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hi, i have this essay. i need to paraphrase the writing so it is academic , correct the grammar mistakes and organize the paper in genral so i get a good grade at it?

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Romeo and Juliet
I love to see the play Romeo and Juliet at our university. The play is popular form of 16thcentury love poem that often explored such themes as love in conflict. Shakespeare chooses this
poetic form to outline the play’s main issues of love and feuding and to present another major
theme: how true love ultimately triumphs because the deaths of Romeo and Juliet end the feud
between their families.
For the acting, the cast was great. My emotions were strong towards them. My favorite character
was Romeo. A role played by Melanie Thompson. She was my favorite because of her
composure, her eloquence and the excellent way she carried himself out. She was so composed
in the whole play, even at the point of being convicted; she never seemed to be shaken. Such a
time is always expected to be an emotional moment, but it was not for her. She truly acted that
role so well, bringing out the best description of Romeo as written in the play. Because of this, I
developed an admiration for her. She was audible enough, and had that deep bass that traversed
the whole stage, making everyone listen to her. This made her act so excellently and I admired
this. She was the best of all the actors. Her integrity was also unquestionable; she had changed
and became a sad man. The play focused on her struggle to release herself from the gruesome
guilt he has suffered since he admitted that he loved Juliet who was played by Maria Powell,
and throughout the play, she could be a man who was actually trying to make things right once
more. Indeed, this is very captivating. I admired how she brought out the hero in her. With his
integrity intact, she played the hero in the play that had the structure of a classical tragedy. I liked
the way the cast brought about her problem with some characters, how this led to their affair, I
loved her composure amidst all the trials. How Romeo came out to defend Juliet was also
something I admired. She was so bold, did not seem to fear and she decided to do everything she
could to protect Juliet. Melanie Thompson, she was really good at her role. I was watching her
body language and her movement, and how she makes the character more believable for me.
Also her language in some part of the play was easy for more than the other actors. For example,
when she said to Benvolio and Mercutio “Can I go forward when my heart is here?” I saw
effective emotion and realistic in this scene.
Moreover, Romeo’s exaggerated language in his early speeches characterizes him as a young and
inexperienced lover who is more in love with the concept of being in love than with the woman
The play’s emphasis on characters’ eyes and the act of looking accords with Romeo’s role as a
blind lover who doesn’t believe that there could be another lady fairer than his Rosaline. Romeo
denies that he could be deluded by love, the “religion” of his eye.
My favorite scenes in the play was the dancing scene because it has a lot of things that I noticed,
for example, it shows emotions and light and it was in the down stage center and up light and
also there was a shadow. Also, I agree with Prof. Bill when he said that he liked the two scene
that were happening in the same time on the stage. I think this so smart idea to save time because
the two scenes have similar script or meaning.
I learned that before lighting designer starts setting down a lighting plan, knows what kind of
lighting system the stage must work with. And get acquainted with each piece of equipment so
he knows everything that’s possible with his system. Sometimes it’s necessary to replace old
equipment. Other times he may want to do a special effect that is beyond his system’s
capabilities. Thinking of a creative alternative is one option, but he can always try talking with
the director to see if buying new or extra equipment is in the school’s budget.
The setup of the play was great, and the props were well arranged and ready for the scene. The
actors who were charged with the responsibility of the props during the show knew very well
how and when to use them. For example, the props were in the table that were backstage, and the
actors would take them smoothly and neatly. They never did anything that made me feel like
they didn’t know what to do or even that they forgot something. I believe they handled the props
The technical design was great; I saw a lot of new and fascinating ideas about how to make your
stage look unique and different. The stage was huge, and it had a big building made of wood.
There were a tree and curtain that came from above the stage, I saw a bed that use in Juliet
‘scene. I wondered why there were chairs and guessed that they were for carrying Juliet after she
Moreover, I noticed that the all characters were wearing old and classic clothes which acted as an
illustration that they play was one from the ages past. Also, I really loved the fashion way that
some actors were wearing. For example, Ashly clothes and all her looks.
I liked the idea of having many lights on the front sides of the stage. They brought a very nice
and welcoming environment since they were so close to the stage and they shone with radiance.
The stage was set to look triangular I loved their artistic way of decorating the stage. It was a
brilliant idea, and I wondered how they could do that in that professional way.
I guess before the lighting process the people who are responsible of the play should have
discussing about how they will interpret the action and dialogue in each scene that helps decide
what kind of lighting is needed to really bring the story to life for your audience.
This play requires audiences to use their imagination, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them
a little help now and then. Bring a scene to life with Romeo and Juliet their story that what Prof
Bill was trying to do. Also, he makes such effects possible by moving the light patterns across
the set at various speeds and directions.
I think the lighting design process is successful done in Romeo and Juliet play. I know that
lighting designer should read the script and comes up with ideas with the director about that how
the lighting should be based on the scene and the actor’s movement. Also, I learned that the
lighting designer should think about that what the production needs. You can start by thinking of
the lighting equipment for example, if you need to add or buy new light.
Moreover, I love the music and every time I heard the music, I felt that there is excitement and
important moment is coming. The music slowdown in some scene , and goes softer because we
should hear Rome and Juliet talking.
Also, I worked for few times back stage, and I love working on the light section with Prof. Bill I
saw that he had a plan of the lighting on paper and a small iPad which has the numbers and the
places of the lights which make his work really organized and also that helped him I think to not
forget about the light that he already did. and, I liked that Prof. Bill marked the light that he done
work on. Also, the other time I work in this wonderful play was on the painting with one of the
student and it was great to learn about paining. My work was to help painting a piece of
sculpture that looks like a woman. I really liked to help and learn about painting because the
student explains to me how to paint and which color and brush do I have to use which was useful
for me to can help.
I did very good an interview with Andre Easton, who is one of the student that work on Romeo
and Juliet play. He had many roles in the play, and he answered me some questions successfully.
I asked him some question about the show. And he said that the actors did the practice of the
show for almost every day for two months which was extremely great because they get a chance
to went through everything related to the actors and the stage. Moreover, I asked him about the
time of the rehearsal of the full show, and he told me that they rehearsed the full show
completely for about four to five days before the first performance, it was seemly perfect beside
few technical difficult that they had. Furthermore, my third question was about that the work that
Andre worked back stage? He told me that he was an assistant manager as well as the lighting
technician, and in his position, was as the link between actors and director; he handled some few
pieces of paper works for the show. Also, he was the person who controlled lighting changes and
helped with the sound check. I loved that the play result showed me that everybody in the show
did his job carefully and in professional way because I saw that in the show.
Also, I did an interview with another student who worked in Romeo and Juliet play who is Kevin
Vilchez. His role for Romeo and Juliet was Technical Assistant. He told me that he helped
around with the technical aspect of the show, although he mostly worked with the lights. Also,
he mentioned that his work didn’t start until the actors had memorized a majority of their lines.
Also, He told me that he helped Prof. Bill to get the lights set up. It was mostly getting the right
lights in position and focusing them. This was all the set up for the show, so when they were
getting ready for the show (pre-show) he helped get the stage set up by sweeping, and making
sure all the props were working and in the right position. While they were running the show, he
was moving scene pieces in between scenes. After the show was over for the night he then had to
clean up and reset the stage for the next performance.
Then I asked him about that how did he prepared for his work on the play? He told me that
“getting the lights set up wasn’t hard so there wasn’t a lot of preparation for me, besides changing
into the clothes that I didn’t mind getting dirty. I just had to wait on Prof. Bill to figure how he
would want the lights and I would follow his instructions.”
Moreover, I asked him about that what he learned? He told me that from this experience he
learned how much the lights are important to set the tone and focus the attention of the audience.
Which is why he now plan on taking a Lighting Design class next semester to learn more about
how to maybe set them up on my own someday. And my last question for him was about that
what he liked the most about the show? He told me that what he liked the most was how
everyone was friendly towards everyone and they helped each other in whatever way possible.
Also, how he was able to gain new knowledge from this experience.

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