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Hi please read this essay and peer review it you can see the attached to know how you should review it.Religion as a whole is always changing, coming and going, evolving to fit the modern world. Some religions stay the same forever, others change, create new sects, and some even form entirely on their own. New religious movements come about in many different ways. The circumstances in which they form are unpredictable. There are many reasons in which it would be likely for new religious movements to appear. Some form from an older religion that is losing its foothold in society, picking up the pieces that were successful and running into a new and improved version of itself. Others form to meet a new need that isn’t being met by the pre-existing religions. These are just a few of the common circumstances in which new religious movements are often formed. An example of a new religion formed from a pre-existing religion is the Accommodationist Movements. Accommodationist Movements arise when an already well established religion is introduced into a new cultural context. When an older religion does not fit or account for everything within a new cultural context the older religion is manipulated to fit into the new culture. New Revelation Sects also form off of already established religions. New Revelation sects, similar to any sect, follow very strictly to a normative religion. The difference is that, apart from following the pre-existing beliefs of the religion, they also teach new revelations that have arised. Some examples of New Religious Movements that are separate from any former religion are Spirit Movements and Reactive Movements. Spirit Movements claim to have an otherworldly connection to spiritual beings such as nature and ancestral spirits, ghost, and angels, among a variety of others. These movements tend to be very emotion based. They have this in common with Reactive Movements. Reactive movements are formed in response to social or political stress. When a problem arises in society some people turn to religious movements to possibly resolve the issue. Thus, a new religion is formed to address the stimulus. Another circumstance in which a new religious movement would form would be when practices and ideas from a common monotheistic religion is combined with a less traditional spirit or shaman based religion. These religious movements are known as Hybrid Religions. They mix the spiritual aspects of indigenous religions with the traditional practices of more modern religions. These are just a few of the many circumstances in which New Religious Movements form. Like stated previously religions are unpredictable and there are many reasons and ways that new ideas and practices can form into a new religious movement. They can come from anywhere and anyone at anytime.

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peer review short essay
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Peer Review Grading Rubric
Content and
(350 – 500 words)
& structure
20 %
10 %
& spelling
20 %
Poor (1 point)
Incomplete content and
thesis statement, unclear
and unpersuasive
Fair (4 points)
Thesis statement unfocused,
content not comprehensive
enough or persuasive, does not
delve into subject with enough
Major points are considered but
not supported and does not
address concepts, content is
inconsistent with regard to
purpose and clarity of thought
Good ( 8 points)
Focused thesis statement, content
comprehensive with adequate
research and supports, uses
transitional words to move the
reading forward, major points are
stated clearly and are well
supported. Research is adequate,
timely and addresses course
concepts; content and purpose of
the writing are clear.
Poor (0 points)
Organization and
structure detract from the
message of the writer.
Introduction or
conclusion is missing.
Paragraphs are disjointed
and lack transition of
Fair (1.5 points)
Uneasy structure
introduction is lacking major
points. Paragraph transitions
need improving. Conclusion
does not flow from the body of
the paper.
Good (2.5 points)
Structure of paper is clear and easy
to follow.
Introduction and thesis provide
sufficient background on the topic
and previews major points.
Paragraph transitions are logical
and maintain their flow of thought
through-out the paper. Conclusion
is logical and flows from the body
of the paper.
Poor (0 points)
Research paper lacks
elements of correct
formatting. Citations and
references are not
provided. Paper is
inadequate/excessive in
Fair (1 points)
Paper follows most guidelines.
Paper has incorrectly prepared
citations. Paper has reference
list with some errors or
omissions. Paper is too short or
too long.
Good (2 points)
Paper follows designated
guidelines. Citations and
references are used appropriately.
Paper is the appropriate length as
described for the assignment.
Poor (1 point)
Research paper contains
numerous grammatical
punctuation and spelling
errors. Language uses
jargon or conversational
Fair (1.5 points)
Research paper contains a few
grammatical errors, punctuation
and spelling errors, uses some
jargon or conversational tone.
Good (2.5 points)
Rules of grammar, usage and
punctuation are followed; spelling
is correct. Language is clear,
succinct, concise and precise,
sentences display consistently
strong, varied structure.
Guiding questions for Peer Review Assignment:
Use the following questions to help you read through your peer’s paper.
Also check the formal report rubric used for grading.
You are trying to praise the good points your peer has made, and find the gaps in substance or logic that may
not be immediately obvious to your peer (the author).
Introduction and Background
1. In one or two sentences, state what you think is the major question being addressed by the author. If you
had trouble determining the specific question being addressed, can you indicate what caused the
problem for you?
2. Does the Introduction describe the motivation and focus of the paper? Does it contain appropriate
theoretical background, including definitions, explanations of important terms and description of
relevant concepts?
3. Are all statements of fact or opinion well supported by reference, data, or example? Give specific
examples of cases in which you think the argument or point is not adequately supported, or where you
can cite counter evidence that the author did not consider.
4. At the end of the introductory material, does the author indicate specific hypotheses to be tested, or
specific questions to be answered?
5. Is the Introduction well – organized (from general to specific)? Do the ideas flow smoothly from
sentence to sentence? Considering the hypotheses/questions, does any of the information seem
excessive, inadequate, or irrelevant? Explain.
6. What do you find most interesting about the direction that this paper is taking? Is there anything the
author can do to increase its interest for you, or to better convince you of the study’s value?
7. Is there anything in the introduction that seems confusing or unclear?
8. What would you like to know more about? What questions do you still have?
Format, Grammar and Spelling
1. Has the document been spell-checked?
2. Is there a logical sequence of sentences and paragraphs?
3. Are sentences well-formed and grammatically correct?
4. Any persistent, repeated spelling or other writing issues to note?
5. Is the format consistent and according to instructions?
1. Are the required references cited appropriately in a separate section?
2. Is the format consistent among all references?
3. Are the references always cited appropriately within the text
Process: In the peer review process, you are earning points in the following manner (25 points total).
Not Evident/ Not
0 points
finished/or past
1 points
Fully complete and
in ahead of
2 points
0 points
Comments are
superficial and do
not provide true
1 points
Comments indicate
correct analysis of
2 points
Provided meaningful 0 points
feedback on structure/
organization and
clarity of points.
Comments are
1 points
Provided meaningful 0 points
feedback on the logic,
assumptions and
recommendations the
author has drawn.
provided are not
logical or
incorrectly state
1 points
Comments identify
potential problems
with the structures
and organization of
the components.
2 points
Comments illustrate
useful analysis of
logic and
assumptions and
identify potential
2 points
Materials submitted
to group at least 72
hours before
posting deadline to
allow additional
opportunities for
peers to view your
structure and
3.25 points
Comments include
specific suggestions
and additional
resources for
3.25 points
Comments include
specific suggestions
improving structure
and order.
3.25 points
Provided all
comments in a
positive, encouraging
and constructive
Comments are
neutral or non –
-2 points
Submitted your
finished paper to the
group discussion area
PRIOR to deadline to
allow others to
comment on your
Provided meaningful
feedback on data/
Comments might be
interpreted as
-3 points
Comments include
positive feedback
and suggestions.
-1 points
Comments include
specific suggestions
for improving or
resolving problems
with logic or
assumptions and
help to restate
that are better
supported by the
3.25 points
Comments praise
specific strengths of
the presentation as
well as the
weaknesses with
alternatives that
might be considered
0 points

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