Imagine the presentation has been approved by the president and will be publicly published to sell the president’s ideas

Imagine the presentation has been approved by the president and will be publicly published to sell the president’s ideas.present it in a multimedia presentation using PowerPoint.Open Office can also be used to create PowerPoint presentations, even if you don’t have Microsoft Office. REQUIREMENTSA title slide and reference slide.Each topic will have a four-slide minimum to explain the problem, illustrate the competing solutions, and explain why one is better. At least one use of animation and one sound should be used within the final product.


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Imagine the presentation has been approved by the president and will be publicly published to sell the president’s ideas
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Running head: Terrorism in U.S
Terrorism in U.S
Student name: Harwinder S Deol
Institution: American Public University
Date: 12-22-2017
Running head: Terrorism in U.S
In the modern world today, domestic and international security is becoming a menace. It
is because of the increased external and internal threats in some countries especially the
developed countries such as U.S. Terrorism is one of the security threats that is giving the federal
government of U.S sleepless nights as it improvises new informed strategic plans in curbing the
problem. However, terrorism is an international level problem which includes some of the
following acts; property destruction, sabotage, killings and injuries, threats and intimidation to
mention but a few. Terrorism is regarded as unlawful actions that encompass violence,
intimidation or forcing the government to meet the demands of the terrorists.
Terrorists who fuel terror attacks do not choose a particular group in the population, but
they involve all the people regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion and social status to
mention but a few. The United States of America has a detailed history of terror attacks starting
with the ones of Osama bin Laden and 2011 attacks. The government has tried to curb the issue,
but still, there are increased threats to the country.
For instance, there was a horrific terror attack in New York City in October 2017 where a
truck drove into a trading center killing eight people and leaving twelve injured. Research shows
that the attack was from the Isis people who found an entry into the country illegally. Such terror
attack served as a threat to the country and compelled Trump to reiterate with a staunch position
saying ISIS should not be allowed to return or enter the U.S Middle East defeat or elsewhere.
Data also shows such terror attacks occur in places where there is peace compared to other parts
of the world such as U.S. The ISIS group from the Middle East, however, is the most global
Running head: Terrorism in U.S
threat to America, and it is regarded as the most hostile group but it is the least capable as per the
recent evaluation (Chalk, 2008).
Solution to terrorism
To control terrorism is easy as long as the three federal arms of the government
collaborates their efforts and work towards the objectives to curb terrorism. The terror attacks
majorly focus on the civilians, but they cannot come out to control terror attacks since they have
no enough power and weapons hence such task is left to the government. The three federal arms
of the government which include; the executive, legislative and judicial branches should work
while following the rule of law to make sure such issue is eradicated. There are a number of
solutions to terrorism, but the major ones include; enhance internal and external information
sharing, prevent terrorist travel to mention but a few.
Enhance domestic and international information sharing
From the recent terror attacks in the United States of America such as the 9/11 attacks,
research shows that most of them are due to insufficient information both domestically and
internationally. When there is communication across the borders about a suspected terror attack,
a country can plan early to curb it in advance. Therefore, the United States of America should
increase communication with its allies and collaborate with the federal branches to prevent U.S
from prolonged terror attacks. (Crenshaw & LaFree, 2017) Domestically, the United States
should perfect interagency communications and make sure that all the departmental levels of the
government both federal and local have equal information sharing.
Prevent terrorist travel
To prevent terrorists from entering or leaving a country, there should be thorough
screening at the entry and exit points in the foreign and mother countries. To implement such
Running head: Terrorism in U.S
solution, the federal branches of the government should enforce and pass laws regarding travel
screening. Secondly, increase and expand passenger name record and visa waiver program which
compels foreign travelers who travelers from various into the U.S to get screened. The U.S
government should also pull up their socks on visa security coordination between Homeland
security and the State departments and the support the Federal Flight Deck Officer routinely
program gives room trained pilots to have their firearms. Such criteria will continually affect on
intelligence and sharing information across all platforms, for example, the Transportation
Security Administration responsible for securing flights and the U.S.
Preferable solution
From the above competing solutions, it is evident that each of them can stand out and
work better to curb terrorism in the United States of America. However, a preferable solution is
the prevention of terrorist travel. It is because it involves screening of foreign individuals who
enter and leave U.S including their luggage. Moreover, such individuals should have the
credentials that support their visit such as Visa and passport hence the solution is effective.
Responsibilities of the three branches of the federal government
The three branches of the government include; the executive, the legislature and the
judicially. The responsibilities of the executive are providing directions to the government,
commanding the Armed Forces and enforcement of law including voting laws. The legislature is
responsible for passing laws, initiating spending bills, impeachment of officials and providing
approval to treaties. Finally, the judiciary has the mandate to interpret the constitution, reviewing
laws, and giving decisions to cases that involve state rights (Beck, 2017).
Conclusively, national security is a vital issue to the nation, but the security threats such
as terrorism destabilize such security. Terrorism is the major current security issue in the U.S as
Running head: Terrorism in U.S
briefed above and its solutions include preventing terrorist travel and enhancing domestic and
internal information sharing. The responsibilities of the three federal branches of the federal
government as outlined above focus on proving maximum security.
Chalk, P. (2008). The maritime dimension of international security: terrorism, piracy, and
challenges for the United States (Vol. 697). Rand Corporation.
Crenshaw, M., & LaFree, G. (2017). Countering terrorism: No simple solutions. Brookings
Institution Press.
Beck, E. (2017). Introducing Govinfo: A New Source for Federal Government Documents
Online. The Colorado Lawyer.
Page |0
Obamacare Debate
Harwinder S Deol
Page |1
Obamacare Debate
Introduction to the Problem
Obamacare is officially known as Patients Protection, and Affordable Care Act (or
simply ACA) is a legislation that was signed into law by President Obama in the year 2010. The
aim of the legislation was to extend health insurance coverage to the estimated 15 million who
lack health insurance coverage (BBC, 2017). Among other things the legislation requires; every
American citizen to insured; employers to provide medical cover to their employees; and bans
insurance companies from denying health insurance coverage people with pre-existing
conditions. The Democrats and the Republican parties have opposing ideas as regards the
appropriateness of the ACA, and consequently, the Republicans have recently made attempts to
repeal the act while the Democrats are proposing bipartisan negotiations, blocking the
Republican’s attempts to roll back the acts.
Some of the concerns raised by Republican politicians, and president Trump’s
administration are valid while others are rather nonfactual. For example, the Republicans argue
that the law is imposing too many costs on the business, and that it is an unwarranted intrusion
into public, and private affairs. They argue that its implementation is a strategy to reduce
employment to US citizens. The point of controversy now is that the Republicans (the presidents,
members of the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the state) are keen to repeal the
Obamacare law, and consequently do away with it (Ojala, 2017). They see this approach as the
only solutions to the flaws of the Obamacare legislation, and the best way to ensure good
healthcare to US citizens, protect private business, and improve the quality of life. If the
Page |2
Republicans succeed in repealing the ACA, the Congress Budget Office predicts an increase of
uninsured people in the US by 15 million in the year 2018 (Pear, Kaplan, and Cochrane, 2017).
The Democrat politicians on the, on the other hand, support the Obamacare program but
also accepts its flaws. The Democrats, therefore, do not want the ACA to be repealed but instead
are proposing a bipartisan approach to resolving the issues involves. They are fronting for
negotiated solutions that will ensure the ACA is left operational but its challenges addressed.
The role of the legislature in supporting mediated solutions
The Senate, on 25th July 2017, rejected a bill proposed by the majority repeal certain
sections of the ACA. Among the sections that they wanted repealed were those requiring all
citizens to have health insurance; that compelling the employees to provide insurance to the
employees, and the bill also wanted increased funds for local health centers. Although the
Republican Party has the majority in the senate, they lost at 46 votes with 51 senators voting
against the bill (Pear, Kaplan, and Cochrane, 2017). This demonstrates that the Senate is
supportive of the ACA, and the need for negotiated solutions to its flaws regardless of the
political affiliations. This way the Senate is playing a central role in ensuring improved health
care by supporting negotiated policy approach that will not do away with the gains already made.
The role of judiciary is mediating conflict between republicans, democrats, and employers
The judiciary is also playing a role in negotiating this controversy. In the year 2012, the
Supreme Court ruled in a case filed by 26 states against the federal government (Were, 2013). It
declared the ACA constitutional but struck down the provisions that required the states to expand
government-sponsored Medicaid program. Following the ruling 18 states decided not to
Page |3
participate in the ACD (Were, 2013). In a similar case filed by employers against the federal
government in the year 2016, the court failed to reach a ruling but ordered for compromise
approach between parties. Therefore, while the states and the local governments are taking
mixed decisions based on the political affiliations the judiciary seems non-partisan, and
unwilling to do away with the gains made so far in the health systems.
The executive in frustrating dialogue, and mediation
The executive is also recently frustrating efforts to have a negotiated solution, especially
since president Trump in supporting the repealing of the Obamacare act. Ojala (2017) state that
Trump, and congressional leaders are unlikely to lead the negotiations for better health care since
they narrowly failed to take health care away from millions of people.
Role of States, and local governments
The law, however, requires the executive to finance the states so as to manage ACA. The
states then establish a local government to provide health services. So, the local governments
then make policies supported by their states. The role of the states, and local governments,
therefore, is providing healthcare services tailored to the needs of citizens, and in line with their
party’s aspirations. The local government role is also to collects citizens’ concerns, and feedback
to the federal government, and legislature for further deliberation
A bipartisan approach to negotiations between parties, institutions, and businesses is the
best solution to this controversy. Since both the divides have valid concerns, it would be prudent
to negotiate instead of doing away with the gains made through Obamacare. Negotiation will
also lead to popular solutions that are inclusive, and pro-poor.
Page |4
BBC. (2017, 13 July). Why Obamacare is controversial.
Ojala, E. (2017, 26 August). Looking beyond Obamacare debate to improve health care. New
York Times. Retrieved from
Pear, R., Kaplan, T, & Cochrane, E. (2017, 27th July). Health care debate: Obamacare repeal fails
as McCain casts decisive No vote. New York Times. Retrieved from
Were, L. (2013). State and Federal Government Roles in US Healthcare Policy.

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