part 2 of last question

*due on Thursday 11/30*the feedback of part 1 will attached here, so you can make all the correction after you are done with the whole project.


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part 2 of last question
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English 102: Writing, Research, & Responsibility in Social Media Culture
Fall 2017
Assignment 20: Drafting to 6 pages
Important: Write a completed and revised version of your research question at the top of the
page of this assignment before handing in.
You know have feedback from your partner(s) to your 4 page draft. Now is the time to ask
yourself the following questions:
1. What do I need to clarify, expand on, or revise in my essay, based on the feedback I
2. What other sources and perspectives do I need to include in order to develop an answer
to my research question?
Part 1: Finding More Sources
Based on your answer to question 2, find 2 more (or more) sources for your project and read
through, take notes for those sources, then add to your annotated bibliography. Aim to have a
total of 8-10 by the time ou complete your 6 page draft.
*I do not need this part 1 handed in.
Part 2: Drafting to 6-7 Pages
Drawing from your sources (including your 3 scholarly ones), draft 2-4 more pages of material in
which you attempt to make connections among your sources’ and your own ideas that are
relevant to your own research question.
Due Dates:
• If your conference is on Tuesday 11/21 [option 1] then your draft is due on Thursday
• If you have a phone conference [option 2] then your draft is due on Thursday 11/30
• If you have a F2F conference on Monday [option 3] then your draft is due 9am on
• If you have a F2F conference on Tuesday [option 3] then your draft is due at 4pm on
Note: Due dates are so I have time to read and take notes on your draft. If you do not get it in at
the time it is due based on your conference time, I cannot guarantee the quality of your
feedback to your 6 page draft.
Abdulhadi Albaqshi
English 102
Assignment 19
The Impact of Technology at Workplace
When it comes to technology in a workplace, most of the (delete) human resource
managers [WHAT ABOUT CITIZENS, PEOPLE, AND WORKERS?]will readily agree that the
effect has been both positive and negative. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is the
question of the technological advancements applicable to a particular organization. Whereas the
use of technology has revolutionized the workplace environment, others are convinced that
technology is to blame for the current mess in the workplace [WHAT MESS? GIVE SPECIFIC
EXAMPLSES]. Equally, others maintain that Technology is the new face of the workplace
environment and must be implemented fully to realize the goals and objective of an organization
Human resource practitioners today tend to believe that technology is a crucial aspect of
the workforce and thus must be treated as an integral part of the workplace environment. Keegan
[WHO IS THIS], argues that the impacts of the digital technologies on the human thinking and
their behavior have had a positive outcome in the productivity of employees. Keegan’s claim that
technology at the workplace has impacted on the consequential effects on the qualitative research
that have been done on the same issue rests upon the questionable assumption that the previous
many researcher view technology as a new dawn in the human resource development.
He (who?) rather expounds that the technological advancements in the workplace are an
unnecessary change that is not for any better results to the society. Keegan’s theory of technology
at the workplace (Where is the work place) extremely useful because it shed insight on the
difficult problem of the effects [WHAT PROBLEMS AND EFFECTS] should be tackled
intelligently to help the millennial brains from addictions on technology and particularly,
THEY DON’T DO WORK] I think Keegan is mistaken , because she overlooks the fact that
technology plays a key role in HR practices at workplace. [KEEGAN, HOWEVER, FOCUSES
Although Keegan, may seem of concern to only a small group of employees, it should in
fact concern anyone who cares about the effect of technology on the overall performance and
social coexistence of the organization. Keegan asserts that technology has led to the acquisition
of certain cognitive skills that gives them deep thinking capabilities to undertake their activities.
This is mainly attributed to the continuous use of technology that has resulted into alterations in
the neural circuitry of millennial brains.’’
Keegan suggests that digital technology at the workplace has changed the way employee
discharge their activities. He, however, complains that there has been limited discussion about
the long-term effects of technology on the brain of employee and particularly how they react to
the technology. According to Keegan, the use of digital technologies at the workplace has reshaped the brains of employees. None the less, he (make sure your letting the readers know who
your talking about at all times) acknowledges that the use of technology has several implications
for society and the research industry at large. [COMPRESS THE KEEGAN
Although Hernandez, Kevin, et al. might seem trivial, the application of technology at the
workplace is, in fact, crucial in terms of today’s concern over the manner, in which the 24-hour
communicative affordances of technology affected people’s work/life balance?”
The arguments about the use of technology in a workplace and their effects on the
employee’s productivity seem to draw more attention and appear equally persuasive. Hernandez,
Kevin, et al. note that technology has a significant impact on the broader domain of how the
employees work. The scholars are of the opinion that technology helps the employee to strike a
balance between their social life and their official responsibilities and expectations at the
workplace. The authors argue that the digital technologies have greatly affected the reasoning in
humans, thus leading to greater achievement in their duties.
Although I agree with the authors up to a point, I cannot accept his overall conclusion
that the productivity of employees is solely based on the use of technology and is, therefore, the
main causes the internet adaption in humans. The argument by Hernandez, Kevin, et al that
digital technology is in the process of eating the world and has thus had a significant influence
on the way that humans interact and transact with each other is not clear. My feelings on the
issue are mixed. I do support Hernandez, Kevin, et al’s position that technology has become an
inevitable aspect of the workplace on global, regional, national and local economies. However, I
find the author’s claim that there is still a possibility that the use of technology will lead higher
productivity and performance at a workplace, thus realizing success.
Proponents of the use of technology in the workplace are right to argue that the dynamic
world has made technology an inevitable part of the ordinary working of the staff. However, they
exaggerate when they claim that organization that does no incorporate technology into their
functions have always failed to achieve their goals. As Crary note that the automation technology
plays a great role in everyday life, it is important to note that the use of technology has a
potential effect on workplaces.
Of course, many will probably disagree with this assertion of Crary notes that the
automation of the workplace environment will lead to the elimination of very few occupations
entirely in the next decade. My own view, however, is that, though it will affect the percentages
of almost all jobs to a greater or lesser degree, the magnitude of the effect will depend on the
type of work undertaken by the employees
At first glance, employees might say that technology at the workplace has little effect on
the overall productivity of employees and how they relate to their workplace environment.
However, a closer look at the scenario reveals that technology accounts for 78% of success in the
workplace environment.
Crary notes that note that the effects of digital technology on the security of people’s
occupation have been a major concern to the employees. However, anyone familiar with the use
of technology in a workplace will agree with me that human labor has been replaced with the
widespread use of technology in almost every aspect of the daily operation of a business.
However, Crary overlooks what I consider an important point about the effect of auto motives,
heavy duty robots and artificial intelligence to the overall performance of the organization. My
own view is that Crary argument that the digital technology has led to high rate of joblessness in
many industries within the countries that have embraced technological advancement is not a big
issue to the business entity. [THEY ARE TAKING THE MESS OF THE TECHNOLOGY AND
Perhaps they might have based their argument on the fact that the robots have replaced
even the professional occupations who do clerical duties. The authors, therefore, conclude by
saying that the digital technology despite having worked to improve the productivity and
economy, its hazards has outshined the advantages, thus creating more problems to the
employees of an organization that implements them
In conclusion, the impact of technology at the workplace is both positive and negative. It
has led to an increase in the overall productivity of the employees while at the same time
rendering many employee jobless. None the less, organization have found a way of using
technology to maximize the outcome of the benefits while reducing its adverse impacts.
Works Cited
Crary, Jonathan. 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep. New York: Verso, 2014. Print.
Keegan, Sheila. “Digital technologies are re-shaping our brains: What are the implications for
society and the research industry?” Emerald insight (2012): 328-346.
Michael, Chui, James Manyika and Mehdi Miremadi. “How many of Your Daily Tasks could be
Automated?” Harvard Business Review (2015).

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