study of african diaspora

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study of african diaspora
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HIST 350 – African Diaspora Experience
Why the study of African Diaspora should begin with the study of African history?
What does African Diaspora mean?
Name the two main places Diaspora Africans have attachments or connections.
What are some of the common characteristics of Diaspora groups?
What are some of the myths European had about Africa and peoples of African
Did Africans travel outside Africa before the Atlantic slave trade, if so, how and
Name some places where Africans were carried outside of Africa as slaves by
Muslim traders before the Atlantic Slave Trade.
Who took Africans as slaves and sailors to the Mediterranean World, Eastern
Europe, the Middle East, and Asia?
What led to the greatest global dispersion of Africans in history?
There are discrete African communities in Muslim societies such as Iran, Iraq,
Pakistan and India.
Some of the enslaved Africans who settled in India served as administrators,
guards, sailors, and soldiers.
Who were the Siddis and Habshis in India?
Black Africans were taken as slaves to India from East African Coast, which is
also called “Swahili Coast.”
The Islamized African communities called the Habshi existed in India before the
first Portuguese sailor Vasco Da Gama arrived there in 1498.
The named Habshi derived from what word? What word that originally referred to
Ethiopians but later applied to all blacks?
In the early 14th century AD, an Arab scholar called Ibn Battuta wrote that the
Habshis were employed as guards, military men, and personal security.
Which area of Africa is considered the original homeland of majority of African
Explain the W.E.B. Dubois’ concept of “Double Consciousness” of peoples of
African descent.
What country in West Africa was founded for the settlement of former American
slaves who returned to Africa in the 1820s?
What is the “Hamitic Hypothesis” and how Europeans used it to justify the
enslavement of Black Africans?
Explain the “Out of Africa” theory in the development of humankind.
Explain the “Multiregional Continuity Hypothesis.”
Identify Louis and Mary Leakey and their work in East Africa.
Explain the Monogenesis and Polygenesis Theories.
State how important was the Nile River to Ancient Egyptians.
What was name of the Ancient Egyptian system of writing?
Name the two main sources of African History.
Name the three Medieval Kingdoms/Empires of Western Sudan.
What was the name of trade between Arabs and Black Africans across the Sahara?
Name some Muslim-dominated countries where blacks were taken as slaves or still
have descendants of African slaves.
Black Africans were part of the Muslim military unit called the Moors that
attacked and conquered the Iberian Peninsula in 711 AD (8th C AD).
Black Africans were part of Muslim trade with Eastern European region that
bordered Russia.
Although Russia was not involved in the African slave trade, the Roman, Greek,
and Muslim traders introduced blacks in Russian territories.
Black Africans were sold to European Christians by Muslim traders in the 15th
Century AD.
What is the difference between slavery and slave trade?
What group of people were the first to be enslaved in the New World/Americas?
Describe the indentured servants brought from Europe to the Americas?
Why Africans were brought as slaves to the new World?
How slave trade contributed to the underdevelopment of Africa?
Explain how people became slaves in African society.
Why free mulattoes were of higher social status than free blacks in slave society in
the Caribbean?
Under what condition a child fathered by a slave master became free after the
death of his/her father in Brazil.
Why is it necessary to study the history of African Diaspora Women separate from
the history of women in general?
Name the fugitive slave community that was established in Brazil.
What was the name fugitive slave gave to their community in Mexico and used the
name as a rallying point for resistance.
What is the meaning of Marronage?
Why the French considered Saint Dominque important as a colony?
How the American Revolution inspired the revolution in Haiti?
How the French Revolution inspired the Haitian Revolution?
State some basic facts of the Haitian Revolution.
Who was the leader of the Haitian Revolution?
How slave owners in North America reacted to the news of Haitian Revolution?
What was the original name of Haiti before independence in 1804?
Who was Amy Jacques-Garvey?
What does UNIA mean?
Who the founder of UNIA?
What does Pan-Africanism mean?
What were some of the factors associated with Europeans that inspired PanAfricanist movement among peoples of African descent globally?
Why the invasion of Ethiopia by Italy in 1935 provoked massive reactions among
blacks worldwide?
Who was the Emperor of Ethiopia at the time of the Italian invasion?
What is the meaning of OAU.
Where is the Headquarters of OAU located?
Identify Jomo Kenyatta and Kwame Nkrumah
What conference Europeans met to work out rules of how to divide Africa among
Which European nation took over largest area of Africa?
Which European nation took over areas rich in natural resources?
Which European nation took over one of the most fertile lands in the heart of
Name the systems of colonial administration practiced by these European countries
in Africa: Britain, France, Belgium, Portugal
What is the meaning of A. C. S?
Why and when the ACS was founded?
Why some black leaders supported and some opposed the idea of the emigration of
black Americans to Africa?
Name s two black leaders who supported or opposed the Back-to-Africa
Why African Americans deserved or not deserved reparations for over three
centuries of slavery in America?
Insert these countries on the map of Africa: Libya, Mali, Guinea, Angola, DRC
Congo, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Cape Verde, and Equatorial Guinea
Name the countries for these cities in Africa: Monrovia, Pretoria, Luanda,
Conakry, Nairobi, Maputo, Harare, Tunis, Tripoli, Addis Ababa, Lome, Abuja,

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