(Solved) : Which of the following is associated with reality therapy


QUESTION 1 In choice theory, human motivation springs from which of these five sources a. Belonging, survival, knowledge, fun, power b. Survival, belonging, power, freedom, fun c. Power, achievement, enjoyment, information, security d. Survival, achievement, love, success, pride 2 points Saved QUESTION 2 REBT is based on the assumption that: a. Humans have a biological tendency to think irrationally b. Humans have a biological tendency to think rationally c. Both a and b d. None of the above 2 points Saved QUESTION 3

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(Solved) : Which of the following is associated with reality therapy
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A counselor using CBT might focus on using:

a. Pharmacotherapy b. Dream analysis c. Transference d. Risk-taking exercises 2 points Saved QUESTION 4 According to Ellis, the shoulds, oughts, and musts fall under which of the following categories a. Self-demandingness b. Other-demandingness c. World-demandingness d. All of the above 2 points Saved QUESTION 5

Which of the following is true about REBT

a. REBT was influenced by Rogers core conditions of empathy, unconditional acceptance, and genuineness.

b. REBT was influenced by Freuds concept of the unconscious.

c. REBT was influenced by Frankls logotherapy.

d. None of the above

2 points Saved QUESTION 6 DBT targets behaviors in descending order beginning with ________. a. triggers b. biosocial susceptibility c. suicidal behavior d. enhancing respect for self 2 points Saved QUESTION 7 According to Glasser, human behaviors are composed of: a. Doing, thinking, feeling, physiology b. Doing, resting, sleeping, acting c. Responding, initiating, ignoring, acting d. None of the above 2 points Saved QUESTION 8

A method in which the counselor or therapist leads the client through a number of questions to become aware of thoughts and distortions in thinking, and to find and implement more adaptive replacements is called:

a. “Socratic Questioning” b. Platonic Questioning c. A-B-C Model d. Reflection 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 9 Which of the following is not consistent with REBT theory a. Events or other people make us feel bad or good. b. Thinking, feeling, and behaving are interconnected. c. Emotional distress results from exaggeration, over-generalization, and invalidated assumptions. d. Irrational beliefs emanate from environmental and genetic factors. 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 10

The developer of dialectical behavior therapy is:

a. Dr. Marsha Linehan b. Dr. Albert Ellis c. Dr. Carl Rogers d. Dr. Fritz Perls 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 11 DBT is driven by three theories. Which of the following is not one of those a. Behavior therapy b. Biosocial theory of BPD c. Dialectics d. Gestalt theory 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 12

A client is partaking in cognitive distortion when he/she exaggerates a negative event to the point that the event has more impact than it deserves. What is this called

a. Disqualifying the positive b. Catastrophizing c. All-or-nothing thinking d. None of the above 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 13 DBT was initially developed to treat: a. Narcissistic personality disorder b. Histrionic personality disorder c. Antisocial personality disorder d. Borderline personality disorder 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 14 According to REBT, certain values promote emotional adjustment and mental health. Which of the following is not one of these values a. Non-utopian b. Low frustration tolerance c. Flexibility d. High frustration tolerance 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 15 In reality therapy, behavior is affected by: a. The impact of external stimuli on behavior b. Unconscious conflicts c. Current inner motivation d. All of the above 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 16

DBT utilizes a behavioral technique in which the client learns to tolerate painful emotions without enacting self-destructive behaviors known as:

a. Positive reinforcement b. Negative reinforcement c. Exposure d. Punishment 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 17 Which of the following is associated with reality therapy a. WDEP system b. Choice theory c. SAMIICCC d. All of the above 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 18 In the A-B-C model proposed by Ellis, the factor that creates the emotional and behavioral consequences is: a. Activating event b. Consequences c. Beliefs d. None of the above 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 19 In practicing reality therapy, counselors and therapists focus on: a. The interpersonal relationships of the client b. Insight into causes of behavior c. Family history d. Personal history 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 20

_______________ is the sense of personal competence or feelings of mastery.

a. Self-concept b. Self-esteem c. Self-efficacy d. Self-control 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 21 In reality therapy, the environment or counseling or psychotherapeutic atmosphere includes which of the following a. Attending behaviors b. Doing the unexpected c. Use of metaphors d. All of the above 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 22

The DBT model proposes that a successful counseling intervention must meet five critical functions. Which of the following is not one of these functions

a. Improve and preserve the clients incentive to change b. Boost the clients capabilities c. Ensure the clients capabilities are specific to his or her environment d. Structure the environment so that the treatment can take place 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 23

_____________ is the behavioral intervention used to gradually increase the quality of a behavior.

a. Shaping b. Extinction c. Stimulus control d. Aversive control 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 24 In reality therapy, the skilled counselor or therapist treats behavior as: a. The result of social pressure and limited perceptions of possibilities b. Information received from parents and from the surrounding culture c. Caused by self-verbalizations that can be helpful or hurtful d. Chosen as a result of unmet wants and needs/font> 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 25 Cognitive therapy has been criticized for its focus on: a. Internal events (thinking) b. Direct observation c. Listening procedures d. Intellectual understanding

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