Parent-Child Interactions

Final paper, final presentation about my future family, FCS chapters 13,14,15,16 and FCS TF 13, 14, 15, 16 (you can find false and true answers online)


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Parent-Child Interactions
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Type up one to two double spaced reflection essay to answer
the question.
Which content(s) in the textbook has or have a profound
impact on you when reading or discussing in classes?
Create your own “Future Family” powerpoint slides. The
following items are needed to be included:
* Single or Married ( Single. I would like to travel and
support Deaf childrein first-my goals come first)
* Parenting Style- be sure to explain why (I believe I am not
perfect and make sure my future children go great and work
together. I can’t decide for everything)
* Infants & Toddlers (2 slides) – be sure to include
* Preschooler (2 slides)
* School-Age Children (2 slides)
* Adolescent (2 slides)
* Young Adults (2 slides)
* You as a Grandparent (2 slides)
Please write in my English American level: I went to the Deaf school and then I learnt what Deaf
world was like, which fits my life well. Today I’m still learning the deepest of Deaf culture. Being Deaf
can’t be the main barrier to lead to the failure of the big life dreams that I have. My life has been
affected in various ways because of my status but that doesn’t make me fail in making my own
decisions on my life. Learning about the Deaf characters and culture has made me view my status in
a positive manner making me think on the privileges that the society has offered to me by giving me
a chance to utilize the important privileges delegated to me. Though the society has offered several
positive privileges to the Deaf, some of the people focus much on empowering the underprivileged
hence hindering the Deaf from making special developments in their lives.When I was in a hearing
school, I often felt overwhelmed and wanted to avoid studying and never wanted to go to college. My
parents tried to convince me that school was extremely important, but I did not listen to them. One
day, I told my mother that I wanted to receive a better education in a deaf school, and my mother did
not want me to go to a deaf school because she believed that I did not care about education for my
life. A few days later, I felt so disappointed that I was forced to learn unwanted lessons. I decided to
keep telling my mother my goal was to go to a deaf school and my mother finally accepted it. I
started to be joyful at that news and readied for a better education. As a college student, I applied for
City college of San Francisco to learn more English and general studies and then transferred to the
University. I am majoring in communication and public relations and minor in digital media. I
personally love working with people, I feel very happy seeing them satisfied with their present and
looking forward to their future, and I love learning different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, traditions,
and many things that I have never learnt before, although what i really would be glad to add to my
personal experience is developing a new project, to develop a new website to make the hearing and
Deaf worlds one unit so they will be able to communicate with each other to learn about their
different worlds.My major is Communication and my minors are Digital Media and Family studies
part of my passion is to do my research and analysis on negative things and change them in a
positive way. I went there for class and felt “wow” about the building and respect different religions. I
love learning different things. I am majoring in communication and minoring in public relations and
family studies, I personally love working with people, I feel very happy seeing them satisfied with
their present and looking forward to their future, I love learning different cultures, backgrounds,
beliefs, traditions, and many things that I have never learnt before. My goal to make the hearing and
Deaf worlds one unit so they will be able to communicate with each other to learn about their
different worlds and so that we can get more opportunities. I am wondering if I can volunteer for one
week-on August 18 until 25 and then after, I will take my time to socialize with different people. It
would be a great experience for me. Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon. I would like to make a
new website which looks somewhat like Facebook and Couchsurfing which serves both the Deaf
and Hearing people whatever race and religion they are, everybody can join the social media and
make new friends all over the world which will allow the possibility of making new friends, having a
familiar face to visit outside your country, have a person guide you around a new city to learn new
things like Deaf and Hearing cultures, countries’ history, cultures, foods and etc.
Pick one of two questions to answer.
A. Name the major issues related to abusive parents and child neglect.
B. Describe intervention strategies that help parents control their abusive
behavior and provide support for children.
Describe the major protective factors in supporting good parent-child relations.
One page per question
Explain the unique challenges, including legal challenges, that same-sex partners
may face in forming families.
Pick one of two questions to answer.
A. Describe the principal factors that contribute to adolescent parenthood.
B. Describe the role of community support for teenagers who become parents.
3. Pick one of two questions to answer.
A. Name the major issues related to abusive parents and child neglect.
B. Describe intervention strategies that help parents control their abusive
behavior and provide support for children.
4.Describe the major protective factors in supporting good parent-child
FCS 334
1. Most adolescent girls who become pregnant also get married. True or False?
2. Besides causing pregnancy, the frequency and nature of adolescent heterosexual
activity also increases a teenager’s exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. True or
3. Some teenagers don’t use contraception because they believe in a number of myths
about sexual activity and reproduction. True or False?
4. Most adolescents who get married because of pregnancy experience a low-risk
relationship that seems to be an excellent way of resolving the problems associated
with teen parenthood. True or False?
5. Most pregnant adolescents who carry the baby to term place the child for adoption
following its birth. True or False?
6. Pregnancy is the most common reason an adolescent girl drops out of school and fails
to complete her education. True or False?
7. Adolescent pregnancy has negative implications for the health of the mother as well as
her child. True or False?
8. Teenage parents face serious economic consequences related to educational
interruption and other factors. True or False?
9. Teenagers typically lack the skills needed to parent infants and children adequately and
to provide for their needs. True or False?
10. The role of an adolescent father is clearly defined. True or False?
11. Most adolescent fathers do not maintain a relationship with their child’s mother after
the child’s birth. True or False?
12. An adolescent father has no legal parental rights. True or False?
13. Support services for adolescent parents are largely ineffective in attaining program
goals. True or False?
14. The decline in teen pregnancies in recent years can be directly attributed to the
effectiveness of those sex education programs emphasizing abstinence from sexual
activity. True or False?
15. Most teen girls who become pregnant willfully choose to do so. True or False?
FCS 334
1. A family system with an LGBT child experiences disruption when this is disclosed to
the family, and the system responds to this disclosure in ways that are characteristic
of responses to other family crisis situations. True or False?
2. Most family systems and general societal beliefs about persons who identify
themselves as LGBT, are becoming increasingly competent in accepting diversity in
all its expressions. True or False?
3. A family system may initially negate the family role of a child identifying themselves
as LGBT, following disclosure. Those that respond in a healthy manner to this change
constructively redefine the child’s role in the family. True or False?
4. Parents who are gay or lesbian provide a harmful environment and child-rearing
experience for their children. True or False?
5. Most problems of children of men and women who identify themselves as LGBT
typically relate to the parental divorce and are similar to the problems of children of
divorced heterosexual parents. True or False?
6. There are few differences between the family systems of gay and mothers who identify
themselves as LGBT, and those of other family systems. True or False?
7. Many people do not understand the nature of homosexuality as it is a situation with a
very complex etiology. True or False?
8. People choose to be homosexual rather than heterosexual. True or False?
9. People who identify themselves as LGBT can find many supportive resources within
the community and increasingly people are more respectful of diversity. True or
10. Parents of children who identify themselves as LGBT have somehow performed
poorly as caregivers; their child’s sexual orientation indicates serious failures in
parenting. True or False?
11. A healthy family system may initiate processes that involve negative entropy and
morphogenesis as a means of resolving a child’s disclosure concerning sexual
orientation. True or False?
12. The ABC-X model predicts that those families that react in unhealthy ways to a
child’s disclosure concerning sexuality reach lower levels of functioning upon
resolving this family crisis. True or False?
13. Persons who are gay and lesbian often form families of choice. True or False?
14. The types of families formed by same-sex couples, contribute to the families’ social
support in healthy ways. True or False?
15. There is an increasing trend among same-sex couples to become parents by medically
assisted reproduction methods, adoption, and foster care. True or False?
FCS 334
1. About 98 percent of the perpetrators of sexual abuse, molestation, and incest of
children are heterosexual males who are family members of their victims. True or
2. Male children are sexually abused more frequently than female children. True or
3. Parents who abuse children usually do not respond to treatment for this behavior. True
or False?
4. There is little that can be done to treat abused children. True or False?
5. Children can be removed from parental care when it has been determined that they are
not safe in their parents’ home or they live in an unhealthy parent-child environment.
True or False?
6. Infants are rarely abused by their parents or caregivers. True or False?
7. More children are killed from experiencing physical and sexual abuse than from other
types of violence. True or False?
8. It is easy to know when a child has been emotionally abused. True or False?
9. One theory speculates that people who are abusive are mentally ill, while another
posits that this is due to values and attitudes about violence that are held by a family.
True or False?
10. Individuals who had violent and abusive childhoods tend to become abusers of their
own children. True or False?
11. There is an association between addiction disorders by parents and physical abuse and
neglect of children. True or False?
12. Adults who abuse their children tend to rely on using a permissive parenting style.
True or False?
13. An adult child is someone whose emotional development became stagnated at some
point in their childhood or adolescence due to some type of abuse by their parents.
True or False?
14. Chemical dependencies and other addictions have a cyclical effect that frequently are
passed from one generation to the next. True or False?
15. Anything that removes or alters unwanted feelings that typically accompany deepseated feelings of low self-esteem is addictive. True or False?
FCS 334
Multiple Choice:
1. The risk and resilience model emphasizes:
A. the task of raising a child is the responsibility of a parent alone
B. individuals are the building blocks of society
C. positive early experiences lay a foundation for healthy development
D. all of the above are correct
2. Ecological perspective is similar to
Vygotsky’s theory of development
Pavlov’s classical conditioning
Piaget’s developmental stages
Bronfenbrenner’s systems theory
3. A protective factor in a family setting:
helps minimize risk of impact of bad parenting
helps parents teach disabled children
keeps families out of poverty
reduces likelihood of divorce
4. __________ is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and
a healthy family
5. Which program helps educate young persons in underserved schools?
B. Big Brothers, Big Sisters
C. Head Start
D. Teach for America
6. International children are sometimes not educated because:
A. they live in countries or areas of war
B. some children do not wish to attend
C. children will drop out when the material gets too difficult
D. all of the above are correct
7. Most people in America believe the idea of a dual income family:
A. causes neglect in parenting duties
B. makes life harder with risk of mother’s role strain
C. makes life more satisfying
D. gives parents too much guilt when they cannot spend enough time with
their children
8. A characteristic of current families is:
A. less extended familial support
B. adults and children are more connected
C. less variation in family structure
D. families are living more geographically closer
9. Current research is focusing on certain aspects of the family which includes:
A. researching into the meaning of parental behavior
B. role of fathers is important
C. exploring diversity within general patterns of parent child relationships
D. all of the above are correct
10. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child was written by:
A. the United Nations
B. Great Britain
C. the state of California
D. the Federal Government

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