Research Project: Problem-Solution Argument Essay

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Research Project: Problem-Solution Argument Essay
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ENG 112 Research Project: Problem-Solution Argument Essay (30%)
6 pages plus a Works Cited page
Include one visual (photo, chart, graph, political cartoon)
Follow MLA formatting rules
6 sources minimum (2 must be scholarly)
Prompt: For this project, you will research a local, current issue important to you, and propose a
potential solution to the problem. Using persuasive techniques we have discussed in class, you will
provide some descriptive writing to SHOW the impact of the problem on the people affected, support
your argument with credible information from a variety of reliable sources, and include a visual to
strengthen your claim.
Choose a topic that to which you have a personal connection and are interested in exploring further. You
will be expected to define the problem at the local level (examples family, neighborhood, campus,
Northern VA, DC Metro area, state of Virginia) and present valid research to support your claims about
the issue. In addition, you may also expand on the issue to a national or even global view. Next, you will
offer one solution to the problem and write a persuasive argument supporting that solution.
Imagine an audience of your peers and potentially other adults interested in improving local issues and
exploring needs of a diverse community (local blogs or newspapers). Could your writing publish in the
Annandale Patch, the blog section of, the student paper The Current?
Define and narrow a topic for the assignment that addresses the prompt above
Locate and search appropriate databases accessible in the NOVA library
Differentiate between scholarly and popular sources
Evaluate popular sources for credibility and bias
Organize the paper around a strong, precise thesis statement
Make deliberate and effective use of persuasive strategies discussed in class, including at least one
personal story or observation, ONLY ONE visual (photo, chart, graph, political cartoon), and
credible, balanced research
Follow all MLA formatting rules
Due Dates:
FINAL PAPER DUE 11/20 by 11:59pm on Blackboard (Bring a hard copy to class!)
Draft 1 due 11/15 (4-5 copies for Writing Workshop)
In-Class Graded Writing 11/6: Annotated Bibliography (Bring 4 sources)
Topic Selection/Discussion 10/30
*Keep in mind, many “problems” are debatable and can be approached from many angles. You will need to
effectively define the problem and support that claim with credible research. The “solutions” are also debatable, so
you will need to present evidence to support your views there as well.
Issue: Transgender rights
Problem: Transgender students want to use the bathroom that matches the gender with which they identify.
Solution: Fairfax County Public Schools should implement rules mandating transgender students use the bathroom
and locker rooms that match the gender on their birth certificates.
Issue: Transgender rights
Problem: Many believe that transgender students should be mandated to use the bathroom that matches the
gender on their birth certificates.
Solution: Fairfax County Public Schools should allow transgender students to choose the bathroom that matches
their gender identity.
Argument/Content (40 points):
Defines a localized problem and
one possible solution with vivid
detail and credible support.
Meets minimum page
requirement (6).
Includes at least 2 scholarly
Creates a persuasive argument,
appealing to an audience through
a variety of rhetorical strategies.
Includes one visual that
strengthens the claims.
Organization (25 points):
Constructs a well-organized
paper with a clear focus on the
problem and potential solution.
Includes a clear thesis statement.
Makes effective use of topic
sentences and transitions.
Carefully arranges ideas and
keeps focused on the topic.
Grammar/Mechanics (25 points):
Shows awareness of an academic
Contains minimal errors with
grammar and mechanics,
including (but not limited to)
punctuation, capitalization,
spelling, and agreement.
Avoids 2nd person pronouns
Follows MLA formatting for
heading, spacing, internal
documentation, and Works Cited.
Writing Workshop (10 points):
Full participation in the
workshop in class
4 copies of a complete draft
Instructor Notes
ENG 112
World hunger
Have you ever suffered famine? I’m sure that most people never worry about
being hungry every day ,but there are people who do .According to the most
recent statistics, the over one million people are going hungry every day, which
equals to the one sixtieth of the world’s overall population. And according to the
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)of the United Nations(UN) report of
the State of Food Insecurity in the World in 2016, every six seconds a child dies
because of hunger and related causes. With the growth of the world population,
the number of people starving also growth proportionally. The world hunger is
currently one of the world’s most burning problems. So what causes hunger and
what are the ways to stop world hunger?
There are many reasons for the presence of hunger in the world and many of
them are interconnected. On June 19, 2009, the FAO reported 1 020 million
people around the world are undernourished, most of them live in the
developing countries(poverty). People who lives in poverty country cannot
afford nutritious food for themselves, which makes them less able to earn the
money. As of 2016 (2012 statistics), the World Bank has estimated that there
were 896 million poor people in developing countries who live on $1.25 a day or
. The
largest group of poverty people are smallholder farmers. They don’t have
the land to grow crops to supply themselves. Most of them usually use a lot of
family labor and children end up working on the farms, instead of going to
school .So they are lack of knowledge and ways of producing more to secure
their future .the poverty cycle continues .
Secondly, War and social instability is another reason of world hunger. One
of the important cause of war is disputing resources. In some conflicts, food
sometimes becomes a weapon, fighters always seize and control farms, sources
of food and water in an attempt to get people to comply with their terms.
According to the survey, the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of
Disasters (CRED) estimates that more than 172 million people were affected by
conflict worldwide. Of this total 149 million or 87 percent were conflict-affected
residents. Internally displaced persons accounted for another 18 million and
refugees for five million. In 2014, more than 13 million people had to leave their
countries. Most of them fled from armed conflicts in Somalia,Syria and
Afghanistan. The poorest people of society suffer the worst during war and
conflict. The conflict researcher calculated that, in a country with an armed
conflict, economic growth reduces by an average of 2.3 per cent and that will
takes 17 years to make up for this loss. Conflict and hunger are strong
Is there any solution to stop the world hunger? The answer is yes. There are
hundreds of solutions to end hunger, but here are two of the most compelling.
First, in addition to food, education is the best way to against poverty and
hunger. Laozi(Lao-tzu),the great ancient Chinese philosopher says,“Give man a
fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”
Education is very powerful in poverty countries(underdeveloped
countries),nothing is more important than to receive education. But the true is It
is hard for an impoverished person to receive education, it increases the chances
for that person to have a better future. By learning, a person can get better
focus on how to get out of poverty which can takes the person away form a
poor situation, and they can learn to be successful. Although education is the
most way in fight against world hunger, just like feed alone won’t solve the
problem, neither will education. World hunger need political leadership support
laws and bills help alleviate poverty, for example, support a basic labor
protection for workers so that poor people can afford to live off their earnings,
and build a health care system that protects and helps the poverty people who
are part of it. World hunger has been a constant problem throughout the ages,
there is no single solution for this problem, only by way of constant efforts to
reduce the hazard of world hunger.
The Earth gives us many gifts such as water, sunshine, food, and air. Most of
us never lacking food or heat, but the sad fact is there are a lot of people in the
world today do not have enough food, clean water, and warm house. In the past
ten years, the population of world exceeded six billion people with most of the
growth occurring in the poorest, as the result, people will face to more severe
challenges. People in developing countries cannot solve this problem by
themselves and developed countries should start thinking less of themselves and
more of poor people in countries that are struggling. One thing is certain which
is we must do something.
work cited
“World Hunger, Poverty Facts, Statistics 2016.” World Hunger News,

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