Strengthsfinder Assessment Results

ASSESSMENT RESULTS ARE ATTACHED BELOWStrengthsFinder Assessment ResultsIf you have not already done so, complete the online StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment, following the instructions in your studies for this unit. Your assessment results are needed for completing this assignment.Based on your assessment results, address the following:Which of the 34 strengths from your Strengths Based Leadership text did you expect to find applied to you, prior to taking the assessment? Refer specifically to the strengths presented in the textbook in your response.Describe each of your five top strengths and how you use each of your five strengths.Discuss the results you agree with, and those you do not. Explain why you are in agreement and in disagreement.Attach a copy of your results summary from the StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment to this assignment.Complete and submit your assignment as an attachment. You are NOT required to submit your assignment to Turnitin.Your paper should be 3–4 pages in length. Outside sources are not required. Simple use your assigned textbook.Format your paper according to current APA style and formatting guidelines.

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Strengthsfinder Assessment Results
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Denise biggs
Strengths-Based Leadership Report (Brief)
Father of Strengths Psychology and
Inventor of CliftonStrengths
(Denise biggs)
© 2000, 2006-2012 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.
Leader: Denise biggs
Gallup found that it serves a team well to have a representation of strengths in each of the four
domains of leadership strength: Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking.
Instead of one dominant leader who tries to do everything or individuals who all have similar
strengths, contributions from all four domains lead to a strong and cohesive team. This doesn’t mean
that each person on a team must have strengths exclusively in a single category. In most cases, each
team member will possess some strength in multiple domains.
According to our latest research, the 34 Clifton StrengthsFinder themes naturally cluster into these
four domains of leadership strength. See below for how your top five themes sort into the four
domains. As you think about how you can contribute to a team and who you need to surround yourself
with, this may be a good starting point.
(Denise biggs)
© 2000, 2006-2012 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.
Your Personalized Strengths Insights
By nature, you are more sensitive than most people to what it feels like to be left out of a group, a
conversation, or an activity. This is apt to explain why you intentionally invite a wide range of
individuals into your circle of friends, family, or acquaintances. Driven by your talents, you can live
peacefully with different types of people. You attempt to cooperate with them. Perhaps you welcome
newcomers into your life. You sometimes help them fit into the group. Some may permit you to draw
them into casual chitchat or serious discussions. Now and then, talking with strangers energizes you.
Instinctively, you usually are friendly, talkative, optimistic, and playful when you are surrounded by
devoted admirers. Because of your strengths, you find a way to involve everyone so each person has
a good experience. You strive to create a sense of belonging and acceptance. When someone feels
left out, you often are the person who finds a way to engage that individual in the group’s activities
and conversations. Chances are good that you prefer the company of people to being alone. You
automatically welcome a wide array of individuals into your workplace, classroom, team, family, club,
or social circle.
By nature, you sometimes yearn to have someone listen to you. This partially explains why you are
eager to introduce yourself to outsiders and newcomers. Perhaps you tell them about your
background, accomplishments, grades, or progress toward certain goals. Leaving them with the
impression you are a person of influence or importance might be the objective of this first encounter.
It’s very likely that you may energize discussions with outsiders and/or newcomers. How? Perhaps
you encourage them to talk about their successes, talents, or big ideas. Your animated reactions or
interesting questions might prompt them to further describe things in minute detail. Driven by your
talents, you might share your excitement with certain individuals. Maybe these chosen people are
attracted to your enthusiasm for life. Perhaps some of them go out of their way to spend some time
with you. Instinctively, you love to socialize with people who are fond of you. With ease, you move in
and out of conversations with old friends or new acquaintances. Your desire to be known and admired
as an important person makes you look forward to parties and special events. Chances are good that
you enjoy discovering as much as you can about the people you meet. You are friendly and enjoy
socializing. You quickly put at ease those you are meeting for the first time or the tenth time.
It’s very likely that you frequently point out issues, problems, or obstacles before others see them.
Depending on the order of your themes and how you responded to the assessment, some of your themes may share identical insight statements. If this occurs,
the lower ranked theme will not display insight statements to avoid duplication on your report.
(Denise biggs)
© 2000, 2006-2012 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.
You probably have been labeled a pessimist. You commonly reply, “I’m just being realistic. I choose to
fix things before they wear out, break down, or become obsolete.” Because of your strengths, you
refuse to be blinded by others’ enthusiasm about what is possible. You are hardwired to isolate the
issues that lie ahead. Working with overly optimistic people is difficult for you. You have seen them
accidentally derail more than one promising project or unwittingly sabotage more than one inventive,
yet undeveloped, idea. Chances are good that you have no doubts about being linked in some way
with everything in the universe. This includes all creation and all humankind. Driven by your talents,
you find yourself attracted to people who think about the future. You are willing to work alongside
possibility thinkers who dedicate themselves to humanitarian or philanthropic causes. Like them, you
imagine a world without refugees, war, hunger, incurable diseases, and weapons of mass destruction.
By nature, you are determined to leave the world a better place than you found it. This explains why
you welcome many kinds of people into your life. You realize that when individuals fail to make their
unique contributions, humankind suffers an irreversible loss.
Because of your strengths, you bring into your life individuals who hold you in awe. They admire you
and are devoted to you. You are attracted to influential and important people, too. Why? Often they
can help you reach your personal and professional goals. It’s very likely that you may devote yourself
to things that intrigue you. Sometimes your attention intensifies if you are encouraged to immerse
yourself in a specific activity or topic. Instinctively, you occasionally adopt a practical, factual, or
unemotional position on certain issues. Maybe you refrain from becoming sentimental about certain
people and their problems. Chances are good that you occasionally direct your attention toward ideas,
issues, situations, or opportunities that stir your curiosity. You might devote more time than others do
to exploring topics, problems, prospects, possibilities, or techniques that pique — that is, arouse or
excite — your interest. When something has to be completed, you may be eager to acquire the
necessary knowledge, experiences, or skills needed to meet the challenge. Driven by your talents,
you occasionally appear to be a pragmatist — that is, someone who spends time on factual matters or
practical affairs. You might demand that certain individuals working with you become fluent in the
language of their chosen profession, area of study, or field of interest. Once in a while, you may
express displeasure when you must stop to explain a subject-specific or technical term that the
person should already know.
By nature, you may have more innovative concepts to suggest to the group than some of your
teammates. Perhaps you use methodical reasoning to explain your proposals and present your ideas.
Maybe people take seriously what you say if your forethought and preparation are apparent. Now and
then, your ideas have such importance that they can influence or impress particular individuals.
Because of your strengths, you notice that people heed your demands. What you say and how you
say it can even frighten and threaten people. You probably have used this effect to influence
Depending on the order of your themes and how you responded to the assessment, some of your themes may share identical insight statements. If this occurs,
the lower ranked theme will not display insight statements to avoid duplication on your report.
(Denise biggs)
© 2000, 2006-2012 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.
individuals to do what you want. Instinctively, you may be the person to whom group members turn for
original thoughts. Perhaps ideas pop into your consciousness as soon as someone describes a
problem or an opportunity. Driven by your talents, you normally feel very good about life, especially
when specific people accept your bold, assertive, and self-reliant style. You are even more optimistic
when the same individuals permit you to make your own choices. Chances are good that you may be
inquisitive about certain things. This partially accounts for your need to look up unfamiliar words in the
dictionary to discover their meanings. Committing this information to memory might keep your mind
fresh. To some extent, you to seek opportunities to use these terms in your conversations or
correspondence with specific people.
Depending on the order of your themes and how you responded to the assessment, some of your themes may share identical insight statements. If this occurs,
the lower ranked theme will not display insight statements to avoid duplication on your report.
(Denise biggs)
© 2000, 2006-2012 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.

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