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Oct 20 2017Hope through distractionThe story by of the Shawshank Redemption is an inspiring one played out by Andy Dufreine. The story is mainly geared to showing ways in which we can be able to keep on hoping for some final result even though the situation may be grave. There are various plots and scenes whereby the directors have incorporated the best effective methods possible to ensure that the rhetoric effect of the story is felt. The prison situation is nasty and seems to have no end but instilling hope for better days was the driving factor for Andy. He does not only have hopes for himself but also tends to try and pass the same to his friends. The distractions he uses while in the prison make his days more hopeful as they distract him from concentrating much on his current situation. The main argument of the story is that hope can be found whenever and is almost fully assured if one is able to focus fully on the future without concentrating much on the current situation.Andy is portrayed as one who is not pushed to the wall by the fact that he is in prison even though he was accused falsely. He accepts what befalls him without resistance and tries to muster the courage and hopes for some change in the future. He hid a rock hammer in the Bible when going to prison. This is one of the distractions that he uses to keep himself physically busy. Through this, he is able to lose concentrations on being despaired; rather, he is more hopeful of the future. He always looked at the hammer and begins having nostalgic moments as he always remembered how the outside life was interesting and full of life. By doing so, his mind is able to relax and focus more on the brighter side. The same hammer is later used in the story when he uses it more significantly to enable his escape from the prison. This is a symbolic encounter as he is able to free himself from bondage with the same instrument that he frequently used to remember of his hope. Being assigned a role at the library was symbolic and also played a large role in making Andy have more hopes of a better future. He was tasked to help with the financial records and other small tasks at the library. When this is compared to what he was doing outside the prison, it seemed to be a smaller extension of his work. Through this, he gained a lot of courage and hope that the future might change for the better. This was a clear distraction that enabled his mind wander away from the thought of being a lockup to a free man.

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Make the attached file a full 4 pages its already 3
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Gavin Grayson
Welding Machine and its benefits to a welder
My topic of interest in this case will be Welding Machine and its benefits to the welder.
Generally, welding is a form of fabrication or sculptural process which joins metals or
thermoplastics together through causing fusion. Welding machines are part of current technologies
which are making human work to appear easier. Welding technology is distinct from the lowertemperature metal-joining techniques like soldering and brazing since they don’t melt the base
metal (Abbott and Smith).
Construction of a welding machine
As part of our current technologies, I will construct a welding machine using the following
steps. I will first build a Microwave Transformer-Homemade Stick Welder. Show All Items. The
next step will entail dissecting the microwaves within the welder. After fixing all microwaves I
will prepare and connect all necessary transformers needed. To improve on its efficiency and
workability, I will use 24 Foot-Chunks of Ten-gauge-Wire. Using the coiled wires, I will wind the
New-Transformer Secondary’s before coming up with a schematic design. I will then connect the
two transformers through wiring them together. Lastly, I will have to test my welding machine to
check whether it is working as expected.
Welding machines may be used in computing number of welding tasks. In other words,
welding is classified differently depending on nature of metals to be welded together. The
following are some of forms of welding which will may be attained using my welding technology
tool; Arc welding; which is the most type of welding practiced among people, Flux-cored arc
welding which is a more recent type of welding which makes use of tubular electrodes which are
filled with flux. Other ways of welding comprise of gas metal arc welding, gas-tungsten arc
welding, plasma-arc welding, shielded metal arc-welding and submerged-arc welding (Abbott and
Characteristics of welding machine technology
Welding machine technology is characterized by the following; high speed regulation and
wave-form control. I can refer to most of them as smooth like frying bacon since they join two
compatible metals effectively. Other example of welding such as arc welding power source are
associated with delivering controllable welding-current depending with the voltage demanded by
the welding-process. Normally, arc welding processes possess various requirements based on the
controls necessary to offer the required welding conditions.
Welding machines are also characterized by an inverter welding unit. These units are
responsible for rectifying and controlling the utility AC power to DC. In other words, inverter units
help in transforming electrical energy from alternating to direct currents. After conversion, inverter
welding-units invert the DC power into a stepdown-transformer to generate the desired welding
voltage. In most cases, the switching frequency ranges at 10 kHz or higher.
Elements of welding machine technology
welding machines comprise of the following features; Welding Cutters, welding grinder,
welding sensors, among others. Welding cutters are mostly used for cutting through any metal.
Welding Grinder are normally used for finishing purposes. They make fine and perfect light cuts
through metal surfaces (Cary). The grinders contain gear box and motor for uses within dusty
conditions. There are number of welding benefits which may be achieved from welding grinders.
They comprise of accurate cuts with precision, aid in uniform cutting, less scrap is produced after
welding work, generates consistent arc shape and improves on the life of the electrode.
Welding Sensors help in controlling and regulating power patters when operating the welding
machine. Welding sensors have a thermoplastic cover which prevent the wielding machine from
melting. Welding regulators form an element used for cutting heavy-materials. These elements
help in regulating flow of power, liquid or gas in to the welding machine. Welding Positioner
element helps in holding firmly the area being welded. Welding Strikers are used for ignition
during the process of welding (Cary). They also help in creating perfect arcs a spark when the
welding is being done. Welding strikers help in creating a perfect arc.
Benefits of welding machine technology
welding technology comprises of number of benefits and flaws. There are number of
benefits associated with use of welding machines as a way of joining metals; some of welding
processes and operations may be performed manually, semi-automatically. Other process may be
imported in the field especially for erection of large structures. Normally, continuous welds offer
fluid tightness which result to final smooth welded coating. Additionally, most of welding works
can be performed in hazardous environments for example underwater or in outer space by use of
robots. Generally, welding technology costs are more reasonable and affordable (Welding
Flaws of welding machine technology
The heat produced by the welding machine disrupt or interfere with the base material
microstructure and degrade its properties. Additionally, welding machines must be operated by
skilled operators. Cost of training welding may sound high at some points. There are number of
sophisticated automated welding systems which must be operated by skilled and competent
experts. If not well performed, welding may result to high metal wastage. When compared to
continuous wire processes welding appears less productive.
Why welding technology is beneficial/essential my carrier
My carrier is more of welding practical’s. Welding technology has enabled me to learn
various key which must be considered when working with the welding machines. Additionally,
welding technology shares ideas about grouping metals in terms of their compatibility. In other
words, there are metals which cannot be welded together (Welding Technology).
Work cited
Abbott, Joseph, and Karen Mitchell Smith. Welding Technology. Waco, Tex.: TSTC Publishing,
2011. Print.
Cary, Howard B. Modern Welding Technology. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 2011.
Welding Technology. Pasco, WA: Columbia Basin College, 2007. Print.

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