revising old question

* I will be posting the instructions for the assignment so you can recover the info. * also I will upload the feedback and revise it regarding the teacher comments and notes.* this is due on Wednesday at 11:95 pm


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revising old question
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English  102:  Writing,  Research,  &  Responsibility  in  Social  Media  Culture  
Fall  2016  
Assignment  6:  Reading  and  Analyzing  “Selfie”  
Part  1:  Get  to  know  the  Class  
Please  read  through  the  Selfies  posted  to  the  class  discussion  board.    Additionally,  post  2-­–3  
responses  to  folks  in  whatever  way  you  see  fit.  Please  try  to  spread  responses  out  to  
different  people  so  one  person  doesn’t  get  all  of  them  and  another  receives  no  comments.  
Part  2:  Writing  your  First  Multimodal  Rhetorical  Analysis  
You  spent  the  last  week  reading  and  note-­–taking  on  Selfie.  You  have  also  spent  lots  of  time  
in  class  analyzing  two  different  multimodal  text,  discussing  what  it  means  to  communicate  
ethically  (and  how  that  may  be  opposed  to  unethical  communication),  and  you  have  read  
several  texts  that  have  described  what  it  takes  to  compose  a  multimodal  rhetorical  analysis.    
For  this  assignment,  you  are  being  asked  to  write  a  3-­–5  page  multimodal  rhetorical  analysis  
of  Selfie.  It  may  help  to  return  to  Wysocki’s  “Mutlimedia  of  Text”  for  an  example  how  you  
may  do  this.  You  should  have  plenty  of  notes  from  Assignment  5,  so  be  sure  to  integrate  
those  into  your  analysis.  One  thing  to  keep  in  mind  as  you  read,  as  with  everything  in  this  
class,  a  text  may  not  be  written  for  you,  but  what  are  the  main  ideas  and  values  behind  it?  
How  do  you  know?  How  can  you  be  a  good  rhetorical  listener  and  attempt  to  understand  
Syme  and  her  perspective  of  Selfies,  even  if  it  varies  from  your  own.  What  her  purpose  her,  
and  what  cultural  context  would  make  that  purpose  matter  right  now?  And  importantly,  
who  does  it  matter  to?  Please  be  sure  in  your  analysis  to  include  several  examples  to  back  
up  your  analysis.  Additionally,  be  sure  to  address  not  only  the  writing,  but  how  it  is  
arranged.  It’s  structure,  mode,  and  medium  (funny  that  it  is  published  on  the  website  
Medium…why?  Why  online?  Why  in  7  parts?).    
Some  general  advice  for  more  thoughtful  writing:  
•   Rid  yourself  of  distractions  (television,  music  with  lyrics,  roommates,  friends  who  
may  try  to  message  you  or  interrupt  you,  etc).  
•   Give  yourself  time  to  write.  Rather  than  writing  to  get  words  on  the  page  to  
complete  the  assignment,  keep  in  mind  the  goal  here  is  for  you  to  be  thoughtful.  
There  is  no  page  count  anyway.  
•   Move  around  if  you  find  you  are  getting  stuck.  Going  outside,  taking  a  shower,  
exercising,  or  tidying  up  your  room/desk  (without  distractions)  may  help  shake  
some  ideas  lose.    
•   Doodle,  write  in  a  journal,  or  write  a  poem  to  get  the  words  going.    
•   If  you  find  you  are  easily  distracted  while  writing,  meditation  may  also  be  useful  (I  
enjoy  the  free  app  “Insight  Timer”:­timer-­
[Turn  Page  Overà?]  
English  102:  Writing,  Research,  &  Responsibility  in  Social  Media  Culture  
Fall  2016  
Checklist  to  receive  credit  for  this  essay:  
1.   Your  analysis  should  be  at  least  3-­–5  pages,  times  new  roman  size  12  font  with  1  inch  
margins.  (though  it  can  be  longer  than  3  if  you  would  like)  
2.   Include  your  name  and  a  title  at  the  top  
3.   Include  specific  examples  from  the  text  (quotations,  descriptions,  summaries)  
4.   Address  the  medium  and  mode  of  the  essay  and  how  they  fit  into  your  analysis  
5.   Come  to  some  conclusion  about  what  the  purpose  of  the  essay  is  (who  is  it  
motivated  by  and  why)  
6.   And  finally,  work  to  ethically  listen  to  the  author  and  what  she  aims  to  do  (as  oppose  
to  an  argumentative  or  combative  essay).  Your  goal  is  to  understand.  Not  argue.  
*If  you  are  missing  any  of  the  above  six  criteria,  you  will  be  asked  to  redo  your  essay  and  it  
will  count  as  a  late  assignment.    
**turn  your  assignment  into  the  D2L  dropbox    and  bring  a  paper  or  electronic  version  of  it  
to  class  for  us  to  discuss  on  Tuesday.    
English  102:  Writing,  Research,  &  Responsibility  in  Social  Media  Culture  
Fall  2016  
Assignment  7:  Revising  “Selfie”  
Part  1:  Feedback  Discussion  
Use  our  feedback  from  class  to  revise  your  analysis  to  the  best  of  your  ability.  Please  
highlight  your  changes  in  yellow  like  this.    
In  addition,  I  want  you  to  turn  carefully  to  how  you  are  inserting  quotations  and  summaries  
in  your  essay  using  the  information  below.  Please  be  sure  to  properly  introduce  your  
What are the differences among quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing?
These three ways of incorporating other writers’ work into your own writing differ according to
the closeness of your writing to the source writing.
Quotations must be identical to the original, using a narrow segment of the source. They must
match the source document word for word and must be attributed to the original author.
Paraphrasing involves putting a passage from source material into your own words. A paraphrase
must also be attributed to the original source. Paraphrased material is usually shorter than the
original passage, taking a somewhat broader segment of the source and condensing it slightly.
Summarizing involves putting the main idea(s) into your own words, including only the main
point(s). Once again, it is necessary to attribute summarized ideas to the original source.
Summaries are significantly shorter than the original and take a broad overview of the source
Paraphrase:  Write  it  in  Your  Own  Words  
A  paraphrase  is…  
your  own  rendition  of  essential  information  and  ideas  expressed  by  someone  else,  
presented  in  a  new  form.  
•   one  legitimate  way  (when  accompanied  by  accurate  documentation)  to  borrow  from  
a  source.  
•   a  more  detailed  restatement  than  a  summary,  which  focuses  concisely  on  a  single  
main  idea.  
Paraphrasing  is  a  valuable  skill  because…  
it  is  better  than  quoting  information  from  an  undistinguished  passage.  
it  helps  you  control  the  temptation  to  quote  too  much.  
the  mental  process  required  for  successful  paraphrasing  helps  you  to  grasp  the  full  
meaning  of  the  original.  
English  102:  Writing,  Research,  &  Responsibility  in  Social  Media  Culture  
Fall  2016  
Introducing  Quotations  
•   In almost all cases, you must introduce a quotation by incorporating it into your writing
ratherthan simply dropping it in. The most simply way to do this is to use the author’s last
name in the introduction:
EX: Rita Dove writes, “There is a parrot imitating Spring” (Dove 55).
Remember that the first letters of the quotation are capitalized if the sentence is one that
can stand on its own.
Another way to introduce a quotation is with a complete sentence and a colon.
o   EX: Rita Dove humanizes the dictator by introducing his relationship with his
mother: “My mother, my love in death” (Dove 56).
Try  to  Avoid…  
“Dropped” Quotations
If you put a sentence from a text into your essay with no introduction, it is considered a
“dropped” quotation.
Unmatched Grammar Introduction and Quotations
Be careful to watch for grammar and tense in your quotations to ensure the grammar of the your
own voice matches that of the quotation and vice versa.
Quotes that Do Not Support the Body of the Paragraph Make sure that the quotes you use
actually support the topic you are discussing in the paragraph, and they are relevant to the
controlling purpose of your interpretation.
Due:  Thursday,  September  28th    to  the  D2L  dropbox.    
If  you  chose  to  not  revise  your  essay  or  revise  very  minimally,  you  will  not  earn  
credit  on  this  assignment  and  it  will  count  as  a  late  assignment.  You  are  expected  to  
spend  at  least  a  full  hour  revising  your  essay.    
Abdulhadi Albaqshi
Kristin Ravel
Analysis of Selfies
Selfie was an article focusses on selfie images and people who takes selfies. The author
emphasized on two main ideas, one is people who support taking selfies and the others who
against taking selfies. Long time ago, when historians and experts of images test the cultural
imagery left behind the 21st century, they will be puzzled by the universality of the digital selfie
images. As a result, our love of selfies could not be stopped, it grows with us as we grow up. As
we can observe, social media sites becomes fully filled out of selfies these days which prove that
the selfie-portraiture is far from a modern creation. Self-portraiture was preserved of many
master artists such as Van Eyck and Joseph Ducreux. However, in the present days, everyone
who has a smartphone and Instagram and many other apps can share selfies and picture to the
Therefore, the question arises, what, then is it worth? It is noticeable that people don’t
take selfies when they are alone or in vacuums, but, it usually occurs through social events.
However, there are those people who take selfies alone such as when they are at home with no
one around, bedroom or even when they are taking shower and there were many examples of
these kinds of people on the article. The culture of selfies has really an important effect not only
on people who take selfies but on other people who are online and able to watch what people are
posting and that somehow could be useful or harmful.
Selfie politics are attention politics: it is all about who gets to be seen, who gets to occupy
the visual field.” Syme said. I agree with Rachel Syme, that in spite of many people thinking that
Selfie is destructive or sometimes viewed as an attention seeker for help by younger women. They
are a way over which one can express himself or herself, and obviously, a method through which
one can break the conformity by the persons own a smartphone.
In her multimodal rhetorical analysis of Selfie, she focuses on a significant issue on
social pressure among young women. The author further establishes a sense of exigency
(importance). It gives the reader an indication that the issue is certainly real and must be looked
into whether by looking closely at the effects that selfies have to young adults or the effects of
social media have as a whole on the same young adults who have peer influence as a result of
low esteem. . Additionally, Syme successfully carries out a rhetorical criticism’s greatest goals
where she even provides more depth and analysis on the issues to create a more understanding of
the issue by the reader as opposed to a common and meaningless critique that lacks depth and
analysis. So are selfies a benign, positive and self-promotion or a more threatening cry for
attention seekers? Given its popularity and fast growth, computational social science may play a
critical role in offering a better way to interpret modern self-portraiture than the conventional
Syme was able create an analytical method in her analysis because of her subjective view
of the certain issue of selfies. She abandons personal opinion and she gives and analysis of points
made about selfies as a positive means for young adults to better express themselves.
Basically, in rhetorical criticism, the bets manner to understand more or even shed some
light on something new and undiscovered is by analyzing qualitatively as opposed to numbers
based on quantitative approach making her criticism an art. While art historians solely focused
traditionally on reading her singular image and practice formal analysis of unique artifact, the
current project instead has primarily focused on distinct features such as pose, facial expression
and even the mood shown in the picture. In her analysis, she poses a question that focuses on the
attention of the reader hence providing the reader with an opportunity to examine the claims that
relate to the young adults who often undergo social media pressures.
The Selfie has earned a place in the Oxford English Dictionary, and it has become a word
that is used by a large age demographics all over the world and we can notice how quickly it
become widely popular. Some social psychologists argue that selfies creates a positive mode of
identity formation and thus a significant way of presenting and reinforcing a personal image on
the vast social media. To most people, it offers a more attractive image as the movement of life
tends to overcome the day to day flaws that might be more noticeable to an individual. Rachel,
the author, decided to publish the article online since the again majority of its intended audience
is often online and she was not only able to reach out to her audience but also pass the necessary
message on selfies and its impact it has on society. She divided her article into seven chapters
where each chapter tackled a different theme or issue about the selfies. Through her chapters,
one can distinctively differentiate different topics and matters raised in each chapter which
allows easy navigation and tracking for the reader. her seven chapters she focuses and raises
issues on social pressures concerning taking of selfies and efficiently provides a positive
criticism helping the audience to aware on the social culture created by the use of selfies.
Honestly, she claims all the matters and situations that could come into mind about selfies.
Essentially, the creation of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
have gradually revolutionized and has transformed us to an exhibitionist and self-obsessed
people who often feel the need to share every single aspect of their daily with the world. There is
even danger of releasing photos of yourself on a daily basis has become more apparent, and most
of the social media sites now post the election and time your photos were taken and providing
such crucial information to predators, who can easily access such information e.g. where one
lives, one’s daily routines and even location.
In essence, the consequences of posting selfies could be much greater than one ever
imagined. Contrary to artistic self-portraits, produced in many of the art institutions, popular selfportraits and selfies are produced for completely different reasons. Well, there are many personal
motives such as to serve as a souvenir, projecting for future generations, sometimes looking for
help, providing motivation to the public for the less fortunate or the ailing in the society.

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