Rewrite SQL Proposal for business

I need someone to fix this paper in proper english and to follow these guidelines. It shouldn’t be THAT much work.Recently, Shiv Corp, a solar panel manufacturing business, put out a bid for database system due to their rapid growth. Congratulations! Your company was chosen from many to develop and implement a proposal for implementation of SQL Server.Shiv Corp uses MySQL for their order placement system. There are various problems with the current implementation of MySQL including, but not limited to, availability, redundancy, security, and performance monitoring. Plus, the chief information officer (CIO) of Shiv Corp is concerned that there is no professional support because it based on open standards. The CIO is asking that you develop a proposal to move to a SQL Server from MySQL, keeping the cost minimal.Your proposal should include the following criteria and the reasoning behind your choices:The version of SQL ServerThe architecture of the file system of the SQL ServerDatabase and data security planDatabase optimization planBackup and recovery planProactive monitoring planDeliverableYour APA-formatted proposal should be at least 10-12 pages in length, not including the title and reference page(s). Follow the appropriate CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA for this assignment.

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Rewrite SQL Proposal for business
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Implementation of SQL Server Proposal
Student’s Name
The area of database and database server is one that captures ones eye. This is due to the rising
technology that makes it vital for any organization to have knowledge of the emerging trends.
The new versions being developed in SQL server and the improvements of the MYSQL has
catered for various users. By choosing my company we take pride in not just scraping the service
on the benefits, redundancy, security, availability and performance monitoring issues that your
company Shiv Corp has been experiencing due to your rapid grown but go into more details for
customer satisfaction. There various versions developed over the years on database development
and this includes the hosting of database services on the cloud. This is done Microsoft AZURE
for SQL server and Oracle for MYSQL and the kind of database that is installed physically either
on a local server or a machine. There is no wrong choice when choosing any of the two but it all
depends on the how much functionality you need. In clouded based database like in AZURE
SQL SERVER you pay-as-you-go that assist in scaling up the power and functionality with no
interruptions. With the latest developments in the area of database and applications that handle
databases in a commercial platform the SQL server has proven to be efficient with is features
being improved in form SQL server 2000 to SQL server 2008 R2 to the latest one SQL server
2017(Boyd et al.,2004). Implementation of the SQL server thus must ensure that no data is lost
during the migration from the MSQL to the SQL server to accommodate for the lack of
functionality witnessed on MSQL. In the area of cost its important to acknowledge with the
growth of a business in terms of users of a database system the cost of maintenance can rise and
also the need for faster processing capability is realized as well. The performance issue is very
well catered of in (DBAAS) database as a service in database cloud hosting server like in
Microsoft AZURE again which is just one requirement of importance that we will propose
solutions for(MacLennan et al., 2005).
Approaching the first problem on processing data.
This issue is with regards to inserting and deleting data which has been an issue in MSQL. It
may be efficient in data storage and referencing data as your company may have seen.
MYSQL has less security due to a lack of an administration capability that ensures that the
database is up to date which offers some sort of monitoring capability for security analysis. This
is called the security analyzer.
Poor performance scaling
It crashes when the users or operations are too many leading the system to a halt. The soon to be
realized high concurrency level in Your Company (Shiv Corp) due to rapid growth will
eventually necessitate for an alternative which is SQL server 2017
Functionality heavily depends on Add-ons
It may be easy to set up as realized but certain features such as ACID (atomicity, consistency,
isolation, durability) and of course text search is not dependent on the core engine rather on
applications and add-ons.
Frustrations of some of its vital features
In the structured query language feature the MSQL is not fully compliant since it tends to be
limited to data warehousing, performance diagnostics and fault tolerance.
Not community driven
Being a product of Oracle the software has gone on halt and its limitation to this fact is that
Oracle doesn’t allow community-developed patches and offers no road map for MYSQL
development unlike Microsoft..(Thomsen et al., 1999).
Stability issues
The manner by which MYSQL handles certain functions makes it a poor choice especially for
commercial based industry e.g. Organizations and Companies. Such functions are like
referencing which is not fully efficient, transactions and Auditing.
As requested the solution for this will be the migration and implementation of the Microsoft
SQL server 2017 from the MYSQL currently being used. This will cater for the problems
discussed in the problem statement above.
Approaching the first problem on processing data.
With SQL server 2017 the various data processing functions are all taken care of where by its
ensures blazing-fast performancehence insertion, deletion issues and any query function is fast
enough to make the user think he or she is the only one using the system due to lack of down
time. Its adaptive query processing capability is used when the user issues an ALTER
DATABASE statement for query optimization. There three query optimizations that SQL servcer
2017 will use and they are Adaptive query processing, memory grants value and interleaving
executions which is will reduce the amount of memory that spills to the disk thus improving
performance (MySQL, 2004).
The new SQL server has come with new feature on security where there is a new CLR security
model. This was done due to the fact that the CAS code access security in the .Net framework is
no longer supported meaning an assembly marked as SAFE may be able to run code making it
insecure hence the CLR STRICT SECURITY as its called cases this SAFE assembly and
EXTERNAL_ACCESS to be treated as UNSAFE. The user can remove this default by selecting
these assemblies as trustworthy. It will also contain security management features which involve
default schema for groups and user-defined server. Data protection features that involves the use
of encryption without logins.
Poor performance scaling
Microsoft SQL server 2017 can handle different work-loads from different servers in a work
environment without it going to a halt hence its improved data processing power(MySQL, 2001). It
gives the illusion like its working in the production while it’s running in the new systems. With
its ability to a take in different instances it has a sufficient processing power on data processing
Stability issues and Not community driven problem
These two issues, starting with the stability issue has been well handled in the Microsoft SQL
server 2017 in relation to auditing. Here the SQL server will use EXTEND EVENTS which is a
feature that is built into the SQL server code thus having minimal effect on performance. It
shows the various modifications and who did what and at what time. The reports are then stored
on windows security logs or a flat file. For referencing it allows one to develop applications that
can access data in the SQL server database for this case Common Language Runtime (CLR)
,Integration Programming Concepts, Native XML Web Services Concepts, SQL Server Native
Client Programming or Database Engine Extended Stored Procedure Programming.
For SQL server being a product of Microsoft it inherits this company’s nature to allow
community-development patches.
Frustrations of some of its vital features
With the new advanced feature for on SQL server 2017 this issue is handled by additional
features such as the graph capability which creates graphs to simulate various reports in the
Company. It also has the identity cache which in the previous editions have caused in expected
start and fails of the SQL server. Now it corporate a feature to turn this identity cache off thus
clearing that particular cache(MySQL, 2005). The other beneficial feature of SQL server 2017 is
the simplification of the SQL code where it used the new T-SQL Functions by introducing new
string functions like TRIM (removal of the white space with a single execution of this code),
The actual implementation of the Microsoft SQL server 2017
First there is the installation of the SQL server 2017 from the windows server.
We will begin with accessing the SQL server installation center window then on
the left hand side select installation option. Then click on the sql server 2017
installation file which will give the various options. Click on the install sql
reporting services. A pop up window will appear and from this we will select
“specify free edition and on the drop down pick evolution and click next. Click
next on the other pop window again after reviewing and accepting the license.
Now It will start to run the rule check in progress, after which it will take you to
the product update which may be ignored since this will be a trail first. Now the
setup will install. After its complete the various features for the SQL server 2017
will be viewable for selection. It depends if the database will be hosted locally or
not. If hosted locally click on the necessary features to activate this feature in the
instance features panel which in this case is the default setting. Again if its hosted
online then check the necessary features in both the instance and the shared feature
panel. After this click next. Then now add the instance name click next and on the
next window select the PolyBase instance which can be either by default which is
for standalone or “use this SQL server as a part of PolyBase scale-out group and
click next. You will see two tables which in our instance since we selected the
multiple services, under this services accounts there will be multiple active
services, click next. In the database Engine configuration windows the server
configurations, Data directories, temp and filestream. Next in the Analysis
windows for file analysis services select under serve configuration tab the
Multidimensional and data mining mode(Routray et al., 2008). Click next on both the
Master Node and Work Node windows then click accept so as to accept all the
database licenses under the consent to install Microsoft R open. Once accepted
click on next. Then now click again on the accept table for the consent to install
Python and click next. After that is done the system will show all the features
accepted and selected in the Ready to install window then after satisfied with the
choices then click install tab and the SQL Server 2017 will be installed.
By the use of CISCO Powered Cloud Infrastructure and CDI’s 24×7 to manage
disaster recovery due to that fact that.
1. Its speed in accessing cloud with no down time.
2. Advocates for 50 % of the Infrastructure to be on the cloud that way if the
locally held database fails the backup is readily available on the cloud for
use and restoration.
3. Providing stable ROI and ROP in the enterprise.
We suggest the use of the “Swiss army knife of monitoring” an application known
as the Opmanager. Its capable of monitoring every server and the applications,
services and processes. This application if is not vendor bias, make or type bias as
well. When accessing the database in the SQL server 2017 via VMware on the
windows server, this application can monitor and provide security. Monitoring can
be done on VMware to give alerts on excessive use of resources and also offer
remote turn off of the VMware before a problem arises.
It also have the ability to monitor not just SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer protocol),
POP and IMAP but also public store, sent and received Queue size on one
It also performs SQL server database troubleshooting of performance issues. This
is acquired by ensuring that no server resource problem is occurring, buffer and
cache performance, log file monitoring, connections and transactions, locks and
database size (Kottomtharayil et al., 2017).
Inside the SQL server there monitoring and analyzing features. The first is to stop guessing and
look for root cause of a problem in performance bearing in mind that 88% of the performance
problems are in the database. The DPA for the SQL a server is will definitely find those problem
some performance problems faster than most products in the market.
Another one is unified view into application performance. There is a Database performance
Analyzer and reporting that has boosted the ICT capability in any organization which provide
ultimate monitoring of the SQLL server giving room for the ICT teams to concentrate on other
pressing matters. This Web-based interface comes at a price but is efficient. It provides reporting
on the daily activities and flexible alerts and a user friendly Interface as well.
Also there is the Database performanceanalyzer for the SQL monitors on-premise which is done
on the clouds. This monitors VMware and in the Amazon AWS and the Windows AZUREE
virtual machine for Microsoft.
The other is the Database performance Analyzer platform which is the four to DBMS. It
monitors the four top DBMS platforms from a single application. It has the ability to monitor
thousands of instances simultaneously.
The migration of data from MYSQL to the newly installed SQL
server 2017
On the system we will download Microsoft SQL server Migration assistant v5.3 for MYSQL and
under download in there website click on SSMA_MYSQL. After installing we will click on it
and select the download tab where it will take us to a website from which we will select to
download MYSQL connector which in turn will take you to a page that with a variety of
MYSQL connectors. Select connector/ODBC after which you state where the system is a 64 bit
or 32 bit. The MYSQL connector will be downloaded and then we click on it and start the
installation on which we will use the typical option and click next. Now on the already open
SSMA_MYSQL window click on next then go back again and click next one more time and
click on finish.
On the SQL migration assistant for MYSQL application click on new project and enter the name
location of the MYSQL project then select where this will migrate to which in our case will be
SQL server 2017. The next step will be to click on the connect to MYSQL tab and a connect to
MYSQL window will appear. Under this the provider will be entered which is the MSQL ODBC
that we will have downloaded and for the server name we will enter “localhost” if its hosted
locally if remotely we will enter the IP address of the server hosting the MYSQL. Under server
post we will enter the 3306 and the username and the password of the MYSQL then click
The databases stored in the MYSQL will be accessed and displayed under the project name we
will have given earlier in the new project window. Then now we will select the database we need
and click on create report. Click on the connect to SQL tab which will bring out a window
containing the SQL server name which in our case is the SQL server 2017 and then click on
The selected database and its tables from the MYSQL will be visible in the SQL server metadata
explore window. The next step will be to synchronize the data by clicking on the tool tab and
select synchronize with database. After its done now click on the Migrate data tab.
Architecture of the file system of SQL server 2017.
The SQL server 2017 has security measures taken into account to protect the FILE SYSTEM as
shown below. Various activities are carried out along the way where the python and R solutions
capabilities can be done on the file. The developers can create applications that are connected to
the SQL server and thus allowing for querying and data security. On the optimization and
accuracy this also involves acceleration of the operation to be launched
Figure 1: Architecture of the SQL server 2017
Windows server – This is
to be used to install the
windows server2012
where the SQL will be
installed. And also the
MYSQL and the SQL
migration assistant. If
existing the thedektop
machine sthat will but
access the VMWARE
MYSQL connector and
With the research my company has done we conclude that the above was done with no biasness.
The SQL server suggested is the latest so far and with regards to the various issues encountered
by the previous version it safe to say that it will cater for the needs of the Shiv Corp with the
details provided. The cost of implementation is relatively cheap and even cheaper if the company
decides to use the Microsoft SQL server AZURE cloud service meaning the cost of buying
hardware required to implement this SQL server is catered for again. Security as well is better
with this edition of SQL server but its many security features and the half local and half hosting
of the infrastructure or simply taking the entire infrastructure to the cloud. For cheaper cost we
recommend the infrastructure to go half to the cloud for backup and recovery purposed and the
rest to the local machine or windows server 2012.
Boyd, S., & Keromytis, A. (2004). SQLrand: Preventing SQL injection attacks. In Applied
Cryptography and Network Security (pp. 292-302). Springer Berlin/Heidelberg.
MacLennan, J., Tang, Z., & Crivat, B. (2005). Data Mining with SQL Server 2005. Wiley.
Thomsen, E., Spofford, G., Chase, D., & Baker, B. (1999). Microsoft OLAP solutions. New
York, NY: Wiley.
MySQL, A. B. (2004). MySQL database server. Internet WWW page, at URL: http://www.
mysql. com (last accessed/1/00).
MySQL, A. B. (2001). MySQL.
MySQL, A. B. (2005). MySQL: the world’s most popular open source database. http://www.
mysql. com/.
Routray, R. R., Sharma, U., Uttamchandani, S. M., & Verma, A. (2008). U.S. Patent No.
20090307166A1. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Kottomtharayil, R., Pawar, R. S., Sancheti, A. G., Deshpande, S. D., Bhagi, S. K., Dornemann,
H. W., & Venkatesha, A. (2017). U.S. Patent No. 9703584B2. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and
Trademark Office.

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