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Please fix the attached “reply” documents.1. Fix grammar errors.2. Change the replies to address the students directly for example instead of saying “the author states…” it should say “you…” “I agree with you” “i disagree with you” ” its interesting that you say…” etc. 3. Add to biblical quotes in correct APA formatting to each reply I have attached general instructions and a grading rubric for reference and guidance.


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Making Corrections to the paper
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As an employee or a manager in either the legal office or the engineering department, how would
you have prevented this incident?
2. As the CEO of the diesel division of Volkswagen, how would you have responded when the
situation became public? How would this response prevent future incidents?
I feel as if the people there were aware of what was going on. I believe the lawyers,
managers, and maybe a few employees were aware of what was going on. Companies do things
to satisfy their customers, but they also do things to help the company itself especially when it
comes to saving money. Not realizing that sometimes the “cheaper” way out will get you into a
lot of more trouble in the future. A lot of time people don’t think out everything as far as
consequences before they act on it. One mistake could sometimes cause an entire company,
lucky that didn’t happen with this particular company.
I do believe that all of the mangers were aware of this incident. The lawyers were aware
too I’m sure, but at the end of the day they get paid to please the company. I believe that maybe a
couple of the lawyer’s didn’t agree with what the company was doing, but didn’t really have
much of a say so. As far as the employees I believe that only the ones who work in that particular
department knew about what was going on. I don’t think all of the employees were aware. I feel
like the company thought the more people they let know then the more chances that their secret
would get out.
As an employee I don’t think I could work for a company that was doing things that were
unethical. I myself, believe that you should always do what’s right despite of what others may be
doing. You may think no one’s watching or no one will find out, but things that are not of God
will always be shown. Standing firm on your values in a wrongful situation defines you as a
person. It shows the type of person you are in certain situations. If I was an employee at this
place, and knew they were doing unethical things I would really want to tell someone, but I’d
also be afraid of what would happened if they found I was the one to “rat” the business out. I
would honestly pray about, and ask God to guide me. In the midst of praying for guidance I
would say I would probably step down from my job position. I’d know eventually that things
would fall part, and things would get out to the public.
As the manager of this company I definitely wouldn’t have let this slide. I would make
sure that all correct procedures are being done in the engineering department, and elsewhere. I
can’t imagine this slipping through the manager’s sight. I believe the manager was well aware of
what was going on.
As CEO of the company I would have definitely done a full investigation. I would have
conducted personal interviews to see who was aware of this situation. I do know that once things
get out to the media there is no coming back. The minute the news is out there it will travel
super-fast, and people will start stated their opinions, asking questions, and being judgmental.
How and when you respond to a situation depends on the outcome. Some company’s CEO like
to respond as soon as possible, without thinking it through.
A lot make this type of mistakes when especially when it comes to saving the companies
reputation. The customers start looking for answers the minute they hear bad news. I would first
start off by apologizing to the people, and also offering an inexpensive incentive to the
customers. Just to let them know that they are valued, and their opinions matter. Before fully
responding I would talk to the companies’ head of Public Relations to see how I should go about
apologizing. In some situations you can start off apologizing, and admitting their companies
fault. In other situations you’d apologize, and then tell them that things are under investigation.
In this case an apology was definitely needed.
However handling the situation in house, and making sure things are done the correct
way by managers and employees would prevent a big media spill. Always doing the right thing
will always result in blessings. But you can’t live the wrong way, and do the wrong things, and
still expect blessings to come your way. God sees what we do at all times, other people may not
beware at the time but God is always aware. It may seem as if people are getting away with
doing the wrong things, and living the wrong way, and still getting blessed. God blesses a person
more when they are living right, and doing Christ like things.
God is very understanding, and does forgives us for our wrong doings, but you can’t
continue to do the wrong thing. Even with forgiveness there is still some form of consequence.
With every wrong action there is a consequences, and you must think about that before you act
on anything. Sometimes the consequence may be big, and sometimes it may not be so big, but if
you’re willing to take a risk in doing something that you know is wrong then you must be ready
to face the consequence.
With this particular company I do believe a out of people were aware of what was going
on, but no one felt it in their heart to step up, and let someone know that the company is doing
something unethical. Being that no one acted on the situation before hand made the situation a
lot bigger that it was. The media has a way of twisting things and making things sound terrible.
So it is very important that when withholding a higher position you have to make sure things are
ran orderly, and in an ethical way. Despite of what the employees do or have done the manager is
always held accountable for those they oversee.
Lippe, P. (2015, October 13). Volkswagen: Where were the lawyers? ABA Journal. Retrieved
BUSI 561
Substantive Replies
Points Possible
0 to 10 points
Major Points
Each reply adds to the content in a classmate’s thread, bring clarity to the issue being discussed, and
adds value to the overall discussion.
0 to 50 points
Major points are supported by the following:
• At least 3 relevant scholarly sources;
• Critical analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, applying the relevant law to
the given facts, comparing/contrasting alternative arguments); and
• Integration of at least 1 Bible verse and application.
0 to 20 points
• Proper spelling and grammar are used, demonstrating graduate-level and professional writing.
• Current APA format is used for both in-text and reference list citations.
0 to 10 points
Required word count (at least 450 words each) for each reply is met.
Communication follows Student Expectations.
Instructor’s Comments:
Volkswagen Issue Response 1
You provide a clear explanation of the issues regarding the conduct of Volkswagen. You believe
that a good number of employees and lawyers knew what was going on within the company and
they decided to keep quiet. This focus is very much complex because there is a chance that the
lawyers were not aware. It is about the chances and the likelihood of an action which would have
a significant impact on the organizational environment. I tend to agree with a certain level, the
reasons that have been developed in this case considering the understanding of the author that
lawyers were aware. It is important to understand that the role of lawyers within the organization
is to ensure that there is a high level of compliance with laws and regulations that have been
identified. Based on this understanding there is a chance that lawyers would have opposed the
move and hence were kept in the dark to protect the interests of the few individuals (Zoloth, 2014).
Being prayerful is an important aspect, which plays a key role in positively influencing the overall
environment under which an individual can have virtues. Therefore, I agree within the author’s
assertion that would pray to have a better focus on the decision they make which is an important
aspect, which shows a high level of focus and engagement within the organizational environment.
The fact that there are laws and code of conduct that would guide business operations, it is
important to abide by these rules and regulations and ensure that there is a positive environment
under which it is much easy to engage other. I agree with the author about the whistleblowing
concerns since it is crucial and would have a detrimental impact on the overall engagement. The
overall environment under which a good relationship within an organizational environment would
exist would be based on strict adherence to the rule of law and organizational code of conduct,
which will be crucial in guiding organizational environment. The fear of God is key to every
challenge, and the author has explicitly provided a deeper understanding of the need to trust in
God when making a decision. Unethical issues within the organizational environment can be
effectively be handled when there is a strong sense of focus on quality engagement in God and
ability to do what is right all the time (Slade & Prinsloo, 2013).
However, an important aspect that has not been effectively considered in this case is the
overall understanding of the need to focus on the role of employees in improving organizational
performance. Employees must be able to play a significant role in improving organizational
environment under which the organization can be able to improve its performance. The author has
not focused on this aspect despite the fact that it is key when analyzing the operational environment
within an organization (Padgett, 2012).
Padgett, D. K. (2012). Ethical issues in qualitative research. Qualitative and Mixed Methods in
Public Health, 6(June), 47–65.
Slade, S., & Prinsloo, P. (2013). Learning Analytics: Ethical Issues and Dilemmas. American
Behavioral Scientist, 57(10), 1510–1529.
Zoloth, L. (2014). Chapter 88 – Ethical Issues. In Principles of Tissue Engineering (pp. 1813–
Running head: RESPONSE
Response 2
The author provides a clear understanding of the alteration that Volkswagen put in place to avoid
detection when a test was made regarding toxic emission standards. The move by the company to
sidestep the toxic emission standards was well calculated to ensure that reduce on the cost of
production while maximizing the revenues while havening a detrimental impact to the atmosphere
regarding the toxic emission to the atmosphere by their vehicles. I completely agree with the
sentiments raised by the author regarding the likelihood that the company lawyers did not have
anything to hide since they were not effectively engaged. It is very difficult to control the actions
of others when there is no clear understanding between them. The communication between
employees within the organization is likely to be an issue since it is very difficult to have an
interaction or a discussion regarding the processes that are being considered within the
organizational environment (Martin, 2015).
Review on the company background is a serious issue, which the author has suggested. This would
provide a better environment where it would be very easy to understand the past company
operations which highly influence the overall understanding under which it is much easy to have
a clear understanding on how the company has been handling its issues both legal and ethical over
the years. The author highlights that the information that is obtained in this case would help in
engaging the engineering department in ensuring that they perform based on the highlighted
guidelines, which have a clear understanding on important considerations that are developed. This
is an important focus, which is likely to improve the overall interaction between the legal office
and the engineering department and allow for a better discussion regarding the legal aspect of the
issues that are likely to arise from the decisions that have been made by the department (Slade &
Prinsloo, 2013).
The bible verses that the author has highlighted are crucial in creating a better environment
where it would be much easier to understand the legal and ethical concerns of organizational
environment. The author highlights that there is need to create a better environment under which
it will be much easier to engage the public. Delivery of public apology is the first real step that can
be made in this case. There is the need for the company to feel remorse and apologize for its
mistake, which will ensure that there is a slight focus on the organizational engagement. Therefore
a decision that is considered by the company is key in ensuring that there is a better environment
under which it will be easier to have a higher level of understanding where the company can make
a comeback. Every employee is expected to operate within the legal and ethical threshold, which
binds employees within the organization(Sasso, Stievano, González Jurado, & Rocco, 2009).
Martin, K. E. (2015). Ethical Issues in the Big Data Industry. MIS Quarterly Executive,
2015(June), 74–87.
Sasso, L., Stievano, A., González Jurado, M., & Rocco, G. (2009). Code of ethics and conduct.
Ethics (Vol. 15).
Slade, S., & Prinsloo, P. (2013). Learning Analytics: Ethical Issues and Dilemmas. American
Behavioral Scientist, 57(10), 1510–1529.
Each Discussion Board Forum will be completed over the span of 2 modules/weeks. Each thread
must be at least 1,000 words and will analyze a provided case study. Each reply must be at least
450 words. In the first module/week, you will submit your thread through the SafeAssign link to
check for plagiarism before submitting it to the Discussion Board Forum. In the following
module/week, you will reply to 2 other classmates’ threads.
For each thread and reply, you must support your assertions with a minimum of 3 scholarly
sources other than the course textbook and materials. Each source must be cited in current APA
format. Each thread and reply must include both full citations in a reference list at the end of
each post and short in-text citations. Acceptable sources include books, legal and business
journals, legal cases, the law (cases, statutes, regulations, etc.), the Bible, biblical commentary,
etc. Dictionaries and other web sources that lack scholarly support are not considered acceptable
A well-developed, complete analysis of the situation, from a spiritual perspective, requires more
than simply adding a verse from the Bible to the post. Each thread will include at least 2 separate
verses from Scripture, quoted and applied as an integral part of your discussion of the applicable
issues in the context of a biblical worldview. Each reply will include at least 1 Scripture verse
integrated in the same manner.

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