The Education Pendulum

Need help with revision…TII below 10%Write a paper of 1,000–1,250 words that discusses the education pendulum and the trends that have been associated with that pendulum. In your paper, include the following:An explanation of what the education pendulum is and why it exists.A discussion of whether strategies should and can be implemented to change that paradigm.A discussion of how the role of the educational leader would change if this paradigm shift occurred


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Education Pendulum
Institute Affiliation
Education is an area that keeps changing whether its co-curriculum, students dreams,
better methods to deliver education or methods which teachers deliver education to the students.
Education is a very important area in the society and it should be taken with great seriousness
that it deserves. The methods of delivering the education changes from time to time but the most
important thing is that the students success.
Meaning of Education Pendulum and Why It Exists
Therefore what a swinging education pendulum means is that the ideas of teaching
changes, co-curriculum, educational material changes and even the ideas of what is best for the
students changes but what does not change is that the importance of inspirational teachers remain
constant, students who know what they want and the goals of the students and their vision.
Teachers should not be punished simply because they were not able to score 100 percent student
success, student success can be achieved in different ways and teachers should be given
opportunities to help the struggling ones and those who are doing good should not be punished.
The politicians or education administrators sometimes force teachers to change their
methods of teaching with the aim of achieving better results but this cause the teachers to be
under too much pressure and the end results may be on the negative extreme end which will send
the administrator o another quest to search for the next method to a achieve success among
students and this will cause the pendulum to swing again. Is it possible that the education
pendulum can be stopped? Can it be changed to a better position? Can the cycle be broken? This
are the questions that are being asked and if they are put together and answered then there might
be hope but if they are separated the circle continues (Contardo, 2005).
Education pendulum has been said to have negatively affected the education system. Rarely
would one find anyone talking about ways to stop or reduce the extreme that the pendulum
swings. Complaining about the pendulum will not better the situation and people should realize
this and stop groaning and complaining and stat coming up with solutions instead. The reason
why the education pendulum exists is because there is no area that is stagnated, things change
after a period of time like they should but too many false intentions have been introduced that
have deemed the pioneer reason of the education pendulum.
Should or can Strategies Be Implemented to Change the Paradigm
The education change is what seems like a link in the education sector. The paradigm
shift offers one of the means of such connections. In the case where we look for connections
between changes, it is easier to look for implementations in the second language education.
Strategies should and can be implemented to change the paradigm.
The old methods of teaching that were implemented were based on John Locks assumption
that the student’s mind that was not trained was like a blank sheet that was waiting for the
instructor to write on. Educators have always used these methods to deliver education; transfer of
knowledge from the tutor to the students, filling passive empty vessels also referred to as
students with knowledge, grading students and deciding who goes to the next level of education
and who graduates or repeats, maintaining a competitive environment where students compete to
outshine their classmates and assuming that anyone who has expertise in the field is qualified to
Although this was the case teaching is changing with time, the old paradigm is being
dropped for a new paradigm based on research and clear application to instructions (Chlup,
2004). The new teaching techniques allow students to construct, discover, extend and transform
their own knowledge. Also, the teacher’s aims are now aimed at developing student’s talents at
the secondary schools and all levels of education. There is also interpersonal transition between
the students and the teachers and teachers and students are able to work together instead of
teachers leading and students following. Teachers are supposed to be seen as helpers to the
students instead of being obstacles to the student’s success.
Creating a good learning community for the students is also the new strategy that is being
implemented in the new paradigm. The students should be free to air their own views without
fear of the teachers. In the old paradigm, the teachers were viewed way above the students. This
reduced the student’s courage and there was no clear communication of what was going wrong
with the student to the teacher and teachers will apply textbook methods of teaching which might
have the problem been all along.
Change of the Role of Education Leaders
In the case where the education paradigm changes the role of the education leaders will
definitely change. The first area that is likely to change is that things will change from
management will change to leadership. With the change in the paradigm, education leaders have
no power and they cannot one day wake up and make changes. The teachers are given more
powers to administer education in any manner as long as the student’s success is the most
important of all. The education leaders in the old paradigm were more of dictators and they could
easily impose rules on teachers on how to deliver education to students whether it was effective
or not. The teachers were compelled to follow these regulations to the latter. In the change of
paradigm, the leaders are now closer to the teachers, teachers can suggest new methods of
running the school of delivering of education to students and leaders are to listen. Long gone are
the dictatorship days where leaders had the power to single-handedly make decisions affecting
teachers and they had no option or say in the matter. The education leaders are role models to
both the teachers and students and if this is not the case they should at least strive to be.
School principals are factors to the school’s success (Gehring, 2010). They are considered to
be the key to initiating, implementing and sustaining the school success. They are also expected
to promote and develop the school’s vision and empowering the stakeholders to maintain the
school in the condition necessary for the student’s success. The roles of the education leaders
have also changed in the sense that they are expected to develop people. The principal is
mandated with the duty to develop the teachers and boost their morale so that they are
encouraged to deliver good education.
Many say that employees quit managers not the work. Principals are therefore expected to
provide a good environment for the teachers so that they are able to stay in the school. Statistics
show that 16% of the newly hired teachers quit within the first one year of their employment.
These being the case the role of the education leaders have changed and they are to ensure that
teachers are comfortable enough and there are no or fewer resignations.
Education pendulum has never stopped swinging and less effort has been put toward
measures to stop or reduce this. Many writers and philosophers are busy complaining and
groaning about how this is wrong instead of finding remedies. There are so many changes in the
world because of technology and other factors but when it comes to the education area things
seems to come to a standstill (Davidson, 2000).
Chlup, D. T. (2004). Educative Justice: The History of the Educational Programs and
Practices at the Massachusetts Reformatory for Women, 1930-1960.Unpublished
doctoral dissertation, Harvard University Graduate School of Education.
Contardo, J. (2005).Personal communication with the author, 12 May.
Davidson , H. (2000). “Control and democracy in adult correctional education. ” In A. Wilson &
E. Hayes (eds.), Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education (pp. 392-407). San
Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
Gehring, T. (2010). “Characteristics of correctional instruction, 1789-1875.” Journal of
Correctional Education, 46 (2), 52-59.
The Education Pendulum
70.0 %Content
%Explanation of
what the
Pendulum Is and
Why It Exists
Less Than
An explanation of An explanation of An explanation of
what the
what the
what the education
pendulum is and
pendulum is and pendulum is and why it exists is
why it exists is
why it exists is
presented, but is
either missing or present, but
cursory and lacking
not evident to the incomplete or
in depth. The
research cited in
the review is
An explanation of An explanation of
what the
what the education
pendulum is and
pendulum is and why it exists is
why it exists is
presented with rich
presented and
detail and includes
includes a
a discussion of all
discussion of all
elements. The
elements. Some
review is firmly
research cited in grounded in current
the review is
and/or seminal
25.0 %Discussion A discussion of
A discussion of
A discussion of
A discussion of
A discussion of
of Whether
whether strategies whether strategies whether strategies
strategies should strategies should should and can be should and can be should and can be
Should and Can and can be
and can be
implemented to
implemented to
implemented to
Be Implemented implemented to implemented to change the
change the
change the
to Change the
change the
change the
paradigm is present, pendulum
pendulum paradigm
but cursory. The
paradigm is
is present,
paradigm is either paradigm is
research used for
present and
thorough, and wellmissing or not
present, but
support of the
thorough. The
detailed. The
evident to the
incomplete or
argument is
argument is
argument is well
lacking a
moderately well supported with
supported though current and/or
some sources of
seminal research.
support are
25.0 %Discussion A discussion of
A discussion of
A discussion of how A discussion of how A discussion of how
of How the
how the
how the
the educational
the educational
the educational
leader’s role would leader’s role would leader’s role would
Leader’s Role
leader’s role
leader’s role
change if the
change if the
change if the
Would Change if would change if would change if paradigm shifted is paradigm shifted is paradigm shifted is
the Paradigm
the paradigm
the paradigm
present, but
present and
present, thorough,
shifted is either shifted is
cursory. The
thorough. The
and well-detailed.
missing or not
present, but
research used for
argument is
The argument is
evident to the
incomplete or
support of the
moderately well well supported with
lacking a
argument is
supported though current and/or
some sources of
seminal research.
support are
5.0 %Two
None of the
Not all required All required
All required
All required
elements are
elements are
elements are
elements are
elements (two
present. One or present. Scholarly present. Scholarly present. Scholarly
more of the
research sources are research sources research sources
Sources With In- scholarly research elements is
topic-related, but are topic-related, are topic-related,
Text Citations. sources and two missing and/or an the source and
and obtained from and obtained from
in-text citations) included
quality of one
highly respected,
are present.
source(s) is not reference is
original sources.
research or topicrelated.
7.0 %Thesis
and Purpose
Paper lacks any Thesis and/or
Thesis and/or main
main claim are
claim are apparent
overall purpose or insufficiently
and appropriate to
organizing claim. developed and/or purpose.
vague; purpose is
not clear.
Thesis and/or main Thesis and/or main
claim are clear and claim are
forecast the
comprehensive. The
development of
essence of the
the paper. It is
paper is contained
descriptive and
within the thesis.
reflective of the Thesis statement
arguments and
makes the purpose
appropriate to the of the paper clear.
8.0 %Argument Statement of
Argument is orderly, Argument shows
Clear and
Logic and
purpose is not
justification of
but may have a few logical
justified by the claims is lacking. inconsistencies. The progressions.
argument that
conclusion. The Argument lacks argument presents Techniques of
presents a
conclusion does consistent unity. minimal
argumentation are persuasive claim in
not support the There are obvious justification of
evident. There is a a distinctive and
claim made.
flaws in the logic. claims. Argument
smooth progression compelling manner.
Argument is
Some sources
logically, but not
of claims from
All sources are
incoherent and
thoroughly, supports introduction to
uses noncredible questionable
the purpose.
conclusion. Most
Sources used are
sources are
Introduction and
conclusion bracket
the thesis.
5.0 %Mechanics Surface errors are Frequent and
Some mechanical
Prose is largely
Writer is clearly in
of Writing
pervasive enough repetitive
errors or typos are free of mechanical command of
that they impede mechanical errors present, but are not errors, although a standard, written,
communication of distract the
overly distracting to few may be
academic English.
the reader. Correct present. A variety
Inconsistencies in sentence structure of sentence
language use)
word choice
language choice and audiencestructures and
and/or sentence (register),
effective figures of
construction are sentence
language are used. speech are used.
structure, and/or
word choice are
10.0 %Format
5.0 %Paper
Template is not Appropriate
All format elements
Format (Use of used
template is used, template is used.
template is fully are correct.
appropriate style appropriately or but some
Formatting is
used. There are
for the major
elements are
correct, although
virtually no errors
and assignment) format is rarely missing or
some minor errors in formatting
mistaken. A lack may be present.
of control with
formatting is
5.0 %Research No reference
Reference page is Reference page is Reference page is In-text citations
Citations (In-text page is included. present. Citations included and lists
present and fully and a reference
citations for
No citations are are inconsistently sources used in the inclusive of all
page are complete
paraphrasing and used.
paper. Sources are cited sources.
and correct. The
direct quotes,
Documentation is documentation of
and reference
appropriate and
cited sources is free
page listing and
although some
citation style is
of error.
formatting, as
errors may be
usually correct.
appropriate to
assignment and
100 %Total

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