replies for discussion

Discussion for Replies in ClassmateI Want Min 300 words Each replay – Part 1 (Replay 1 & 2) Part – 2 ( Replay 1&2)I want with Reference

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replies for discussion
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Discussion for Replies in Classmate
I Want Min 300 words
I want with Reference
Part – 1
1 Watch the TED Talk, Want to Help Africa? Do Business Here. Discuss the issues present
in the video. What opportunities are there in Africa? How does doing business there
help? What advantages is there to the company? What drawbacks or risks?
Reply – 1 Lh
One of the main issue that was touched on in this video is that the world view of Africa
overall is negative. The continent of Africa is treated like one big state when in reality is 54
separate countries, all of which have their own government systems. The world has only see the
negative and ugly underbelly of those corrupt or war-torn countries and have made an
assumptions about all 54 countries on the continent. This is not the case and for this reason
many of the under developed countries are on the amazing continent. Another issue that was
presented in this video was lack knowledge of what to do with that they already have; education
is expensive and not everyone can afford it because of the economic and sociological factors
from being in a corrupt or “uneducated” area of the world. I was happy to learn that the
courageous and amazing people in these countries are finally taking a stand and demanding more
from the people that are in power.
There are opportunities in Africa because right now it is so many unexplored markets. They are
looking to things outside of oil, making and passing new legislation that will be beneficial to
them and not for someone else. They are investing in their countries so they can do better and
compete in the international trade. Bringing business to these developing countries would not
only help the country but providing jobs for those who live there. You would be giving the
citizens an opportunity to not only better themselves but better their future, by not always been a
“charity case” to the rest of the world. They could afford education for their children, putting
clothes on their backs and foods in their bellies. They could be a productive member of their
communities and help be the change that is needed to push their nation forward.
The advantages are numerous to helping, You lean about another culture, you expand your
business while helping them fiscally so why you are making money so are the people who are
working for you. It strengthens a nation so they are not left relaying on the charity of others and
be self- sufficient. Some of the drawbacks of going into Africa, is there is a lot of uncertainty
about what could or may happen. Due to the negative view of corruption and war, there is never
a guarantee that that agreement made will be honored when the political or economic climate
changes. There are still many things that are being worked out but the continent as a whole is
heading in the right direction.
Replay – 2) Kh
Investment in Africa through business ventures or Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) brings forth
many risks. The most significant risks overall remain corruption, security, and political
instability. While this does not speak true for each country, the implications of unstable regions
have spread through the entire continent.
Over the past few years, Africa has implemented a reform in many areas to crack down on
corruption and theft, increase stability in the region, and implement mechanisms to ensure
stability in the political landscape is built. Recent coups notwithstanding, traditional African
powers are gaining more stability and becoming attractive international partners.
Some of the indicators that would drive investment include a booming middle class, less
restrictive trade within African nations, and technology catch up to other developed and
developing countries. Investment in areas of infrastructure such as transportation, energy, and
water will have significant impact on the growth of other sectors. Technology is making it more
affordable to build or modernize, roads, ports, railways as well as bring in technology for solar
and wind power, cellular, and clean water programs.
Continued growth in the infrastructure will make it easier to focus on other economic markets
within the countries. Africa has put an emphasis through various government groups to diversify
the exports beyond commodities by focusing on education, technology, and digital investment.
Bringing these sectors up to modern standards, while being a hot bed for sustainability programs
and investment, has initiated a new era of African economics.
Part – 2
Watch the TED talk, Why Brexit Happened – and What to do Next. When Britian withdrew from the EU,
many believed that it would have devastating effects on the economy. Discuss the implications of Brexit
on global economy, not just Britian. What does this say to businesses who want to expand their
business globally.
Replay – 1 Le
When Brexit happened many believed it was the start of a county in crises and they may even be
a war similar to when the south succeeded form the Union during the Civil War. What was
discussed in the Ted Talk and what this really meant that those who wanted to leave did not feel
that they were being represented and wanted out from the European Union. The implications of
Brexit on the global economy are numerous, one of the them being the need to form of a new
government of those countries who have left. When it comes to trading, importing and exporting
goods there are laws that govern how that process is going to work. If Britain left a new
government and laws would need to be created and this would take time. How would the new
government be set up, who would be in office and how would they determine who could be in
office. There would be no governing body along with the possibility of having to create new
currency. All these things take time and that would bring trading to a screeching halt until these
issues were resolved. Without it there would be no way to govern trade and corruption could set
in and then you have more developing or under developing countries trying to make it, which
would cause a strain on those who relied on them.
Another implication of Brexit is that companies and people who are looking to expand would not
be willing to go somewhere where everything is in flux. Investing is a risk and going somewhere
that may or may not have a governing body to help regulate what is going on is a serious
deterrent. For those who are looking to expand globally, you will never find “perfect conditions”
but you want somewhere not only regulations have been established but have also been proven to
work and will be beneficial to your overall business goals. Proven stability will help with some
of the nerves when expanding. You cant control every aspect of a countries economic, politically
or even financially; hence the risk but also endless opportunities.
Replay – 2 Re
There is that the share trading system decreases that occurred worldwide are not something to be
excessively worried about. The British securities exchange, as measured by the FTSE 100 list,
was down 3.2 percent in Britain, over its levels of mid-June. That proposes that financial
specialists don’t imagine the Brexit hit to pound corporate benefits sooner rather than later.
Be that as it may, what is going on in the security and cash markets recommends more serious
issues are preparing. The 7.6 percent drop in the British pound against the dollar is undoubtedly a
seismic move — real cash matches simply don’t do that. Since 2012, the normal day by day
move in the pound-dollar swapping scale is 0.35 percent. This move is 21 times that.
Joined with a rally in British government securities (and subsequently bring down loan costs),
the cash move will mean a burst of expansion for British customers as transported in products
turn out to be forcefully more costly. It will likewise make the country’s fare businesses more
The flight to security far from the epicenter of this British-EU separation will push capital far
from the locale and toward key place of refuge markets including the U.S.— particularly
Treasuries—and to Japan. This will additionally bring down market financing costs and raise
relative cash esteems.
For the U.S., the negative effect on sends out is moderately little contrasted and patterns in
residential request, however the deflationary weight on tradable merchandise will augment the
disparity between sensibly solid swelling in the administrations segment versus sensibly solid
emptying in the merchandise part

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