they will not count towards the 6
required sources).
Comm 2200 Persuasive Speech Preparation Worksheet (this is an option and ungraded activity, but highly
suggested in the development of an awesome persuasive speech)
What is the topic of your speech?
What is your specific purpose statement?
Is your speech meant to achieve passive agreement or immediate action from your audience?
What is your central idea? Is it relevant to your audience? Does it encapsulate the main points to be discussed in the
body of the speech?
What is the target audience of your speech? How will you adapt your message to be persuasive to your target
What attention-getting devices will you use in the introduction?
How will you establish credibility in your introduction?
What method of organization do you plan to use?
State in full sentences the main points you will present in your speech.
What evidence will you use to support each main point?
Is your reasoning sound and fallacy-free?
Are you using appeal to emotions? If so, which emotions are you trying to evoke?
What potential objections may the audience have with your position? How will you address those objections?
What method(s) of reinforcing your central idea will you use in the conclusion?
Does your visual aid or presentation aid reinforce your speech content?
Does your outline contain a topic, speech title, full introduction (I,II, III, IV) and conclusion (I, II)? Is the body of your
outline in full-sentence format, but not paragraphs?
This is not in the required format. Please review the sample and template for preparation outlines and
resubmit so that I can provide feedback. You will not get credit for the outline grade unless a preparation
outline is submitted. The sample and template are in the Getting Started section. There are lots of samples
in the textbook.
There should be a clear organizational pattern used so be sure to review the guidelines. Let me know if you
have questions or need assistance.
Yoga Speech Preparation Outline
Title: “Yoga: Uniting Mind, Body and Spirit”
Name: ******
Course and section COMM 2200 – **
Statement of Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the benefits of Yoga
Central Idea: Two major dimensions of yoga are breathing and postures.
I. Attention: What do you think of when I do this? [Demonstrate Yoga move]
II. Topic: If you say, “Yoga,” you are correct. For 5,000 years, people have used yoga to increase their
physical, mental, and emotional health. “Yoga” comes from a Sanskrit word meaning to “unite” or “join.”
As Stella Weller explains in Yoga: Finding Balance and Serenity in Everyday Life, it’s the practice of
uniting the mind, body, and spirit.
III. Credibility: I’ve practiced yoga for eight years and I’m finishing my certification as a yoga instructor.
IV. Preview: Today I’d like to demonstrate two dimensions of yoga—breathing and postures.
(Transition: First, let’s look at yoga breathing.)
I. Proper breathing has long been a major part of yoga.
A. There are four stages to yoga breathing—inhalation, pause, exhalation, pause.
1. When inhaling, you should feel the breath around your belly button.
2. When pausing after inhaling, you should feel the breath around your heart.
3. When exhaling, you should feel the breath moving slowly out of your throat and mouth.
4. When pausing after exhaling, you should feel a prolonged peacefulness.
B. You may wonder why yoga pays so much attention to breathing.
1. Proper breathing enhances concentration and relaxation.
2. Vimla Lalvani says in The Power of Yoga, “Correct breathing rejuvenates the entire system by
sending increased oxygen into the bloodstream to nourish and revitalize the internal organs….
The deeper you breathe, the calmer the mind becomes.”
(Transition: Now that we’ve talked about yoga breathing, let’s look at the role of body postures in yoga.)
II. I will demonstrate three yoga postures that have been of great benefit to me.
A. The first posture is the tree pose.
1. I shift my weight to my left foot and raise my right foot against the inside of my left thigh.
2. I then bring my palms and fingers together in front of my chest, raise them above my head, and
focus on a fixed point in front of me.
3. I hold this pose for thirty seconds to one minute.
4. In addition to strengthening the body, this pose improves balance and concentration.
B. The second posture is the triangle bow pose.
1. With your feet about shoulder distance apart, raise both arms straight out to the side, palms
2. Then touch the floor with one hand while raising the opposite arm toward the ceiling.
3. Finally, turn your head toward the ceiling.
4. Hold this pose for thirty seconds to one minute.
5. This pose increases blood flow and stretches the neck, torso, and legs.
C. The third posture is the king of the dance pose.
1. Grab your right foot with your right hand while extending your left arm in front of you.
2. As you arm comes up, raise your right leg as high as possible.
3. Hold this pose for thirty seconds to a minute.
4. This pose improves balance and stretches your hips, legs, and torso.
I. Summary: Today I’ve demonstrated two important dimensions of yoga—breathing and body postures.
II. Close: Developed across centuries and practiced around the world, yoga helps millions of people unite
their mind, body, and spirit. Donna Farhi, author of five books on yoga, says, “Each movement demands
that we hone some aspect of our consciousness and use ourselves in a new way.” As yoga practitioners
have known for centuries, a few simple movements can do a lot of good.
[ Note: the Works Cited page has been omitted from this example]

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