research-based paper that rejects the elimination of humanities curriculum

Imagine that local public high schools are considering eliminating several humanities classes, often referred to as Arts Education, to successfully meet federal initiatives and to alleviate significant financial strain. You have been asked to write a thesis-driven, research-based paper that either supports or rejects the elimination of humanities curriculum . You will explain your reasoning and report on your findings at a formal briefing. A t the briefing, you will be among secondary education (high school) teachers and administrators.


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research-based paper that rejects the elimination of humanities curriculum
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ENGH 302: Advanced Composition
Professor Swann
1. Review the research project prompt, which is posted on Blackboard. Then, write your claim/argument that responds to the prompt in
the gray box provided below. What will you claim in the paper, and why? For examples on how to structure your claim, consider
reviewing Graff and Birkenstein’s They Say/I Say: “Yes/No/Okay, But”: Three Ways to Respond. Try using one of the templates from
the book.
2. Conduct research on your project’s topic. Then, fill out the template below with respective citations and annotations. Make sure that
you include the required sources, which are as follows:
? two popular sources
? five scholarly sources
You must include evaluative annotations for each source. An evaluative annotation summarizes a source’s central claim as well as
reasons and describes how you will use it in your paper. Please refer to the “Research Project Guidelines” for additional information
on annotations. Remember, use MLA. You should make sure your citations are in alphabetical order. You will organize by A-Z for the
ENGH 302: Advanced Composition
Professor Swann
I. Claim
The humanities are a necessary component of schooling
II. Evaluative Annotations
Citation (popular):
Deb, Sopan . “Trump Proposes Eliminating the Arts and Humanities Endowments.” The New York Times, The New York Times Company , 15
Mar. 2017,
This article gives a sense of a more current struggle between society and the humanities. This will help me have a timely argument by
being able to describe the current struggles of the humanities and the administration of the country.
ENGH 302: Advanced Composition
Professor Swann
Citation (popular):
Author, Guest. “Why the Humanities Matter in K-12 Education.” Thesis Magazine , General Academic, 6 Feb. 2015,
This article is specific to the audience that I am also trying to reach. It speaks of the importance and role of the humanities when growing
up from kindergarten to twelfth grade.
Citation (scholarly):
Lumiansky, Robert M. “The Current State of Support for the Humanities.” Speculum, vol. 57, no. 4, 1982, pp. 723–727. JSTOR, JSTOR,
This journal discusses how support for the humanities have declined, compared to an increase in other subjects such as the increase in
budget for the national science foundation compared to the humanities.
ENGH 302: Advanced Composition
Professor Swann
Citation (scholarly):
Snell, John L. “Advancing the Humanities: To Make Our Present More Secure and Our Future Worth Striving For.” The Journal of Higher
Education, vol. 36, no. 1, 1965, pp. 10–17. JSTOR, JSTOR,
This source gives a basic overview of the humanities and their importance in history. It’s the basic evolution of the humanities and a stance
as to the position of the curriculum now and where it could/should go.
Citation (scholarly):
McCarthy, Kathleen D. “The Short and Simple Annals of the Poor: Foundation Funding for the Humanities, 1900-1983.” Proceedings of the
American Philosophical Society, vol. 129, no. 1, 1985, pp. 3–8. JSTOR, JSTOR,
This source is where I hope to grab all my statistics and numbers from because the journal discusses the future of the humanities and
budgeting in order for it to survive or keep going.
ENGH 302: Advanced Composition
Professor Swann
Citation (scholarly):
Davidson, Cathy N. , and David Theo Goldberg. “A Manifesto for the Humanities in a technological age.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, 13
Feb. 2004. The Chronicle,
This source is basically putting the humanities and technology next to each other, comparing and looking at the stance of the humanities in
a day and age where science and math and engineering are dominant.
Citation (scholarly):
Nussbaum, Martha Craven. Not for profit: why democracy needs the humanities. Princeton University Press, 2016.
This book basically connects my major into the research argument by giving another reason for why the humanities are important. This
will hopefully set some sort of tone for the research paper by allowing my own experience with the major and the humanities to be seen.
ENGH? ?302H:? ?Advanced? ?Composition? ?(Humanities)
Research? ?Project? ?Guidelines? ?(30%)
This semester you have learned some essentials skills about writing and argumentation. Now, it’s
time to apply all of those skills in a final piece of writing. Your goal is to use these skills in a way
that helps you make a meaningful contribution to an academic critical conversation. To do this,
you will complete a research project. Each part must be completed to receive full credit. The final
project? ?contains?? ?two? ?parts?:
1. Annotated? ?Bibliography
2. Final? ?Research? ?Paper
Failure to submit any part of your project will affect your overall grade. ?First, pick ?one of the
prompts? ?below.? ?After? ?picking? ?a? ?prompt,? ?complete? ?the? ?annotated? ?bibliography? ?and? ?research? ?paper.
A?.? ?Imagine? ?that? ?you? ?have? ?been? ?commissioned? ?to? ?write? ?a? ?thesis-driven,? ?research-based? ?paper? ?that
explains? ?why? ?Humanities? ?research? ?projects?? ?by? ?faculty? ?and? ?students? ?at? ?George? ?Mason? ?University
deserve? ?increased? ?funding?? ?in? ?the? ?2018-2019? ?academic? ?year.? ?Recently,? ?this? ?area? ?of? ?study? ?has? ?faced
drastic? ?cuts.? ?You? ?will? ?be? ?presenting? ?your? ?paper? ?to? ?a? ?select? ?group? ?of? ?state? ?and? ?federal? ?legislators? ?as
well? ?as? ?university? ?administrators? ?at? ?an? ?upcoming? ?symposium.? Y? ou? ?should? ?research? ?the? ?kinds? ?of
research? ?projects? ?that? ?faculty? ?and? ?students? ?have? ?pursued? ?and? ?outline? ?the? ?‘value’? ?of? ?those? ?projects? ?and? ?the
importance? ?of? ?supporting? ?them.
B?.? ?Imagine? ?that? ?local? ?public? ?high? ?schools? ?are? ?considering? ?eliminating? ?several? ?humanities? ?classes,
often? ?referred? ?to? ?as? ?Arts? ?Education,? ?to? ?successfully? ?meet? ?federal? ?initiatives? ?and? ?to? ?alleviate
significant? ?financial? ?strain.? ?You? ?have? ?been? ?asked? ?to? ?write? ?a? ?thesis-driven,? ?research-based? ?paper
that? ?either? ?supports? ?or? ?rejects? ?the? ?elimination? ?of? ?humanities? ?curriculum?.? ?You? ?will? ?explain? ?your
reasoning? ?and? ?report? ?on? ?your? ?findings? ?at? ?a? ?formal? ?briefing.? A
? t? ?the? ?briefing,? ?you? ?will? ?be? ?among? ?secondary
education? ?(high? ?school)? ?teachers? ?and? ?administrators.
C.? ?How? ?might? ?digital? ?humanities? ?practices? ?or? ?scholarship? ?enrich? ?your? ?own? ?discipline?? ?You? ?are? ?to
prepare? ?a? ?thesis-driven,? ?research-based? ?paper? ?that? ?will? ?be? ?read? ?by?? ?faculty? ?in? ?your? ?Department,
including? ?the? ?Chair?.? ?In? ?the? ?paper,? ?you? ?should? ?explain? ?the? ?importance? ?of? ?digital? ?humanities? ?(DH)? ?and
how? ?it? ?would? ?advance? ?course? ?curriculum? ?and? ?scholarship? ?in? ?your? ?own? ?field.? ?You? ?should? ?also
consider? ?addressing? ?how? ?some? ?existing? ?advances? ?or? ?projects? ?in? ?DH? ?could? ?be? ?applied? ?successfully
in? ?your? ?own? ?field.
Part? ?I:? ?Annotated? ?Bibliography
Length:? ?800? ?Words? ?(?Maximum?)
Due:? ? ?November? ?12? ? ?(Submit? ?via? ?Bb? ?by? ?11:59PM)
Format:? ?MLA? ?Style? ?(include? ?double? ?spacing)
Conduct research on your topic, select ?seven ?sources that you would like to use in your paper, and
then complete the annotated bibliography template. You are required to include a range of
sources? ?as? ?follows:
five? ?scholarly? ?sources
two? ?popular? ?sources
Download, complete, and then submit the annotated bibliography template. Please format your
citations and annotations according to MLA Style Guidelines. Your template must include your
thesis,? ?or? ?central? ?argument,? ?for? ?the? ?paper.
To find popular sources, you can try searching for op-eds or opinion-based pieces published in the
The New York Times?, ?The Washington Post?, ?The Chronicle of Higher Education?, ?Inside Higher Ed?, ?The New
Republic?, and ?The Atlantic?. Other popular sources from widely-read, reputable publications are
You can access journal (scholarly) articles using a number of databases. I strongly encourage
students? ?to? ?use? ?a? ?book? ?or? ?two? ?from? ?the? ?library? ?as? ?well.
Your annotated bibliography should include ?evaluative annotations?, annotations that
summarize the arguments of your sources and explain ?how you will use those sources in your
research paper. Although there’s no definitive length for the annotations, please include concise
descriptions of each work. Only include the most relevant information for each source, and then
state briefly how you plan on using that source. Refrain from using quotes in your review—what’s
unique about annotated bibliographies is that you get a chance to summarize and paraphrase (if
you? ?need? ?help? ?with? ?this,? ?review? ?the? ?chapter? ?on? ?annotated? ?bibliographies? ?in? ?Seagull?).
Be? ?strategic? ?in? ?selecting? ?your? ?sources–find? ?sources? ?that? ?help? ?you? ?advance? ?your? ?points.
Questions? ?to? ?Consider?:
? What? ?does? ?the? ?research? ?suggest?
? What? ?are? ?the? ?gaps,? ?or? ?limitations,? ?within? ?that? ?research?
? What? ?does? ?the? ? ?source? ?prove,? ?or? ?argue,? ?and? ?how? ?does? ?it? ?relate? ?to? ?your? ?topic? ?overall?
? How? ?will? ?you? ?use? ?each? ?source? ?to? ?advance? ?your? ?own? ?argument?
Hint?: please make sure that you understand the key differences between scholarly and popular
sources before beginning the project. Your journal (scholarly) articles must appear in credible
academic? ?journals? ?and? ?must? ?be? ?peer-reviewed.
Every annotation entry should begin with a correct MLA citation and follow with your annotation.
For an example, consult this example from ?Purdue OWL?. There is an example in Seagull
(“Annotated? ?Bibliographies”)? ?as? ?well.
Part? ?II:? ?Research? ?Paper
Length:? ?1250? ?Words? ?(?Minimum?)
Due:? ?December? ?10? ?(Submit? ?via? ?Bb? ?by? ?11:59PM)
Write your research paper that directly responds to the option you chose above. In your paper, you
should apply the many strategies outlined in Graff and Birkenstein’s ?They Say/I Say?, especially
important tips from “The Art of Quoting” and “The Art of Summarizing.” I strongly encourage that
you use some of their writing templates. You should refer to Booth’s ?The Craft of Research as well.
Your paper must include a thesis (argument), valid reasons, and compelling evidence. You must
format your paper according to MLA standards. Don’t forget that you must engage the specified
audience and persuade them to support your argument and to take your position seriously. For
this? ?part,? ?you? ?only? ?need? ?to? ?include? ?your? ?paper? ?and? ?your? ?works? ?cited? ?page.
It’s important to remember that a research paper isn’t simply about ‘reporting’ information. You’re
actually advancing an argument (claim) and supporting that argument with ?reasons and ?evidence?.
Your research paper should show that you’ve applied strategies and tips in the assigned readings
we’ve covered all term. I strongly encourage you to use the templates in ?The Craft of Research and
They? ?Say/I? ?Say?.
You will attach a ?Works Cited page in the same document, but you should
remove? ?the? ?annotations? ?because? ?Works? ?Cited? ?pages? ?and? ?Annotated? ?Bibliographies? ?are? ?different.
An? ?‘A’? ?project? ?will:
? include? ?an? ?exemplary? ?annotated? ?bibliography? ?that? ?fits? ?within? ?the? ?genre? ?and? ?adequately
summarizes? ?as? ?well? ?as? ?evaluates? ?relevant,? ?compelling? ?sources? ?and? ?includes? ?a? ?clear? ?and
concise? ?argument
? have? ?a? ?clear,? ?concise,? ?and? ?focused? ?position
? validate? ?its? ?position? ?with? ?strong?? ?logical? ?reasons? ?and? ?evidence
? ? ?Integrate,? ?synthesize,? ?and? ?analyze? ?sources? ?successfully
? use? ?appropriate? ?rhetorical? ?appeals? ?and? ?establish? ?the? ?rhetorical? ?situation? ?to? ?construct? ?a
strong? ?argument
? include? ?required?? ?yet? ?representative? ?sources? ?and? ?cite? ?them? ?correctly? ?using? ?MLA? ?(in-text
citations? ?and? ?works? ?cited)
? address? ?the? ?specified? ?audience? ?appropriately
? have? ?strong? ?organization? ?and? ?paragraph? ?development
? apply? ?appropriate? ?strategies? ?of? ?academic? ?writing? ?reviewed? ?in? ?class? ?and? ?covered? ?in? ?course
? be? ?relatively? ?free? ?of? ?grammatical/mechanical? ?issues
? make? ?a? ?meaningful? ?contribution? ?to? ?an? ?ongoing? ?critical? ?conversation

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