Write about a challenge or an achievement that changed your life and shaped you to who you are today.W

In this essay, in the Self-Analytical Narrative, you will be the encoding writer; you will be embedding theories, using symbolic meaning, direct/indirect characterization such as Frued’s and Lacan’s theories. The Self-Analysis Narrative essay can be the retelling of an episode, an incident with embedded deeper meaning. Please follow the assignment I attached. I need it asap, thank you!

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Write about a challenge or an achievement that changed your life and shaped you to who you are today.W
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English  103  Winter  2018  
K.  Yegoryan  
Essay  1  
So  far,  we  have  been  learning  how  to  analyze  texts  and  visuals  by  decoding  the  embedded  meaning  with  
the  use  of  critical  theories.  Thus,  we  were  the  critical  reader  decoding  the  meaning  that  the  writers/  
producers  of  visuals  had  encoded.  In  this  essay,  in  the  Self-­-Analytical  Narrative,  YOU  will  be  the  
encoding  writer;  you  will  be  embedding  theories,  using  symbolic  meaning,  direct/indirect  
characterization,  etc.  in  your  story.  
   The  Essay  is  due  on  Thursday,  Jan.  25.  
Prompt of the essay: choose ONE option/topic
Option 1:
Write about a challenge or an achievement that changed your life and shaped you to who you
are today.
(For example: Overcoming fear and the feeling of doubt
As an inspiration watch the personal story episode/ted speech using
for one’s abilities is very important. Throughout our life
the link below: Sue Austin: ?Deep sea diving in a wheelchair?
path we face many obstacles and challenges that may

affect our self-confidence. However, with any challenge
there is a triumph; hence, think of a time when you felt
“alienated” or “powerless”, “ignored,” but had the strength and/or creativity to triumph the challenge and regain your confidence. )
Option 2:
Write about someone you admire(d) or dislike(d), or simply about somehow who had an important impact
on your life.
Option 3:
Write about a memorable event, an incident that had
happened with you or you were a witness of it.
As an inspiration watch the personal story episode/ted speech
using the link below: Maysoon Zayid: I got 99 problems;
palsy is just one.

Tell what it was and how it changed your life.
I will also bring in a sample essay to class, and we will do an activity, which is a self-narrative passage!
Remember your story should define who you are! Your style of writing, the diction,
characterization of your characters and/or of yourself, the chosen setting, theme, dialogues,
conflicts, cultural impact, etc.- all should show/narrate about YOU!
The Self-Analysis Narrative essay can be the retelling of an episode, an incident with
embedded deeper meaning for the reader to deconstruct and decode!
The essay should be 2.5 ? 3.5 pages: typed / double spaced,
following MLA format
Your story should:
I. Demonstrate your understanding of critical theories by embedding such themes as
English  103  Winter  2018  
K.  Yegoryan  
(any of the themes/theories we learned or as many as you want):
Here  are  some  themes  to  choose  from:    
Irony:  how a person, situation, or circumstance is not as expected or would actually seem
Semiotics:  use  of  connotative  and/or  symbolic  meaning    
Ideologies;  Power  and  control;  ISA/RSA  (Marx?s  and  Althusser?s  theories)  
(status, gender, race superiority/inferiority, language advantage/disadvantage, (lack of)
literacy, physical (dis)ability) Capitalism: Commodification and American Dream Ideology
Power/  Control  via  ideologies  and  repression  (power  gained  or  asserted  because  of  
certain  beliefs/  traditions,  class/gender  belonging,  or  because  of  repression/violence,  or  
because  of  knowledge,  education,  job  position/  certain  skill)  
For example, let?s say Anna narrates a segment from her personal story of her unhealthy marriage and
abusive relationship where her uneducated husband was using physical and emotional violence to assert his
power as a dominant man and make his wife more submissive because she had education and a better job.
His lack of education and her better position were ?threats? of his status and power?
Or let?s say Anna?s life changed after the dance competition where she demonstrated better dancing
skills than her best friend. She started to experience bullying and emotional pressure from her best friend
(or partner).
Or, on a more positive note, let?s say Anna gained more power and recognition at her work after her
supervisor learned about her knowledge/ unique skill in?
The  new  self/  the  birth  of  a  new  self  or  a  change  (Lacan?s  theory)  
         Self-­-identification  through  the  other  (other  character,  other  name,  a  memory,  an  objet)  
         Longing  for  self-­-wholeness  (through  a  love  partner,  artistic  endeavors,  etc.)  
         For example, Anna could feel her real self only in the little dark attic, which was her art-studio. The
moment she would lighten the candle above the worn-out canvas and pick up the oily, dusty brush, the
attic would become her creative realm where she could feel complete, calm, and powerful?  
         Ego/  Alter  ego  (duality  in  us)  
The  stages  of  the  psychic  apparatus/  mind  (id,  ego,  and  superego)  (Freud?s  theory)  
         Changing  one?s  life  and/or  surprising  a  desire,  love,  passion  because  of  certain  morals/  
         cultural  beliefs    
Uncanny/  displacement/  change  
         Castration  (loss)/  substitution  
         Loss  and  Gain    
         Memory  /dream  (also  ?American  Dream  Ideology?  of  anyone  can  be  successful)  
         Fear  and  Desire  as  obsession  
? Interpellation  (Althusser?s  theory)  *  we  will  discuss  next  week/  see  on  Theories  PowerPoint  
Interpellation  (use/  definition  1)  reproduction/rebirth/  the  new:  Transgression  from  
OLD  to  the  NEW  (usually  with  a  helper,  a  medium)    
                           Interpellation  (use  2)  (Self/Other:  seeing  oneself  in  the  other,  a  medium  through  which  
                           people  understand  or  see  their  own  ?self?  and  their  place  within  a  given  society)    
Gender  Roles  and  Expectations  in  Patriarchal  society  and/or  from  Feminist  perspectives  
*  we  will  discuss  next  week/  see  Gender  paradigm  handout  under  PowerPoint  section  of  our  weebly  web.  
English  103  Winter  2018  
K.  Yegoryan  
Your narrative should also: *  we  will  discuss  next  week
II. Use the 6 elements of Fiction:
1. a definable character or characters
2. point of view
3. setting
4. conflict (external or internal)
5. style
6. theme
III. Have the 5 qualities of the narrative genre:
1. A clear context/ plot that one can re-tell that story
2. A well-chosen, thoughtfully emphasized details and description that describe/depict the climax
moment (the most important moment of your story that brought a change or marked an importance).
3. Organization: Logical chronological organization that clearly show the Exposition (past), the
Climax (the incident), Resolution (the change) or Flashback, when the story starts from the Climax (
the most important part, the part or the incident) and then goes before and after of what happened.
4. Consistent point of view: it should be written either from 1st or 3rd person point of view
5. A meaningful point/purpose, a message/suggestion that you are communicating, or a lesson
that you are teaching to your reader through your narrative/ story: The essay should explicitly or
implicitly, yet clearly communicate the message/ lesson that you (the writer) want(s) the reader to

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