ID 150 American corporation

I need a (power point) presentation for these two attachment about Adidas company. It should be the main points on the slides and the explanation for the each main points separate sheet.IF you can make the powerpoint fit 7 minute and pick the important point from the attachment.


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ID 150 American corporation
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Company Profile
Institutional; Affiliation
Company Profile
Adidas is a German organization that is based in Bavaria Germany, and it specializes in
the manufacture of various sports products such as shoes, clothing, and accessories. It is the
largest sportswear company in Europe and the second largest in the entire world. Adidas has
financial interests in organizations such as Reebok, Bayern Munich, and Runtastic.The
organization has a company logo that is three parallel bars, and this is the official organizational
logo. The company has become a global brand and creates sportswear for various sports that
include football, basketball, cricket, baseball as well as swimming. In recent times it has
managed to partner in endorsements with specific athletes who market tailor-made exceptional
products with the company brand name.
Mission, Vision, and Values
Adidas is a global leader in the sporting goods industry and creates brands that represent
its passion in sports and the sporting lifestyle. It is committed to continuously strengthening its
brand products to improve industry competition. Adidas is an innovation and designs leaders
who help athletes to achieve peak performance. It is consumer focused and continuously
improves the quality as well as look and image of its products. It is a global organization that is
socially and environmentally responsible and embraces creativity as well as diversity. It is
dedicated to continuing delivering outstanding financial results. The core values of Adidas
represent what the organization stands for. It stands for performance, and sport is the foundation
of all it does, and execution excellence is the primary goal. Passion is another value that is at the
heart of the company. It is continuously moving forward, innovating and improving. Integrity is
another core value, and it is honest, open, ethical as well as fair in all of its proceedings. The
company also embraces diversity, and this concerns the fact that the company welcomes
different people with different ideas as well as strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds to
make the business succeed.
Corporate Ethics
Business ethics refers to applied ethics as well as professional ethics that examine ethical
principles and moral as well as ethical problems that affect the organization. It relates to all
aspects of business conduct within the organization that are relevant to all other organizations as
well. Adidas takes corporate ethics very seriously, and its ethical strategies are routed in the
values of the organization (“Ethical Performance | Adidas Group presents its 2012 Sustainability
Progress Report”, 2017).It has managed to achieve environmental sustainability and manage
scarce resources. The company also respects human rights and drives social compliance in the
supply chain. It engages stakeholders and develops employees and at the same time supports
people in local communities. Adidas has established grievance mechanisms and remedies for
solving these grievances. The company adheres to human rights practices. Adidas has developed
methods of dealing with performance related issues within the organization.
The human rights policy of Adidas is an integral part of its labor rights charter. It has
managed to establish policies and guidelines to any human rights-related issues. The company is
committed to respecting labor rights in all of its processes. It is also committed to the health and
safety of workers as well as the commitment of ILO standards covering working hours. Adidas
has a publicly available statement that reveals its policy was committing to the respect of ILO
core labor standards and this is what it operates by (“Ethical Performance | Adidas Group
presents its 2012 Sustainability Progress Report”, 2017). Adidas has managed to publish its
policy concerning the dedication to human rights as well as the livelihoods of neighboring
communities and the right to issues such as health, water, safety, security and ownership of
resources such as land. Adidas has also committed to mitigating negative impacts concerning the
security of local communities and the effect on its environment. It has managed to include
specific commitments about issues such as water usage and as well wastes management.
Adidas has also managed to apply the commitment to business relationships, and this
includes the obligation to labor standards by carrying out all the relevant procedures. The
organization has even managed to follow all stipulations that have been set by the International
Labor Organization. The organization has also led to apply policies related to engaging
stakeholders and ensuring that all procedures of labor are followed. The organization has
managed to implement legal procedures engaging to developing and monitoring human rights
(“Ethical Performance | Adidas Group presents its 2012 Sustainability Progress Report”,
2017).The organization has also ensured the production of approaches to human rights. The
organization has managed to look for remedies to provide access to solutions to various issues
affecting the organization. Adidas has managed to ensure commitment to other business
relationships, and this has assured commitment to the success of business relations, and this has
occurred through an application of mechanisms that are relevant to the development of remedies
to issues that face the organization.
The organization has managed to apply the commitment to zero tolerant to threats as well
as intimidation and physical and legal attacks and human rights. The organization also expects
suppliers to make the same public commitments that it applies. The organization has even
managed to pay attention to human rights issues and those mainly related to the business
importance that refers to the organization. The company also maintains to ensure discuss and
address issues related to human rights and the company has agreed to send salient human rights
issues. The organization has even managed to apply day to day responsibilities as well as
resources and decision making processes that are allocated to relevant organizational functions.
The organization has also led to creating appropriate assessments that have ensured the
improvement of risk management and compliance issues (Rahim, 2014).Adidas has even
managed to provide independent as well as objective assurance functions that are related to an
assessment of compliance and conformance to the organizational standards that are related to the
agreement. The organization has managed to identify opportunities that can improve chances that
will ensure the improvement of company performance as well as operations through the practical
application of audit work. The organization will also ensure the protection of assets as well as
reputation and sustainability of the organization through various projects,
It also assesses that risks are controlled, and this provides the evaluation and
improvement of the effectiveness of governance as well as risk management and the ensurance
of internal controls. The company has also managed to identify opportunities that ensure the
development of company performance and operations through useful audit work. Adidas has
even managed to implement performance management schemes that are related to the
implementation of risk policy commitments (Rahim,2014)Adidas has also led to monitoring
implementation of human rights policies, and this is related to the core labor standards. The
company has also implemented the valid description of human right performance issues and has
identified potential business relationships as well as the identification of decisions that will
ensure the application of successful business relationships. Adidas also identifies severe breaches
to its workplace standards and furthermore ensures that effective remediation of these issues is
done. It ensures that all rules are applied in the application of the workplace standards.
It assesses performance and compliance to the implication of various workplace
standards through the involvement of organizational measures. Adidas also describes systems
and processes that can ensure the identification of issues such as margination and ensures human
rights is implemented. It also facilitates dialogue with stakeholders to ensure that relevant
information is revealed concerning human rights risks that the organization may potentially face.
It has also identified processes as well as triggers for identifying human rights risks and impacts.
It has ensured the identification of such issues as well as locations in which such problems occur
(Rahim,2014).Adidas has also managed to describe global systems that are capable of identifying
human rights risks and impacts on a regulation basis across various activities. It ensures multiple
systems are triggered to provide efficient operations as well as the implication of business
relationships within the organizational context. The company has also managed to assess human
rights risks and ensure the dynamic compliance of human rights risks. Adidas also publicly
discloses results of assessments, and this includes the public disclosure of human rights issues
that affect the organization and its chances.
It also describes processes that ensure the integration and acting of findings of various
human rights issues and risks. Adidas also efficiently provides examples of many conclusions
reached as well as actions taken to ensure that various human rights issues are found. It also
ensures integration of findings that are related to the supply chain. Adidas has even managed to
track actions taken as well as responses to risks and impacts that are assessed and evaluates
whether various efforts are active and critical issues produce desired results (Rahim, 2014).The
organization also provides examples of lessons that efficiently track the effectiveness of actions
and ensure that human rights concerned are addressed through the due diligence process. The
organization has even managed to communicate externally intended audiences on how to solve
human rights impacts of its activities. It provides examples of how it ensures that frequency of
information communication and that would impact the accessibility of its intended audience. It
would ensure useful description of interactions, and this provides sufficient coverage of human
rights issues involving the suppliers. Adidas managed to indicate channels as well as
mechanisms that ensure accessible ways of raising complaints as well as human rights issues that
are concerned with the organization, and it provides that these devices are available to its
Corporate Social Responsibility
Adidas is one of the biggest sports companies in the world, and it has managed to ensure
substantial financial profits in the few years. The organization has also led to putting efforts into
sustainability behavior. To maintain credibility, the organization releases annual brand reports
that reveal its sustainability targets. Adidas manages to ensure application of CSR in the day to
day activities, and this provides the planning and setting of proper and attainable goals, and
therefore this has guaranteed the context of strategies to reach organizational goals (Adidas,
2014).Adidas monitors CO2 emission and indicates reduction results on an annual basis. The
Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of Adidas includes the adherence to environmental
issues as well as sustainable material usage as well as labor rights. It recycles in both company
and factory level and has managed to produce products by recyclable materials that include inlay
soles, textiles as well as metals, plastics, packages, and rubbles.
Adidas has managed to implement sustainability performance reviews, and this includes
adherence to supply chains, audit systems, training sessions, environmental plans, community
involvement as well as green company targets. It has a broad goal that ensures goals of
ecological friendly plans, social compliance as well as adherence to employee wage and working
conditions issues. The organization has managed to reveal long as well as short-term CSR
targets. It aims to reduce energy consumption as well as carbon emissions. The organization also
seeks to save water and reduce waste emissions. In social compliance, Adidas aims to understand
various social compliance models better. Adidas uses a standard industry-wide monitoring
platform and this checks workplace conditions. In employee issues, Adidas ensures succession
readiness on all key leadership positions (adidas, 2014).It is a world-class recruiter and is a top
employer in critical markets, and this is based on surveys and employee engagement scores.
Adidas has also set up an internal team that assesses how well the supplier’s company with the
supply chain of conduct as well as workplace standards. It ensures impartial behavior especially
in the implementation of its code of conduct and workplace standards ethics. The organization
values transparency and has managed to provide adequate stakeholder feedback through
execution of various programs. Adidas gains approval from CSR certifying NGOs, and this has
ensured effective recognition as well as reward programs.
Adidas actively criticizes CRS related failures and looks for strategies to address these
issues. Adidas works with supply chains as well as labor rights organizations to ensure that all
labor rights violations within the organization are reported and solved. Adidas takes steps to
support long-term self-governance for its supply chain by running innovation programs for its
suppliers (Lu, Liu&Rahman,2017).Adidas believes in innovative engagement and outreach, and
this is one of the core concepts of the organization. The company is accountable for its actions
and acts responsibly in reporting transparency related issues. It realizes various challenges in
CSR and suggests solutions to ensure that these problems within the organization are solved
amicably. The organization has set values and principles and provided that all collaborators with
the organization share these values and beliefs in business aspects. The company works to build
credibility and trust and has managed to set up an internal supply chain risk assessment program.
Workplace Diversity
Workplace diversity is the inclusion of employees with various characteristics, and these
include issues such as race, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs as well as gender, ethnicity,
education, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation and geographic location. Diversity is
generally enhanced by incorporating diversity practices within the organization and recruiting
employees from diverse pool talents. Furthermore, it includes integrating different products for
the ever-changing market (“adidas: Our Employees: Diversity,” 2017). Diversity is essential to
an organization because it opens the organization to a larger pool of applicants and therefore
increases the ability of an organization to employ the most qualified personnel for specific
positions. It also enables the organization to expand operations to national, regional as well as
local markets thus driving organizational profits. As the organization becomes more diverse,
employers can take note of communication issues, address training efficiently and implement
successful recruitment as well as management programs.
Adidas takes workforce diversity seriously and realizes the importance of this and takes it
very seriously. Adidas reflects diversity through its workforce community and has managed to
work in a global marketplace. It understands the necessity of diversity and values as well as
incorporates diversity through its market operations and corporate culture (“adidas: Our
Employees: Diversity,” 2017). It uses diversity to ensure competitive advantage and has
managed to foster employee motivation and provide organizational success and diversity through
ensuring diversity. Adidas acknowledges the richness of commonalities as well as differences
that the organization shares and knows the intrinsic worth of every employee.Therefore, it
understands that its products and various contributions to sports are enhanced through multiple
and different perspectives. It acts to assure the environment it finds itself in and also respects and
embraces diversity and capitalizes on the value of the diversity of its workforce and ensures the
achievement of excellence through its products and people.
The recruitment process of Adidas is not quota based, and the organization ensures the
implementation of a gender-balanced recruitment process of trainees as well as apprentices. It
has moved its global male to female employment ratio from 79/21 to 71/30, and this has
remained constant. Adidas embraces multi-cultural diversity and has managed to ensure that all
its employees understand the organizational diversity tradition. It has people working from over
80 nations globally, and these interact on a day to day basis (Viehs,2015).Workforce mobility is
an essential aspect in Adidas and it has managed to employ cross-border employment models
that face multinational organizations on a daily basis. The Adidas group is a global family, and in
international assignments, it ensures that all issues concerning traditional cross-border
opportunities are sorted. It has implemented a framework concerning diversity, and it has
managed to ensure that every employee has a global role to play.
These developments are significant to the organization and furthermore present different
challenges to the organization such as remuneration, tax issues as well as social security and
transfer pricing. The organization realizes that noncompliance is a serious issue and affects both
employer and employee and works to maintain compliance with organizational structures.
Through implementing diversity, the organization has managed to balance talent inequalities
with global business growth (Viehs, 2015).In a perspective of employee engagement, the
organization has achieved to apply mobility opportunities efficiently, and this has ensured that
the organization remains effectively responsive to individual wants as well as needs. It has
enabled the company to be more sensitive to different wants and needs.
It has enabled the company to present more rounded as well as attractive career and
developmental opportunities. Adidas has managed to increase flexibility within the organization
around various working locations, and this has balanced efficiently personal as well as career
objectives thus ensuring higher employee engagement and willingness to remain in the
organization and remain focused on achieving the organizational goals (Viehs, 2015).Adidas
understands today’s challenging employment landscape and has taken adequate measures to
adapt to changes in this scene. It has built a dynamic and internationally diverse organizational
culture, and this long-term commitment has come at a considerable cost. Adidas listens to what
international employees say and pays attention to views concerning their organizational
experiences. It conducts continuous checks on its global employee population, and this is mostly
done through engagement surveys. It has also set up programs that ensure suggestions and views
concerning improvement on diversity are aired anonymously.
Adidas is a global organization that continues to adapt to global market strengths and has
recognized its weaknesses and strengths to effective measure. It has furthermore incorporated
modern business practices, and this has ensured organizational growth through adherence to the
preferred operational standards. There is room for further growth, and Ad …
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